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Lunchtime Chronicles: The Nooner

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Lunchtime Chronicles: The Nooner

  Messy Mandy Presents the Lunchtime Chronicles

  The Nooner

  Lunchtime Chronicles Issue 4

  October 23, 2019

  Reana Malori

  The Nooner © copyright 2019 Reana Malori

  All rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

  This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

  Warning: the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

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  TO THE LADIES OF THE Lunchtime Chronicles: I can think of no better group of women to go on this journey with. Thank you, Olivia, Siera, and Xyla. Let’s Do This!


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  Forbidden desire can be sexy.

  Joy was not frigid. Her ex-boyfriend made that claim just before he walked out the door —after she discovered he was cheating. But something about his words lingered long after their disastrous relationship ended. Focused and career-driven, she had no time for men who couldn't handle her in the bedroom or outside of it.

  Loneliness was not a good bedfellow, and she was tired of not having someone by her side at night. It was fun exploring her newly awakened desires alone. Luckily for her, she heard about this new dating site...

  Kane knew who he was and what he wanted. Too bad he hadn't yet found what, or who, he was looking for. Then again, maybe he had. Everything in Kane's life seemed to be coming up roses, but something was missing, and the string of women passing through his bedroom wasn't the solution. When he'd first noticed her, his mind blanked, his heartbeat increased, and his mouth went dry. Inappropriate didn't begin to describe his desire for her. Luckily for him, he had the perfect plan to get her attention.



  JOY RUSHED TOWARDS her office, eager to respond to the text message that came through a few minutes ago. While in the weekly meeting with some partners in her law firm, she’d glanced at her phone when it showed a new email or message. When his name popped up on her screen, Joy almost lost her shit. His text messages always made her smile. The words written on the little screen caused her to tingle with need. He pulled her under a spell and brought her fantasies to life as she envisioned what they could do in her bed. Or his bed. Or up against the wall. She wished she could speak to him.

  “Joy,” a deep voice called out.

  She slowed her pace before turning around to face the man rushing towards her. It was him. The other him. Kane Hansen, a junior partner in the Corporate Finance Division of her firm. Her stomach clenched and her core slickened from just the sound of his voice. Joy’s response to him told her everything she needed to know. She had it bad for the tall, lean-muscled, brown-haired, bearded man.

  Joy took a deep breath. “Hi, Kane.”

  She was torn between standing here with him, soaking in his presence, or continuing to her office to respond to Patrick. She’d met him on N2U, the dating site that seemed to be all the rage. At least that’s what Messy Mandy said on her blog.

  The attraction she had for Kane, a coworker and her boss, needed to be buried deep inside. Never again to see the light of day. She couldn’t have him, no matter how much she wanted him. Wishing for something different would not change the situation.

  But Patrick? Now he was the man she should focus on. He was the one who wanted her, cared about her, and brought her to orgasm with only his words. If only she could stop dreaming of the guy in front of her at night, her life would be on the right track. She was constantly waking up with a soaking wet pussy, pebbled nipples, and his name a whimper on her lips. It wasn’t good to want someone this bad when they were completely out of reach.

  Kane reached her side, a provocative smile on his face. Joy dug her fingernails into her palm to halt the moan hovering on her lips. God, this man was so fucking hot.

  “Hey,” he said as he approached her. He placed one hand in his pocket as he stood a few feet away. His lips lifted in a smile as his eyes seemed to travel along her body, from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. “I’d like to talk about the new paralegal assigned to work with me on the Petra Oil case. Can we chat in your office for a few minutes?”

  Joy shifted into professional mode, hoping her true feelings about his request didn’t come through. “Absolutely.”

  As Paralegal Manager for her firm, it was her responsibility to ensure the attorneys had quality support from her team of paraprofessionals. Her eagerness to make sure Kane was taken care of had nothing to do with her desire to please the man walking next to her.

  At least, that’s the story she told herself.

  As they entered her office, she motioned for him to take a seat at her small conference table. For a non-lawyer, her office looked spacious and well-designed. Faux mahogany furniture filled the large room, including an executive desk, bookshelves, and two side tables to arrange her personal belongings. Other than a few pictures of her family, there weren’t many mementos. She’d considered putting up a photo of her and her ex-boyfriend from a trip to Jamaica they’d taken a couple years ago but changed her mind. Now she was glad she hadn’t bothered.

  They’d broken up over six months ago after she caught him cheating with some skank he’d hooked up with at a club. It just confirmed her initial reticence to take their relationship further. That he tried to blame her for his missteps and him fucking other women, made her cringe. She’d been tempted to punch him in the mouth, but she’d held back. If she’d been arrested for domestic violence, that wouldn’t have gone over well at all. Not with her employer, Reed, Oliff, & Porter, LLC, a large law firm based in Washington, DC. Nor would her family appreciate their names being dragged through the mud. She’d settled for throwing his belongings in the trash without a backward glance. After all, that’s what he was. Trash.

  She turned her attention back to Kane, pasting a professional smile on her face. She grabbed a pad of paper, her favorite pen, and sat next to him at the conference table.

  “You didn’t have to come to me. I would have come to your office instead.” Joy prayed her voice sounded normal because everything inside her felt jittery from being this close to Kane. They talked daily, but other people were usually around them. They hadn’t been alone like this in several months.

  Kane adjusted his trousers, spreading his legs out in front of him. One large hand rested on the table, the other lay flat on his thigh. Joy t
ugged her bottom lip between her teeth as her eyes fell to the bulge pressing against the material. She didn’t mean for her gaze to roam up and down his body, but she kept getting drawn to that spot. And damn, it was a beautiful view.

  “It’s fine. I saw you when I walked out of Bobby’s office. Figured, why not catch you now? Sometimes it’s best to go right to the source. Plus, you’ll take care of me. You always do.”

  Heat washed over her body at his words. Watching him as he spoke, Joy believed there was more to his statement than he was letting on. Hidden innuendo that he kept just under the surface. Then again, it didn’t matter if he had a deeper meaning, because he was right. She was absolutely certain she could take care of him in ways he couldn’t even imagine. Both in the office and outside of it.

  “Joy? Everything okay?”

  His voice broke through her meandering thoughts. She blinked, catching his gaze. A small smile played over his lips as he stared at her. Joy wasn’t sure if he was trying to appear friendly, or if it were something else.

  Dear God, please tell me this man didn’t notice me gawking at his dick bulge.

  “Yes. Yes. Everything’s fine. So, tell me what you need. Um... I mean, how can I help you?”

  Kill. Me. Now.

  After another intense, lingering look, his smile widened. With a little laugh, he tapped one long, lean finger on the table. Kane shifted his position in the seat and started telling her the reasons the current paralegal would not work. She heard his words, nodded where appropriate, and jotted down notes on her legal pad.

  Her mind began to wander again as she watched him speak. His lips weren’t too thin or too big. They looked kissable, soft, and perfectly formed. Dark brown hair covered his head, longer in the front, and tapered low in the back. The look reminded her of the style worn by all the white boys who hung out in the hood. As if he’d gone to a black barber for the tightest cut, but kept things looking ‘corporate’ to fit in with the bigwigs at their firm. Her pussy clenched as she glanced at his lower face and the dark hair covering his chiseled jaw. A smile lifted her lips as she pictured his head buried between her legs, his beard tickling her thighs as his tongue licked and sucked her soft flesh. She almost lost it. Joy couldn’t stop the low sound released from her throat.

  “Did you say something, Joy?”

  “Um... What?” Focusing her gaze on his, she tried to play off what just happened. If he realized what she’d been thinking, especially about him, she’d lose her job.

  Another soft smile covered his face, but this time his left eyebrow lifted as if to challenge her words. He sat up in the chair, leaned forward, and placed his elbows on his knees. “I thought I heard you make a sound. Just want to make sure I didn’t miss anything.”

  Joy was positive she looked like a deer in headlights. But she’d die on this hill before admitting that she’d moaned while picturing him eating her out. Yeah, that shit wasn’t happening in this lifetime, or the next. “No. No. It was nothing.”

  “Hmmm. You sure?”

  She jerked her head up and down. “Yes,” her voice squeaked.

  Could she be any more transparent? Girl, get your shit together.

  “Okay, if you say so,” he shrugged. “As I was saying, if you could have someone reassigned to me by Monday, I’d appreciate that.” Kane stood, which prompted Joy to stand in return. He looked around her office before he tilted his head in the direction of her large desk. “Why aren’t there any pictures of you? No vacations or lying on a beach somewhere with a daiquiri in your hand? I’ve worked with you for two years now, and I don’t recall you ever taking a real break.”

  Confused why he was asking, she responded without thinking. “The last vacation I took was with my ex-boyfriend. It wasn’t memorable enough to keep a photo in my office. I’d rather show my parents and little sister than a lowlife cheater.” As the words escaped her mouth, her eyes went wide, and she stepped back. “I’m sorry. That was unprofessional.”

  He shook his head and laughed a little. “Don’t worry about it. I’m glad you’re comfortable enough to say what you were thinking. I’m sorry he cheated on you. Was it a recent break-up?”

  Was he curious about her? Wanted to get to know a colleague better? She’d already inserted her foot into her big mouth, so she might as well go for broke. “It happened six months ago. I’m over him, almost to the point that I question where my head was at for the three years we dated. He never understood me. Never tried to understand what I wanted. When I look back on it now, what he did was inevitable. We never saw eye-to-eye about what it meant to be in a relationship. The give and take.”

  She paused, looking up at him. Even in heels, he towered over her, and that made her feel feminine and sexy. Damn, she’d bet every dime in her bank account he knew exactly how to make a woman feel good. If his sex game was as good as his legal skills, she’d happily go broke. Her eyes dropped down to his dick imprint, and she couldn’t help licking her lips. As he made a sound to clear his throat, embarrassment flowed through her. Picking up the conversation again, she looked away from him to get her bearings. “I don’t understand why I’m sharing this with you. I’m overworked and just might be losing it,” she said, laughing uncomfortably.

  Kane stepped closer, reducing the space between them. Joy inhaled deeply, the smell of his cologne wafting over her as it mingled with his natural scent. All she wanted to do was respond in kind, bringing her body closer to his. But she didn’t. It was hard as hell, but she stayed in her spot, forcing her feet to stay still. She knew she was overthinking this. He’d never given a hint he was interested in anything more than a friendly, coworker type relationship. If she took his smiles, lingering glances, bedroom voice, and extra attention as something more, it was her own fault. Plus, she had someone else waiting for her response to his text messages. It was time for her to focus on what was real. Not the fantasy.



  UNABLE TO TAKE HER eyes from Kane as he stood so close, regret and need filled her body. Why did they have to work together? Why did she crave Kane so much when any type of relationship with him might ruin her career? Then again, it was her stupid wishes and dreams that even made her think she had a chance. A thirty-seven-year-old woman with the hang-ups and insecurities she struggled with, would never be the type of woman Kane would want.

  She was a fool.

  Kane began speaking, pulling her attention back to him, and just how close he was to her. “You’re telling me this because you need to get it off your chest.” His eyes dipped, looking down at her breasts. He smiled. “How about this? Whenever you feel the need to... get something off your chest, you can always count on me. You’ve always been here to give me what I need, and you’ve never let me down. Never told me no, which I appreciate more than you can imagine. I may not have recognized your value to me and to this firm in the past, but I do now. It’s my turn to return the favor and give you what you need. From this point forward, I’ll be here for you. Whatever you want... All you have to do is give a yell.”

  Her mouth suddenly dry, she swallowed before speaking. “Thank you, Kane,” she huffed out, her voice ragged and breathy. “I’ll remember that.”

  “Please do,” he eye-fucked her again—or at least that’s what she imagined him doing—before he turned away. “I’m sure I’ll see you later,” he called back to her.

  Joy watched as he exited her office. Her breath came out in a rush, and she got lightheaded. Had Kane been flirting with her? No, that wasn’t possible. But damn, it sure felt like it. Plus, if the slickness in her panties meant anything, then yes, he sure as shit had been flirting.

  With a smile, she walked back to her desk and sat down in her chair. Just then, another text came through from Patrick.

  Patrick: You never responded. Is everything okay?

  Joy: Yes. Sorry. Had an urgent meeting with one of the firm’s partners.

  Patrick: Everything good?

  Joy: Yes, he just needed to
talk. It was odd...but good.

  Patrick: Should I be worried? You realize I’ve already claimed you, right?

  Joy: That’s your first thought? LOL! No need to worry. I’m not his type.

  Patrick: R U sure about that?

  Joy: Yes. Positive.

  Patrick: Let’s meet for lunch or dinner.

  Joy: Isn’t it still too soon?

  Patrick: We’ve been talking for 4 months. I want to meet.

  Joy placed the phone down on her desk and took a few deep breaths. Could she do this? Was she ready to see him in person? Yes, they’d been speaking for a while now, and some of those conversations were hot and steamy. They’d even played around on video, masturbating with each other on quite a few occasions. Always with the explicit agreement not to show their faces. It was risky, doing something so intimate with a man she hardly knew but she was tired of holding back. That first night they tried video sex, the sight of his thick, beautiful cock caused her heart to race. She’d gone to the salon earlier that day to get her pussy waxed in anticipation, so she knew her kitty had been looking fat and juicy on camera. Just thinking about that night had her slick passage clenching with need. Good sex had always eluded her. Great sex seemed to be a damn myth created by men. She and her ex-boyfriend slept together often, but it never satisfied her.

  Now she had something to prove. To herself. To her ex. To every man who’d overlooked her or assumed what she wanted in the bedroom. She was not frigid, damnit. And due to her newfound freedom with Patrick, he was just the person she felt could help.

  She laughed derisively before dropping her head down and closing her eyes. At her age, she was too damn old to still be chasing that mythical perfect lover. He didn’t exist. If she lived her life waiting for the ideal guy, she’d die alone with a dry pussy, and that shit was just foul. She grabbed her phone to respond. As she did so, her mind wandered back to Kane. He looked like a man who had no issue giving a woman back-to-back, scream-inducing orgasms. Joy glanced over at the table where she and Kane sat a few minutes ago. Something in her knew sex with Kane would be different. More intense. More powerful. Too bad she’d never have the chance to experience it.

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