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Under a Stern Reign

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  There was another muted, snuffling sound coming from the sitting room, so she carefully and quietly opened the door, and saw Count de Tranville sprawled in ungainly fashion on one of the ornate divans, a bottle of wine almost empty on the occasional table beside him, an empty glass on its side on the carpet. He was ruddy-faced and looked exhausted, and as Madame Coubette eyed him he snored loudly, smacked his wet lips together a few times, mumbled something, then started breathing heavily and steadily as his drunken sleep deepened.

  Then a plan began to formulate in the crafty woman’s head. If she were to keep the count from going to Portugal and commit him to marrying her instead, there wasn’t much time to lose. Perhaps the state in which he now wallowed was the key - a glorious opportunity presenting itself.

  Carefully she crept back up the stairs, in search of Elise. She tapped lightly on the first few bedroom doors, opening them and whispering the girl’s name until she found the correct boudoir. She was asleep, her black hair fanned lustrously on her pillows.

  ‘The count is back,’ the woman whispered excitedly, moving into the room and gently shaking the girl’s shoulder. ‘Are you awake?’

  Elise stirred and sat up with a start, naked under the covers. She stretched and yawned, and Madame Coubette smiled at the girl’s sleepy beauty.

  ‘Ready?’ Elise murmured drowsily. ‘Ready for what?’

  ‘Ready for our arrangement,’ Madame Coubette said, and Elise stared blankly at her for a moment, struggling to get her muddled thoughts in any sort of order. ‘Come on, get up,’ Madame Coubette urged in hushed tones. ‘Come on, get up, we must act quickly. If you want your desires to be fulfilled come with me now. But remember what we discussed and agreed. I will help you get what you want and in return you must help me.’

  Still feeling somewhat confused, Elise allowed the woman to take her hand and ease her out of the comfort of her large bed, the woman eyeing her naked, shapely contours appreciatively.

  Elise reached for her discarded nightgown, but the woman stopped her. She looked Elise’s voluptuous body up and down, and placed the candle on the dresser. Gently she touched Elise’s breasts and stroked her nipples, smiling as she felt them harden responsively.

  ‘What red-blooded male could say no to you, my dear?’ she whispered huskily, moistening her lips. ‘Such beauty should not be covered, it should be flaunted.’ With her eyes still on Elise, Madame Coubette picked up the candle again and took her hand.

  ‘What are you doing?’ Elise asked.

  ‘I’m showing you how to get what you want,’ the woman told her. ‘Sometimes directness is the only way. Trust me.’

  Guiding the naked beauty out of the room and along the shadowy landing, Madame Coubette paused as she reached the staircase. It was the spot overlooking the drawing room.

  ‘It’s here that you watched us, isn’t it?’ she said, and Elise nodded honestly. ‘Well, your time has now come. Go to him. He’s down in the sitting room.’ She patted Elise softly on the bottom, encouraging her to move, and together they crept down the stairs, the woman a few steps behind.

  As they crossed the wide hall and slipped into the sitting room, Madame Coubette pulled Elise closer to her. ‘You must kiss him,’ she instructed in hushed tones. ‘Kiss him the way you’ve seen me kiss him. Kiss him as if you were licking honey from a spoon...’

  Elise’s heart was racing. Was this really happening? Was it possible that she would...?

  ‘Go on, he’s asleep...’ the woman urged. ‘Kiss him while he slumbers and doesn’t know whether he’s dreaming, awake, or drunk.’

  Still feeling drowsy herself, and with her head in a spin from the speed of the unexpected events, Elise lowered herself to her knees.

  ‘Go on...’ Madame Coubette whispered again.

  Elise gazed at the count uncertainly. She was naked and kneeling right between his splayed legs. She froze, unable to continue.

  A light smack resounded against her bottom. ‘Suck him!’ Madame Coubette hissed. ‘Remember your part of the bargain! Don’t let me down now!’

  Elise wasn’t sure that she’d actually entered into any bargain, but she brushed back her hair and squeezed even closer to the sleeping count, her heart thudding. There he was, the man who had always seemed so unobtainable. She moved her face closer, watching his heavy chest slowly rising and falling as he breathed.

  A second smack fell lightly across her buttocks, and she let the warm smarting sensation seep through her. It felt undeniably good. How humbled she was before her stepfather, and the thought made her pussy pulse. She gazed up at his rugged features, and then at the clearly evident swelling lifting the crotch of his breeches. What - or who - was he dreaming about?

  Her hands tingled. There were five buttons straining to keep his breeches decently fastened. She fumbled nervously with the first; terrified by the body breathing heavily before her, terrified he might wake at any moment and be furious and disgusted by what she was doing.

  The second and third buttons opened more easily, but as she undid the fourth his snores stopped abruptly in his nasal passages. Elise froze until his breathing resumed, more quietly than before, the heat from his loins radiating through his breeches to her motionless hands, which could do nothing but rest anxiously on the lump still hidden within his partially opened clothing.

  She unfastened the last button and watched as the breeches parted and revealed nothing to her eyes but tormenting shadows. His clothing still highlighted the prominence of his semi-hard manhood, but loyally refused to disclose it to her wide-eyed searching.

  ‘Don’t worry,’ the woman encouraged in an eager whisper, ‘he’s so drunk that if he rouses he’ll think he’s dreaming. But unlike most, this will be a dream he’ll never forget. Now suck him.’

  Elise took a deep breath, and then slipped her hand into the beckoning shadows wherein his penis lurked. Her fingertips located it immediately, and it was warm to the touch. It pulsed as though alive, and summoning her courage she took it in her hand. She tugged it out gently, her fingers timorously sensing its warm pulse as it stood tall and proud before her spellbound face. Its purplish head shone before her lips with the same arrogance it had shown to Madame Coubette. Elise’s heart beat furiously, and for a moment she felt like fleeing.

  ‘Go on,’ Madame Coubette whispered, raising her hand as if to smack the kneeling girl again, but instead she slowly lowered it and traced the girl’s soft buttocks, running her fingertips between the cheeks and over her dark bottom hole, then even lower to her damp pussy lips. Elise shuddered and gasped at the intimate touch.

  ‘Suck him,’ Madame Coubette directed again, and Elise obediently closed her eyes and then covered the head of her stepfather’s erection with her lips.

  ‘That’s it!’ Madame Coubette whispered. ‘Like licking honey off a spoon...’

  Elise sucked, her cheeks hollowing as she gazed up at the sleeping count. She let his member plop from her mouth and moved her tongue to its tip. Then, as she had done to Rodolfo, she teased it with a few lingering licks. She nibbled it gently then swallowed it again, tightened her lips around it and gently started bobbing her head up and down.

  A smack from the woman’s hand impacted on her bottom, rocking her forward slightly and making her clamp her mouth harder over the count’s standing stem, feeling its ridges rubbing her tongue, his helmet pushing out against one cheek and then the other. The column of living flesh was expanding, filling her mouth. Her pussy radiated heat. It was soaking wet.

  With a dip of her head she felt the count’s penis nudging the back of her throat, making her lose her breath and shudder. A rasping, alcohol-laden sigh wafted from his slack lips. His snoring had stopped but he was still breathing heavily, and keen to conclude the task, Elise tightened her lips around him even more and sucked harder.

  ‘Mmm, Elise...’ he murmured, and she froze, her mouth still clamped to h
is cock, her wide eyes watching him for any signs of waking. But he was still comatose, mumbling her name in his sleep. ‘Elise,’ he mumbled again. ‘Elise, take your clothes off for me...’ He was dreaming of her, and he was undressing her in his sleep!

  She licked the salty heat of his member, and it seemed to grow hotter with each flick of her tongue. It was large, though perhaps not as large as Rodolfo’s. She let her fingers pull back the ridge of skin below the helmet, watching how it expanded. She took hold of his balls, weighing them in her palm.

  Moving her mouth to him again, she ran her tongue from the base of her stepfather’s cock to its bulbous tip, and smoothed her lips over it again, then squealed softly as the indecent fingers between her thighs located and teased her clitoris.

  ‘Now stand up,’ the woman instructed, and Elise did as bidden, allowing the woman to turn her. She was stunned as Madame Coubette kissed her, unable to resist the unexpected invasion, the woman’s tongue worming into her mouth. An uninvited hand slid between her thighs, and another cupped her breast, and despite her shock and confusion the girl was so turned on!

  Madame Coubette lowered herself and knelt beside the count, stroking his standing cock familiarly. ‘Come... sit down,’ she whispered to Elise. ‘Straddle him and lower yourself onto this magnificent specimen of manhood. I’ll guide you.’

  Still utterly dumbfounded by the enormity and unexpectedness of what was happening, Elise nodded, and then turning her back to the kneeling woman and the count, she eased back over his thighs. She paused, wondering if this was proper, then felt Madame Coubette’s hand on her bottom. Then with a start she felt the bloated helmet of the count prising her pussy lips open. She sighed and shuddered, unsure about the wisdom of all this, and then she gasped and held her breath as the stout stalk pierced her virginal channel.

  ‘Your first time?’ Madame Coubette gloated. ‘Well, I would never have guessed.’

  Elise squirmed, instinctively wriggling her hips and bottom to ease the strange discomfort, feeling like a piece of meat on a skewer.

  Suddenly the count stirred fully and bellowed his alarm, shoving her fiercely in the back, thrusting her off his lap and sending her sprawling onto the floor.

  He was instantly fully awake, gawping down at her in horror. His mouth opened and shut a few times as he searched for the words with which to express his utter astonishment, and then he jumped up from the divan, his breeches slipping down to his knees. His disbelieving eyes flickered from his cringing stepdaughter to the kneeling Madame Coubette. For a moment his cock was still humiliatingly swollen, bobbing stiffly before him from beneath his shirttails.

  ‘What... what on earth is going on here?’ he eventually bellowed, but while he glared down at her, Elise took the decision that having started she could not make matters worse if she brought the task to a conclusion. She had no idea why she thought that to be the best course of action in the circumstances, but think it she did. And so she got back up on her knees before him, and as he watched in unreserved amazement, she took his cock in her fist and fed it back into her own mouth. He didn’t shove her away again, so deciding that he was too dumbfounded to object any further, she sucked avidly, as if refusing to be separated from it again.

  And he was too stunned to speak or reject her attentions again. Instead his hands fell to the back of her gently bobbing head and his fingers clamped in her silky black hair as he instinctively guided her movements, wet suckling sounds filling the still room. In the face of such exquisite torment his crisis was approaching fast, so he clutched her head even tighter, pulling her face to his groin until he felt her cute nose and stretched lips nuzzling his pubic hair, and fight it though he tried, he couldn’t help but grind his hips forward, pushing himself deeper into the warmth of her clutching throat.

  Madame Coubette stared at them in awe, a faint smile gradually playing about her features. She’d had no idea how well her little plan would develop.

  The count’s hips began to move more raggedly as he fucked Elise’s mouth, his talon-like fingers moving her head back and forth at an increasing pace, and then he grunted wildly as he came, filling her sweet mouth with his seed, his pale buttocks hollowing in unison with each eruption.

  Madame Coubette, absolutely entranced by the eroticism of the scene before her, wrapped her arms around Elise’s shoulders and the count’s thighs and hugged them both, squeezing the kneeling girl even closer to the standing man as the girl desperately swallowed his copious seed.

  Genevieve clutched the cloak tightly around her shoulders as she ran and staggered through the dark night, her only light provided by the silvery crescent moon. She could feel the harsh chill of the wind tugging the material as she clutched it tightly about her. She shivered and breathed heavily as the rising wind buffeted about her. Her heart pounded as she thought desperately of the small lodge and the security and comforts her new friend Emelie would offer, the wind seeming to unite with the darkness and the angry forest to frighten her. The night was mocking her plight, laughing at her, telling her what a silly thing she was and that she should return to the chateau.

  She ran for what seemed an endless time, and each time she did stop to catch her breath some noise from the forest would startle her again, and she would once more dash onward.

  It began to rain lightly, the wind was still biting, and as she ran she could feel the cloak being snatched and tugged by angry gusts and gnarled branches and undergrowth.

  How far could it be now? Was she lost? How long had she been fleeing the chateau? A cool sweat beaded her skin and her chest was pounding painfully, filled by the chilly night air. The drizzly rain had dampened the cloak, making it heavy and cold.

  Eventually, and to her great relief, she saw the dark outline of the small lodge silhouetted a short distance ahead. She slowed her pace, feeling her heart slowing too, and her panting eased. Then a burst of thunder suddenly roared overhead and the rain turned from a misty drizzle to a downpour.

  Quickly she approached, and could now see the light escaping from the cracks in the closed shutters and beneath the front door.

  Wearily, she pounded the latter, waited some moments then raised her hand to try again, but as she did so it creaked open very slightly.

  ‘Miss Genevieve!’ Emelie gasped. ‘Why, what an earth has happened to you?’

  Genevieve stared forlornly into the warm blue eyes of the lovely blonde girl, her heart filling with gratitude at the genuine concern etched on the girl’s face.

  ‘Emelie...’ she gasped desperately, ‘can I stay with you? I need your help...’

  With Madame Coubette’s arm wrapped firmly around her shoulders, and her stepfather’s wilting but still pulsing penis in her mouth, the enormity of what Elise had just done began to sink in.

  The taste of his seed filled her mouth, its saltiness lingering on her tongue. She moved her flushed face back a little and allowed his penis to flop from between her lips, the last of his sticky emission coating them. Then guiltily she peeped up at him, and his expression and demeanour chilled her.

  ‘What loathsome debauchery have you two whores plotted?’ he roared, aggressively shrugging both females disdainfully away. Elise cowered and looked up at him, his cock still dangling limply before her, an elongated drip of semen hanging from its shrinking head.

  Noticing the direction of her gaze, the count quickly hoisted and refastened his breeches. His accusatory glare then switched from the naked beauty before him to the older woman to his side. ‘You planned to catch me thus,’ he snarled coldly, a look of loathing distorting his face. ‘You harpies connived to catch me at my weakest moment, to carry out this grotesque betrayal.’ He swooned a little, his head still pounding from the effects of the day’s heavy drinking. What on earth had Elise done? It was monstrous... but how sweet her lips had felt, suckling on his cock... they still glistened with the evidence of just how much he had relished her efforts.
.. and as for that wicked little tongue of hers...

  Exhausted and confused he slumped back onto the divan. ‘Get out of my sight, now,’ he said wearily, rubbing his tired, bloodshot eyes. ‘Or I’ll beat the life out of you both.’

  Elise rose slowly, standing proud and voluptuous before him, her eyes gazing into his, her glistening lips slightly parted, her tongue passing slowly over them as she searched his expression for some trace of compassion or forgiveness. But there was no pardon to be found there, and she felt herself sob deeply within. How could he turn on her so? It wasn’t her idea. She lowered her eyes remorsefully, and began to turn.

  ‘Let us not continue this hypocrisy any longer,’ Madame Coubette said, interrupting the tense silence. ‘Elise, stay where you are.

  ‘Why, look at her, you fool,’ she went on scornfully to the count. ‘Isn’t she the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen?’

  Elise raised her head and stared boldly at her stepfather, her ripe breasts swaying gently as she shifted anxiously on her feet, and the count absorbed her shapely contours with barely concealed avarice.

  ‘You know she is,’ Madame Coubette continued. ‘And she is here, before you, begging you to take her as and when you please. All she wants is to share in your passion, for you to stop pretending you don’t desire her?’

  ‘Silence!’ the count snapped. ‘What you are saying is insane, woman. Utterly insane. Why, she’s...’

  ‘She’s not your daughter, you fool.’ It was Madame Coubette’s turn to interrupt. ‘She’s a beautiful young woman who lives with you and who offers herself for your pleasure, and who will share you with your wife.’

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