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Major Demons

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  Leech stopped about ten feet from Azazel and drew his guns.

  “It’s time for Round 2, asshole.”

  “How are you still alive? I watched you explode…”

  “Does it matter?”

  “What brought you back?”

  Leech pointed his guns at Azazel and then felt his arms slowly being lowered. He could feel something inside him object to attacking Azazel. Azazel grinned.

  “So you took on the power of the nephilim you consumed. Pretty stupid since they worked for me. So why don’t you turn around and start firing at your friends?”

  Thanatos picked up Lucia from her levitating water blanket, handed her to Lilith, and got in front of them.

  “Get out of here.”

  Lilith shook her head.

  “Leech won’t attack us. We’ll be ok.”

  Leech turned and pointed his guns at Thanatos. Before he could fire, he threw them in the sand and drew his axe.

  “Why don’t you all excuse me for a while? I need to deal with some internal issues.”

  Leech drew a circle in the sand with his axe and a green circle appeared around him. He sat down, crossed his legs, and closed his eyes.

  Thanatos looked menacingly at Azazel.

  “Don’t go running off. If we have to find you again, I’m not deferring to Leech next time. I’ll kill you quickly and be done with it.”

  Azazel laughed.

  “First of all, better nephilim than you have tried to kill me already and I’m still here. I keep their souls in a box in my workshop. Second, why would I run? This only plays out one of two ways. Either Leech comes out of his trance and I get a one-on-one fight or he comes out of his trance and turns on you. I’m fine with either outcome. They both sound entertaining.”

  Thanatos drove his axe into the ground and leaned on it.

  “He’s right. Both sound entertaining. The problem is the waiting. That sounds boring as hell.”

  Leech could feel himself being pulled into his subconscious and found that the imprisoned nephilim had gotten out of the pit somehow. They were working on breaking through the chains that bound them.

  “Alright, guys. We need to come to some kind of agreement. Clearly keeping you all in a pit isn’t working.”

  The nephilim continued to struggle, but one of them spoke.

  “I am Sol, the nephilim of the sun. I could erupt in flames right now and free myself from these chains, but that would kill off the rest of my brothers and sisters. If you want to talk, show some goodwill. Free us. You have my word that we can discuss this without any of us attacking you.”

  Leech nodded. He took his axe and hacked at the chains until they broke. Some of the nephilim looked like they wanted to attack, but Sol shook his head at them.

  “We keep our word. You all agreed that I would speak for all of us.”

  “And what if we no longer agree to that?”

  “Then I’ll help Leech kill you. This is his mind and we’re never going to eliminate him entirely so we need to make some kind of deal.”

  The nephilim that had spoken backed away and Sol summoned a fiery chair to sit on. He gestured towards a rock. Leech grinned.

  “So you get a fire chair and I’m supposed to sit on a rock?”

  “You threw us in a pit.”

  “Fair point. Are you guys open to helping me kill Azazel?”

  Sol stroked his chin and carefully chose his words before responding.

  “Why would we do that? You’re a demon. You fight for the demons. We’re nephilim. We served Azazel and Abaddon in order to further the cause of nephilim.”

  “You’ve been misinformed. I don’t fight for demons and I’m never going back to Hell. My best friend is a nephilim. The mother of my child is a nephilim. My daughter is a nephilim. With all of you assholes floating around in my head, I may as well be a nephilim, too… and in case you hadn’t noticed, I came here with nephilim. Azazel doesn’t fight for nephilim. He fights for himself. You heard what he said about storing nephilim souls in a box in his workshop.”

  “I knew Shadow is a nephilim… but you’re claiming Lilith is as well?”

  “She’s the daughter of Samael and Vixen. Hypnos and Thanatos are her half-brothers.”

  “I’m still not sure if I believe you. Let’s concede the point for now. If we help you kill Azazel, how does that benefit us?”

  “I’m not sure that anything can really benefit all of you directly anymore. You’re all kind of… non-existent. If I die, all of you are gone. You only exist as long as I do.”

  “Then why should we grant you all of our powers?”

  “Because we can actually build something here on Earth. The demons have Hell. The angels have Heaven. Why not make Earth the realm of the nephilim? We can recruit, build up an army, and all of you would play a part in helping me lead it. I don’t think you can hope for much more at this point.”

  “And we can roam freely in your mind, unchained? Not discarded in a pit like garbage? You’ll listen to us when we need to speak to you?”

  “Yes. We’re bound as long as I wear the legion ring. We’ll do what’s best for the advancement of nephilim. I’m clearly invested in this. I want to see my daughter succeed.”

  Some of the nephilim looked skeptical, but Sol extended his hand.

  “Alright then, Leech. We’ll give this a shot. Don’t think you can go back on this deal, though. You gave us your word.”

  Leech shook Sol’s hand and immediately felt himself reentering his body on Earth. He retrieved his axe and guns before turning on Azazel. Lilith, Thanatos, and Steam watched with apprehension.

  “The nephilim seem to like me better than you now. Ready to finish this?”

  Azazel teleported in front of Leech and struck quickly with his sword. Leech could feel the blade touch his skin, but it didn’t hurt. He looked at his arms and could see that they had turned into a hard, rock-like substance.

  “Cool. Apparently one of the nephilim in my head can turn into a rock. My turn?”

  Leech could feel his hand erupting in flames and he grabbed the arm that held Azazel’s sword. Azazel dropped the sword and backed away. Before Leech could close the distance between them, Azazel teleported. Leech turned to look for him and saw him holding a knife to Lilith’s throat. Leech drew his axe.

  “Well that’s an interesting turn of events that I wasn’t expecting. I’d like to leave now and I think I’ll take your pretty friend and daughter with me.”

  Thanatos grabbed Azazel’s knife hand and twisted it back. There was a sickening crunch before Azazel dropped his knife. He fell to his knees and Thanatos motioned for everyone to get back. Leech charged and quickly drew a circle around Azazel. Within seconds, Azazel was enveloped in a green circle. Leech grinned.

  “That’s it for you. There’s no clever way out of this.”

  Azazel laughed. He teleported outside the green circle and drew another sword from his belt.

  “You’re an idiot, Leech.”

  Leech grinned back at Azazel and nodded at his hand. Azazel’s hand had converted into green energy and was slowly making its way towards Leech.

  “No… there’s no way you’re…”

  “That powerful? I’m a fucking legion of nephilim with demon powers. What the fuck did you think was going to happen when you teleported outside that circle? We’ll finish this battle in my mind… a place where you can’t teleport.”

  Azazel could slowly see his arm disappearing and converting into green energy that sailed through the air towards Leech’s outstretched hand. Leech laughed.

  “I’ll meet you in my subconscious. There are some nephilim in there that want to see you again.”


  Gangrene saw a small group of berserkers approaching. He grinned as he saw their leader, a small demon carrying a berserker staff. Some of the Dragon’s demons looked ready to intervene, but Gangrene waved them off.

  “Gangrene, we need to talk. In private.”

sp; Gangrene nodded and led the way to his tent.

  “Not sure how you ended up in charge of a bunch of berserkers. I’m guessing a lot has changed since we last ran into each other.”

  “A lot of crazy shit has happened. Lilith and Shadow were able to bring Leech back.”

  Gangrene’s eyes went wide.

  “Shit. Are they coming back down to Hell? Are they…”

  Muan raised both hands.

  “It’s ok. They’re not interested in being major demons. They’re crazy powerful and we just can’t be around them anymore. It’s time for both of us to move on. Shadow let me go. I was second in command to the idiot who just attacked the Dragon. Now I’m in charge of the berserkers. I want to come back to Hell. I don’t want to be up here with nephilim anymore.”

  “And how do you think you’re going to pull that off? The Dragon banished the berserkers to Earth.”

  “I have some leverage. I still have the necklace of Iktomi that Queen Persephone gave me. I have a berserker staff. I command the only legion of berserkers that actually knows the culture. The ones in Nightmare’s army have no idea how to tap into the power properly. I just want an audience with him.”

  “He’ll kill you, Muan. Probably eat you. You’re small enough.”

  “Please, Gangrene. Just let me talk to him.”

  “That’s stupid. That’s putting me at risk. That’s putting Raven at risk. He’ll kill all of us. He doesn’t want the berserkers back. Turn around and run away.”

  “If I can’t convince him, I’ll give you the berserker staff and we’ll run. You get to present him with one of his lost relics. That should keep him from killing you.”

  Gangrene thought the offer over.

  “Fine. Keep in mind right before you die that I tried to talk you out of this.”

  Muan grinned.

  “Thanks. We’ll wait outside the Dragon’s camp until you come to get me.”

  Gangrene was able to convince the Dragon to hear Muan out. He brought Muan to the Dragon and threw him down on his knees.

  “Speak, little demon. Gangrene said you have something to say that’s worth my time.”

  “I want to become a major demon and lead the berserkers.”

  The Dragon looked angry. He changed form into Lucifer, drew his sword, and started advancing towards Muan.

  “How is that any different than what the last berserker said?”

  “I brought an offering with me to show the proper respect.”

  The Dragon stopped and grinned.

  “What did you bring, little guy?”

  “Great Dragon, I know that you banished this berserker order because they allowed Nightmare to take the berserker staff from your collection. We’re in the process of making a new one and it’s already incredibly powerful. I can continue to wield it myself and channel my own rage into it, or I can offer it to you now, as is.”

  “That’s it? You started making a new berserker staff?”

  “I also bring a gift from your wife, Persephone. One of her treasured artifacts that she entrusted to me.”

  Lucifer looked interested and sheathed his sword.

  “Let’s see it.”

  Muan pulled the necklace of Iktomi from his neck and handed it to Lucifer. He felt a little bad as he remembered the promise he made to Persephone when she gave him the necklace. He had mastered the power of transformation but was breaking his word and giving it to Lucifer instead of giving it back to Persephone. Muan dismissed his conscience. This was the only way to get what he wanted. Besides, he wasn’t likely to ever see Persephone again. Lucifer looked the necklace over and then put it in his pocket.

  “I accept your offering. I want the berserker staff right now, too. You will be the lowest of the Six and your order is not fully restored in my eyes, but I will allow you all to return to Hell under the leadership of the little guy.”

  Muan handed over the berserker staff. Lucifer turned back into the Dragon and pulled out one of his toenails. He turned back into Lucifer and called for a metal staff. He attached his toenail to the staff with heat from his hand and then handed the scythe over to Muan. Muan went to take it, but Lucifer didn’t let go.

  “If your order crosses me or fails me… ever again… I will wipe the memory of berserkers from Hell, Earth, and Heaven. Do you understand me?”

  Muan nodded. Lucifer held the staff for another few seconds and then let go. He turned and started walking away.

  “Back to Hell, everyone. I’m sick of being up here.”


  Shadow checked the map one more time as he trudged through the snow at the top of the Earth. He was close and he could feel the Earth rumbling more and more with every passing second. Muan had found the spot where Abaddon had been sucking the life out of the Earth for the past several months and marked it on the map. Shadow planned to destroy his father before the others had time to complete their tasks and teleport to him. There was just one problem.

  “I know you’ve been following me. Why don’t you come out and give me the berserker staff? That would really make my job a lot easier.”

  Shadow’s remarks were met with silence other than the continuous howling of the wind.

  “Sarah… come on. I know it’s sad, but I have to do this.”

  Shadow heard a voice, but he couldn’t see where it was coming from.

  “Why? Why do you have to kill him?”

  “Because if I don’t, he’ll destroy the Earth for everyone. No more angels. No more demons. No more nephilim. Everyone else is either too stupid or too weak to deal with this… so I’m going to deal with it. If I live, I’m going to the Heavens to cut off Michael’s head too. This is pretty much all his fault. He had so many chances to fix this, but he’s too busy sitting on a gold fucking throne up there.”

  “I’m pregnant.”

  Shadow grinned and dismissively shook his head.

  “You’re not. You’re saying that to try to convince me not to do this. It’s not going to work. Please hand over the berserker staff. Please…”

  “I’m not lying. I’m sure now that I’m pregnant. Why can’t you just come stay with me? Don’t abandon your son like your…”

  “No. Don’t even finish that thought. You’re not pregnant. In fact… I’m starting to wonder…”

  Shadow scanned his environment again and saw no one.

  “…if you’re even here. Fuck. I’m already starting to lose it.”

  Shadow realized that the noises that led him to believe that he was being followed could have easily been conjured by his own mind. Either that or Abaddon was playing mind games with him.

  Shadow made his way to the top of a snowy embankment and saw his father as he looked down. Abaddon stood in a large area of scorched land and had two claws sunk into the Earth. He was pulling some kind of life force from the Earth itself. Shadow was intimidated at first. His father was as large and as powerful looking as Michael and the Dragon. The last time he had fought the Dragon, he was Legion with five other major demons with him. That wasn’t an option now. Shadow exhaled loudly, pulled his angelic short blade from his belt, and shot a wave of blinding light into the area. Abaddon looked up, then removed his claws from the Earth and stood.

  “Who the hell are you and why do you have my sword?”

  “An interesting question. I used to think that you gave it to me. It turns out that was a bullshit memory my uncle gave me. You see, he felt guilty about betraying you and trained me to be a weapon. I was supposed to free you. I provided the distraction that gave you the opportunity to run. This sword…”

  Shadow pointed his short blade at Abaddon.

  “…was actually given to me by my grandmother, Persephone. It belonged to Michael before it was given to you.”

  “Why would Persephone give you my sword?”

  “Because I’m your son.”

  Abaddon laughed.

  “So I impregnated one of the demoness whores? Which one?”

  “My mother
s name is none of your business. I’m here to give you two options, Abaddon. Either you can stop sucking the soul out of the Earth and killing the inhabitants or I’ll kill you.”

  Abaddon looked amused.

  “If Cain wanted me put down, he should have come himself… or maybe Baal sent you. It doesn’t really matter. I can sense power in you, but it’s not enough. Throw down my sword, turn around, and walk away. This is your one chance to turn back, son.”

  Abaddon said the last word in a mocking tone. Shadow took Damnation in his right hand and Michael’s short blade in his left.

  “Cain and Baal are dead. You don’t have a reason to…”

  “A reason? I’m fucking insane. I’ve been tortured for longer than you’ve been alive. That’s the only reason I need to do anything I want to. The moment has passed. It’s time for you to die.”

  Shadow charged, knowing that there was a good chance that he wouldn’t survive this fight.


  When Leech and Azazel entered Leech’s mind, the nephilim immediately bound them both in chains and hit them hard until they were both on their knees. Leech looked to Sol and Sol started pacing.

  “Recent developments have made us question which of you we should believe. Either one of you is powerful enough to take over this body. We just need to decide who that will be.”

  Leech tried to shake himself free.

  “You promised me that…”

  “Unfair bargaining position. We made that agreement under duress. What choice did we have? We’re trapped in your head.”

  Azazel stood and was knocked back down.

  “Leech killed all of you. Why is it even a question? Let me take over and dispose of the demon that murdered you.”

  “You see… we can’t really trust you either, Azazel. You apparently killed dozens of nephilim and kept their souls in your workshop. We heard you admit as much to Leech. You’re a kin-slayer just as much as Leech is a murderer.”

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