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Vacations End

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Vacations End

  Vacations End

  By R. J. Murray

  Copyright 2016 R. J. Murray

  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

  No part of this book may be reproduced, uploaded to the internet, or copied without permission from the author.

  This is a work of fiction intended for mature audiences only. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Some may be used for parody purposes. Any resemblance to events, locales, business establishments, or actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is purely coincidental.

  Chapter 1

  The storm rattled the windows of the small log cabin as the wind howled down the chimney setting the flames of the fire to dancing merrily. Or so it seemed to Terri, as she lay on the thick fur rug before it, staring into those flames while sipping her wine.

  She wore thin lace knickers beneath the oversized blue shirt of her lover. His scent still clung to it and she inhaled it with every breath she took. It excited her while giving her a comfort as though his arms were still around her.

  Her cornflower blue eyes sparkled with reflected firelight and she reached up one hand to lazily brush aside an errant strand of hair the colour of mahogany. She reached for the bottle of merlot and poured another generous measure into her glass.

  The fire hissed and crackled, the old logs popping and providing a fine accompaniment to the sounds of the storm that raged outside. She’d always loved storms, especially when she was inside where it was warm with a glass of wine as it raged around her.

  She looked around as the door opened and in he walked, her beloved Clive.

  “Car’s dead,” he said as he shook the snow from his thick jacket.

  He kicked his boots against the door frame, dislodging the snow from them before pulling off his coat and hanging it from the wooden peg set into the wall beside the door. He removed his boots and rubbed his hands as he crossed the room to kneel down on the rug beside her.

  “You’re all wet,” she said, pulling a face as he grinned and held his hand out towards her. “Don’t you dare!”

  “Feel them!” he said and she shrieked as he pressed his cold hand against her thigh.

  “You pig!” she said with a laugh.

  He laughed along with her, a warm, rich sound full of vibrant life. He scratched at the thick beard of dark brown, almost black hair that covered his chin and let out a sigh as his smile faded. She noted the lines there at the corners of his eyes, the worry that he couldn’t quite hide from her and her laughter faded.

  “You can fix it can’t you?”


  Just that, a simple answer with a terrible meaning. If the car didn’t run then they were trapped on the mountainside until help could reach them and since they hadn’t been able to raise anyone on the satellite phone or the radio in the back room, they were effectively on their own.

  “How much food do we have?” she asked and he shrugged broad shoulders.

  “A couple of days if we’re careful.” He glanced at the wine glass she held and a grin split his face. “Only one more bottle of that.”

  “Well things are truly dire then,” she said with a grin that soon faded. “What’re we gonna do then?”

  “That, my love, is a question with a simple answer.”

  She waited for him to give that answer and rolled her eyes dramatically when it became clear that he had no intention of doing so.


  “Well what?” he teased and laughed at her scowl. “Don’t you worry about it. I’ll try again in the morning and if I still can’t fix it, I’ll take a walk.”

  “A walk? There’ll be a foot of snow out there by tomorrow.”

  “It’s fine,” he said, voice low and calm as though he were trying to reassure her. “I saw another cabin a few miles down the road. Someone there might be able to help.”

  Her brows drew down and a line creased her forehead as she watched him, not at all assured by his tone.

  “Then I’ll go with you,” she said and held up one hand to forestall him. “I’m not staying here on my own while you freeze your nuts off out there.”

  He grinned, showing straight, white teeth and nodded slowly.

  “As you wish, my love.”

  She took another sip of her wine and swallowed it slowly before she said, “I’m sorry.”

  “For what?”

  “This crappy holiday,” she said. “It was supposed to be a nice getaway for us.”

  “You can hardly be blamed for the weather.” His eyebrows rose as he said it and he shook his head as he realised she was serious. “It’s not your fault. Really.”

  She pouted, lower lip sticking out and pushed herself up from the rug, jaw set stubbornly. He laughed as he pulled his thick sweater over his head and the corners of her lips rose in an appreciative smile as she stared at his wide, hair covered chest.

  Her fingers twitched and she ached to run them through that thick mass of hair but forced her hand to her side, determined that he accept her apology before she touched him. He was so damned agreeable all of the time. It was quite frustrating.

  His jeans went next and then his socks, leaving him sitting on the rug beside her in just his too tight shorts. His grin widened as he noted her looking his way and laughter burst from his lips as she looked away and took a deep swallow of her wine.

  “Fine,” he said, amusement in his voice. “I accept your apology, okay?”

  “Yes,” she said, leaning in to plant her lips on his.

  He’d gone to check on the car straight after his shower and hadn’t taken the time to coat himself with deodorant or aftershave. His aroma was all him, a masculine odour that seemed to infer strength and comfort to her.

  Her fingers brushed the hair of his chest and she twined it around them. He had one hand on the small of her back as he pulled her close, pressing his firm body against hers. His other hand brushed the hair from her face before trailing down her neck and across her breast.

  A shiver ran through her as he cupped her breast in his large hands, squeezing gently as his fingers brushed against her hardening nipple. She moaned, as he moved his lips down to her neck, his breath hot against her skin as he kissed that most sensitive place.

  She slipped her hand down, across his stomach and into his shorts, feeling his hardness in her hand as her fingers tightened around his rock hard member.

  “I have you,” she whispered into his ear, fingers tightening around him. “This means you’re mine.”

  “Always,” He murmured. “For forever and a day.”

  He lifted his hands to the lapels of the shirt she wore, pulling it back, down her arms until it pooled around her. His eyes moved over her body, filled with desire and he pushed her back until she was lying on the rug, the fire’s warm glow covering her.

  With a gentle touch, he pulled at her knickers, sliding them down her thighs, then calves, until they were off. He tossed them aside and rose to his feet, eyes fixed on her as he swiftly removed his own underwear, his erect member an intoxicating sight for her, as she knew it to be a clear sign of his lust for her.

  She slid her hand down across her stomach, brushing the soft mound of hair there before letting her fingers touch at her wet warmth. His eyes followed her hands and he knelt down, before gently prising apart her legs.

  “Fuck me,” she said, voice husky and filled with desire. “No foreplay, no fingers and no tongue. Just fuck me now. I need you in me!”

  He paused there, between her legs, his look one of hungry desire as he nodded once. A simple acknowledgement of her desire and his own. She reached down, hand seeking to guide him inside of her and with one hard thrust, she let out a gasp.

  Her back arched as his m
outh moved to her breast, taking the nipple into her mouth, his tongue playing with her almost painfully erect nipple as his teeth bit down, hard enough to give a brief burst of sharp pain with every thrust he made.

  She cried out, her nails raking his back as her legs wrapped around him, pulling him tightly to her, fighting to keep him there as he pounded his cock into her. She bit her lower lip, felt his firm muscles moving beneath his skin, and the heat of his body, an inferno threatening to engulf her.

  His breath came in gasps, her body shivered, muscles tightening around him as she could no longer hold back and a scream escaped her. Calling his name as he shuddered, arms reaching under her and pulling her close.

  For a long moment, they lay there, his weight atop her comfortably, his lips on hers as though seeking to keep hold of that feeling for as long as possible. Finally, he pulled back, warmth in his eyes as he stared down at her.

  She smiled back at him as the world swam back into focus, the rattle of the windows in their frames and the crackle and pop of the fire surging to vibrant life around her.

  Chapter 2

  The storm ended sometime during the night and with the morning came a chill in the air and a stillness to the world. The snow blanketed the ground and the surrounding forest of fir trees had an almost enchanted appearance to them.

  Terri, smiled to herself as she stared around in wonder. Ever since she was little, she’d been captivated by freshly fallen snow. It evoked memories of family Christmases when things had been good in her life.

  Every step she took was accompanied by a crunch of the crust of the snow and she realised that there in the mountains, she was the first person to walk on that snow. Likely the only person to walk on it for any period of time. Her smile widened at that thought.

  “Why so happy?” Clive asked. “The car’s toast.”

  “Oh nothing,” she said as she linked her arms with his.

  They’d been walking for nearly an hour and had yet to see signs of anyone else. Clive, ever the pessimist, had put the last of the food they’d brought on their retreat into his rucksack and brought it along with him. She’d rolled her eyes when he’d brought out the old, ‘you can never be too careful’ quote.

  “Still nothing on the sat-phone,” he said with a grimace down at the bright orange device with the thick aerial.

  It looked like the sort of phone her parents might have had, back in the nineties. Thick and bulky, built to take a knock or two and still work. Which made it all the more surprising when they couldn’t get through to anyone on it.

  “Could it be the mountains?” she asked with a gesture of her chin towards the high peaks in the near distance.

  “Nah,” he said, shaking his head. “This thing’s designed to work in places like this.”

  She shrugged and pulled him closer. It wasn’t exactly a big priority for her. They weren’t that far up the mountain and in clear conditions could probably walk down to the nearby town in a little over a day. With the snow, it might mean a cold night in one of the other holiday cabins that littered the area, but they’d find something and by tomorrow would be making arrangements for someone to come and collect the car.

  They would both head home, back to their normal lives. He, to running the store he owned with his friend and she to her job in the accounting firm. Which, was how they’d actually met. She’d been sitting there in her cubicle as this great big man with a thick beard and confused expression had stopped and asked for directions to Darren.

  She’d not been able to hide the brief look of unease that crossed her face and he’d given her a wondering look. She’d waved aside his query and painted on a false smile before directing him to his friend.

  Only the office sleaze-ball wasn’t his friend. Clive had dropped by to very publicly and very vocally berate him for the way he’d treated his friend and partner, Maria. After a final coldly delivered warning to keep away from his business, Clive had marched straight back out of the office.

  When their boss had finished dressing down Darren in the more private setting of her office, she asked her assistant to get their address so she could go out and apologise. Terri had volunteered to go in her stead and hoping that Clive would be more amenable to the pretty young woman, her boss had agreed.

  Terri had found herself immensely attracted to the big man and the way he’d stood up for his friend was a big part of that. One apology and an offer of drinks later, and she got to learn more about him. With every new thing she learnt, she fell a little more in love and while she’d often mocked people who spoke of falling in love in an instant, by the end of the night she was a believer. He moved in with her less than three months later and two years on, they were still going strong.

  “I wonder what we missed,” he said musingly and she shook herself clear of her reverie as she glanced up at him.


  “You know, what’s happened in the world,” he said and she held back a groan.

  He was almost obsessive in how he kept up with the news both local and national. Not that that was a bad thing, but sometimes he would become so engrossed that he lost track of time. When the earthquake hit in the US a few months back, he was fixed to the TV watching the story unfold.

  “Probably not much. We’ve likely got a new prime minister now; the budget will suck and I’ll be up to my ears in new tax rules to work to.”

  “Yeah,” he said with a laugh. “More than likely.”

  She moved a little closer to him, sticking her hands deep into the pockets of her coat. Even with the thick mittens, she had on, her hands were cold. Her nose was numb and likely a ghastly shade of red and she had a sneaking suspicion that she would end up with a cold.

  Clive, on the other hand, walked along cheerfully without a care for the weather. His cheeks had a ruddy glow about them and his eyes seemed to sparkle in the morning light. His heavy hiking boots ploughed a deep furrow through the snow and he seemed totally at ease. It was irksome, to say the least.

  “Is that a cabin?” he asked, shading his eyes with one hand as he peered ahead.

  Sure enough, through the gaps in the pine trees, Terri could see the moss covered roof of another cabin. Most importantly though, was the plume of smoke rising from the chimney.

  “Fab, we might get off the mountain this morning after all.”

  “Wouldn’t go that far,” Clive said with a grin. “But they might be able to help or at least contact someone in town.”

  They hurried over through the snow, arms linked and cheerful expressions as they pushed through the snow. It didn’t seem so deep and daunting now that there was a chance of finding help.

  As they approached the door, it swung open and an older man stepped out onto the snow-covered porch. He was dressed for the warmth with a thick jacket and heavy boots along with a woollen cap. In his hands, he held a hunting rifle, the type Terri had seen them use on the Discovery channel. A wooden stock, long barrel and attached scope.

  “That’s far enough,” he said gruffly.

  The rifle was held across his body, the barrel aimed down at the ground but something about his stance told her that it wouldn’t take much for it to be raised towards them. She looked at Clive, puzzlement clear on her face as they came to a halt.

  “Hi,” Clive said, keeping his voice low and calm. “We’ve been staying up there.” He gestured back the way they’d come, further up the mountain trail. “Our car doesn’t seem to be working and we can’t raise anyone on the sat phone. We were kind’a hoping there’d be someone here who could help.”

  The other man gave Clive a hard look and his mouth twisted in distaste. He eyed the sat-phone and snorted dismissively.

  “That won’t work,” he said. “Nothing for it to connect to.”

  “What do you mean?” Terri asked with a nervous glance at her lover. She was fast becoming worried and not just by the strange demeanour of the older man.

  “I mean the networks down,” he said. “Same as the power.”


  The man shook his head slowly and raised the barrel of his rifle slightly as Clive took a step forward.

  “Woah!” Clive said, taking a step back. “I don’t mean any harm. We just wanted some help getting down the mountain.”

  “No point,” he replied. “And nothing I can do for you. Get on, away from here. Leave me alone.”

  The young couple shared a look before they both backed slowly away. The older man watched them for some time, standing there on his porch with the rifle in his hand. As soon as they could, they ducked out of sight and hurried their pace.

  “What the hell was that all about?” Terri asked.

  “No idea, love, just some crackpot probably.”

  “He said the phones weren’t working, and the power. You think there’s been an accident?”

  Clive just shook his head and didn’t answer. His face was grim, mouth set in a thin line as he frowned.

  They walked for three hours before finding another cabin. Even with the warm clothes they wore and the extra layers, they were chilled to the bone and damp from the snow. They’d stopped talking an hour before just to save their energy for walking through the heavy snowfall.

  When they saw the cabin, its windows dark and with no smoke coming from the chimney, they shared a look that was equal parts hope that there would be someone there and worry that they would be like the last man.

  Clive gestured Terri back as he approached the door and she grimaced, torn between her love of how he always sought to protect her and her need to prove that she didn’t need it. Of course, she realised, since he was a great deal bigger than she was and more able to deal with any problem, she would set aside her feminism for the moment and just wait for him to declare it safe.

  He rapped on the plain wooden door with his knuckles and waited. When it became clear that no one was answering, he reached out and grasped the handle, turning it and pushing against the door. It didn’t budge.

  “Well that’s that,” she said with a huff of irritation.

  “Not really,” he said as he ran his fingers over the top of the door frame.

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