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Undead Honeymoon

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Undead Honeymoon

  Table of Contents

  Counting Down

  The Lap of Luxury

  The Welcome Aboard Show


  False Hope

  Service Without A Smile


  No Survivors

  Friend or Foe?

  Just In Case

  The Last Entry

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  Counting Down

  July 2nd

  Fizz and Gig got into it again today. They knocked over a picture frame and a stack of magazines during a scrap in the living room. I’m still wondering why they haven’t gotten used to each other yet. It’s been nearly two months since we adopted Gig from the SPCA. Finn said they’re both just spoiled, and they each want to be the only cat in the house. I think they just need a little more time to adjust.

  On a lighter note, I finally bought another journal. My last one has been full for weeks, and I’ve been running out of time to get a new one before we go on the cruise. I finished my research paper and got a lot of cleaning done before Finn got home. I wanted to have dinner waiting, but he insisted on cooking his famous meatloaf. I don’t know what in the world he did to it, but it tasted like a shoe. I guess I don’t really mind, though. I’ve been trying to tone up for the cruise, and I always end up eating too much when he manages to make a decent meal.

  July 3rd

  Fireworks shopping today. Fun right?

  Finn waited until the last minute. It’s always so crowded at the big year round places, and yet we still managed to buy way too many. I can almost guarantee we won’t fire them all off, but I got my sparklers, so I’m happy. Finn gets to play with fire, so he’ll be happy too. I swear he’ll set himself on fire one day just to watch the flames. Fingers crossed that he won’t destroy our neighbor’s mailbox this year.

  “Why don’t they ever sell the m-180’s anymore?” Finn asked, his arms full of bottle rockets as he stood in the middle of the aisle.

  He was clearly annoyed that the store didn’t carry anything with a little more power.

  “Because they’re dangerous and we don’t need them for celebrating our country’s independence,” I replied, putting a quick end to the conversation. He huffed and continued his search for the biggest and most expensive fireworks he could find.

  I’m so glad Florida outlawed most of the crazy dangerous kinds of fireworks, otherwise my husband might destroy the whole neighborhood!

  I made eggplant parmesan for dinner. It was delicious, and I ended up eating too much.

  July 6th

  So… very… tired. I’m still exhausted from the fourth. Finn and I went to the park with some friends to watch the fireworks show over the river. We brought enough food to feed a small army, which included my famous banana pudding and Finn’s (almost as famous) macaroni salad. Needless to say everyone was happy, even with most of the food being warm since Finn insisted we get there six hours early.

  “Remember last year?” he explained. “We got stuck behind a tree and could only see the tops of the fireworks.”

  I decided not to argue with him. He was right, and I didn’t mind getting some fresh air at the park. They have the best fountains, the ones you can run around in as they shoot up from the walkways. Finn and I go there just to see the water sometimes, at least when there aren’t a hundred children running half naked through it.

  The county orchestra was there again, but they didn’t do the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack this year. Kind of disappointing, but they did play along to the fireworks, which was really cool. The ground literally shook when some of the bigger ones went off. They lit the night’s sky with every color imaginable. After the finale we fought our way through the masses and managed to get back to the house around ten. Finn was super excited to shoot our own fireworks off.

  We didn’t even get through half of them, big surprise! In fact we barely lit any at all. The wind picked up considerably after we left the park, and the bottle rockets kept landing on top of our next door neighbor‘s house. A cul de sac definitely isn’t the ideal place when trying to light fireworks. No matter where they land it’ll probably always be on someone’s rooftop. Now we have two giant boxes of fireworks sitting in our storage room.

  Oh well.

  July 14th

  I was so productive today!

  I really was, and that’s saying something, because it’s been a busy week. My professors have been keeping me bogged down this semester. I found out the hard way that summer courses are evil, and I’m starting to think getting my degree a semester early isn’t worth the headache of condensed classes. The workload is just insane. Finn has classes, too, but he always manages to get the easy teachers. He uses a website that rates them on how hard they are and whether or not students like them. I told myself I didn’t need it, but after this semester…

  Aside from schoolwork, I cleaned Sokka’s kennel and took him for a long walk. I did all the dishes and scrubbed the sliding glass doors. It took forever because Sokka’s favorite pastime is to sit and stare at squirrels while he drools all over the glass. Finn already cleaned the garage, bathroom, and did all the laundry, so I think we’re in pretty good shape.

  July 16th

  I’ve been sick all day.

  I threw up after lunch when I tried to eat some leftover twice bakes that Finn heated up. I knew we should’ve thrown them out. Finn wanted to call out of work to take care of me, but I told him we couldn’t afford it. Our honeymoon is only a few short weeks away, and we really need to save.

  “But I hate leaving you alone when you’re sick,” he argued. Somehow he knew I was wavering about whether he should stay. I do always like to have him close.

  “You always hate leaving me alone, even when I’m not sick. I’ll be fine, and Jenna can come over so I won’t be alone,” I said, trying to comfort him.

  “Your sister probably won’t be up for hours, and there‘s no guarantee that you‘ll actually get a hold of her. What if you need something?”

  “I’ll be fine,” I said a little more firmly. “You’ll probably be cut in like two hours anyways.”

  Finn rubbed the back of his neck as he stood from the edge of the bed.

  “Fine, text me if you need anything. I can be here in less than ten minutes if you feel any worse, okay?” he said, sounding defeated. He bent and gave me a hug as I tried and failed to avoid his inbound kiss. He never thinks about getting sick himself.

  Finn could probably lose an arm and just walk it off, but if he gets sick he’s like a child. He just sits in bed all day, acting as if the cold or flu he has is going to be the death of him.

  July 17th

  I’m so glad today is over!

  Finn pulled a double, so I decided to get ahead on homework. Halfway through Sokka decided to start barking and he would NOT stop until I let him out of his kennel. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death, but he’s just so big. I guess I can’t really complain since I was the one who got him as a birthday present for Finn. I do regret saying he could have a mastiff, though. A Chihuahua would be so much easier to handle! He jumped on me the second I let him out, and I was covered in drool
by the time I got him outside. I’ve told Finn at least a dozen times that he needs to start training him.

  All he ever says is, “He can’t talk like you and me, beautiful. He’s just showing how much he loves you.”

  Next time he wants a pet I’ll get him a hamster. At least then my cats wouldn’t get chased on a daily basis. Hamsters don’t drool, either.

  More later.

  July 24th

  Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. That’s what I had for breakfast this morning. I never eat ice cream for breakfast, in fact, I rarely eat ice cream at all. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me to get ready for the never ending stream of food I‘ll have on our honeymoon.

  I got a good run in to even out my unhealthy breakfast. It was sweltering out, but there was a nice breeze that smelled like rain was coming. Almost everyone in the neighborhood was out in their yards. The kids down the street were having a sprinkler party, and Mr. Strickland next door was mowing his yard for the third time since last week.

  After a quick shower and a salad for lunch, I set to work on a deep clean of the house. I didn’t want to come back from an amazing vacation only to be depressed by a messy house. It took two hours just to clean out the expired food in the pantry and fridge.

  I finished scrubbing the kitchen and figured I‘d earned a break. It was still early, and I was all caught up on homework, so I decided on a scary movie marathon. First it was “Scream,” then “It.” I was just starting “Nightmare on Elm Street” when I heard the front door open. Finn walked in looking especially tired and smelling of bar food and cigarettes.

  I paused the DVD and jumped off the couch. “Rough day?” I asked as I gave him a kiss.

  He tossed his notepad and apron on the coffee table and plopped onto the couch.

  “We had three huge parties. Two of them were great, but one was all teenagers, and they nearly ran me to death. I’ve never been so thankful for auto gratuity. Good tips overall, though.”

  He sighed as he tilted his head back and closed his eyes.

  I had my special meatball tortellini dish ready for him when he got out of the shower. Needless to say his mood improved instantly. I love how easily food brightens his mood.

  July 29th

  My yearly checkup was today, and other than being reprimanded for being too tan, Dr. Saddler said I’m fit as a fiddle.

  She was scribbling something on her clipboard as she spoke. “I know it’s the sunshine state, but do try to cut down on the UV exposure, okay? You’re fair skinned Lily, and I don’t recommend so much time outside without sun block. I’m not just talking about the beach, either. Anytime you’re outside for more than an hour. That includes when it’s cloudy; you can still get burnt!”

  I nodded as I gathered my belongings from the chair that was nestled in the corner of the exam room.

  “We’re going on vacation in a couple weeks, so I’ll make sure to buy some extra before we leave.”

  “Oh? Always nice to get away. Are you heading down to the Keys again?”

  I shook my head, “Not this year, we’re going on a cruise to the Caribbean instead. It’s kind of a delayed honeymoon, actually.”

  “Oh, how exciting. Are you leaving out of Port Canaveral?” she asked.

  “Yes, thank God. It’s only a twenty minute drive. I really didn’t want to start our honeymoon with a three or four hour road trip.”

  “Yeah, and parking is always a nightmare, too. What ship are you going on?”

  “The Wellspring,” Finn interjected as we walked out from the exam room. He’d been waiting in the lobby.

  Dr. Saddler raised an eyebrow. “Is that the one they just built? The big one with the Ferris wheel?”

  “Yup. Largest ship in the world,” Finn said proudly, “for now anyway. They keep building them bigger and bigger. They’re like cities on the water nowadays.”

  “Tell me about it,” she agreed. “My sister went on The Bermuda last April, and after a week of cruising she still couldn’t find her way around. Just remember to take some Dramamine with you.”

  Finn and I responded in unison. “Absolutely.”

  I love it when doctor’s visits don’t include needles.

  Needles suck.

  July 31st

  Finn forgot his cell phone when he left for work. It happens a lot, but today it rang right around lunch time. I answered and almost hung up at first because I thought it was a telemarketer.

  “Hi, may I speak with Finn Datson please?” a man asked. He sounded very formal, and his tone was slightly intimidating. I got the immediate impression that he wasn’t used to making personal calls.

  “Sorry, he’s at work right now, can I take a message?”

  “Is this Lily?”

  “Yeah, who is this?” I asked, trying to place his voice. It didn’t sound familiar at all.

  “It’s Elliot.”

  “Elliot? Oh!” I stumbled, realizing who he was. I’d never spoken with him directly, and Finn rarely mentioned his older brother.

  It was strange to get a phone call from him. I was under the impression he didn’t even have Finn’s number.

  We ended up talking for quite a while, mostly about him and Finn when they were little. He was particularly interested when I mentioned our upcoming cruise. He gave me a few tips for when we got to the ship. He said I should carry small bills for the porters, and to make sure and get preferred boarding so we don’t wait outside for hours. At the end of our conversation he gave me a different cell number to pass along to Finn.

  “Why would I want to call Elliot? All he cares about is money,” Finn growled once he got home. “If you’re not a blue blood, you’re not worth the time of day.” His eyes were like daggers as he spoke.

  “He’s still your brother, Finn, and he seems nice enough to me. We talked about you and him when you were kids. You never told me you fell through the ice at your uncle’s house in Michigan. Apparently there was a fish you wouldn’t let go of?”

  Finn crossed his arms.

  “It was a walleye, and I didn’t fall through. My arm got stuck because I tried reaching through the ice to grab it. The fish was so big it wouldn’t fit through, and it would have, too, if Elliot hadn’t forgotten to keep scooping. The water refroze and the hole nearly closed.”

  I giggled at the thought of Finn refusing to let go of a fish; it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Thankfully it only took me a few more minutes of goading before he caved in.

  “Fine,” he snapped as I tossed him the piece of paper with Elliot’s number on it. To his surprise he got through on the first try. They talked for all of two minutes before he hung up. He turned to me afterward with a sour look on his face.

  “There, we talked. Happy now?”

  I wanted to ask what they’d talked about, and why for such a short time, but decided to let it go. At least they spoke, right?

  I’m pretty sure Elliot is four years older than Finn, which would put him at twenty nine. He was an economics major out of FSU, and he moved to New York the week he graduated. Apparently there was a once in a lifetime internship in upper Manhattan for some accounting firm. Finn said he tried to keep in touch for months, but Elliot never returned his calls. He finally got a hold of him during Christmas a few years back; the family wanted him to come down to visit for the holidays. Elliot ended up transferring Finn to his secretary, who said Mr. Datson’s schedule was far too busy in December for him to take a meeting. She offered to reschedule, and promised Finn a Christmas card. She didn’t even realize he was Elliot’s brother. Then, after he missed our wedding last year, Finn all but gave up talking to him.

  It must be hard, being shut out by your only brother. I wonder why Elliot would turn his back on family. Maybe there’s something Finn isn’t telling me…

  He’s on the laptop next to me right now, and he’ll probably be up for hours; night owl. Sleep has been rough for me the past couple weeks. Between school and planning for the honeymoon, I can barely clear my hea
d enough to wind down at night. It seems like I’m half awake no matter how much sleep I get. Hopefully I won’t be such a zombie on the cruise.

  That reminds me, ten days and counting!

  August 2nd


  I can’t believe how lazy my biology classmates are! How hard is it to do a discussion? More than half the class just posted their final discussions and barely any of them answered the topic question. Plus, we’re supposed to respond to at least two other posts in order to get credit. Well I’m sorry, but “I agree” doesn’t constitute a response. It does absolutely nothing to move the discussion forward. Who would’ve thought discussion etiquette would irritate me? I’m such a dork.

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