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I Will Be There For You

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I Will Be There For You


  For my mystery man…..



  “Come on Becky get out of your dressing room. We’ll get really late.” I shouted, banging the door with my hands.

  “Coming Ash, just two minutes more. I am almost done.” Becky replied.

  Today is the big night I’ve been waiting for. It’s Christmas Eve and tonight there is a big party at Central Perk Lounge. I, Ashley Green and my best friend, Rebecca Brandon are so damn excited about it. But Becky is taking forever to get ready and that is driving my bananas.

  “Done!” She said happily and came out. Doing a little twirl and flaunting her brand new black knee-length dress.

  “Hey, look at you, you are looking absolutely stunning.” I said.

  “And you are looking pretty fabulous yourself.” She replied. I am wearing a long navy blue gown with long heels and I am wearing a necklace which goes with it perfectly. Must say I am looking stunning.

  “Ion will go completely nuts about you today.” Becky said.

  “I know, can’t wait!” I replied.

  Becky is my soul sister. She knows everything about me. She understands me so well. We have been together since kindergarten. We played together, studied together, go shopping together and the list is really long. The best part is we are neighbors and are always in touch. We both live in New York from our childhood.

  “Ash babe, you ready to hit the party?” Becky asked me with a wink.

  “Totally!” I replied. “If we didn’t leave now, we’ll be really late and would have to spend Christmas watching T.V “

  “Okay let’s get going or Jake will kill us.” She said dragging me down.

  Jake is Beck’s brother, he is a year elder to her. He is really cool by the way. He has his own band and is the lead singer. The band is called “Let’s Rock!” and FYI they are really good.

  “You ready girls?” Jack questioned.

  “Yes!” We both shouted, coming down the stairs.

  You know the heels I am wearing are really gorgeous but to be honest they are too uncomfortable. My feet have started to ache. How the hell I am gonna dance!

  “You fine there?” Becky asked as though reading my mind.

  “Yep, just excited about the party.” I lied.

  “Both of you look absolutely ravishing!” Becky’s mother, Rachel exclaimed.

  “Thank you!” We replied together.

  “Oh look, Jon, our kids are growing too fast. I can see them getting married and have children…..” Rachel cried.

  Where did that come from! Rachel has a super power, she can cry anytime, anywhere without any reason.

  “Don’t get too carried away, the girls will be fine.” Jon comforted her.

  I glanced at Jake, who was trying his hardest not to laugh. Trust me even I was resisting the urge to laugh.

  “We’ll be okay mom.” Becky assured her and I nodded in agreement.

  “Goodbye, kids!” Jon said and we ran outside.

  “Next time we are getting ready at your place!” Becky said pointing towards me.

  “No doubt about that” I replied.

  We settled in the car and took off.

  Becky has a very nice taste when it comes to songs. She always picks the right song and she did it again. She played my favorite song ‘Hero’ I just love this song so much and she knows it.

  The lounge is just twenty minutes away from Becky’s house but it is taking forever.

  “Jake, when are we going to reach?” I was so restless that couldn’t help but ask.

  “Another ten minutes Ashley” He replied.

  “Okay.” I replied.

  “It’s my bro Ash. You cannot expect to reach somewhere on time when he is driving.” Becky taunted.

  “Shut up or get out” Jake replied back.

  Oh! Great, just what you need on Christmas, watching a brother and sister fight.

  “Admit you. You drive slower than a cycle.” She said, raising her voice.

  “Then maybe next time, you could come on your own.” He remarked.

  Well this is getting heated up.

  “So Jake, you and your band playing today, huh?” I asked, changing the topic.

  “Yes, but there is a deejay too!” He replied with a frown.

  “Here we are!” I screamed with joy. Finally we are at the lounge and I am sure we are gonna have a hell of a night.

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