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Unhinged (Iron Bulls MC meets Savage Dragons MC): Iron Bulls MC #5

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Unhinged (Iron Bulls MC meets Savage Dragons MC): Iron Bulls MC #5


  UNHINGED (Iron Bulls MC #5)

  Iron Bulls MC meets Savage Dragons MC

  © 2017 by Phoenyx Slaughter

  All rights reserved.


  DIGITAL ISBN: 978-1-943950-14-0

  PRINT ISBN: 978-1-943950-15-7

  Edited by: PREMA

  Cover Photo: Wander Aguiar Photography

  Cover Models: David & Anna

  Cover designer: AJ Lake

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  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of various products referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission. The publication/use of these trademarks is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners.

  Unhinged and the Iron Bulls MC series are works of fiction created by Phoenyx Slaughter.

  Characters from the Lost Kings MC series are borrowed with permission from the author.

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  Published by Ahead of the Pack, LLC

  Thank you to my loyal, patient readers for your faith in me. As always, I appreciate your persistence and your love of my work. Phoenyx dropped the ball a little last year, and the wonderful readers who kept emailing and messaging me asking for Unhinged, helped me pick it back up. Your support means the world to me.

  An extra special thank you to Vanessa at PREMA for everything she does to make my stories shine.

  Thank you to my awesome Beta Readers, Allison, Amber, Kim, and Melony.

  My ladies in the Iron Bulls MC Clubhouse Facebook group—love you much!

  Thank you Tanya S. for being my favorite dirty girl and Liz B. for your loyalty to the Iron Bulls.

  Thank you Ena from Enticing Journey for being so helpful, patient, and organized.

  The circle of those entrusted with my dirty little side project, thanks for putting up with my crazy.

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  When your whole world becomes unhinged, only love makes sense.

  Kadence Rivers

  My ex-stepbrother, Blaise Savage, is everything I don’t want in a man. Crude, rude, bossy, overbearing. Not to mention that he’s Vice President of the Savage Dragons MC. I’ve got enough bossy bikers up in my business. I don’t need another one, especially now. My newfound sister, Karina, is hooked up with the enforcer for the Iron Bulls MC, so I have all the domineering bikers I can tolerate in my life.

  Besides, Blaise and me, we’re bad for each other. Sure, he’s hot and my body craves him like an addict. But we tried being together once before, and our love made us lie to the people we care about. We even lied to each other until one of us ended up getting hurt.

  Blaise Savage

  A couple months ago, I let Kady slip through my fingers because I didn’t tell her the truth. Not happening again. She’s smart-mouthed and totally frustrating, but she’s the only woman I’ve ever loved. Now I’ve got a second chance to make her mine, and I’m not throwing it away.

  First, I have to keep her safe. She’s in trouble and I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her, even align my club with the Iron Bulls MC. And if we both make it out alive, I’m not wasting any time getting Kady right back where she belongs—naked and tied to my bed. Because the one thing I’m sure of, when my world goes crazy, loving Kady is the only thing that makes any sense.


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  To second chances at first loves.


  I should be dead or worse by now.

  Taking in the collection of seedy men in the room, I think I’d prefer death.

  I’m anxious to see the sun rise. You know, since it will probably be my last one.

  For once, I’m completely innocent in this whole mess. I had a night out with my new-found half-sister, Karina, and another one of her friends. At the last club we went to, I ran into a bitch from high school. We traded a few insults, and then my very proper sister dragged me out of there before the hair pulling started. Although she’s hooked up with the Sergeant at Arms of the Iron Bulls MC, my sister seems to be a gentle soul. I would have preferred to throw a few punches at Ivy Wilder before we left, but Karina didn’t give me the option.

  On my way home, a pack of bikers forced my car off the road, dragged me out of my car, and brought me here.

  You see, I’d forgotten that my high school frenemy’s father was president of the Red Storm MC, which runs some of the surrounding territory. I’d also forgotten that Ivy was a whiny bitch who couldn’t handle her own battles without running to Daddy for help.

  The sound of no fewer than ten Harleys pulling into the parking lot makes me want to beg for death.

  “Guess what, princes
s? Someone came for you after all.”

  Great. My stepfather. Hell, not even my stepfather. My ex-stepfather. And if I’m lucky—yes, that’s sarcasm—he brought his son, my ex-stepbrother with him.

  The men who’d been guarding me surround the men who just arrived. How far could I run before one of them caught me?

  Or shot me?

  Doesn’t really matter since I’m tied to this fucking chair.

  “Got nerve wearing your cut in our territory, Bolt.” The president of the Red Storm MC greets my ex-stepfather.

  Ah yes, Bolt Savage, president of the Savage Dragons MC. They control a hell of a lot more territory than Red Storm does. This should be interesting.

  “That my daughter you got tied to a fucking chair?”

  Gotta love Bolt. He always did have a way of getting right to the point.

  It’s why he and my worthless mother are no longer together. She’s not fond of hearing the truth. Bolt has no filter and a low bullshit tolerance. Two annoying qualities his son inherited.

  “Your daughter?”

  I clear my throat and chuckle at the same time. “I tried to tell you, asshole.”

  Behind me, someone yanks my hair. “Watch your mouth, bitch.”

  “Hey! Get your hands off her.” That would be my stepbrother, Blaise Savage, Vice President of the Savage Dragons MC.

  Ex-stepbrother. Very ex.

  Because if we were still stepsiblings, the things we’ve done together would be a little squicky.

  Ex-stepbrother. Ex-boyfriend.

  Despite my predicament, my body heats at the memory.

  “What the fuck you doing here, Dante? What’s your stake?” Deacon shouts.

  Oh, goodie. Karina’s boyfriend joined the rescue party.

  “That’s my ol’ lady’s sister you’re holdin’ hostage,” Dante answers in his calm, deadly voice.

  There’s a moment of stunned silence while the pea-sized brains of the Red Storm MC absorb that information. I’m not exactly feeling cocky about the fact that two of the scariest outlaw MCs in the area came to rescue me.


  Embarrassed. Terrified. Dread. Those all do a much better job of describing what I’m feeling.

  Blaise will never let me live this down. My sister, who I only met a few months ago, will probably never be able to speak to me again.

  Friggin’ bikers.

  There’s just way too many of them in my life.


  All-consuming motherfuckin’ rage burns through me at seeing Kadence tied to that chair. Topless. Her back’s to me, so all I see are her bare shoulders. Her long mass of dark hair spilling down her back. Her hands tied together behind her.

  These guys don’t know it yet, but they’re fucking dead. Not because they’re rivals to my club, but because they touched my girl. Disrespected my girl.

  Well, Kadence might not agree that she’s my girl. She is, though. Whether she admits it or not. I allowed her some time to take off and do her thing.

  Her time’s up.

  We’re not over, no matter what she thinks. Obviously, she needs me—look where she ended up. She’ll die before she admits she needs me, but she does.

  Fuck, I’ve missed her.

  As soon as my dad gives me the all-clear, I rush over to Kadence. “You okay, baby?”

  She blinks up at me. “What do you think?”

  Despite the situation, I’m distracted by her ample tits straining the limits of her red satin push-up bra. She knows it, too, because she glares at me.

  “Shit. Here, babe.” I crouch down and cut the zip ties binding her wrists together, rubbing her skin and checking for damage. “You okay?”

  “Just ducky.”

  “Hang on.” I slip off my cut and shrug out of my flannel shirt, draping it over her shoulders.

  “Thank you,” she whispers.

  “I’m gonna get you outta here, Kadydid.”

  Even under the circumstances, she frowns at the nickname I gave her back in junior high. Not like I can help it. Seeing her like this has me going into overprotective mode.

  Once she slips the shirt all the way on, she buttons it up, then stands.

  “Now, wait one second,” Deacon shouts. So help me if my father doesn’t bury this prick, I will. “That little bitch disrespected my daughter.”

  “Watch your fucking mouth,” I snarl at him. “That’s my ol’ lady you’re talking about.”

  Next to me, Kadence stiffens, but she doesn’t contradict me. I wrap my hand around hers and squeeze.

  “You fuckin’ your sister?” Deacon asks with a snort of laughter.

  “She ain’t his sister, ya fuck. Watch yourself,” my father warns. Finally. Thanks for the help, Dad.

  “Christ, Deacon, Ivy and Kadence have been cat-fightin’ since high school. Why stick your nose in their shit now?” I ask.

  Deacon cocks his head and stares at Kadence a little too intensely for my liking. “That’s right. You and my daughter went to school together. Thought you looked familiar. Was too busy staring at your tits, I guess.”

  Pushing Kadence behind me, I step into Deacon’s space. “Make one more comment like that about my girl, and I’ll fucking bury you.”

  The grave tone of my threat indicates how serious I am, and Deacon takes a step back. “Fine. If she’s really your ol’ lady, keep her outta my territory from now on.”

  “Not a problem.” I hold my hand out and Kadence, thank fuck, takes it.


  “Thank you, Bolt,” I whisper as Blaise leads me past my ex-stepfather.

  His hand shoots out and grabs my arm. “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?”

  “I’m okay. I was just…I didn’t think you’d come get me, you know?”

  “You divorce wives, not children, Kadence.” My heart squeezes with those words. In the short time they were married, Bolt showed me more fatherly kindness than my real father has shown me my entire life. “Now, go home with my son and lay low for a few days, until I’m sure we’re square with these assholes.”

  And with one order, he wipes away any daughterly tenderness I was feeling toward him. My jaw clenches. I hate being bossed around. Told what to do. But Bolt risked himself and his crew to come rescue me, so I nod and thank him again.

  Blaise—the fucker—overheard everything his father said. As I expect, he’s wearing a smug smirk when he leads me to his bike.

  Then he surprises me by placing a tender kiss on my forehead. “I’ll take care of you, Kady,” he says.

  It melts the wall around my feelings for Blaise, enough for me to accept the helmet he pushes into my hands. “What about you?”

  “I’ll be fine. Get on.”

  He straddles his bike, and I rest my hand on his shoulder to balance myself before throwing my leg over the bike. It’s unnerving how easily I slide into my old spot. My thighs cradle his hips, and my arms automatically wind around his middle. He takes a second to rest his hand over mine, gently squeezing.

  Then we’re off.

  I remember all too well how good it feels to be on the back of his bike. The wind whipping against us. The feeling of flying. Blaise let me claim this spot when we were in high school.

  Sometimes…many times over the last few months, I’ve wished I hadn’t given it up. A few tears leak from the corners of my eyes, but thankfully they’re carried away by the wind. I’m going to need a lot of mental strength to keep my distance. I can’t let my emotions get in the way.

  That’s how we ended up here in the first place.

  My body leans and sways with the bike. Every molecule in me remembers the way to his house.

  All too soon, he pulls into the driveway and shuts down the bike. After I dismount, Blaise sits there staring at me for a few seconds longer than necessary. “What?”

  He pries the helmet from my hands. “Nothing. It’s nice to have you back here.”

  “Don’t get used to it.”

  He sighs, but a small smirk tu
gs at the corners of his mouth.

  I’m so jittery, standing there staring at his gorgeous face. It takes everything I have not to reach out and run my fingers over the stubble along his jaw.

  I turn, the heels of my little ankle boots digging into the gravel. My legs wobble, but Blaise is right behind me, placing his hand on my lower back. Steadying me. Guiding me into the house.

  Our house.

  The house he bought for us.

  I’m all too familiar with the front porch, the way the lock has to be jiggled before you can turn the key.

  He motions for me to enter first.

  As if I’d only been out for the evening, instead of gone for the last few months, I set my purse down in its regular spot. Blaise glances at the entry-way table. The corners of his mouth tilt up, but he keeps his comment to himself.

  Instead, he points down the hall. “You know the way.”

  “I’m not fucking you.”

  He tilts his head, an amused smile playing over his lips. “Oh, yeah?”

  “Yeah. I don’t know where your dick’s been.”

  He snorts. A humorless sound. Pissed off, amused, frustrated. I can’t tell. “You think I’ve been fucking some endless parade of muffler bunnies since you took off?”

  “I know it. That’s what you guys do.”

  “You don’t know shit. Go to bed.” There’s more anger than amusement behind his words this time.

  “I’m not a child. You can’t give me a bedtime.”

  “Kadence.” Frustration creeps into his voice. “I’m tired. After everything that happened tonight, you must be tired, too. Don’t fight me over every little thing.”

  Fight with him. It’s the last thing I want to do. But also the only thing I want to do.

  “Go change and get ready for bed,” he says, pointing at his bedroom.

  “I’m not sleeping with you.”

  “Well, I only got the one bedroom, sweetheart, and I ain’t sleeping on the couch in my own house.”

  “Wow, you’re a real gentleman,” I grumble, turning to escape him.

  He stops me with a hand on my arm. “Never claimed to be a gentleman.” He places two fingers under my chin, tilting my head back. “But don’t forget, I was ready to kill for you tonight.” His low, jagged voice melts my insides.

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