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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 5

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Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess 5


  The Vampire Princess 5



  Book Five

  In the

  Valkyrie - the Vampire Princess Saga


  Pet Torres

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  Copyright © 2014 by Pet Torres books

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  Title: Valkyrie – the Vampire Princess 5

  Author: (2014) Pet Torres

  Original title: Valquíria – a princesa vampira 5

  Translation: (2014) Pet Torres books

  Revision: March /07/2014

  Electronics edition: (2014) Pet Torres books

  This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or used fictitiously Have Been and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, or locales is entirely coincidental Organizations

  All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any Manner whatsoever without written permission from the author.


  The vampire Princess


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  To my dear readers

  The band Evanescence

  For having inspirited me with its melodies.




  Back on Neptune, Eros finds himself in great danger at the side of the vampire princess.

  But no danger prevents him from being by Valkyrie’s side to try to ensure her safety on Neptune.

  Although he is less powerful than the daughter of the king of the vampires, he has a great weapon against his enemy.

  Chapter 1

  The speed of my four-legged friend quickly took me to my destination. Yes, this time I went into the forest of dead trees. I did this as soon as I awoke from my deep sleep.

  Something inside of me caused discomfort in my poor immortal soul. At that moment I needed to be in front of a particular creature. I needed to say some things to him, which could not have been said just hours ago.

  Looking ahead, I saw a vampire in his black clothes. The ends of his long, black cape were kissing the ground covered by snow and fallen leaves.

  In that precise moment he had his back to me, supporting his body on his heels. In his hands he held a very short, dry twig.

  He seemed to draw irregular shapes on the white snow.

  While he was walking on the snow his scribblings intensified his loneliness and the dark soul of a true vampire.

  It was likely that his thoughts were far away from his present reality as well as his love which was also not in my reach.

  It was not in my reach for the time being ...That was all I thought of.

  Seconds later, he looked up over his shoulder so he could see what was behind him. He noticed a black figure almost more black than his own clothes.

  So, in this case it did not leave him any choice. He got up and turned around in front of a black panther. He was very familiar with this animal in his existence as a vampire.

  He smiled with his mouth closed wondering to himself what I was doing there in the flesh before him, instead of an animal with four legs.

  Moments later, the black panther transformed its body to that of a vampire. That was my own body in a long dress,as pale and cold as my skin.

  When I lowered my head and looked at the ground, I realized that I was completely barefoot. I had no intention of being out there with my feet unprotected, but my need to look at gray eyes of the vampire Eros made me forget my own flesh and my own well being.

  "You're up so early!" he exclaimed and his gaze crossed over the forest to my body.

  "I needed to see you." I looked down at my hands and after that I looked back up at him facing his serious expression.

  He turned his face to one side, looking for the darker side of the forest. My sweet words were a torment to him. I believe he wanted me to curse him all the time instead of showing my love for him through my eyes, gestures and especially through my sincere and passionate words.

  "Eros." I took two steps forward and rested my light, cold fingers on his strong chest. "I want to try to repair all the harm I've done to you."

  I looked into his gray eyes and saw a dim brightness within them. There was a lack of hope in his life.

  "Tell me what I can do so you can go back to being an owl!"

  Again he looked to the side moving the back of his right hand over his lips. Then he said me, "I do not know."

  I pressed my lips together. I felt a deep agony. His response stunned and saddened me and I couldn’t move my body for a few moments. I feared this negative response from him and his response came accompanied by doubts.

  "I think this is irreversible," he said looking back into my gray eyes.

  "Maybe my father can help you."

  He withdrew himself from me, turned his back to me and looked down at the dark ground of the forest.

  "Not, Valkyrie, your father cannot help me."

  "But he is a powerful vampire ..."

  "Do not insist, Valkyrie!"

  I fell silent again after hearing the pain in his voice.

  Even more silence followed.

  I also looked down at the ground, trying to forgive myself for all the harm I had committed against Eros. And all because of an egoistical kiss. A kiss which I always yearned for, unlike him, who always refused my passionate acts.

  Why were my kisses always harmful to him?


  It should have been enough that he never felt attracted to me. I should have let it go and not keep insisting.

  Because of my insistence he had to live on another planet…

  ...far from me.

  I shook my head and I lost my voice for a certain time. I wished that I could do something to be able to help him. That was all I wanted at that moment - for him to be that magnificent owl that fascinated me every time I looked at it, flying or landing on the open window of my room.

  Eros sighed heavily and looked up. I could see he wanted to become an owl again. However, it was almost as impossible as winning a valuable prize in a game of chance.

  He looked to the side and his eyes met mine, sorrowed by my uncertainties. I had watched him in silence for a long time.

  "I really miss the owl," I confessed to him and then I looked down at the ground again.

  "Do not worry about me, I'm fine." He approached me slowly. "Now, one thing torments me."

  His expression became different and I couldn’t quite figure out what he was feeling. Soft waves on his forehead denoted his concern about something that he had not brought himself to tell me as yet.

  "What torments you?" I tried to decode his mind only through my watchful eyes on him.

  "How did Lyon learn magic?"

  I thought for a moment then shrugged my shoulders. I did not know the answer to this.

  "Valkyrie, Lyon is not a vampire you can trust."

  He looked from side to side, as if he was checking the site and trying to make hims
elf sure that only he and I were there.

  "I felt something strange when I saw him in the castle," he insisted after a short silence between us.

  "What do you mean?" My gray eyes moved from side to side, checking the area around us like he had done just moments ago. I was confused by his words.

  He looked into my eyes and tried to explain.

  "I don't know exactly who he is yet, but he is not a trustable vampire. He practices magic."

  "He has been practicing magic because he was trying to help me."

  Eros looked at me reproachfully. I was being as naive as a poor mortal child.

  "Trying to help you with a tea of destruction?"

  His lips formed a mocking curve.

  This was an aspect that I hated in Eros. I felt my own blood becoming very hot every time he mocked me, insinuating, being sarcastic.

  "All right, I'll pretend that I believe that Lyon is a despicable vampire."

  "You'll pretend?" He shook his head and avoided looking at my face at that moment. "Okay, Valkyrie. You are no little girl who runs the risk of being cheated by humans or creatures of our species."

  "Eros ... wait ..."

  I tried to tell him something, but he interrupted me with his arrogant tone of voice. My ears couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

  "I have already warned you about it."

  He turned his body, gave a triple jump and disappeared into the woods. I looked around, trying to find his dark figure with my eyes, but it was in vain; he had disappeared and was nowhere to be found.

  I was so alone, unprotected and unhappy at my own attitude towards him.

  Eros was trying to protect me all the time and I reciprocated with only distrust.

  That was not fair.

  When he warned me about Valeska and Bizak, he was right.

  And why should he be wrong now?


  I screamed his name everywhere trying to get him back from the woods.


  My voice echoed through the forest of dead trees.

  But at that time, Eros remained silent, sitting on top of a tree, listening to my screams and also seeing my erratic movements with his eyes.

  He was there all the time. He had not left me alone as I had originally thought.


  Chapter 2

  "Valkyrie, come with me! I want to show you a secret place," Lyon said looking at my back while I was bent over the snow. I was drawing on it with a dry twig.

  He was standing behind me and his expression seemed serious. I looked back at him and at that moment, my voice failed me. After all, the warnings Eros had tried to give me last night were still fresh in my mind.

  "Where do you want to take me?"

  He smiled amiably, then said to me, "I want to take you to a secret place."

  I stood up, turning to look at his face.

  "A secret place?"


  Stretched out his white, pale, cold hand in my direction. He was inviting me to go with him.

  I put my hand into his shortly after I released the twig from my fingers. I confess that the secret place made me curious.

  What was so mysterious about it to make it secret?

  And why did only Lyon know about its existence?

  Seconds later, we both looked up toward a dark figure which flew over our heads and landed on its feet to our left.

  We looked to the side and saw Eros before us. His face seemed dissatisfied at our approach. Lyon continued to gently hold my right hand.

  "Valkyrie, I need to talk to you," Eros uttered looking at me. But Lyon said something before I could do it first.

  "She cannot speak with you at this moment."

  I looked into Eros's eyes and then I came back to face Lyon. They seemed to play with my presence in their lives. And that stunned me.

  I enjoyed the company of Lyon as a good friend.

  But the presence of Eros was unique and indisputable. I'd spend my eternity by his side, without having any rights in my life. That's because he completed me and was the reason for most of my happiness every time I was with him.

  "Lyon is going to show me a secret place," I finally said, looking at Eros.

  Lyon grimaced after my statement. He wished that I did not say anything to Eros about our mysterious walk.

  "Secret place?"

  Eros raised his eyebrows and also grimaced as he looked at us.

  Lyon and Eros were in similar clothes - black pants, black boots, black shirts and long, black capes.

  I was in my wine coloured, long lace dress. Black boots, black gloves and long black cape adorned me.

  My hair was loose, hanging down over my shoulders. My dark lipstick on my mouth made my pointy white teeth even more pronounced.

  "Yes, a secret place," I answered him and then I quickly asked him, "Do you want to come with us?"

  Lyon hastened to speak. "Valkyrie, it is better he doesn't come with us."

  Eros took two steps forward, seriously staring at the face of his double.

  "Why can’t I go too? Can I know the reason?"

  Lyon's cheeks turned red. I did not know if they were red with anger or embarrassment for trying to ensure Eros didn’t come with us on our confidential walk.

  "Actually ... I wish ... to walk alone with Valkyrie."

  Eros' expression became serious as he faced a poorer copy of himself.

  How they were so alike physically!

  Eros raised his hands to shoulder height and said to Lyon, "Lyon, I'm sorry, but this walk will be for three vampires and not two like you wanted it to be."

  He looked into Lyon's face. "I’ll also go along with you."

  I smiled relieved, knowing that Eros would be beside me during our walk.

  Lyon became silent. His facial expression changed after Eros's statement. It was clear he wanted to go for a walk with me without Eros.

  "All right," Lyon said a few moments later. Then I removed my hand from Lyon's hand and approached Eros.

  "Glad you decided to go with us to walk."

  He looked at my face and said seriously, "I would never let you go alone to that secret place."

  Eros looked at Lyon. Then he turned his attention back to me.

  "Have you ever wondered if this secret place might be hell?"

  Lyon bit his lips angrily. Eros was teasing him with his suspicions. But Lyon remained silent and began to walk a bit further in front of us.

  Finally, the three of us crossed the forest of dead trees.

  The place was dark and there were dozens of bats flying around it.

  I walked between the two vampires. Eros was to my right and to my left was Lyon. It looked like they were escorting me. It seemed that my protection depended on their bodies surrounding me.

  We went ahead and entered a cave which was hidden under the soil. On the gray walls of the cave were several ancient symbols and among them was the symbol of Neptune.

  "What are these symbols? Why is the symbol of Neptune among them?" I questioned Lyon. Eros was standing behind me and Lyon was standing beside me.

  "The first symbol represents the human creation, the second symbol represents the human evolution and the third represents the end of the human cycle. It represents death."

  Eros grimaced, as he thought Lyon's explanation was a bit too explicit.

  "And why is the symbol of Neptune among them?" I insisted.

  Lyon looked seriously at my face, answering me then,

  "The symbol of Neptune represents the vampire eternity.

  I looked at him stunned.

  Then Lyon stared at me again.

  "I’m telling you in other words. The symbol of Neptune represents your father, Valkyrie." He stared at the Neptune symbol on the cave wall. "The king of the vampires."

  I shook my head, confused by all of it.

  "Why has my father never brought me here?"

  Eros placed his hands on my sho
ulders while Lyon dared to answer my other question.

  "I believe that our master does not know that this place exists."

  Eros asked suspiciously, "How did you find out about this place?"

  Lyon smiled and answered him. "I discovered this place a few days ago as I walked around the castle."

  Eros made another face and he seemed unconvinced at the response of Lyon. But he remained silent.

  "These symbols are interesting!" I said sliding my finger on the cave wall. In that moment Lyon shouted at me in deep despair.

  "Do not touch those symbols, Valkyrie!"

  But it was too late. I had slipped my finger over the first symbol.

  In seconds, we heard a fierce noise behind us. We looked back and the cave wall moved by itself. A mysterious, invisible force pulled the body of Eros to the cave wall and he stuck to it like a magnet. His feet were off the ground and he could not move his body, not even his neck.

  "Eros!" I screamed in despair and ran towards the wall where Eros was stuck.

  "We have to get him out of here!" I shouted at Lyon.

  "Shshshshsh! Be silent! Show the cave that you are not its enemy and it will free Eros," Lyon told me.

  "I want to get out of here!" Eros cried afterwards.

  Lyon looked up to Eros and said to him carefully,

  "This warning is for you too."

  The three of us sat in silence and after a few seconds, the cave wall liberated Eros and threw him down. Eros flew high and fell flat on the ground, on his face.

  "Damn it! What the hell is this secret place?" Eros mumbled slapping his own face, removing the gray dust of the cave from it.

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