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Risqué 2 (Love in Sin City)

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Risqué 2 (Love in Sin City)


  Copyright © 2019 by Perri Forrest

  Chic Lioness Publishing, LLC

  All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form. Without limiting the right under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form by means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

  This is a work of fiction.

  Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.


  To my Village—mi familia. I love you, infinity.

  To my Guardian Angels: Alcia Kellogg, Frank Forrest Lee, Ricky Lavender, Elijah E. Warren and Martha Lee

  Cover Design by Brittani Williams @ TSPubCreative LLC

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  Readers were introduced to new couple, Zane Cabot, and Giselle McCall. Zane has one marriage under his belt. A marriage that ended in annulment, when it was discovered that his wife was not divorced. Since then, he has lived a bachelor’s life, and is very serious about his career. Giselle, who was married to her high school sweetheart, is also a divorcee, who has an adult daughter. She is career-minded and passionate about her job as an elementary school teacher.

  Summer vacation is upon her, and Giselle has dismissed the last of her students for the break. As usual, Giselle’s summers are uneventful, and she plans to keep it that way. Her plan is to go home, strip down, have a few drinks, and top it all off with a little bit of self-pleasure.

  That was the plan until Giselle arrived home and was met with a beautifully wrapped box. It’s not just any box, either. Once she decides to open the gift, Giselle is met with a huge surprise: sexy lingerie, a pair of heels…and an invitation.

  Enter Zane Cabot.

  Zane recently moved to Las Vegas to accept a high-level position with the school district. He comes to Vegas for a new beginning, knowing nobody. However, it’s not long before his and Giselle’s paths cross. Their first meeting turns to passion, and they end up spending several erotic hours together. After that encounter, Giselle, who feels guilty, runs away feeling as though she has gone against all the morals and values, she prides herself on. She feels the incident was a one-time thing, and that it was a moment in time that will never happen again.

  But then they meet again, and once again, the sparks fly between the two.

  When circumstances occur, and Giselle finds out that meeting Zane wasn’t exactly accidental, she feels betrayed, and flips out. However, when it’s revealed how this meeting came about, it sets the tone for the next story.

  Of course, Risqué has secondary characters who also bring their own spice to the story. There’s Skai, Giselle’s 22-year-old daughter. Cicely, Giselle’s feisty mother. Trevor, the playboy neighbor, and Kameelah, a friend of Giselle’s. If you haven’t read Book 1, it is recommended that you go back and do so.

  Now, without further ado, I bring you, Risqué 2.



  June 22, 2019

  Trevor Michael Rossi was living in the lap of luxury. Living every young man’s dream. At 25 years old, he was a homeowner. He pulled in a six-figure income, ran his own successful company, and had more women than he could count on both hands. They weren’t women he claimed as his own. He and the women weren’t exclusive to one another. However, because of what he gave them, technically, they belonged to him. Because of what he gave them, they came back for more—over, and over . . . and over again.

  There was magic in Trevor’s wand, and he was well aware of it. Pair that with the fact that he looked older than he really was. He had women come on to him all the time. He just never knew what to do with that power, until his sitter, that is. When Ginny was introduced into his life, all systems were go. It was she who helped create the monster that Trevor ultimately, became. She sexed him every which way, swallowed his offerings, and gave her access to his body that should have been banned by law.

  Sex with the sitter didn’t exactly go over well with Trevor’s mother. And the day she found out that the babysitter was sinning with her young son, Elena Rossi flew into a fit of rage, ultimately, beating the hell out of the 19-year-old girl. Walking in on her son doing it doggystyle with a butt-naked, almost-twenty-year-old, caused a blackout moment that only a mother would know. It was a defining moment in Trevor’s life with a major lesson learned: There is something supernatural about a woman’s strength when she’s angry.

  Even with his strength, Trevor couldn’t pull his mother off of the young girl. It was a beatdown that should have landed her in the Clark County jailhouse, awaiting trial for assault and battery. However, because Ginny’s parents didn’t want the shame of their daughter being brought up on statutory rape charges, no repo
rts were ever filed.

  For Trevor, Ginny Clarkson had served her purpose. She had left a long-lasting impression once she’d claimed his virginity. It wasn’t just giving him a welcomed place to explore; long before Trevor rowed his boat into her harbor, Ginny had gifted him with many, many sessions of master head. A long and pleasurable year of it… before the ultimate indiscretion was discovered. It was the best year of Trevor’s young life, and it was also the reason that getting his dick sucked still ranked highest among any sexual act known to man.

  Unfortunately, the chick topping him off right now was subpar. That pissed Trevor off. In fact, for the past few minutes that she had been getting sloppy on his dick, Trevor was biting down on his lip, and scrolling through his Instagram feed looking for some IG model he could envision while she finished her mediocre attempt at pleasing him. He figured a little something was better than nothing, and as long as he got to rain down her throat, he would be okay for the time being.

  Soon, he found his way to Skai Childs’ IG account. He smiled. Even though Skai wasn’t one of the IG models, she was fine as fuck. And it wouldn’t be the first time Trevor had beaten his dick to a picture of her either. He was always the first one to like anything that she posted. And she posted some sexy shit. Too bad for him, Skai wasn’t interested in him that way. She was a big-ass flirt, but she was selective. He’d known her for five years when he bought the house across the street from her and her parents, but their interaction never went past anything basic: chilling in the backyard, playing video games, platonic phone conversations.

  But, boy oh boy, when she grew into that body, he wanted to put his mouth on her brown pussy and suck the life out of it. Then give life right back with a stallion dick-down. But that wasn’t to be. Skai was too busy having goals and shit like that. And with those goals, came a whole different type of dude than Trevor. Besides that, Skai knew what his business was. She also knew that in that business, he fucked a lot of women and she would never in a million years, go for his lifestyle.

  The picture Trevor settled on, was one of Skai in a pair of white booty shorts. The picture had been taken while she struck a pose against the side of her house, last summer. Her hair sat on top of her head in a cute ponytail. She wore a tight, white tank top with pink lettering, but nixed on the bra. At least it looked that way. Her nipples peeked through slightly. As he zoomed in on the screen, Trevor pumped against the woman’s face wildly. He was about to cum. He could feel it. His gaze travelled down Skai’s toned brown legs and that was all the incentive he needed to let the showers go. The woman’s jaws locked on him and her hands rode up and down his shaft to assist in bringing him to his conclusion.

  It was probably the best part of the fiasco, she called oral sex.

  Trevor tossed his phone off to the side of him, now that the picture had served its purpose. He filled his hands with locks of the woman’s hair, and bulldozed in and out of her mouth until he had no more seed to sow.

  “Ohhh!” the woman sighed out after the deed was done. If he wasn’t mistaken, it was a prideful sigh. Like she’d come to do a job, and now she had finished that job with flying colors. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. “You have a lot of energy,” she said, moving up to the leather sofa to sit next to him. She applied pressure to each side of her mouth and began flexing her jaws. “I thought you’d never come.”

  “I thought the same goddamn thing,” Trevor said, his disinterest in conversing clear.

  “Oh,” she commented, her fair skin turning a shade of crimson. “Well, did I… do… did I do something… wrong?”

  “Nothing a little practice can’t fix.”

  She dropped her hands from her face, and turned to face him. “Wait. What? Practice?” Her eyes grew in size, and her expression tightened. “Y-y-you didn’t—”

  “Like it? Not really. It was just… so-so.”

  Trevor got up from his sofa and looked down at her. “But don’t worry, sweetheart. I just have really high standards. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave now. I have to take a shower. Got company coming in a little bit.”

  “Are you fucking kidding me right now?!” the woman shot, springing to her feet and inches from Trevor. “Is this some kind of sick fucking joke?!”

  “No, it’s not a joke.” He stepped past her and grabbed her clothes and purse from a nearby chair. “Here you go. Let me walk you—”

  “Fuck you!” she spat.

  “Wait. Is that why you’re mad? Because I didn’t fuck you? Listen, a raincheck is on the table if that performance is better than your mouth service. Can you guarantee me that? Because—”

  “Cocky son of a bitch!”

  “Hey! Hey!” Trevor shouted, his brows furrowing. He teasingly wagged his forefinger at her. “Don’t call my mother a bitch. She’s got nothin’ to do with this. You, on the other hand, are somebody’s mother and just finished… never mind.” He laughed out loud when he saw how angry she was. “Whew, if looks could kill.”

  “Trust me,” she said, through gritted teeth. “You’ll regret this!”

  She snatched the items from his hand and stormed past him mumbling. Moments later, his front door slammed.

  Not too long after Trevor stepped out of his shower, an intruder surprised him in his bedroom. Before he had a chance to protest, or do anything to protect himself, piercing sounds of four back-to-back gunshots ricocheted through the air. The noise so loud, it could be heard across several residences in the quiet neighborhood…


  1 | Giselle

  Open them slowly, Giselle.

  My body was so relaxed . . . so relaxed that I didn’t really care to open my eyes. In fact, I knew with 100% certainty that if I shifted my weight and laid on my left side instead of my right, that I could fall right back into the deep sleep that I had the most wonderful dream in. I don’t vividly recall the dream, but I know it was a good one because my mind was at ease and not racing as it did so often. Whatever stage of sleep I was in, felt similar to moving in slow motion. I could see the finish line. That place where my eyes would open wide and I would be at one with the waking world. It was right there ahead. I wasn’t ready for it. So, I decided to go ahead and make that inviting shift and return to the sleep world with all the peace inside of it. Yep, that’s what I’m going to do.

  Move it, Giselle. Turn slowly…

  “Hey, sleeping beauty.”

  Now, that part wasn’t a dream. That part was very real. He… Zane…was very real.

  I smiled, and it wasn’t slow motion. It was immediate and big, sending shivers of excitement through the body, that the man calling out to me, treated like precious cargo.

  It was when I turned to greet him, that a really nice aroma pierced the air, awakening my sense of smell.

  “Yum. What is that?” I murmured, not bothering to look around and investigate.

  My eyes were too busy looking at the beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed specimen looking back at me. He was everything I never, ever imagined myself with. Yet, everything that I had been needing.

  “It’s breakfast,” he answered, bending down to kiss the tip of my nose.

  “Yeah, good spot,” I said, covering my morning breath with an open palm across my mouth.

  “I know an even better spot,” he said, removing my hand then leaning back down to kiss me on the lips. “But we did so much of that last night that I kind of wanted to give you a break.”

  I blushed at the innuendo. “You, Mr. Cabot, are something else.”

  “So are you.” He stood to his feet, then reached out to me.

  I looked down at his hands. Those thumbs… whew! They had me wanting to forget food altogether. I wouldn’t have minded starving a little bit longer, if the alternative was me serving him a feast instead.

  “Come on, baby, before the food gets cold,” Zane urged.

  “What nice hands you have there,” I told him.

  He looked at his hands, while wiggling his thumbs. “T
hese regular things, you mean?” He smiled, fully catching the subliminal undertone behind my comment.

  “Yes… those,” I chuckled.

  “Okay, young lady. Enough of trying to seduce me. Not that it’s a bad thing, but we—”

  “Zaaane,” I whined as he pulled me to a standing position, and wrapped me into a welcomed embrace. “I’m not even dressed enough to go down there; in case you haven’t noticed.”

  He pulled back and looked down into my eyes. “Everything here, I’ve already had the pleasure of seeing. So, let’s go.”

  He grabbed my hand and proceeded to walk us out of the bedroom and into the hallway. But I stopped at the glass banister that overlooked the living space, then ducked to see if I could see into the kitchen. I couldn’t.

  “But…” I hesitated. “Okay, you’ve seen all of this. However, whoever is down there—”

  “There’s nobody down there, Giselle.”

  I eyed him curiously, then stared down at my toes, still planted firmly on the warmth of the tile beneath. “So then who—?”

  “Cooked that good-smelling food?”

  I slowly nodded my response.

  He pointed at his chest. “That would be this guy… me.”

  “Yeah, riiight. You are lying, Zane. Who’s down there for real?”

  “Okay,” he started, taking a few small steps back. “The way I see it, if we continue with this back and forth, the food I spent so much time on, is going to get cold. And that won’t be good. So, here’s the deal…”

  In what was becoming a habit, I was swiftly lifted off my feet and thrown over Zane’s shoulders like a rag doll. I screamed and giggled hysterically, as he swatted me on the butt, then ran down the stairs with me. He didn’t stop until we reached the oversized, all-stainless-steel kitchen I fell in love with, at first sight.

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