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 part  #1 of  Exodus End Series


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  cool satin caressing the back of Toni’s neck. His singing voice was phenomenal and his speaking voice was equally remarkable. It might have been the only sound on the planet that could have broken Logan’s spell over her.

  She forced her gaze to Max. He was scowling reflectively.

  “Hopefully, after a few days you’ll forget I’m here,” she said.

  “Doubtful,” Logan said.

  The bus lurched unexpectedly, and the driver cursed at whoever had cut him off. “Learn how to drive, asshole!”

  Toni took a step backward to regain her balance and bumped into Logan, who was still standing directly behind her. He grabbed her hips to steady her, but there was nothing steadying about the man’s hands on her hips. Or the progressively hardening cock prodding her in the ass. From the feel of it, his dick really would run those android makers out of materials.

  Instead of pulling away, she relaxed against him. He tensed and shifted her hips a fraction of an inch.

  “Fuck, woman,” he whispered in her ear. “Don’t encourage me. I’m having a hard enough time trying to convince myself that you’re off limits.”

  She was starting to think he really was attracted to her and not just toying with her for his personal amusement.

  “Do you have a boyfriend?” he asked.

  “Huh?” Why would he ask her that?

  “A big, mean-as-fuck, jealous guy who will break my neck with his bare hands if he knew I touched you?”

  Toni shook her head.

  “A raging case of herpes?”

  “Of course not!”

  “You’re not making this any easier on me.”

  On him? What about her? She was pretty sure the other band members could hear his whispered questions. They’d definitely heard her blurted reply. She gave herself a shake to clear her thoughts and attempted to ignore the man behind her. Slim chance of that happening.

  “I’ll also need to interview each of you,” she said to the rest of the band, who were watching the two of them with expressions ranging from amusement to bewilderment to annoyance.

  “Tonight?” Steve asked. “Probably not a good idea. I’m a bit out of it after a show.”

  “You’re always out of it,” Logan said.

  “Sorry, but I need to crash immediately,” Dare said, stifling a yawn with the back of his hand. “It’s been an exhausting day and we have another full day tomorrow.” He ticked off events on one hand. “Radio interview, sound check, meet and greet, concert, after-party.” He ran out of fingers, so he waved his hands as if looking for extra digits. “And I might need to take a piss in there somewhere.”

  “You don’t have time to take a piss, Dare,” Logan said.

  “Did Sam forget to schedule piss breaks again? Fuck,” Steve grumbled. “Better start saving our beer bottles. Fair warning, Toni. Never drink out of an open bottle around here.”

  “Eww.” She crinkled her nose.

  Dare offered Toni a half smile. His piercing green eyes threatened to melt her into a puddle on the floor. This guy’s presence . . . Just wow.

  “Why don’t we start the interviews Monday? We’ll have a long boring drive that day followed by two nights in a hotel. We should be more ourselves then.”

  “That’s fine with me,” Toni said. “I want you to be comfortable. I intend for this book to reflect what wonderful men you are.”

  Logan chuckled. “I think you have us mistaken for some other band.”

  She shook her head. “No mistake.”

  Toni glanced at the bunks on either side of the corridor. There were only four of them. “So I guess I get to sleep on the couch?”

  “Butch sleeps on the couch,” Logan said.

  “The floor?” She curled her nose. No telling what kinds of things were on that floor. It looked clean, but bacteria were microscopic. She was certain there were innumerable germs embedded in that low-pile carpet.

  “You’ll sleep with me,” Logan said. “You have no other choice.”

  Toni assessed each member of the band. “Actually, I have three other choices.”

  Steve laughed. “Ouch! I think you’ve just been rejected, Lo.”

  “Not necessarily,” Toni said. “I just like to keep my options open.” As if even one of these guys would consider her an option. Right, Toni . . . Keep dreaming.

  “There’s a sectional sofa in the back lounge,” Max said. “Reagan sleeps on it when she’s not jumping Trey’s bones on Sinners’ bus. You’re welcome to sleep there.”

  Logan’s hands covered her ears. “Don’t tell her that,” he said. “I’m making my move here.”

  Toni laughed. She was used to being the brunt of jokes. She’d learned long ago that the best way to protect her feelings was to join in on the fun.

  “Maybe there’s room on that sectional for two,” she said.

  “We’ll make room.”

  Logan spun her around and escorted her to the back of the bus. Next to the bathroom was a set of sliding doors she hadn’t noticed earlier. They were black and shiny and if not for the latches and the seam between them, they would have looked like a solid wall. Logan lifted the latches and slid the doors open to reveal a royal-blue semicircular sectional that ran the entire perimeter of the room. Several guitars hung on the wall above it. Toni stepped into the lounge, her gaze locking on a worn Flying V guitar. In her research, she’d read that Dare Mills used an old Flying V to compose the guitar music for Exodus End. She gaped at the instrument, wondering if it was Dare’s legendary guitar. How many amazing and famous songs had been created in this small space on that unassuming instrument?

  “Is this where—”

  The sound of the doors sliding shut behind her made her heart skip a beat. She turned, thinking Logan had left without even telling her good night, but he was standing just inside the closed doors, looking more like a lion than a wolf with that golden hair, but she was definitely feeling like a feast of lamb.

  “This is where,” he said.

  She’d wanted to ask if this was where the band composed music while on tour, but the words caught in her throat. Why was he looking at her like she was a seven-course meal that he was about to devour? All those things he’d said—the innuendos, the come-ons—he’d been teasing her, right? Like the few guys in her past. Getting her hopes up and then reminding her that she was merely friend material.

  Logan took two steps forward, and she found herself wrapped in his arms. Before she could grasp how wonderful it felt to be held by a strong man, Logan’s mouth claimed hers and she was lost.

  This was not her first kiss, but it was the first time a man feasted upon her mouth as if his life depended on it. His fingers delved into her hair to tilt her head just so. His tongue brushed her upper lip, and her bones melted.

  In her inexperience, she wasn’t sure how to reciprocate, so she merely accepted his kiss, allowing him to coax her mouth open and slide his tongue against hers. She writhed her hips when an unbearable throb stirred between her thighs. Logan murmured encouragement against her lips when her tormented motions stroked the hard ridge in his jeans.

  Did he really want her? It sure felt like it.

  Her trembling hand sought the hard evidence of his desire where it rested between their bodies. She half expected him to tell her not to touch him. She definitely didn’t expect him to deftly release the buttons of his fly and fill her hand with thick, hot cock. His most private, bare flesh pressed against her palm. Oh, it was so hot. And smooth. And hard.

  A distracting throb between her legs had her tugging awkwardly at his length. Toni’s face flamed. She didn’t even know this man and here she stood with his tongue in her mouth and his cock in her hand. A cock she had no idea what to do with. She’d seen some in pictures and watched a few in action in some second-rate online pornography, but had never actually touched one. Not that she hadn’t wanted to; the opportunity had never presented itself. It was presenting itself in abundance now.

  He shifted slightly, and
everything went dark when he lifted her sweater over her head and tossed it aside. His hands skimmed her bare shoulders as his gaze settled on the tops of her breasts spilling from the top of her black demi-bra.

  “Even more beautiful than I imagined,” he said.

  Did he really mean that? She’d never had a man look at her as if she were desirable. Never felt remotely beautiful until that moment.

  His fingers touched the center of her back, and her bra came unfastened. He obviously knew what he was doing, and she wanted him to keep doing whatever it was he had in mind. Kissing. Making out. Sex. Yes. She was ready for any and all of it. When would she ever have an opportunity like this again? Probably never.

  He slipped her bra down her arms and tossed it aside. His hands moved to cup her breasts, his thumbs rubbing over their hardened nipples.

  “I love big tits,” he said. “I could suck on yours for hours.”

  She cringed at his use of the word tits, but suck sounded like a good plan. “Yes,” she whispered, “suck them.”

  “Are you just going to hold it all night?” he asked.

  Hold it? Hold what? Oh . . . it! She tightened her hand around his penis. What was she supposed to do with it? She’d heard that guys liked to be sucked down there. And stroked. But she had no idea how to do either of those things without looking like the virgin she was.

  “Tell me what you like,” she said.

  “What I like?”

  “Yeah, I want to please you.” Did that sound too needy? She gazed up at him, hoping to look sexy but figuring she probably looked desperate.

  “Sucking your big, beautiful tits will please me plenty.”

  He backed her toward the sofa, removing his T-shirt as he moved. His chest was covered with intricate gray-scale tattoos. The samurai warrior was so lifelike, she almost expected it to slash her with its razor-sharp sword. Before she tumbled back on the sofa, she fleetingly wondered how much it had hurt to have all of that artwork etched into his skin. She stared wide-eyed when her gaze landed on the enormous cock that protruded from his fly. The thickened tip curved upwards slightly. The darker shaft had a maze of blood vessels straining against the surface. She reached for it with a trembling hand.

  “God, that’s sexy. Are you doing that on purpose?” he asked.

  “Doing what?”

  “Acting like you’ve never been fucked before. Like my dick is the first one you’ve ever touched.”

  Her cheeks flamed, and she drew her hand away.

  “Whatever,” he said, “keep it up. It’s a serious turn-on.”

  Her inexperience was a turn-on? Or him thinking that she was acting inexperienced was a turn-on? She would have no problem keeping up the ploy since it wasn’t a ruse. But his way of thinking gave her the confidence to not pretend that she knew what she was doing. She was relieved that she could show her sexual cluelessness and turn him on at the same time.

  She steeled her nerve and sat upright on the low sofa. She gazed at his cock with trepidation. It jerked, and he gasped.

  “If you keep staring at it like that, I’m going to come all over your face.”

  Did penises really do that? Could he ejaculate just because a woman stared at his cock? Or would he need a little more stimulation? She took a steadying breath, leaned forward, and kissed the swollen head. She gasped, shocked by her brazenness, and looked up at him in apology. “S-sorry.”

  “For what?”

  “Touching you without permission.”

  “Trust me, lamb, you have permission.”

  He dropped to his knees in front of her and gazed down at her bare breasts. He lifted his hands to cup them, but hesitated with his palms inches from her skin. Her nipples strained toward his hands, and her back arched involuntarily.

  “Do I have permission to touch you, Toni?”

  “Yes,” she whispered. “Please.”

  His hands found her aching breasts. He lifted one to his mouth and sucked a nipple inside. Toni’s damp panties became instantly drenched. Pleasure radiated out from her nipple and coursed through her body to her lower belly. Something inside her tightened. A spasm gripped the swollen flesh between her thighs, and she called out. Whoa! Had she just had an orgasm? She wasn’t sure, but she felt delightful.

  Logan shifted his mouth to her other breast, and another spasm caught her by surprise. She reached for his head and buried her hands in his glorious curls as she pulled him closer to her breast. He nipped the sensitive flesh, and her entire body jerked. He soothed the oversensitized nipple with a swirling tongue before sucking with a persistent, hard tug. When he pulled away, releasing his suction with a loud smack, she cried out in protest, and then she moaned when he latched on to her other breast.

  One hand moved beneath her skirt to touch her knee and she nearly leaped out of her skin. She clamped her legs together, and her eyes flew open.

  “Easy,” he murmured.

  His mouth on her breast distracted her. Her thighs relaxed. Opened slightly. Logan buried his face between her breasts and then trailed lingering, sucking kisses down her belly. Her fingers clenched in his hair. What was he going to do with her? Would he put his mouth down there? At the thought, a wave of successive spasms gripped her saturated flesh. She cried out again.

  “You’re so sensitive,” he murmured to her belly button. “I can’t wait to latch on to your clit. I’m going to suck it until you come so hard you scream.”

  Toni’s knees clamped shut again. He was going to do what to her whozit?

  “Are you wet? Tell me how wet you are.”

  Heart thudding out of control, Toni concentrated on the wetness between her legs. She was so wet her juices had soaked through her panties and dampened her thighs. They even dripped down her ass.

  “Very wet,” she said on a rush of air.

  “Show me.” His hand slid halfway up the outside of her thigh. “Open your legs and show me. I want to see you cream for me.”

  He wanted to see her? Between her legs? The thought definitely had her creaming for him and her heart thudding like a jackhammer.

  He lifted her foot off the floor and tugged her boot off. He chuckled when he saw her purple- orange-and-green-striped sock. “Cute,” he said. He grinned up at her. She was so caught off guard by how attractive he was, she decided this must all be some vivid wet dream.

  “I collect socks,” she said. She bit her lip, feeling stupid for sharing something so ridiculous. She did have over seven hundred pairs of socks, but he didn’t need to know that or the reasons why. Not now when things were so hot between them.

  “You’ll have to show them to me sometime.” He removed her other boot. That sock was red with black and white spots. “Not matching socks, I see.” He chuckled, the deep sound making Toni’s belly quiver.

  “I have only two feet,” she said. “I like to wear as much variety as possible. Doesn’t make sense to buy socks and not wear them.” And her little sister had all her mismatched sock mates, but Birdie was the last thing she wanted to dwell upon at that moment.

  “Lucky me. I have a place for a third sock.” When he grabbed his engorged cock and stroked it from base to tip, she laughed at the mental image of that glorious appendage swathed in one of her colorful socks.

  “Are you laughing at my dick?” He jerked his chin up in challenge.

  She shook her head vehemently. “No. I wouldn’t. I just . . . I . . . The thought of it wearing a sock . . .” Her eyes stung as tears threatened to fall. He was going to leave her here alone, wasn’t he?

  “You sure you’re into me?”

  She rose up from the sofa and wrapped both arms around his neck. How could he possibly think she wasn’t into him? She got sexually excited when he merely looked at her, and she was pretty sure she was having spontaneous orgasms whenever he touched her. “I’m sure.”

  “You keep closing your legs to me,” he said.

  Just because she was skittish. “I’m sorry. I thought you wanted me to pretend I wasn’t expe
rienced.” She’d tie her thighs wide open if need be.

  “Is that really why?”

  She nodded, knowing she was a terrible liar and that if she spoke, she’d probably blurt out that she was a virgin and the closest she’d gotten to having sex was at a college party when the guy had been so drunk that he couldn’t get it up. Or maybe it had been like he’d said and he couldn’t get it up because she was too fat and ugly to turn him on.

  “I’ll pretend to be patient then,” he said, grabbing her breasts, “when all I really want to do is fuck you hard and fast. I can’t remember the last time I was this turned on.”


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