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 part  #1 of  Exodus End Series


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  sixth grade—very slobbery. Brent at a middle school dance—interrupted by a chaperone. That one drunk guy in college—so boozed up he made my lips numb. I did play spin the bottle with Julian and his friends a few months ago—those kisses were all, uh, brief.” And platonic. “And then you. You’re definitely winning, but . . .” She held her hands out and shook her head at him.

  “Who’s Julian?”

  “A friend,” she said, blushing as she remembered Julian had threatened to buy her a male prostitute in Vegas. Good thing she’d lost her virginity, even if he hadn’t believed her text. She suddenly realized she hadn’t seen her phone all day. Real life had rapidly become more interesting than a touch screen.

  “I’d judge by your blush that Julian is more than a friend. Got a little crush?”

  “Wouldn’t matter if I did,” she said. “He doesn’t like girls.”

  Logan wiped pretend sweat from his brow. “Thought I might have a bit of competition for your affection. You know I don’t deal well with that.”

  “Julian doesn’t need to be dealt with,” she assured him. “At least not as a romantic interest.”

  “Does he need to be dealt with for another reason?”

  “Maybe. He’s obsessed with the fact that I’m a virgin.”

  “Was a virgin,” Logan reminded her.

  “Right. Was a virgin. So he makes me get dressed up and takes me out on the town to get me laid, and where do we always end up?”

  “A bookstore?”

  Ha! She would have actually enjoyed that more and would have had a better chance of getting laid there. “No. He takes me to gay bars. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to help my love life. He’s the one who ends up hooking up with a guy every time we go out.”

  “You’re his wing girl.”


  “No matter how hot you are, you have no chance of stealing his dates.”

  “Yeah, that sounds like Julian’s logic. Do you know what he told me before I left?”

  Logan shook his head.

  “He said if I didn’t lose my virginity before I returned home, he was taking me to Vegas and hiring a male prostitute to do the deed.”

  Logan snorted. “All he really needed to do was take you to any regular bar and pour a few drinks in you to loosen your inhibitions a little.”

  “I wasn’t drunk when I fell into bed with you.”

  “True, but I’m especially irresistible.”

  She opened her mouth to deny his claim, but he smiled at her, a spark of mischief in his amazing blue eyes, and she couldn’t bring herself to lie. He was especially irresistible. The danger existed in him knowing it.

  “So you really don’t have any idea how good a kisser I am?”

  She shook her head. “I can only assume all decent kisses make a woman’s knees weak and her tummy flutter and her . . . pussy, uh, ache.” She still struggled with saying the word aloud.

  “Is that what my kisses do to you, Toni?” He shifted closer, licking his lips slowly and tilting his head, staring her down like some sort of ravenous predator.

  She swallowed hard and nodded. Hell, he didn’t even have to kiss her to get that response. Just him looking at her the way he was at that exact moment was enough to melt her panties clean off her body.

  His fingertips brushed her cheek, sparking nerve endings as if electricity flowed through his body. How else could she explain how easily his touch made her tingle from head to toe? Zapped her to life? Caused her heart to palpitate? Yep, the guy must be concealing some electric superpower beneath his rock star facade.

  He pressed his lips to hers, caressing her sensitive skin until her mouth fell open and she couldn’t resist tasting him with an explorative flick of her tongue. Her breath caught when his free hand moved to unfasten the snap and zipper of her long skirt. Before she could think to protest, she was naked from the waist down.

  “Logan.” She murmured what was supposed to be an objection, but it sounded more like an invitation. “Someone might—”

  He silenced her with a deep kiss as he slid from the sofa to kneel between her legs. Cool air bathed her hot, aching flesh as he eased her thighs open. He tugged his mouth free of hers and gazed down at her fully exposed pussy.

  “I thought I could wait until you shaved it for me, but I’m going to have to risk the hairball.”

  She flushed, sometimes wishing he worded things a bit more delicately, but as was typical for Logan, his actions made up for any crude utterance. He raked his fingers through the damp curls attempting quite unsuccessfully to shield her sex from his heated gaze. He used both hands to spread her swollen lips wide and then held them in place, his hands a triangle framing her sex. This served to hold her open and keep her pubic hair out of his way as he lowered his head and kissed her throbbing clit. The muscles of her thighs clenched automatically as pleasure surged through her center, but she kept her legs open for him. She didn’t want him to stop. She never wanted him to stop.

  He kissed and suckled and flicked her clit with his tongue until her juices were flowing freely. He shifted his mouth to her opening, doing things with his lips and tongue that made her mouth drop open with shock as the writhing, sucking, swirling motions sent new sensations of pleasure pulsing through her.

  He pulled away after a moment and sucked a deep breath into his lungs. “I could eat this pussy all day,” he said, his thumbs rubbing a spot between her opening and her other hole that made her squirm. “But this position is really hard on my neck.”

  She tried not to pout when she realized he was saying he was finished already.

  “Do you think you could sit on my face instead?”

  Her eyes widened with shock. “I’ll smother you!” she blurted.

  “You won’t,” he said. “I promise. It’s actually easier on my neck that way. But if you’re unwilling to switch positions, I’ll suffer through it this way.”

  He leaned forward and gave her quivering pussy the kind of deep penetrating kiss her lips craved. Her hips began to rock involuntarily to the rhythm of his thrusting, swirling, flicking tongue. Oh dear God, she never wanted this to end. Her fingers released their iron grip on the sofa cushion and threaded into the thick curls of Logan’s hair. She tugged upward, and he followed her suggestion, shifting his mouth to her clit. She felt a huff of hot air against her as he laughed softly.

  “That’s it, lamb, take what you want.”

  He flicked his tongue over her clit so fast, she was soon sputtering on the verge of climax. She suddenly wanted him inside her. His cock, yes, definitely, but his tongue would do. She shoved his head down, and he obliged her by licking her throbbing hole. The soft exploration of his tongue felt amazing, but her climax began to slowly fall from her reach and so she yanked him back up to her clit. He sucked and flicked, sucked and flicked, building her pleasure. Higher. Higher. She was going to shatter. Oh. Her pussy clenched in protest of its emptiness, and she shoved his head lower again so he’d tongue-fuck her.

  She groaned when her body refused to cooperate and give her the release she so desperately needed. After a moment, Logan lifted his head to catch his breath. He twisted his head side to side and winced at an apparent crick in his neck.

  “Can’t get there?” he asked.

  She shook her head. She kept coming close, but it was as if her pussy was jealous of her clit and refused to allow her to come while his mouth was occupied with her most sensitive nub of flesh.

  “Maybe if you sat—”

  “Yes,” she said, no longer hesitant to try a different position. If she kept tugging on his hair like that, he’d probably be bald by the time she finished.

  He stretched out on his back on the sofa and she looked to him for instruction. After a bit of awkward maneuvering, she found herself straddling his head. This doesn’t look safe, she decided, but he grabbed her ass in both hands and pulled her pussy to his mouth and she was soon too delirious with pleasure to be concerned about his ability to breathe.
She no longer had to direct his mouth by yanking his hair, she just had to tilt her hips and shift slightly forward or backward to get him to put his tongue and lips exactly where she needed them.

  God, yes. That was perfect.

  Her cries of excitement matched the building orgasm clenching deep inside. Her eyes opened wide when Logan’s tongue slid back a few inches and flicked against her puckered back entrance. Waves of pleasure shot up into her ass, shocking her so deeply she shuddered, before she shifted her hips back and filled his mouth with her pussy again.

  “Sorry,” she gasped, not sure how she’d managed to give him a mouthful of ass—poor guy—but she soon discovered that it hadn’t been her slip but his when he jerked her forward and tongued her there again—the firm tip just breaching the center of the tight ring of muscle. She didn’t want to like it, but oh God, it felt so deliciously dirty! Gasping with a mixture of pleasure and mortification, she shifted her clit into his mouth, rocking with his rhythm, wondering if she dared coax him into licking her ass again.

  He released his hold on her ass and a moment later, she heard his pants unzip. She turned her head to glance over her shoulder and watched him tug his cock free and begin to stroke its length with a tight fist.

  “Oh,” she gasped.

  She wanted that, his stone-hard cock. She wanted it in her pussy. In her ass. Between her tits. In her hands. But mostly she wanted it in her mouth.

  Without asking permission, she stood, turned to face the opposite direction, and sat on his face again. She waited until his tongue found her clit and then leaned over to suck the head of his cock into her mouth. She didn’t concern herself with wondering if she was doing it right. By the way he tugged at his shaft and his belly quaked and he groaned against her pulsing clit, she was definitely making the right impression.

  She was so focused on sucking him off that she forgot to shift her clit from his mouth at the brink of her orgasm.

  Thighs shaking uncontrollably, her pussy clenched at nothing in hard spasms. She made a strange series of animal-like groans around his cock as her body shuddered and she attained that elusive orgasm at last. She slid a hand into his pants and cradled his balls in her palm. It was enough to send him over the edge. With a deep groan, his back arched and his salty cum filled her mouth. She swallowed him, sucking harder, wanting more. He filled her mouth with a second spurt and then went limp beneath her. She continued to suck him—gently now—bobbing her head slowly, delighting in the way it made him shudder and curse.

  “Toni,” he said breathlessly from beneath her slowly gyrating crotch.

  She took pity on him and shifted positions so that she could lie beside him in the nook between his side and the sofa back to catch her breath.

  “I think you were the one giving lessons there,” he said. “Damn, woman. That was hot.”

  She nodded in agreement and flushed, suddenly embarrassed now that she was no longer fucking his face in delirious pleasure.

  But maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t so bad at this sex stuff after all.


  Once he’d regained his composure, Logan helped Toni into her panties. He was unable to stop himself from caressing her silky thighs before she hid them beneath her unflattering skirt, which in his opinion was the most fantastic skirt in existence. He was the only one who knew what delights the thick brown fabric concealed.

  “Crap!” she said, reaching over to grab her audio recorder from the table. She cringed as she pressed the pause button.

  “Was that thing recording the entire time?”

  She nodded. “I forgot it even existed. You have a way of making me forget anything exists but you.”

  His heart fluttered, and a knot formed in his throat. He coughed, trying to dislodge the discomfort and hoping he wasn’t coming down with a cold. The tour had just started and after another month in North America, they were heading to Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and even South Africa. He wanted to enjoy every minute of the tour, not spend his time blowing his nose and being the whiny pain in the ass he knew he was when he was sick.

  “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ll erase it.”

  He snatched the device out of her hand and searched for the reverse button. After rewinding several minutes’ worth of recording, he pressed play. The sexy sounds of Toni finding orgasm with his cock in her mouth greeted his eager ears. His dick twitched with renewed interest.

  “Oh God, is that really what I sound like?” Toni asked, her pretty face screwed up with displeasure. “Delete it.”

  “Hell no, I’m not deleting it. I’m making it your ringtone.”

  Her mouth dropped open, but she quickly recovered her shock and dove for the device. He yanked it out of her reach just in time.

  “Logan,” she pleaded, her big brown eyes full of turmoil. “Please don’t embarrass me.”

  “There’s absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.”

  He rewound the bit of audio and played it again. He produced a delighted full-body shudder at the sound of her getting off. “You have to promise to call me every five minutes so I can hear this over and over again.”

  “You are not making that my ringtone.”

  “Uh, yeah, I am.”

  “You can’t,” she said, fist planted on either hip. There was something sexy about her standing her ground, but that didn’t mean he was going to back down.

  “You bet your fine ass, I can.”

  She shook her head. “You don’t even have my number.”

  Stunned that she was correct, his teasing grin faded. He didn’t have his own girlfriend’s—um, new friend’s—phone number? He’d completely neglected his phone—quite unusual for him—since he’d met Toni. The woman was a constant distraction.

  “We’re going to remedy that right now,” he said. And he rushed into the corridor to retrieve his phone from under his pillow.

  Knowing she would erase the cock-thickening sound of her sexy vocalizations at her first opportunity, Logan played it back and recorded the sounds onto his phone through the mic. It would lose some of the sound quality, but that was better than losing it entirely.

  “What are you doing?” Dare asked. He was lying in his bunk, watching the TV built into the underside of Max’s top bunk.

  “Retaining evidence,” Logan said with a wink.

  He grabbed a cola out of the refrigerator and hurried back to the lounge, flipping through a series of text messages, Facebook notifications, and missed calls that didn’t interest him in the least.

  “I brought you something to wash the taste of my cum out of your mouth,” he said, trying to embarrass Toni. She didn’t so much as blush. She was too busy scowling down at her smartphone.

  “What’s wrong?”

  He handed her the bottle of cola. She opened it and took a long swallow, but avoided his inquisitive gaze.


  She set her phone and the bottle aside so she could massage her temples. “It’s nothing.”

  It obviously wasn’t nothing. She was upset. “You can tell me.”

  “It’s just the mean things my editor says to me. Rattles my confidence.”

  “Shouldn’t your editor support you?”

  Toni laughed hollowly. “Not when I took her dream assignment away from her.”

  Logan lifted her phone from the table and read the string of messages still displayed on her screen beneath the name Susan Brennan. Brennan? Why did that name sound familiar?

  His jaw dropped several additional inches with each text message he read.

  Are you on your way home yet? I have my bag packed and ready to go. We both know you don’t have what it takes.

  Good thing your mom owns the company. There’s no way you would have been hired for the job if you had to prove your worth.

  Are you not answering my messages because you know I’m right or because you’re too ashamed to admit you’ve already failed?

  Logan couldn’t believe anyone would be so mean
to someone as sweet as his Toni.

  “What a bitch!” he said.

  He began typing a response. Listen, bitch, IDK who u think u r bu—

  Toni jerked her phone out of his hand and started backspacing to delete his message.

  “Why are you deleting that?”

  “You can’t send her a text like that. She’s my boss! I owe her my respect.”

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