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  thinking about you touching yourself.”


  Her eyes widened, and she shook her head. “No, just touching it. Not, not making yourself . . .” She swallowed hard as she remembered the look on his face when he came. “Do you do that?”

  He chuckled. “Sometimes. Do you want to watch me jerk off, Toni?”

  She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to handle it. And wouldn’t he be embarrassed for her to witness something so shameful? She hadn’t realized she’d asked the question aloud until he answered.

  “You think it’s shameful?”

  She stared up at him, not sure how to respond. Didn’t he think it was shameful?

  “You masturbate, don’t you?”

  “Of course not!” she said. But her denial was a complete lie. She masturbated on occasion, but she didn’t want anyone—not even Logan—to know she was so desperate for sexual release that she gave it to herself.

  “You’re kidding.”

  She shook her head vigorously, though she couldn’t meet his eyes. She knew he’d see right through her lies.

  “Not even in the shower?”

  “Sometimes it feels good when I clean myself down there.” She covered her mouth with her hand, unable to believe she’d just told him that. Next she’d be telling him about her infatuation with the massaging showerhead.

  “So you never had an orgasm before I gave you one?”

  “Um . . .” she said, frustrated by the entire conversation. Yes, she’d had orgasms, but after being with him and seeing how explosive getting off could be, she wasn’t sure those little ripples of pleasure she gave herself—or the showerhead gave her—really counted.

  He gaped at her as if he were talking to the biggest idiot on the planet. “You really don’t know how to get yourself off?”

  She shrugged. “Nothing prepared me for the things you do to my body.” That was not a lie, at least.

  “Don’t you talk about these kinds of things with your girlfriends?”

  “I don’t really have any female friends my own age.” Even Julian was several years older than her and even though he was gay, he was still technically a guy. It was embarrassing for her to admit how abnormal her social life was, but she honestly didn’t have the opportunity to interact with many people. And she’d certainly never had a close enough relationship with another woman to discuss the ins and outs of masturbation and orgasms. Did women really talk about such things?

  “What about the Internet? Surely, you’ve watched some porn.”

  Toni scowled at him. “Of course I’ve watched porn. What do you think I am, a nun living in a cave?”

  Logan’s jaw dropped, and then he laughed before hugging her closer. “Lord, woman, I do love you.” She felt his heart thud hard against her chest. “I mean as a friend.”

  “Stop doing that!” she demanded.

  He released her so abruptly that she had to take a step backward to regain her balance.

  “Did I hurt you?”

  She covered her aching heart with one hand. “Yes, it does hurt. I’d rather you never say it than have you keep saying it and then take it back.”

  He covered his mouth with one hand, a worried crease above his brow.

  “I understand that you probably say I love you to every woman that you, that you bang, but—”

  “But I don’t. I haven’t said it to anyone for a very long time. I don’t know why it keeps slipping out.”

  At first Toni was stunned that he hadn’t said it to every woman he’d ever had sex with. And then she was strangely jealous of every woman he had said it to in the past. Because he’d probably meant it then. And he obviously didn’t mean it now.

  “You’ve been in love before?” she asked, a hint of accusation in her voice.

  “Well, yeah, what do you think I am, a nun living in a cave?”

  She laughed and shook her head at him. He was about as different from a nun in a cave as Toni was from him. “What was her name?”

  He grinned crookedly. “It’s not important. Besides, I can’t remember it with your bare tits jiggling so enticingly before my eyes.”

  He stepped closer and cupped her breasts in his hands once again.

  “My tits do not jiggle,” she said defensively.

  He shook his hands back and forth, proving that her tits did in fact jiggle.

  “Logan. Stop.”

  He stopped and caught her gaze with his. “Why?”


  He lifted an eyebrow at her.

  “Because it’s not sexy.”

  “It’s sexy to me,” he said. And to prove it, he lowered his head to draw the flat of his tongue over her nipple. “Besides, sex isn’t always sexy. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s boring.”

  “Boring?” She couldn’t imagine sex ever being boring. Truthfully, it was the most exciting thing she’d ever done.

  “If you allow it to become too monotonous.”

  “I won’t.”

  “I’m going to hold you to that,” he said. Then he and sucked her nipple into his mouth. She clung to his head, delighting in the gentle tug at her breast.

  She gasped when he released her abruptly and spun her to face the opposite direction. He took her hands in his—his palms against the backs of her hands—and coaxed her into touching her breasts.

  “If these were mine, I’d never get anything done,” he whispered into her ear. “I’d play with them constantly.”

  “They are yours.”

  He went still, and she held her breath as she waited for his response. “Open your legs, Toni,” was not what she had expected him to say.

  She spread her legs, and he shifted behind her so that his cock slid between her thighs.

  “Now close them.”

  She scrunched her brow in confusion, but she did what he said. He hadn’t steered her wrong yet.

  “Your body is so soft,” he said, and she stiffened at the sudden pain in her heart. She’d always considered her soft chubbiness one of her failings. “It feels spectacular.” He worked his cock between her thighs, his breath hitching in her ear. She squeezed her thighs together, and he gasped. “This needs to be about your pleasure too,” he murmured before directing her palms down her belly. “I’ll show you how to touch yourself.”

  “I know how to do that,” she admitted, but somehow as he pressed her finger into her cleft and rubbed it against her clit, the movement was far more pleasurable and exciting than any of her previous attempts at self-gratification.

  “So you lied to me?” He sounded more amused than angry. “You’ve gotten yourself off in the past?”

  “I’m sorry. I was embarrassed.” And now she was mortified.

  “Don’t be. I’m actually relieved that you do it. Show me how you touch yourself,” he said.

  “I couldn’t,” she protested, jerking her hand from his grasp.

  He caught her wrist and coaxed her hand between her legs again. “Make yourself come on my dick.”


  “I know you feel it nestled there between your legs. Come on it. Make it all slippery.”


  “And after you come on my dick, I want you to come on my face.”

  “How would I do that?”

  “By sitting on it.”

  “I’ll suffocate you!”

  His chuckle was deep and sexy. It made her entire spine tingle. “It’s a risk I’m willing to take.”

  She’d been so distracted by his words that she’d temporarily forgotten he was holding her hand between her legs.

  “So how do you touch it, Toni? Slow and hard?” He massaged her clit with her own fingers, rubbing in hard, languid circles. Her pussy tightened, but she shook her head. “A little faster?” He directed her fingers to move against her clit more rapidly.

  “Oh!” She gasped as need began to build within her. “Faster,” she heard herself say.

  “Show me.
He released her hand, and she took over, rubbing her clit with every intention of getting off. That freed Logan’s hands to massage the aching globes of her breasts.

  “Sometimes I pinch one nipple really hard when I’m coming,” she admitted, having no idea why she felt inclined to reveal that very intimate detail about her masturbation sessions. Hell, five minutes ago she wouldn’t even admit to touching herself and now she was volunteering the details.

  “Show me how you get off, Toni.”

  “Yes,” she whispered as her peak approached. She rubbed her clit faster and gripped one stiff nipple between her thumb and forefinger. “Yes,” she cried more loudly, twisting her nipple viciously as her pussy clenched with the first tease of orgasm. “Yes!”

  Logan thrust behind her, driving his cock into the cleft between her thighs as she bucked with release.

  “To hell with this,” he muttered.

  Toni sucked in a breath of surprise when she found herself bent over the sofa arm. Logan grabbed the lobes of her ass in either hand, spread her cheeks apart, and rammed his cock into her still clenching pussy.

  “God, yes,” he groaned, thrusting deep and withdrawing before thrusting deep again. “I shouldn’t have done that, but it’s so hot and tight. I want it just like this.” He massaged her ass cheeks together as he pumped into her.

  Toni was still trembling in the aftermath of her orgasm when she realized something.

  “Logan, are you wearing a condom?”

  He cursed under his breath and pulled out. “Whoops.”

  Whoops? “Logan! This is the second time today.”

  “I’m sorry. I was lost in the moment. The sight of you. The sounds you make. The way you feel. Won’t happen again.”

  He stepped away and headed for the door, which he slid open and stuck his head through. “Can someone shoot me a condom?” he called to the bus occupants.

  Toni’s eyes widened. Could he be any more embarrassing?

  “Get your own damned condom,” she heard Steve say.

  Logan huffed with impatience and opened the door wide enough to slip out into the corridor. Not only was he naked, but his dick was rock hard and still wet with Toni’s fluids.

  “What the fuck, dude?” said a voice Toni wasn’t familiar with. “I’ll get you a goddamned condom. Put that thing away!”

  “You know you want it, Zach. But you can’t have it. It’s all for Toni.”

  Zach? Zach Mercer, the drummer of Twisted Element? Toni hoped the entire band wasn’t on the bus. She’d never be able to look any of them in the eye when she interviewed them for her “How Other Band’s See Exodus End” chapter.

  “Who’s Tony?” Zach sounded surprised. “You like guys?”

  “Toni’s a girl,” Steve said.

  “My girl,” Logan said.

  Yep, it was official. Logan could be more embarrassing. Toni buried her face in the sofa cushions and groaned.

  “Are you coming to the after-party?” Zach asked.

  After-party? Their day wasn’t over yet? Toni was ready to crawl into bed for fourteen hours of sleep.

  “Have you ever known me to miss a party?” Logan said.

  The door slid on its track and bumped shut. Toni turned her head to make sure Logan hadn’t brought along spectators to prove she was, in fact, a girl. Thankfully he was alone and devastatingly naked. He had a strip of condoms in one hand and his dick in the other. And she’d been right. Seeing him touch himself had her all sorts of flustered.

  “Damn, woman,” he muttered, his gaze trained on her ass, still up in the air since she hadn’t moved from her bent-over-the-sofa-arm position. “No wonder I can’t think straight when you’re near. That pussy is a work of art.”

  Instead of trying to hide her “work of art,” she spread her legs wider and wiggled her hips. She was surprised by her lack of inhibition and by how much she appreciated his crass compliment. She was rewarded for her brazenness when Logan dropped to his knees behind her and buried his face in her ass. His tongue plunged into her throbbing pussy. The tip of his nose touched her asshole. She gasped as the ring of muscle tightened involuntarily and began to throb with unexpected desire. His fingers dug into her hips and his tongue slid up to her still virginal back hole. Her hips bucked as he flicked his tongue, barely touching her there, but she was so shocked by his unexpected action she couldn’t breathe.

  “Don’t, Logan,” she said in a panicked gasp of a voice. “Not there.”

  He licked her gently again. “It doesn’t feel good?”

  “It feels weird,” she said, which was true. His tongue traced a circle around the perimeter of what she’d always considered an exit. “And good,” she admitted.

  “Have you ever been taken in the ass?” he asked.

  Her face flamed, and she buried it in the cushions so that her next words were muffled. “No. I thought we’d established that I was a virgin.”

  “Yeah, well, there are women who get fucked daily in the ass and claim to be virgins because they’ve never given up the pussy.”

  Were there really? Was he pulling her leg? “That doesn’t count, does it?”

  “Not in my mind,” he said. “So this hole is virginal too?” he said before licking her ass again.

  “And it’s going to stay that way!” She tried to squirm away from his mouth, but he had a firm hold on her hips.

  “For now,” he said agreeably and rose to his feet.

  He released his hold on one hip, and she trembled as she felt the head of his cock being rubbed the length of her slit. She tensed when the tip of his condom brushed her saliva-wetted ass.

  “Logan!” She tried covering her butt with one hand.

  “I’ll never do anything you don’t want me to do,” he said before he slid the rigid length of his cock into her pussy, claiming her deep and slow.

  “Yes,” she gasped, not sure why her ass was tingling with neglect, as if it wanted to lose its virginity too. That was not happening on her watch.

  “One day soon, you’re going to beg me to claim every inch of you.”

  Nope. Wasn’t going to happen. But she wasn’t about to relieve him of his fantasy when he was working his magic on her pussy. And she didn’t have the mindset to protest when his thumb began to rub her back opening in the same slow churning motion of his hips.

  “Move with me, baby,” he murmured. “Let yourself become a part of our rhythm.”

  He was doing spectacularly on his own; she didn’t want to get in the way of his skill. Yet she also wanted to be a good lover, and she supposed there wasn’t much good in just standing there taking all he had to give.

  Her first attempts to move felt awkward. She rocked her hips front and back and was rewarded for her uncoordinated effort by his cock falling free of her body. He didn’t criticize, just found her again and used gentle squeezes on her hip to give her cues on when and how to move. Within a few strokes, she found that rhythm he’d referred to. The churning motion of her hips became more exaggerated as her confidence grew. Logan’s groans of pleasure added to her own bliss. She was so going to high-five herself later for being the cause of his obvious enjoyment.

  “Oh God, Toni,” he said, “you’re going to make me come so hard if you keep doing that.”

  Well then, of course she’d keep doing it. Their bodies were rubbing together so perfectly that his balls ground into her clit each time he thrust into her. Her own groans echoed his as she stopped worrying about what he was doing and concentrated on finding pleasure.

  “Fuck, woman,” he said, stretching his hot body over her back.

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