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 part  #1 of  Exodus End Series


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  She released her suction and tilted her head to look up at him. “Does that feel good?”

  “Truthfully?” He touched the top of her head gently, staring down at her as if afraid she couldn’t take his criticism.

  She nodded.

  “It’s okay,” he said, “but if you want to suck on something that will make my knees weak . . .”

  His hand pressed down on the top of her head. She immediately understood what he was suggesting, but she now felt confident enough to play coy with him.

  “Here?” she said, sucking on a patch of skin over his ribs.

  He squirmed and chuckled. “That tickles.”

  She looked up, trying to see his face, but mostly saw the crumpled fabric of his T-shirt. Reading her mind, he yanked his shirt off over his head and tossed it aside. He stared down at her, watching her closely.

  She held his gaze as she licked and nibbled, kissed and suckled his ticklish flesh. She knew it was ticklish because every few seconds his body would jerk and he’d laugh.

  “I’d give you an A for your sexsational technique,” he said.

  Sexsational? Now he was making up words?

  “But if you want extra credit, you need to move it a bit lower.” He pressed on her head again.

  She shifted lower, doing things to his navel that she wished he was doing to her drenched pussy.

  Impatiently, he yanked his pants open and his cock sprang free, eager for attention. Her eyes widened in surprise when he shifted and used one hand to direct his cockhead into the cleft between her breasts.

  “That should help him pass the time while you continue to drive me insane,” Logan said.

  Toni laughed and squeezed her breasts together with her upper arms. He released a huff of air and rocked his hips slightly. She pushed his pants to his knees so she could explore his ass with both hands while she teased his navel with her mouth. She couldn’t see his face anymore. Instead of looking down at her, he had his head tilted back. The motion of his hips intensified, and she couldn’t begin to fathom what fantasy world he was currently emerged within. She only knew that she wanted to join him there.

  She finished unbuttoning her shirt and removed her bra. She looked up to find him staring down at her. He gave her no instruction on how to proceed, so she cupped her breasts and squeezed them together and around as much of his length as would fit between her boobs, with the head pressed firmly against her breastbone.

  “Like this?” she asked, trying to figure out how either of them would derive pleasure from squashing his cock between her boobs.

  He chuckled. “Not usually, lamb, but I’m always up for new experiences.”

  Frustrated, she leaned away and rose to her feet. “How am I supposed to get anything right if you don’t give clear instructions?”

  “Sometimes it’s best to just experiment and figure out what feels right.”

  “You don’t need to experiment,” she said, crossing her arms over her chest. “You already know how to do all this stuff.”

  “You’re wrong.”

  She raked a hand through her hair until her fingers got stuck in a tangle. “What’s new?”

  He caught her shoulders in his hands and stared down into her eyes. Whenever he did that, her heart danced in her chest and her breath caught. Her tummy fluttered. The soles of her feet tingled. It was the most bizarre set of sensations she’d ever experienced.

  “I do need to experiment to discover what you like,” he said. “But we’re always so rushed.”

  She knew that this time was no different. Soon he would have to go to back to the arena to perform. Very soon.

  “I’m sorry you didn’t pick a better teacher,” he said.

  She stared at him in wide-eyed shock.

  “I take that back. I’m not sorry at all that you picked me. I’m sorry that I’m so infatuated with you that I’m incapable of doing a good job instructing you.”

  Toni had never experienced being dumbstruck until that moment. She hadn’t actually understood what the feeling encompassed. Her brain seemed to completely shut down on her, and she literally couldn’t figure out how to form words or make her mouth move to speak them. Hell, even primitive brain functions like breathing had become a challenge. Logan was infatuated with her? Infatuated? With her?

  “Fuck. That’s not what I’m trying to say either,” he said, his gaze sweeping to the ceiling before boring into hers again. “Maybe after I blow this load you’ve worked up inside me, I’ll be able to say what I’m trying to say, but with you looking up at me all beautiful and bewildered and topless, I can’t think of a goddamned thing but pounding you raw, sweetheart.”

  “Yes.” She was surprised she could even muster that little word.

  What little breath she’d managed to hold onto left her lungs in a whoosh when he tackled her to the sofa. His hands yanked at her skirt, her panties, somehow managing to remove both before he spread her legs wide, grabbed his cock in one hand, and pressed it into her slick opening.

  “God, yes.” He groaned as he sank into her heated flesh.

  Toni gasped brokenly as she discovered firsthand what it meant to be pounded. Each time his cock drove into her body, the impact sent waves of excitement vibrating through her clit. Every few strokes he bumped against something inside her that hurt, yet she craved that short burst of sensation. Wanted every stroke to bang her there so she could feel how deep he was buried within.

  Some annoying, logical part of her brain engaged suddenly, and she knew she had to stop him.

  “Logan!” she said, shoving against his chest with all her strength. “Stop!”

  “I’m sorry,” he said, backing out slightly. “I didn’t mean to bump your cervix that hard.”

  He altered his motions from pounding to grinding, which did things to her clit that made her bones turn to butter and her thighs tremble.

  Is that what he’d been banging into? Her cervix? She was momentarily placated as she puzzled over her anatomy and then she remembered why she’d tried to stop him in the first place.

  “Logan!” she shouted. “Stop!”

  “Please don’t make me stop,” he said against her throat. “Anything but that.”

  “You aren’t wearing a condom.”

  “I’m aware of that. You feel so good.” He groaned, thrusting into her gently. Hoping she wouldn’t notice?

  “You have to wear one.”

  “But you said I could pound you raw.”

  “Yeah, I liked being pounded hard like that. But put a condom on first.”

  He snorted on a laugh. “Your inexperience is going to kill me.”

  He pulled out slowly, sucking a breath through his teeth as he withdrew. Was he in pain?

  “What does my inexperience have to do with anything?” she asked.

  “Raw means without a condom.”

  “It does?”

  His head was resting on her chest, his wet cock against the inside of her thigh. He nodded. “What did you think it meant?”

  “Well.” Her face had already been warm from their sexy exertions, but it flamed all the hotter as she struggled to tell him. “I thought it meant you’d do it to me until my vagina got sore.”

  “Do what to you?”

  “Pound me.”

  “Well, I guess since you didn’t know any better, we’ll have to settle for your definition this time. But next time you say I can fuck you raw, it’ll be without a condom.”

  With a huff, he rolled onto his side and kicked off the jeans that had scrunched down around his ankles. He reached down and pulled a condom from his pocket.

  “Do I need to worry about diseases?” It was a horrifically embarrassing question, but it needed to be asked. He’d been inside her without a condom, and she knew he’d been with other women. A lot of other women.

  “You should always worry,” he said, “but I assure you I don’t have any STDs. What about you?”

  “How could I? I was a virgin.”

  “I do
n’t know what kind of toilets you frequent,” he said.

  She wrinkled her nose in disgust. “I don’t have anything.”

  Logan squirmed to squeeze in beside her on his back. He handed her the condom. “If you insist I wear this, you have to put it on me.”

  She lifted the small square package and stared at it. She supposed she did need to practice this technique more than once. She scooted off the sofa to kneel on the floor beside his hip. She was taken aback by how swollen and dark his cock was. She didn’t remember it ever looking so, well, so angry. It probably was upset for being stopped by her coitus interruptus. His length was also wet and slick. She stifled the urge to lick him clean, deciding it was weird to want to know what her own fluids tasted like.

  She tore open the condom package and pinched the ring of rubber to pull it out.

  “Are you ready?” she asked.

  His cock twitched, and he gasped brokenly when she touched it. Her hand was trembling as she slowly unrolled the condom down his length. “Is there a way to do this sexier?” she asked. The action felt awkward to her, so it must feel awkward to him too.

  “Baby, anything you do with my dick is sexy. Don’t worry about it.”

  He reached for her, using impressive strength to assist her from the floor. She looked down at him anxiously, not sure what was expected of her.

  “Have a seat,” he said with a suggestive grin.

  When she turned to sit on the sofa beside him, he stopped her with a hand on her butt.

  “I meant straddle my hips and bury my dick in whichever hole suits your fancy.”


  He centered himself on the sofa cushions so she could climb on top of him. “Should I take my boots off?” she asked as she hovered above him, her knees pressed into the cushions on either side of his hips.

  “I honestly don’t care.”

  He lifted his butt off the sofa and prodded her with his cock.

  “Put it inside you before I die,” he instructed.

  “I wouldn’t want that to happen.” How ironic would it be if he survived jumping off cliffs and racing dirt bikes only to die from lack of sexual fulfillment?

  She squirmed around, trying to get him to line up properly. Her aim was atrocious. He poked her here, then there. Everywhere, it seemed, but the proper entrance. And as far as she was concerned, there was only one proper entrance.

  “Just use your hand.” There was a hint of frustration in his tone—not that she blamed him. But she’d figured using her hand was somehow cheating.

  She reached between her legs to guide him to her. Her breath caught as she slowly sank down and filled herself with him. She squirmed until he was buried as deeply as possible and then looked down.

  “Now what?”

  “You’re in charge, lamb. Do whatever feels good to you.”

  She straightened her hips and sank down on him again, watching his face for signs of pleasure or distress. She didn’t want to squash him.



  “Don’t think so hard about it. Your only goal is to use me to get yourself off.”

  “What about you? I want it to feel good for you too.”

  “Don’t worry about me. It already feels good. Getting off is never ever a problem for me.”

  Her motions were slow at first as she tried different angles. She eventually discovered a rocking motion that rubbed her clit against him on the down stroke. Her mouth dropped open as her pleasure built quickly. Yes, she thought. Oh yes, right there. And then she was moaning the same words, completely oblivious to everything but the pleasure between her thighs. She cursed the betrayal of those thighs when they began to tremble with fatigue. She was definitely using muscles she’d never used before.

  Logan’s hands grabbed her ass, supporting her laboring motion as she sought her release. She forced her eyes open, thinking she ought to thank him for his assistance and found him watching her bouncing breasts as if hypnotized.

  Her hands moved to her tits. She cupped them and gave them a firm squeeze. Logan licked his lips and she pinched her stiff nipples. She gasped brokenly as her pussy clenched unexpectedly.

  “I’m coming,” she shouted. “Oh God. Oh God.”

  Her body stiffened as she let go and though she wanted to keep riding him as she found release, her thighs refused to move.

  “Don’t stop,” Logan pleaded.

  She didn’t want to stop, but her body gave her no choice.

  Logan sat up and wrapped his arms around her back. Sitting with her breasts squashed against his chest, Toni held him in her arms and legs, quivering against him as her orgasm subsided. Somewhere in her hazy thoughts she realized he hadn’t come yet and holding onto him so tightly wasn’t assisting his release, but she couldn’t help herself.

  “You did great,” he whispered in her ear. He rotated his hips, rubbing against her overly sensitive clit. She shivered. She couldn’t stand any more pleasure. “Do you want me to take over, or do you think you have the strength to finish me off?”

  She was exhausted, but she wanted her actions to give him release. “I’ll do it.”

  “Maybe try putting one foot on the ground,” he suggested. He rubbed the leg that was closest to the edge of the couch.

  Good plan. Maybe she’d be able to move if her leg was extended. She reluctantly released her leg lock on his hips, wondering if her boots had caused him any injury. Wincing, she straightened her leg, and he shifted so that he was on the very edge of the sofa. She began to move again, slower this time. Logan captured her mouth in a lingering kiss, his hands skimming over her back and buttocks. The tips of her breasts rubbed against his chest as she rose and fell.

  “Do you need me to go faster?” she asked when his mouth moved from her lips to press butterfly kisses over her throat.

  “I just need you.”

  She rode him slowly, pausing between each down stroke and rocking her hips to deepen the connection between them.

  “You’re a natural,” he murmured, his breath warming her bare breasts.

  He lifted his head to stare at her, blurry-eyed, for a long moment. “Unfortunately, we don’t have much time left,” he finally said. “I do need it faster in order to come. Work it, girl.”

  She smiled, realizing he was feeling more than he was letting on and that he wasn’t quite ready to come to terms with what was growing between them. He might not speak many tender words to her, but she felt his affection in his kiss and in his touch, in those rare moments he wasn’t trying to be cute or funny.

  “Then give me some room to work,” she said.

  He grinned and reclined back. With one foot on the floor and one knee on the sofa, her motions were a bit off center, but Logan didn’t seem to mind. If the way he kept moaning her name was any indication, he rather enjoyed the way it felt to be driven into her at an angle. Within moments he grabbed her hips and pulled her down onto him as he shuddered beneath her.

  She’d done it. She’d made him come. Next time, she hoped they’d manage to find release together.

  Exhausted, she collapsed on top of him. Her legs quivered uncontrollably from overexertion as she labored for air.

  Once she caught her breath, she shifted to lie against his side and rested her head on his chest. She was bone weary but satisfied. And almost giddy with happiness. She never would have guessed that sex could be so fun. Empowering even.

  Stroking her tangled hair with one hand, Logan said, “We’d better get dressed. The show starts soon, and any moment now they’ll be sending Butch to kick my naked ass out of bed.”

  “I thought I’d stay on the bus during the show,” she said, tilting her head to try to see his face. Mostly she got a view of the underside of his chin. “I can get some work done.” That was a lie. She just wanted some down time to herself. Though she had to admit down time with Logan outstripped being alone by a light year.

  “You don’t want to see me perform live?” he asked, lifting his

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