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  radio interview?”

  “Because you were looking for new adventures with religious zealots?” she teased.

  “Because I wasn’t listening. I was too busy watching you.” He lifted his head and looked down at her. He grinned crookedly. “See, when I tell you things like that, it makes you smile.”

  “It also makes my heart pound,” she admitted.

  He shifted down her body to rest his head against her chest. She wondered if her heart was pounding hard enough to damage his hearing. She lifted a trembling hand and placed it on his head, allowing her fingers to toy with the silky strands of his hair. They lay like that for a long while. She breathed in his scent, which clung to the pillow beneath her head and the entire space of his bunk. She relished the weight of his head on her chest and the feel of his fingertips pressing into either side of her ribcage. Toni’s eyes drifted closed as her thoughts found rare tranquility.

  “Didn’t you come into my bed with plans to seduce me?” he asked.

  She laughed. “I’m not very good at it, if you can’t tell.”

  “No, I can’t tell, and I have the hard-on to prove it.”

  Her heart leaped against her ribcage. She didn’t know if she’d ever become accustomed to such shocking statements.

  “Will you let me suck it?” she asked.

  He laughed and lifted his head. She forced herself to look down and meet his gaze. He had every reason to laugh at her; her attempts to be sexy were ludicrous.

  “Will I let you suck it?”

  “If you’re afraid that I’ll hurt you . . .” She broke eye contact by tipping her chin up. “You’d probably prefer someone who knows what she’s doing. I understand.” She attempted to squirm out of the bunk, but he moved to cover her body and pinned her to the thin mattress beneath him. He grabbed her wrists and held them down on either side of her head. A thrill of unexpected excitement coursed through her body and settled as a throb between her thighs. She’d thought that being held down would be terrifying, but it was actually thrilling. Maybe someday she’d get up the courage to ask him to tie her to the bed.

  “And I thought I was the stupid one.” He shook his head at her. “I never have a problem brushing off a woman I’m not interested in. I know how to say no. If I wanted someone else, I’d say so. The only woman I want is you.”

  “Even though I’m inexperienced?”

  “Hell, I think it’s because you’re inexperienced. It’s refreshing. Even other women who don’t have much experience sure don’t make it known.”

  Toni gasped as realization dawned. “Oh. So I should pretend I know what I’m doing and muddle through it.”

  He kissed the tip of her nose. “Nope. You should keep doing exactly what you’re doing.”

  “Then please stop making this so hard. I don’t like it when you laugh at me.”

  “I’m not laughing at you, lamb. You make me feel happy.”

  Her heart skipped a beat. It seemed to be doing that a lot lately. Maybe she should visit a cardiologist. “I do?”

  “You also make me talk too much. I’m going to shut up now and let you suck my hard-as-granite cock.”

  He kissed her breathless and then rolled onto his side against the wall. She stared into his dreamy blue eyes for a long moment and then glanced down to see if his cock was as hard as he claimed. Not so unfortunately, she got distracted by his muscular chest. Palms flat against him, she explored the hard contours of his pecs. She found his abdomen to be equally mesmerizing and continued to stroke his skin until she noticed his breath was hitching. When she tugged the sheet off his hip, she recognized his predicament immediately. Long, hard, and impressively thick, Logan’s cock strained toward her. There was no way on earth that she could suck that entire thing into her mouth. She glanced up at him uncertainly, but he had his eyes closed and his lower lip trapped between his teeth. Toni longed to snap a picture of that face. Dear lord, if she included a picture of him like that in her book, every woman who saw it would need a change of panties.

  Her gaze returned to his cock. This she was not willing to share with the world. Even though she knew it wasn’t feasible, she wanted him all to herself. Her fingertips touched the hard length of his cock, and it jerked. Startled, she drew her hand away. Was it supposed to do that? Had she hurt him? Maybe she shouldn’t be so bold. Logan produced a sound—half pleasure, half torture—but remained still.

  Toni scooted lower on the bed until his navel was at eye level. She kissed his lower belly, delighted by the quivering quality of his flesh beneath her lips. She touched his cock with her fingers again, and Logan drew a shaky breath into his lungs. Did he like that? She thought so, but she couldn’t be sure. She was tempted to ask him, but remembered that he said she’d know what he liked if she paid attention. Steeling her nerve, she bent her head and drew her tongue over the enlarged head of his cock.

  “Toni, please,” he whispered.

  Please? Please what? She licked him again and waited for his reaction. She liked how a few touches had his breathing labored and his muscles taut. She felt powerful and a little sexy. And really horny. His hand moved to the back of her head. The muscles in his arm tightened, but he didn’t press her forward to force her mouth to take him, though she was pretty sure he wanted to.

  As she worked up the nerve to go for it, Toni trailed her fingers down his thick shaft, tracing a vein just beneath his satiny skin. When her fingers brushed over the wrinkled skin of his testicles, he sucked in a deep breath. She wondered what he would do if she . . . Toni shifted lower and kissed the loose flesh beneath her exploring fingertips. She kissed his balls the way he kissed her between her legs, with coaxing lips and slight flicks of her tongue. He squirmed, his hands moving to the sheet beneath him, which he clung to with clenched fingers.

  Encouraged that he seemed to enjoy her experimentation, she drew the flat of her tongue over the bulge of one nut and then sucked on it gently. She’d known that this area of a man was incredibly sensitive to pain, but she hadn’t been sure if that was true for pleasure. The deep moan of bliss her lover—her lover—produced exhilarated Toni. What other sexy sounds was the man capable of producing besides making a bass guitar purr?

  Her hand circled his shaft, and she lifted her head to stare at his huge cock. It was already seeping fluid. A single drop glistened in the narrow slit at the tip. Toni decided she’d much rather have its lengthy thickness pounding into her hot and achy pussy, but she’d told him she wanted to suck him, so she wasn’t going to change tactics now. You can do this, Toni. She used her hand to direct him into her mouth. Her first taste of him wasn’t what she expected. Salty. Musky. She wasn’t sure if she could take an entire mouthful of his cum. Was she supposed to swallow it? Spit it out? What was the proper procedure the first time you sucked a guy off? Toni decided she needed more experienced friends who would tell her these things. Maybe Reagan would give her advice if she asked, but she couldn’t tell Logan to hold on for a moment while she ran to ask Reagan if she should swallow.

  His fingers untangled from the bedclothes and he stroked her hair gently with one hand. “Feels good, baby. You’re so beautiful. I’m crushing so hard on you right now.”

  Okay, she would totally swallow. Now she just had to excite him enough to get the opportunity. She drew him deeper into her mouth. Deeper. Deeper. Triggered her gag reflex. Drew away abruptly, choking and retching in a most embarrassing fashion.

  Her stomach still clenching with spasms, she buried her face in the mattress beside his hip. Humiliated, she prayed an alien would beam her onto the mother ship and fly her to a distant galaxy.

  Logan touched the back of her head. “Are you okay?”

  “Don’t laugh,” she pleaded, her voice muffled by the bedding.

  “I’m not laughing. You don’t have to deep throat it. The head is the most sensitive part anyway.”

  She knew that. Everyone knew that. Okay, so maybe she hadn’t known that. But now she did.

  “Do y
ou want to try again?” he asked. “Or can I rip off your shirt and fuck your gorgeous tits?”

  Her eyes widened. What? How would that be any fun? Or even possible? She lay there for a while trying to picture how one had her tits fucked.


  She lifted her head to look at him. “You can fuck my tits some other time,” she said. “I’m going to try the blow-job thing again.”

  He bit his lip, and she could tell he was trying really hard not to laugh. She slapped his belly and eyed the thing that had tried to choke her to death.

  “Would you hold it against me if I gave you some instructions?” he asked.

  “I’d be relieved actually.” Perhaps he would save her from embarrassing herself again.

  “Hold the base with one hand,” he said.

  She shifted into a more comfortable position on her knees and one elbow, and used her free hand to grab the base of his cock.

  “Not quite that tight,” he said breathlessly.

  “Sorry.” She loosened her grip.

  “Perfect. Nothing hurts worse than a pair of sharp teeth scraping over the surface of your cock.”


  “Few things,” he amended. “So keep your teeth covered with your lips, like this.” He demonstrated by drawing his lips in over his teeth.

  “Have you done this before, Logan?”

  He laughed. “Uh, not personally, no.”

  She mimicked his teeth-covering technique and looked at him for approval.

  He stroked a stray piece of her hair behind her ear. “Have I mentioned that I’m crushing on you hard?” He snatched her glasses off her nose and set them down on the bed beside him.

  She nodded, still making her I’m-about-to-suck-your-cock face.

  “Go ahead.” He nodded toward his lap.

  Her shoulders tense with nerves, she directed him into her mouth, but didn’t make the mistake of shoving him down her throat this time.

  “Can you take it a little deeper?”

  She took another inch of him.

  “That’s perfect,” he said. “Are you okay?”

  “Mmm-hmmph.” She became aware of her saliva dripping down his shaft and onto her hand.

  She released his cock to wipe her hand on the sheet and tried to suck her spit back into her mouth.

  “Don’t try to be neat,” he whispered. “Slobber all over it. Sloppy and wet is sexy.”

  If he said so. She returned her hand to his shaft, cock head pressed against the roof of her mouth, teeth properly covered by her lips, and waited.

  “I’ll tell you how I like it best, but if it’s too much of a challenge, don’t worry about it. I’ll like anything you do.”

  She was definitely up for a challenge, as long as it didn’t involve his cock all the way down her throat.

  “Suck as you pull back, hum as you go down. Not too deep. Don’t choke yourself.”

  She felt awkward doing the motions at first and had to think really hard about what she was doing—especially the hum thing—but as she got the hang of it, she became aware of how vocal Logan was getting. He definitely liked this.

  “Pull back just a little more,” he gasped, “so your lips bump over the rim—Oh God, just like that.”

  His excitement was infectious. Her hips began to writhe involuntarily. Her panties were entirely drenched, her pussy a throbbing, swollen, far-too-empty place of longing.

  “Rub . . . Rub your tongue . . . against . . . when you go down.”

  She worked her tongue against him.

  “Fuck yes, baby! Just like that. Faster now.”

  She was doing it. She was pleasuring him.

  “Hey, Logan,” someone called from the front of the bus. “The meet and greet is about to start. Are you coming?”

  “Almost,” he called, his back arching off the bed. “Almost.”

  He patted Toni on the back of the head—a signal she didn’t understand—and then exploded in her mouth, bathing her tongue with thick, salty fluids. She swallowed, still using the techniques he’d showed her, until he finished spurting and cursing under his breath.

  She released him from her mouth, the muscles in her face and throat aching, but damn if it hadn’t been worth it. She had totally gotten him off. He’d come. In her mouth.

  He lifted his head off the pillow to focus on her. “Did you swallow that?”

  Still gasping for air, she nodded.

  “Fuck, woman.”

  He grabbed her and tossed her onto her back on the bunk. What? He shoved her skirt up around her waist and grabbed her panties in one hand, yanking them down her thighs. He pulled one leg free of them before spreading her legs wide, climbing between her thighs, and thrusting his still-hard cock deep into her hot, wet cunt. She cried out in excitement—twisting in spasms of delight, her pussy clenching around his driving cock. As his erection subsided, he pulled out in frustration and slid down her body. Two fingers plunged into her pussy, and his mouth latched onto her clit. He quickly worked her into a frenzy, his fingers thrusting in and out of her, his lips and tongue massaging her clit until she was rocking against his face and calling his name. She exploded like a supernova, her entire body engulfed in mindless pleasure. As she drifted down from the stratosphere, Logan moved to wrap her in a tight embrace.

  “I can’t wait to keep you in my hotel room for an entire day and show you all the dirty things I want to do to this body,” he whispered.

  Eyes wide, Toni’s body stiffened. She wasn’t sure if she should be excited or nervous by the prospect.

  “Your pussy tastes so sweet,” he said. “I’m going to start you off by licking it for hours.”

  Okay, excited it was.



  Toni had expected the meet and greet to be thrilling, but things had gotten completely out of hand. Her idea of making this a media event had only added to the mayhem. The band didn’t seem to mind the extra attention, or maybe they were used to the insanity, but security was struggling to keep those with legitimate VIP passes separate from those trying to sneak in separate from those who had heard the radio broadcast and had a protester in tow separate from the press. It was a valiant effort, but they ended up with a big mix of crazy. Toni had no hope of keeping up with most of it, so she decided to stick near Logan, who had taken it upon himself to screen the fans with protesters. Toni had her camera rolling and her voice recorder running and was doing her best to get the blasted release forms signed by anyone who might end up recognizable in her footage and jot down notes at the same time. While Toni was the Queen of Multitasking, everything started to run together in an indistinguishable mix of unfamiliar faces and garbled words. She hoped events weren’t always this overwhelming for the band. How did they put up with this day after day?

  “So have you ever actually listened to any of our songs?” Logan asked a woman holding a sign that read Exodus End Should End Now.

  “Our church group has studied your lyrics,” she said, her eyes bugging out of her head as they shifted from Logan to Max, who was laughing at something a fan said, to Dare, who had a three-foot circle of space around him and a completely inapproachable look on his face. The church woman actually squeaked in terror when the sexy lead guitarist’s eyes met hers.

  “We have lyrics?” Logan glanced at Toni. “Is that what you call the words Max belts out?”

  The woman tore her gaze from Dare to look at Logan. “What?”

  “I don’t think this one is acting,” Logan said to Toni. He’d already discovered three of the “protesters” had been fans in disguise. It hadn’t been difficult. Eventually they started gushing about being in the presence of musical greatness.

  “Why does your church group study Exodus End’s lyrics?” Toni asked, stuffing a release form into the woman’s free hand.

  “Its evil message corrupts our children.”

  “Can I ditch the lady now?” asked the fan who’d somehow talked her into joining him backstage. Maybe
he’d succeeded because he was a boy of fifteen or so who had the most innocent-looking face. Well, except for the nose, eyebrow, and lip piercings. “She’s nucking futs.” The woman gasped and the kid glared at her. “What? I said ‘nucking futs.’ Clean out your ears, old lady.”

  “How did you get her to come backstage with you?” Logan asked.

  “I told her I wanted to be saved. Can I go talk to Mills now? He’s my idol.”

  “Good luck with that,” Logan said. He slapped a backstage pass into the kid’s hand and nodded in Dare’s direction.

  Logan tilted his head at the church lady and scratched his jaw with one finger. “So which songs did you analyze? I’m trying to remember which ones have an evil message.”

  The woman glanced nervously at Toni. Toni was sure it was because she looked “normal.”

  “Isn’t he gorgeous?” Toni asked her.


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