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Virgin Honeymoon (The Honeymoon Diaries)


  Title Page



  On My Way!

  My Wedding Day!

  The Morning After ;)

  Cabana Love

  Commando Dinner

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  Dear Reader




  Electronic and print editions published by

  Starfish Publishing House, January 2013.

  Copyright © 2013 by Starfish Publishing/Nicolette Lyons

  Cover art © Deposit Photos/LisaA85

  ISBN-13: 978-1481983013

  ISBN-10: 1481983016

  Copyright 2013 by Nicolette Lyons.

  All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction, in whole or in part in any form. This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

  For my husband.

  On My Way!

  Since you’re my journal I probably don’t need to introduce myself but I will anyway. I’m Ava Patrick-- soon-to-be Ava Bishop-- and you are the start of my Honeymoon Diaries.

  Why journal the intimate details of my honeymoon?

  Some say the honeymoon only lasts a week or two, some say a year. I say I hope the romance and sex and the way I love Sean lasts every bit as long as my marriage.

  I think you have to work at marriage. Work at sex. Work at getting and staying creative. Anyway, I’m writing it all down because twenty or thirty or fifty years from now I want to be able to remember all the wonderful times Sean and I have together, and if the passion begins to wane I can pull out my journals and relive these fabulous times to get the juices flowing again. I don’t ever want to forget the love and desire I feel for this man God placed in my life.

  Oh! They just called boarding for my flight for Aruba. I’ll soon be a Mrs.!

  Wish me luck!

  My Wedding Day!

  I’m a June bride. In Aruba. :) And let me tell you there is nothing better than a sunset wedding. Talk about a wonderful day! All the preparation, all the planning, all the phone calls and emails... Totally worth it. Best of all, the sky put on quite a show, turning glorious shades of pink and yellow, purple and red, like God painted it just for us as we took our vows.

  As to the wedding night...

  I step from the shower and grab one of the hotel’s super soft towels to dry. Every nerve in my body tingles, hyper-sensitive to touch. I can’t wait for the night to begin, and yet, I’m terrified.

  I left my hair up after the ceremony on the beach, and while a bit damp, a quick glance in the mirror shows that the intricate twists and curls and pins put there by the hotel stylists have held position. I quickly dry off and gasp at the way my body tingles when I slip the towel between my legs.

  Biting my lip, I do it again, lightly, slowly, grazing the bundle of nerves. I have to open my mouth to suck in more air because--wow--just the thought of being with Sean has me on edge. My breasts are sensitive, too, puckered tight and achy.

  Yeah, I’ve looked forward to this night for a long time, but I never expected the anticipation to be so keen. I hope I’m always as excited about sex with my husband, but realistically I know things change. All the more reason to keep things fresh right?

  With that thought in mind, I look at the nightie hanging on the back of the bathroom door. The baby doll ensemble appears sweetly innocent but naughty at the same time, a perfect concoction of lace and gauze and satin, with plenty of fullness around my waist to disguise the weight I couldn’t lose despite my best efforts.

  In short order I dress and smooth the thigh-high stockings into place. My hands tremble but I don’t let myself falter.

  I force my gaze up and take a long look at myself in the full-length mirror.

  Granted, I’ve always been more modest than most women my age, but when I see myself I laugh a little because the sight is so over-the-top for me.

  My D-cup breasts spill over the lacy cups of the baby doll ensemble, and every breath makes it appear they’re ready to pop out of the barely-there confines. I know my husband of three hours is definitely going to appreciate the view, but as a twenty-five-year-old virgin I feel more than a little silly.

  And very exposed.

  But hot?

  I want to look fantastic for Sean. In the years to come when we’re tired and wrinkled and old, I want him to remember our wedding night and all the future nights we’ll spend together, all the effort I put into my appearance for no other reason than the fact I love him and want to look my best for him. Vanity is a sin, but I want to blow Sean’s mind. Doesn’t every woman want to look good for the man she loves?

  I do. Because Sean is... perfect. He’s kind and generous, giving, not to mention tall, dark, and gorgeous. He has thick, jet black hair and sun-kissed skin from the time he spends on his boat at the lake. His voice is unique, with a raspy tone to it that makes me shiver in excitement every time he presses his lips to my ear and whispers the things he plans to do with me once that we’re married. And now we are. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  There were times when I wondered how on earth we could wait until our wedding night, but having dedicated myself to God at fourteen, my decision to remain a virgin until marriage meant saying no. A lot. Even when sometimes I really didn’t want to. Establishing relationship rules early on so that any guy who dated me knew he wouldn’t be getting some unless he married me helped--but it also meant word got around. Needless to say, no sex kept my dating life to a minimum.

  Until Sean. Like the others, Sean learned he would have to wait. But unlike the others, he loved me enough to wait. And he did... a full fourteen months. He’s traveled during that time for his job so that has helped but... after all this time... I don’t want Sean laughing at my attempts to dress for him and our oh-so special night. I wonder if the outfit is too much? Not enough? Maybe I should’ve purchased something a little more... risque? Or simply wait for him in bed, naked as Eve? Something he will remember when his job keeps him away from home for a week or more at a time.

  I finally decide that the outfit is fun, and I need to stop obsessing about it.

  Dressed, I sit in miniature vanity chair in the bathroom and slip on sparkly, four-inch heels. Thanks to them I top out at five-nine, still five inches shorter than Sean, but better able to meet his kisses without hanging onto his neck like a child.

  Standing, I wobble a bit until I get used to them. Definitely higher than my norm.

  Once more, I look in the mirror and feel my body begin to heat with excitement. I squeeze my thighs together, hoping to ease the awareness, but instead the move makes it worse.

  Oh no. If Sean touches me there... He’ll be able to feel the slickness beginning to form.

  I’m not sure what to do about that so I keep moving, dressing, preparing for my wedding night.

  The baby doll nightie fits tight around my boobs with bits of lace but flares out from there, the see-through white material ending at my hips and revealing intriguing glimpses of the barely-there lace panties beneath.

  My makeup needs freshening but Sean prefers a more natural look and I don’t want to smell like cosmetics. I do add a bit of shine to my lips, knowing he loves the flavor and it will disappear rather quickly during the first kiss.

  “Hey. Can I come in?” Sean asks, his words followed by a soft knock at the bathroom door.

  My nerves kick into overdrive and it’s everything I can do
to breathe properly.

  Because honestly? My junior high students know more about sex than I do. “I... I’ll be right out!” I call, desperate for a few more seconds alone.

  I say a quick prayer, suck in my stomach and try to remember all the things my female friends have talked about over the years regarding sex and what men like.

  Sean turns to face me the moment I open the door, and my pulse goes crazy. After the wedding and reception on the beautiful beach, Sean walked me to our honeymoon suite, leaving me to get ready with claims he had some mysterious thing he had to do. Apparently the to-do list included having some of our wedding cake to be delivered to the suite.

  Other than the one bite shared between us for pictures, I haven’t eaten anything all day. “You’ve been busy,” I say.

  Sean opens his mouth but remains speechless for a moment. Speechless! Maybe the outfit is a hit after all.

  “You look... Ah, sweetheart. You’re so beautiful.”

  He holds out his hand and waits for me to take it. I smile at the gesture, thrilled at the sight of his wedding band. My bands sparkle and flash like a lighthouse in the candlelight, making me want to do that silly thing women often do and hold my hand out just so I can admire the newly added diamond band. It isn’t just the ring that I like, but all that it stands for. I’m bound to Sean now, and in the realm of marriage and intimacy, nothing is off-limits.

  The thought alone makes me giddy. Sean has said some tantalizing things to me during our time together. Oh, my.

  “Are you hungry,” he asks. “You didn’t eat much at the reception.”

  How could I, knowing with every second that ticked by we grew closer to being able to say goodbye to our guests and head to our room? “No, I’m...”


  I can’t stop the laugh that leaves me.

  “Don’t be nervous, love”

  “Easy for you to say.” The words slip out before I can stop them and I immediately shake my head, wishing I could retract them.

  I don’t want to ruin the mood. I have no anger toward Sean for not coming toward our marriage bed a virgin. Truthfully, I’m grateful one of us knows what we’re doing, though I certainly don’t like the idea of him with someone else.

  Sean shared his past with me before we took our vows, disclosing a few details I sometimes wish he hadn’t told me due to my own insecurites and confidence issues.

  That’s his past life. You’re his ever-after.

  Sean steps toward me, drawing my attention from my thoughts. He lifts his hands to my shoulders, sliding them gently up my neck to my face, using his thumbs to tilt my head just so. He holds my gaze while he lower his head and brushes his lips across mine.

  “Mmm. You taste good.”

  He deepens the kiss, his tongue pushing inside my mouth to tangle with my own.

  I’m lightheaded. Whether it’s from nerves or not eating, or his kiss, I don’t know. But it adds to the pleasure and sensation. I grip his shoulders for balance, sliding my hands beneath his tuxedo jacket. I push the jacket to the floor, glad his tie is already hanging loose and several of his shirt buttons are undone. That helps me find my way, unbuttoning his shirt the rest of the way, moving my hands lower and lower until I can touch him unheeded.

  Sean’s lips are on my neck now, sucking and nibbling my skin, the heat of his mouth countered by the coolness of his hair against my cheek. His hands are on my ribs, his thumbs just beneath my breasts. He pulls me flush against the length of him, his palms grabbing my rear and squeezing, the act revealing his growing arousal.

  His... cock.

  I’ve decided cock is the better word. Penis might be the proper term but it sounds too medical. I prefer to think of it as his cock. A cock that will be filling me very soon...

  The thought no sooner flits through my head when Sean uses his grip on my rear to lift me onto my toes, harder against the bulge in his pants. I moan. I can’t help it. The sound brings Sean’s mouth back to mine. This time the kiss is harder, longer, deeper and I realize that while we have spent plenty of time making out, Sean has always held a part of himself back. This kiss is everything those in the past weren’t. This one is forceful, passionate, the kind that makes me want to grab his shoulders and wrap my legs around his waist, all in an attempt to ease the ache growing in my lower belly.

  By the time Sean ends the kiss, I’m gasping for air and I notice something strange. My breasts are peaked and the feel of the lace rubbing against my nipples leaves me resisting the urge to rub my hands over them.

  Thankfully Sean rubs my breasts for me, then lowers his head and presses a line of kisses from my jaw to my chest, his fingers plucking at the stretchy shoulder straps and pushing one off my shoulder so that he can close his lips around my nipple and suck.

  Sensation rocks me. The baby doll falls to my feet and I don’t care. I squeeze my thighs tight at the sharp stab of sensation, but the pressure doesn’t help. Every pull of Sean’s lips on my breast leaves me hungering for more. Wanting more. Wanting him. But I can’t make myself say the words because I’m still like that around him. Shy, quiet. The man makes me blush, for heaven’s sake. How can I say the things in my head?

  His hand closes over me and I barely stay on my feet. I lean against Sean and in a quick move he swings me up into his arms and lays me on the bed.

  I’m sprawled out in a hot-flushed heap, my feet dangling over the side. Sean remains standing there for several long, wildly intense seconds, his gaze hot as he rakes my body from head to toe, all the while yanking at his cufflinks and ridding himself of his shirt, unfastening his belt and shoving his pants low.

  I’ve seen him in swim shorts, his broad chest and big hairy feet bare. I’ve felt him aroused, straining against the material of his pants when things between us got a little too heated. But I’ve never seen him completely naked and the sight takes my breath away. He’s big all over. Arms, chest. His abs are toned and mouthwateringly lickable.

  And his cock...

  I know the basics. You can’t get through school and not learn sex ed. But nothing prepares me for how big it is. How long. I want to touch it, explore and learn the shape and feel of him, but when I stretch out a hand to do just that, Sean shakes his head, denying me.

  “Later. Tonight is all about you.”


  Smiling a wickedly sensual smile, he braces a hand on the bed beside my head and leans over me, kisses me.

  “Plenty of time for that later,” he says against my mouth.

  His hands are all over me. Touching, lightly pinching. Exploring me the way I ache to touch him. I’m so aware of him watching me, my every reaction, but I’m also caught up in the sensations he’s created and I don’t care enough to be embarrassed.

  It’s wonderful. Heady. That place between my legs starts to really burn.

  “Tell me what you like, sweetheart.”

  Sean watches me as he takes one of my nipples between his thumb and finger and lightly pinches.

  Pleasure shoots through me, all the way to my core. “Th-that.”

  “Hmm... What else?”

  This time he lowers his head and fastens his entire mouth around my breast, taking in as much as he can, sucking me, soft at first and then harder. His tongue flicks over my nipple, curling around the pebbled tip. I arch my back in response, drawn to the pleasure-pain of it.

  He repeats the caresses, lavishing my other breast before moving lower, kissing and licking and sucking his way down my body, not stopping until he reaches the lace panties. He lowers himself to his knees beside the bed, wedges his chest between my legs.

  “Pretty little panties,” he says before kissing me there, right on top of my pubic bone. “What do they hide from me?”

  With slow deliberation he pulls the lace down, stopping once to simply gaze at that most intimate part of me until he frees me of them entirely.

  Without him touching me I return to my senses. I try to close my thighs but Sean denies me once

  “I can’t wait to hear my bride come,” he says, the expression on his face revealing his deliberation in twisting the words to have new meaning. “Heels on the bed,” he orders, helping to arrange me so that my heels dig into the edge of the mattress and hold.

  I’m so exposed, but I don’t deny him. I can’t.

  Sean runs his hands down the inside of my legs from my knees to my thighs and back up again. He licks his lips, his gaze moving from that part of me I have so long denied him, to my breasts and face and back again. I get the distinct impression I’m not the only one trying to record our time together. Sean acts as though he wants to remember every detail of this moment, maybe because once we return home he’ll go back to traveling the world for his job as a geological consultant specializing in...something I’m still not quite sure I understand.

  “I’ve waited so long for this. I want to make it last,” he says, the words murmured hotly against my stocking-clad inner knee.

  “I want you,” I whisper. “Inside me.”

  I can see the effect my words have on him. His nostrils flare as he takes a breath , his gaze burning with desire he struggles to bank. No doubt because of my virginity. If he only knew how I long for him to take it. To rid of me of it so that we can do more, do everything, without the fear of pain.

  “Not yet.”


  “You’re not ready yet,” he tells me. “And you won’t deny me this.”

  This is his hand sliding to the center of me. He palms me first, murmuring about how wet I am, before his thumb rubs over my clitoris, back and forth.

  “So, so wet.”

  I’m mortified. “Sorry.”

  Sean’s husky chuckle makes me feel even more foolish.

  “I’m not. It’ll make it easier when I’m in you.”

  I can’t inhale. I can’t move. All I can do is lay there and watch as Sean rids of me of the panties and strokes me, gathering the moisture and using it to slip one of his fingers into my channel. “Sean.”

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