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Made to Riot_The Ancestors MC, page 18

 part  #5 of  Beards and Leather Series


Made to Riot_The Ancestors MC

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  My heart warmed and a smile formed on my face.

  “You mean it?” I asked.

  “More than I’ve ever meant anything else.”

  He held my hands for a moment, and we stood there in silence, gazing into each other’s eyes.

  “But this can’t wait any longer,” he said, dropping my hands and running out of the room.

  Before I had a chance to wonder what he was doing, he returned, a small, velvet box in his hands.

  “I’d been thinking about where I’d give you this, thinking that I’d have to wait for the perfect time. But I can’t think of a more perfect moment than learning that we’re going to be a family.”

  He held out the box, and I took in a sharp breath. I knew just what it was.

  He opened the box, revealing a gorgeous, glittering ring.

  “Anya Wynn, will you marry me?”

  I stared into his beautiful hazel eyes, feeling happier than I’d ever felt in my life.

  “Of course I will!” I shouted, throwing my hands around him.

  When I finally let him go, Bryce slipped the ring onto my finger, the stone catching the morning light.

  “I love you,” he said, his voice warm.

  “I love you too, baby,” I said.

  And we kissed. I knew then that our love was for real, that leaving was the last thing he wanted. And as we embraced, all I could think about was how wonderful the future looked before us. I couldn’t wait to see it for myself.



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  Born to Ride: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Midnight Hunters MC) (Beards and Leather Book 3)

  I was born to ride her ‘til she breaks.

  She was never meant for a man like me.

  But a vicious blizzard drove her into my arms.

  So I did the only thing I know how to do:

  I bent her over my chopper and made her MINE.


  There’s no feeling quite like walking in the door of your home and seeing your fiancé getting hot and heavy with a strange woman in your bed.

  It’s rage and sadness and embarrassment all mixed up in one nasty cocktail.

  And coincidentally, a cocktail is exactly what I needed after I caught that lousy S.O.B. cheating.

  After that stiff drink (and maybe a couple more), I had to decide what I’d do next.

  Maybe a few days at home with my family would do my soul some good.

  I pack up my things and hit the road, but it doesn’t take long before my luck gets even worse.

  A nasty blizzard drives me off the highway.

  Now, I’m stranded, freezing, and alone…

  Except for the dying man in the ditch.

  I almost screamed when I saw him.

  A brawny, tatted beast lying half-naked in the snow.

  I don’t know whether to help him out or run screaming for the hills.

  But my conscience won’t let me leave him there.

  So I bundle him into my car and go searching for somewhere to stay while the storm blows over.

  We find an abandoned cabin…

  The beast wakes up…

  And that’s where my troubles truly began.


  I woke up freezing and on the verge of death.

  My memory is a painful blank.

  But I know one thing: whoever did this to me is going to pay the price.

  I’m not sure who it was or how I ended up here.

  But I’m glad the girl picked me up.

  I might be dead if not for her.

  Time to show my appreciation… the way only an outlaw biker knows how.

  She takes us to an isolated shack, and then we started drinking.

  The first whiskey warms us up.

  The second gets us talking.

  The third strips her naked.

  Making her mine is savage and sweaty.

  But what she doesn’t know is that the men who put me in that ditch are coming to finish the job.

  If she wants to survive this ride on the wild side, she’ll have to follow my commands.

  Get on your knees.

  And get ready to open wide.

  Built to Kill: A Bad Boy Hitman Romance (Moretti Family Mafia)

  I was built to kill… and born to f**k her senseless.


  No one chooses the mob life.

  But killing is what I do.

  And I'm good at it.

  I guess you could say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  Saw things I wasn't supposed to.

  So I swore my allegiance to mafia boss Matteo Moretti.

  He taught me to kill.

  And became the man I grew to hate.

  He thought he could buy my loyalty.

  He was wrong.

  I've always wondered if this day would come…

  When I couldn't pull the trigger.

  I figured a bullet would be the death of me.

  But it wasn’t a gun that killed me.

  She did.


  Scraping dollar bills off the floor to the cheers of leering men.

  My parents would've been proud...

  Too bad I never knew them.

  Life sure has a funny way of working itself out.

  But I'm a survivor.

  At least, I used to be.

  But then I end up at an outlaw party with a killer’s gun held to my head.

  Why the hitman didn't pull the trigger, I'll never know.

  But now I'm at his mercy…

  And he's coming to take what belongs to him.

  Ride ‘Til Dawn: A Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance (Filthy Fools MC)

  A ride on the bad boy left me pregnant.

  I've had enough of heartache.

  My life is one long never-ending nightmare, thanks to my vicious stepdad.

  But that I'm eighteen, I finally have a chance at freedom…

  And I've never felt freedom like I do on the back of Dusty's bike.

  But with his hard muscles, glistening tattoos, and rugged face, I should be running for the hills—not straight into his arms.

  A bad boy rebel who rides is trouble incarnate, and I've had enough bad luck already to last me a lifetime.

  But I can't resist my outlaw knight in shining leather.

  He wants to hold me.

  Romance me.

  Seduce me.

  Protect me.

  I keep telling him I'm not a girl who needs protecting.

  I've always looked after myself…

  But that was before the baby.

  The Traitor’s Baby: Reaper’s Hearts MC


  She’s my enemy’s daughter.

  She’s a cold-blooded traitor.

  And after a dirty, dominant one-night stand…

  She’s the mother of my child.

  This isn’t a love story.

  After all, what’s romantic about a sweaty, filthy one-night stand between strangers?

  Not a damn thing.

  Bending Kenzie over my bed wasn’t cute or sweet.

  Neither was all the violence that came after.

  An unexpected baby would’ve been bad enough.

  But that’s just the beginning of our little romance.

  Because Kenzie is more than just a casual fling.

  After our little tryst, she’s something far more important…

  She’s carrying my baby.

  Too bad she’s also trying to kill me.

  Filthy Nights: Demon Riders MC

br />

  Lovers for a night.

  Strangers again in the morning.

  But one slip meant he left an unexpected surprise in my womb.


  All she wants is to get away from her violent past.

  Too bad I’m the man who’s been sent to drag her back.

  At first, she was just a means to an end.

  But when I find out she’s carrying my baby, everything changes.

  Now, I’m becoming a man I never thought I’d be:

  One who kills to protect what’s his.

  Filthy Sins: Sons of Wolves MC

  I never should have slept with him. Now, I’m pregnant with his child.

  The biker saved me from my alcoholic daddy.

  In return, he wants me to have his baby.

  It’s so wrong, and yet it feels so good.

  But our filthy sins might cost us everything.

  Because my dad’s corrupt cop friends want to kill my baby’s father and drag me back to hell.

  My belly is growing, but my hometown is burning.

  I have to decide:

  Can I trust the outlaw to keep our baby safe?

  Knocked Up by the Killer: A Hitman Baby Romance

  Killing is my business.

  But f**king her will be the sweetest pleasure.

  Her scumbag ex ran off, leaving a mountain of debt for her to deal with.

  The thing is, I don’t give a damn about her sob story.

  I care about one thing only:

  Getting what I came for.

  She doesn’t have the cash to fork over.

  What she does have is a body I’m dying to claim.

  So as long as I’m waiting around for her to make ends meet…

  I might as well give myself a taste.

  When I take her, she’s as delicious as I imagined.

  And her pleading moans are music to my ears.

  But then something else came along, something I never expected…

  She got pregnant.

  All of the sudden, her situation is out of control.

  She’s got her billionaire mafia boss thirsting after her.

  A killer’s baby in her belly.

  And a multi-million-dollar debt hanging over her head.

  If she wants to get out of this alive, she’ll have to do exactly what I tell her to.

  Starting with this:

  Get on your knees, darling.

  Knocked Up by the Rebel: The Shadow Hunters MC


  I’ve made mistakes I won’t repeat.

  Like letting Daphne out of my bed.

  Now that I’ve got her back, she’ll never leave my sight again.

  That’s what happens when you hide my son from me.

  Who the f*** does she think she is?

  Keeping my son from me?

  Furious doesn’t even begin to describe my mood.

  I don’t care what she thinks I’ve done.

  Hell, she’s probably right.

  It’s true: I’ve stolen stuff. I’ve hurt people.

  But I don’t regret a godd*mn thing.

  This is just the path I’ve chosen.

  She thought she’d chosen a path to get away from me.

  But that’s impossible.

  Because she has something that belongs to me.

  And I’m coming to get it back.

  Knocked Up by the Enforcer: Satan’s Legion MC


  …and now she’s pregnant with my child.

  Mina Parker, the President’s daughter, is carrying the Vice President’s kid.

  Now the Satan’s Legion MC is in an uproar.

  And it’s my fault.

  The rules have been broken.

  The laws have been disgraced.

  I screwed up, I know that.

  But I could still make it all better.

  All it would take to put an end to the chaos is for me to come clean.

  All I would take is for me to look the President in the eye and tell him the truth:

  “I’m the one who had your precious daughter writhing beneath me.

  And I intend to have her again.”

  Knocked Up by the Hitman: A Bad Boy Baby Romance


  It was either submit to the hitman…

  Or surrender to his gun against my head.

  Can you really blame me for what I did next?

  Living out of my car, down to my last few bucks…

  Could things be any worse?

  Turns out the answer is yes.

  When my car gets stolen – with me still in the backseat – by a gun runner and his junkie brother,

  I figure I’ve seen my last sunrise.

  This is it for me.

  But to my surprise, the hitman makes me a deal.

  He’ll help me erase my old life and start fresh.

  In return, I owe him…

  Anything he wants.

  I’ll do whatever it takes to get away from my past.

  But as it turns out, Russell has a hunger that only a taste of me will satisfy.

  I strip down and give him what he desires – over and over and over again.

  For a while, it seems like things might be better.

  I have a new home, a new identity, a new purpose.

  But then I see the three little lines no girl like me ever wants to see.

  It means I’m pregnant.

  Before I can tell Russell about our baby, his junkie brother comes looking for his slice of the pie.

  There might be a beautiful new life lying in wait for Russell and me.

  But only if I can get out of this bedroom alive.

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  Nicole Fox, Made to Riot_The Ancestors MC



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