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  Copyright © 2015 by Neel Majumder

  All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the writer except for the use of brief quotations in a book review or scholarly journal.

  First Printing: 2015

  ISBN 9781310790270



  ‘The depth of ocean is as mysterious as depth of our imagination’- David looked at his son. Bryan was looking at the sea with eyes full of wonder. The experience was so amazing. They were travelling by train over the sea on Pamban Bridge. Bryan liked Rameswaram. It was totally different from Dallas but the city had soul. Amy was sleeping & had fever so was looking a bit pale. She was lying on Emily’s lap. David looked at Emily. She was tired. Her eyes were closed. He was lucky to have Emily in his life. David was marketing manager of American Express Bank. He wanted to change his surroundings after the incident at Dallas. When he saw an opening in India, he took it. He was in Rameswaram for a year and now transferred to Kolkata, also known as City of Joy. David only hoped for some peace if not joy for his family. He heard that it’s a big city. So he was optimistic. He was not yet properly blended with the Indian culture but he loved their spirituality and dedication at work. Emily served them her special homemade cheese sandwich. After dinner Bryan looked at upper berth. He wanted to sleep there but Amy was already there. As an older brother he suppressed his wish. Emily used to tell him that he should be mature and sometimes for happiness of little sister, he might have to compromise little wishes.

  Emily and David were discussing their future. It happened 2 years before but still they could not able to recover fully. But they had to start fresh. David touched Emily’s hand and told her to think positive and everything would change eventually.

  Bryan looked at Amy. Amy was still laughing and playing on the upper sit. Sometimes he got upset as David & Emily stopped scolding Amy these days. Amy became naughtier. May be after the incident they gave Amy more space. Bryan turned on the other side & closed his eyes.

  After Two nights of journey they reached Kolkata. At first Bryan was not much happy about Kolkata because it was crowded and smoky. Dark smokes from car were all over. But when they reached the apartment in Elgin Road, it was a better place. Nice clean neighbourhood. It was well decorated. Emily and David loved it. In the evening Sushila came. Sushila was hired as maid for Miller family. She informed them that from next day she would be at their service for 24 hours. Emily liked her pleasant and humble nature. Miller couple asked Sushila to have dinner with them but Sushila had some works to do so she left with modest denial.

  Next morning David left for office early. Emily made breakfast and prepared to take bath. Suddenly she heard a sound. Curiously she followed the sound and saw Bryan was on the floor. He looked at Amy & she was smiling. Bryan was a brave boy so he didn’t cry but Emily knew that he was hurt. Sushila came just at the time. She washed the cut area with antiseptic and applied the medicine. Bryan didn’t answer Emily that how he fell down.

  Sushila came as a big help for Emily. She was really a bit scared when saw Bryan on the floor bleeding. Sushila took care the situation perfectly. Emily was relaxing after lunch. She was reading a novel. Bryan entered in to her room, climbed her bed and hugged her silently. Emily was surprised but said nothing. She hugged him back silently.

  Sushila put the coffee on the table beside Emily’s bed. Emily was little sleepy, slowly opened her eyes. Looked at the watch, she slept for 30 minutes. Asked Sushila to bring here milk-chocolate for Bryan. Sushila replied her that she already gave Milk-chocolate to Bryan who was playing with her from last 2 hours. Emily came back to her sense and found herself hugging the pillow instead of Bryan. The dream was so real….

  David came back from office. It was a good day in office. It’s a busy city with larger population. Account manager Mr Risav Roy invited them for dinner tomorrow. David started to feel comfortable already in this new city. Mr.Roy told David that this is the Speciality of this City. It welcomes everyone with love. Emily and Bryan were watching a movie on TV. David was discussing with Mr Roy over phone on some official matter. He was standing on balcony. The city was looking beautiful from 7th floor. After the phone discussion, David was going to join Emily and Bryan. Saw Bryan was sleeping on their bed. David silently moved to drawing room to join Emily but saw Bryan there with Emily. He rushed back to their bedroom. No one was there. David came back to drawing room and joined them on the movie.

  At night Bryan looked at Amy from inside the bed cover who was on other side of the room on her bed. Amy was again playing and laughing even this midnight. Sometimes it was irritating. Amy looked back sharply like she read his mind. Bryan felt numb. He covered his face and closed his eye.

  Sushila had some family urgency so she made breakfast and lunch for Millers and left early. Emily was playing game with Bryan. She noticed that the Cross on the front wall turned upside down. Emile became very angry on Sushila as this should be her idiotic work. She rushed to the wall and turned it properly.

  David came home early. They had dinner invitation at Rishav’s(Mr Roy) place.Mr & Mrs Roy had no kids. They were young, modern & open minded. They welcomed Miller family very warm heartedly. Emily liked Alivia (Mrs Roy). Her curly hair, cute smile and friendly nature made her more attractive. Bryan also became very friendly with Alivia within such short time. On the way back home David felt good. After that lovely dinner, David felt some positivity. Finally they were moving on.

  Alivia was washing the dinner dishes. She felt a naughty hand was slowly sliding through her waist. She knew it was Rishav. She turned and pushed Rishav away. Rishav was in a naughty mood. Alivia kissed him and told him to wait till she finished her cleaning work. Rishav asked Alivia about Millers while surfing TV channels. Alivia leaned her back on the couch. She had a nice time with Millers. They were sweet, modest & gentle. Only one thing troubled her. Every time Bryan entered in to the room where every day she worship god and lit candles, all candles were blown off by something. She noticed it few times. Sometimes Bryan also talked to own self. Rishav stopped Alivia and started to kiss her. 

  Emily today planned to roam local area. Sushila became their local guide. Millers apartment were at the heart of the city. Within 10 minutes of walking distance there was a big shopping mall with well-known international and Indian brands. Emily felt so good. Emily didn’t like Rameswaram mall but here it was huge and much better. After shopping Sushila led them to NANDAN, It was the cultural epicentre of Kolkata. There after Sushila took them to St Paul’s Cathedral, which was just nearby Nandan. St. Paul's Cathedral is a 160 years old Anglican cathedral of the Church of North India. The architectural beauty of the cathedral amazed Emily. But the enchanting was shattered by Bryan’s sudden S C R E A M ! ! ! ! ! ! !   & he fell down unconsciously. They came back home. Emily called David. He came along with a doctor and Mr Roy. Doctor assured nothing to be fear. Sometimes change of place effects children.

  At night Emily was describing David about the incident at Church when Bryan came in. Emily asked him what happened today. Bryan was silent. Then he hugged Emily and told her not to scold Amy because it was Amy who suddenly scratch his back and pushed him. Emily slowly pulled of his t-shirt and saw nail marks on shoulder. David looked at Emily. Emily hugged Bryan; tears were rolling down from her eyes.

  Sushila was working in kitchen and was thinking that what happened with little Bryan. She turned and saw Bryan standing behind her. Sushila smiled and told Bryan “ I am just about to bring your Choco Milk “ She took the Glass of Milk and turned back to give it to Bryan but saw no one standing there. Sushila moved in a hurry to Ryan’s r
oom to give him the milk but stunned to find Bryan was in a sound sleep.

  David called Emily to inform that he fixed an appointment with doc for Bryan. Doctor Rudra was a famous Physichriatist. Emily was confused and later decided not to visit doctor right now. But after yesterday he knew that Bryan needed help. David went to meet Doc Rudra alone. Doctor Rudra asked David to tell everything in details.

  “Bryan is my 9 years son. After Bryan, we agreed not to try for another child. Emily and I, both were happy with the decision. But one day Bryan suddenly started to demand for a sister. Bryan was 5 years old and very stubborn kid. He cried for nights to have a sister. We realized that Bryan was feeling alone, like his other friends he wanted to have a sibling too. Well we adopted a girl, Amy. Amy was 3 years old then. She was sweet like honey and her smile brought happiness in our family. Once we were in a family picnic and Amy was 5 years old then. Bryan and Amy were playing. Emily and I were folding our tent. Bryan came to us and fell on ground senseless. Amy was not with him. We searched Amy for hours but failed to find. Later after 6 hours Amy’s body was found floating on the river. She was slipped and her head was hit on a rock. After that Bryan was in shock for 5 months and he still can’t able to remember what happened that day. Then I moved here in India.

  I thought with new place everything will be fine. Bryan also became normal like before. But suddenly yesterday Bryan said that Amy pushed him and when I asked more about Amy he told me that Amy never left him. She stays with him, plays with him.

  I need your help Doc.”

  Rudra assured to help David. He had to council Bryan immediately but first he should discuss with Emily because she spent maximum time with Bryan.

  Sushila was concerned about Millers. She went to nearby Temple of Goddess Kali and prayed for them. Emily was in the kitchen. She went to Bryan’s room to give him blessings. Bryan was playing alone facing on the wall. Sushila called him politely so that she could touch the “Blessed Flower”, which she brought with her from temple, on his forehead. Bryan turned his face slowly. Sushila was shacked. Dropped the blessed-flower. “OH MY GOD” Sushila mumbled. She ran out from the room. Bryan looked at the flower on the floor. It started to burn and turned into dust. He turned back to play again.

  Sushila rushed to kitchen. She told Emily that she wanted to resign. From tomorrow she won’t come. Emily was surprised. Sushila was breathing fast. She looked scared. Sushila apologised for acting like this but she said nothing more to Emily. Just packed her things and on the way out she stopped once. Looked back at Emily with a very scared face and told her “UNHOLY- Only GOD may help you now” with a trembled voice.

  Emily never imagined such situation. Sushila was nice. She could not figure out the reason of Sushila’s sudden change of mind and expressions. What scared her? Why she said such things?

  Bryan came and sat beside Emily. He said that he wanted to see cartoon. Emily smiled and changed to cartoon channel. Emily was tired and shocked by sushila’s behaviour. Her eyes went heavy and closed half. She saw the cross on the wall slowly turned upside down. Suddenly water was licking behind the cross out of nowhere. Emily couldn’t believe in her eyes. She couldn’t move. She wanted to move but someone grabbed her hand so strongly. It was Bryan. Oh my god. Bryan was bleeding from head. He was looking so pale. The wall was bleeding..

  B L O O D – B L O O D all over …………

  Emily jumped of the couch. She came back to her senses. It was a horrible dream.

  She saw Bryan was standing in front of her. He slowly walked to his room. Emily was still sweating. It was so scary. She rushed to kitchen and had two glasses of cold water. Splashed some cold water on her face & sat on the couch. She looked at the wall, slowly. The cross was upside down! ! ! ! ! !

  CLING CLONG – The doorbell rang. Emily moved towards the door with trembled steps. It was Alivia. Emily called her early that day after Sushila left. Alivia came with chocolates and her sweetest smile. Emile felt really good for a moment. Alivia found it little surprising that Sushila left the job without prior notice. She knew Sushila. Sushila used to work for Alivia too. She was very responsible type of person. Well Alivia promised Emily to find another maid within few days. She looked at the wall and saw the cross upside down. She walked to wards the cross and turned it to proper position and smiled at Emily. Then before she left she wanted to meet little Bryan. He was in his room. Alivia entered into the room with chocolates in her hand. Bryan was standing in the middle of the room. He was looking different. Alivia slowly walked towards him. Gave him the chocolate. Bryan took it with a smile. Alivia then leaned to hug him. The little golden cross from Alivia,s neck chain, popped out. Bryan’s expression changed when he looked at her cross. He pushed Alivia away. It was so strong that she was almost thrown out from the room. The door closed hard on her face. Emily was in kitchen. Alivia slowly moved to kitchen and asked for water. Then she smiled and left without said anything to Emily.

  Emily was not feeling good. She told David about Sushila but skipped her scary dialog and the dream.

  Alivia couldn’t sleep last night. It was unbelievable; the way little Bryan threw her out of the room. First it was the candle at the home then the cross was oppositely placed in Emily,s wall, Sushila left the job of Millers without any reason and finally Bryan’s abnormal behaviour. Even Emily was shaken. She was trying to show all were fine but she couldn’t hide. Emily and David might be in some trouble. It’s a new country and new city. Alivia felt that she should help them. She had to meet Sushila.

  Emily decided to spend more time with Bryan. Bryan’s imaginary Amy might be the result of his loneliness or may be if they adopt another girl child then Bryan might be overcome from Amy’s memory. Emily was playing with Bryan and after a bit normal chatting she told Bryan that they might bring another sister for Bryan. Bryan looked back at Emily. Emily was expecting Bryan would turn excited to hear it but he simply looked back. It was blunt and cold look. He said – “No need mom. Amy would be angry” . Emily said with a very motherly soft voice – “Amy is won’t be back Bryan. You are mature enough to understand that now. We are so sorry Bryan but you must accept this. We love you always. We loved Amy too”

  Bryan again looked back and said- “You are wrong mom. Amy never left. She was never gone. There was time when I wanted her to go. But now she will never leave me… “

  Emily hugged him. She said – “Oh my Bryan. I am so sorry. But now when we will bring your new sister, I am sure you will love her more”

  Bryan pushed her away with irritation and told her with firm voice – “I told you. I don’t need any sister. Amy will be angry. She will kill that girl if you bring her. She told me that she would do exactly same thing what she did with the cross on the wall “.

  Emily’s eyes turned big. Her heart started to beat fast. What Bryan just said?. She couldn’t believe. She grabbed Byran’s both hand firmly and said with a fearful trembled but loud voice “Amy is Dead Bryan. Amy is dead “

  Bryan looked at her and said with voice of Amy “I am here mummy “

  Emily lost her senses and fell on the couch. Bryan slowly walked towards his room.

  Knock – Knock !! Sushila opened the door. She didn’t expect Alivia at the door. Alivia came in and after a glass of water she asked about the reason why Sushila left the job. At first Sushila gave few excuses but then Alivia told her the incident with Bryan. Alivia noticed that after hearing that Sushila’s expression changed. Then she finally told her what happened. When Sushila called Bryan to give the Blessed-Flower, Bryan turned and what she saw was horrible and almost scared her to death. His face was pale like dead. While eyes and was bleeding from left side of head. Sushila knew it was not Bryan. It was something UNHOLY, Some strong negative spirit. She could feel it. Alivia also felt it. Alivia was known for her helping nature but this time she had no idea what to do. She only knew that she had to help them or elves Millers would be in big trouble. Alivia went to meet Father Peterson of St Paul’s Cathedral
. Bryan’s symptom was first noticed here in this church when he fell senseless. Alivia told Father everything in details. Though father advised her to consult with doctor because this could be a physiological disorder. Still he agreed to visit Millers.

  David rang the doorbell 4 times now still Emily didn’t open the door. Doc Rudra was with him so he felt little embarrassed. Emily opened the door finally after 5 times. Emily was looking really devastated. Emily also felt little embarrassed when she saw Rudra. She had no idea that someone was coming with David. David asked Rudra to introduce himself as his co-worker but Rudra told truth to Emily. Emily surprised David when suddenly she grabbed Rudra’s hand and begged him to save Bryan. Emily then described everything that happened since morning including her bad dream. Emily called Bryan to meet with Rudra. David introduced Rudra as his co-worker to Bryan. Bryan was normal. To know what was inside Bryan’s head and feeling about Amy, Rudra had to council him. But he couldn’t disclose his real identity as Bryan might be generating split personality as per Emily’s description.

  So Rudra had to do hypnosis. Only this way he can trick Bryan and can help him to speak his mind. David and Emily gave their approval. When Rudra was taking with Bryan in the drawing room, he tricked Bryan in to hypnosis.

  Rudra: What can you remember Bryan?

  Bryan: I am standing outside the room.

  Rudra: What you see?

  Bryan: Amy was playing with Emily & David.

  Rudra: Where are you Bryan? in India ?

  Bryan: I am at our home.

  Rudra looked at David. He whispered that Rudra was speaking about Dallas.

  Rudra: Why are you not joining them Bryan?

  Bryan: Because … [after a bit pause] They now love Amy more.

  Rudra: But she is your sister. Don’t you love her?

  Bryan: Yes I love Amy also. But … I love my parents more.

  Rudra: What happened that day Bryan? When you all were in Picnic. You were playing with Amy. Then what happened?

  Bryan: I was playing with Amy. I threw my flying dish and Amy could not catch. She was a fool. She missed most of the times. Then she went to pick the dish.

  Suddenly the electricity went off. Apartment went on dark. The windows closed hard.

  Bryan S C R E A M E D ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  It was loud-sharp. It was so sharp like it could rip your heart with its frequency.

  Emily grabbed David’s hand with fear. The cross on the wall was caught on fire. Bryan screamed for nearly 2 minutes. In his 10 years of carrier Rudra never saw anything like this. He was also surprised and stunned on whatever just happened. After the Scream Bryan turned senseless and the electricity came back.

  Rudra told to David that Bryan had to be admitted in to proper medical care for 24 hours. His condition was already deteriorating. He would come next morning to arrange Bryan’s transfer. He told Millers to be strong. David carried Bryan’s senseless body to his bed. Emily was praying Jesus. David hugged Emily and told her to be strong.

  Rudra was driving on his way back. He still could not believe what happened at Millers apartment. Sometimes acute split personality patients showed exceptional physical strength but how that cross got fire?

  He reached home while thinking about Bryan. He was about to go out from his car suddenly a colourful ball was bounced on the bonnet of his car. He saw a little girl was standing. He smiled and get off from his car. Gave back the ball to the child and asked her that if she lived there. The girl answered that no. Rudra asked her address. But she said nothing. Rudra told her to come sit inside the car, he would drop her to home.

  The Girl: I am home

  Rudra: But you told me just that your home is not in this area.

  The girl: Leave me alone.

  Rudra: Hey relax little girl. What is your name?

  The Girl: Leave me alone.

  Rudra: Ok

  Rudra started to walk towards his apartment building.

  The Girl: You can’t take me away from my parents.

  Rudra stopped and turned. He told her that why he would take her from her parents. He even had no idea about her parents.

  The girl: You can’t take Bryan away from his Parents.

  Did she talk about Bryan? Actually? -- Rudra was stunned.

  Rudra: How do you know about Bryan? Who are you?

  The Girl: S C R E A M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [LOUD]

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