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I woke up in the morning to the sunlight streaming through the middle of my curtains and someone gently shaking my arm.

  “Oakley, time to get up,” Mum whispered softly. “Are you feeling okay? I don’t normally have to wake you.”

  I rubbed my eyes to try to wake myself up properly. Last day of school today. Finally. I pushed myself up and smiled. My head was pounding and I just wanted to stay in bed, but Dad worked from home on a Thursday and Friday, and I knew he wouldn’t be happy if I missed another day, even if this was the last one. He would complain about my grades. It wouldn’t look good for his perfect family image if his daughter’s grades were anything less than A’s.

  “Okay. Well, breakfast will be ready soon. I’m making scrambled egg on toast. You need a good breakfast for your last day at school.”

  She left me to get ready, and I wasted no time in packing my bag and changing into my uniform. It was far too hot for the school blazer, but the teachers didn’t seem to care about students dropping like flies in the heat. I took a deep breath before brushing my teeth. Just this one last day to get through.

  When I got downstairs for breakfast, Cole was already sitting at the table, eating scrambled eggs. “Morning, Oaks,” he mumbled, chewing on his food. I hated my name being shortened, and he knew that. Arse.

  I sat down next to Cole and smiled at Mum, thanking her for the breakfast she just placed in front of me. “So are you two doing anything after school?” Mum asked, grinning at us both. She has a stupid fantasy in her head where me and Cole would be together.

  I had the same one.

  “Probably get some ice cream or something, right?” He glanced at me and shovelled another forkful of egg in his mouth. I smiled in agreement. That sounded like the perfect way to end the year, unlike some of my classmates, who would be at the park downing cider from the bottle.

  “Okay, come on, we’re gonna be late,” Cole mumbled, grabbing my hand and pulling me off the stool. I gasped in surprise but didn’t pull my hand back. It felt nice.

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