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I reluctantly went back to my house. I hated the part of the day where I had to leave her. Max and Sarah had said there would be no sleepovers until she turned eighteen. I knew they’d say that when they found out about us, but it didn’t make me hate the rules any less.

  Mum and Dad had gone out and Mia was probably with Chris-the-dick, so the house was dark and deserted when I got in. I liked the peace though, and I couldn’t wait for Uni when I’d really have my own space.

  I sent Oakley a text, telling her that I loved her and I’d pick her up for school in the morning. She wouldn’t reply of course.

  At least it was Friday tomorrow so we could spend a little more time together in the evening. Not that it would do much good, this weekend she was going fishing with her dad again. Jasper had gone with them a few times but quickly lost interest in being without his PlayStation.

  I had been a couple times, too, and I wanted to go this weekend, but I think they needed time alone. She was going out with her mum, so it was only fair that Max got to spend time with her as well. And it was only one night.

  Mia strolled into my room without knocking. “Do just come in,” I said sarcastically. When did she get home anyway?

  “I need to talk to you and you can’t get mad. You have to let me finish. Okay?” Mia rambled, waving her hands around in the air. Well, this sounds interesting. “Promise me, Cole.”

  “Alright, I promise,” I replied.

  She sat down and blew out a huge breath. “Me and Chris broke up.”

  “Well hal-le-fucking-lu-jah,” I called out, throwing my arms up in celebration.

  “And I’m pregnant,” she added quickly.

  My heart stopped dead. Did she just say…?

  “I’m sorry, you’re what?”

  “Pregnant. With child. Knocked up. Have a bun in the oven.”

  I jumped up, furious and ready to kill. Chris-the-dick knocked her up and left her. I was going to strangle him. “That bastard got you pregnant and ditched you.” I knew he was a useless waste of oxygen, but I didn’t think he would go that low.

  “Wait,” she shouted, holding her finger up and frowning at me. “I told you to let me finish! And don’t shout, I’ve not told Mum and Dad yet.”

  “Shouldn’t have agreed to listen first,” I grumbled, sitting back on the bed. My hands shook I was so angry. As soon as she was finished, I was going to his house. Mia might be a fool for taking him back so many times, but she didn’t deserve this. What was going to happen to her now? How would she cope with a baby and trying to achieve everything she wanted.

  She took a deep, calming breath, threaded her hands together and continued. “I found out a couple days ago that I’m pregnant. It’s made me look at everything differently, you know. My relationship with Chris is… Well, let’s face it, it’s shit. I don’t think we’ve ever gone a few days without arguing, and then there are the other women. I don’t want my baby growing up around all that.”

  She uncoupled her hands and touched her flat stomach tenderly. Jesus, there was a human growing in there.

  “This baby is the most important thing now. I know I have to be away from Chris to be the best mum I can be.”

  About time. Some of my anger melted as a huge grin crept across my face. I was so proud of her for finally ditching his cheating arse. And I was going to be an uncle. Way too early in life but we’d all make it work.

  “That’s great, Mia. You and the baby deserve so much more than him. What did he say?”

  “Said I’ll go back to him soon enough. He shouted a bit, said I’d tricked him into getting pregnant,” she explained. “I don’t care what he thinks though, I didn’t get pregnant on my own, and I certainly didn’t plan it! Not sure how much involvement he’ll want, but I won’t stop him seeing her if he wants.”


  Mia shrugged, smiling. I hadn’t seen one of those smiles in a long time, the ones that lit up her whole face. “I don’t mind what it is, but I have a feeling it’s a girl.”

  “Well, I hope Chris does the right thing by the baby but if not you know you won’t be alone, right? He or she will have their Uncle Cole.”

  Mia threw her arms around me, almost knocking me back and squeezed the life out of me. Was this good for the kid? “Alright, but you know you’re probably squishing the baby right now,” I teased breathlessly as she tightened her vice like arms.

  “Thank you, Cole,” she whispered. “And she’ll have her auntie Oakley!”

  I ran my hand through my hair. The enormity of being with Oakley was still overwhelming. We had a lot to deal with, and I was still getting used to how good it felt to know she was mine.


  I really should marry that girl one day. The second she was ready.

  “Cole,” Mia snapped, waving her hand in front of my face.

  I shook my head, clearing my thoughts. “Sorry.”

  “Thinking about her?” She teased.

  Narrowing my eyes, I sat back on the bed. “Maybe.”

  “Aww, you’re so cute,” she gushed, reaching out to pinch my cheeks, but I managed to bat her hand away before she could.

  “Don’t call me cute. Anyway, when are you telling Mum and Dad? They’ll be pissed, you know that, right?”

  Mia’s face dropped. She was almost twenty, but Dad still thought of her as his little girl. He would definitely not be happy. Well, not at first at least. I knew he’d love that little baby to death once he’d gotten his head around it.

  “I’m telling them in a minute actually. I am not looking forward to it, and thanks for your overwhelming words of encouragement, by the way.”

  “You’re welcome. It’ll be fine.”

  “Seriously, thanks for being supportive. It means a lot.” She stood up to go tell our parents. “Oh, and if you hear shouting, come save me.”

  “Yeah, good luck, Mia… It was nice knowing ya.”

  She rolled her eyes and walked out of my room slowly, groaning to herself.

  I stripped out of my clothes and slipped into bed, noticing how silent the house was. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Suddenly, Dad erupted. Damn. I couldn’t hear exactly what was being said as his words blended in furious babble, but he was never going to be calm when she dropped that bombshell. He’d come around quickly, I was sure of it.

  I should’ve gone down there, but they needed to talk it out between them. If it got worse, or if I heard Mia cry, then I would. After a minute, everything settled down. I imagine Mum would’ve told Dad how ridiculous he was being or Mia had just said she’d ended it with Chris-the-dick.

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