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 part  #1 of  Silence Series



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  It was just after eleven in the morning when we arrived at a small B&B by the coast. We were allowed straight into our room, but since we had nothing with us, we decided to take a walk along the beach first. My phone hadn’t stopped ringing since we left, so I turned it to silent after sending a text to Jasper.

  Oakley had barely looked at me, and I was starting to worry.

  Does she blame me? She should. It’s all my fault.

  “Oakley, please,” I begged, stopping to turn her to face me. I lifted her chin, needing to her to look at me. “Can you forgive me?” I held my breath, absolutely terrified that she was going to shake her head. I couldn’t lose her five minutes after finally getting her. I just couldn’t.

  She looked confused for a second. She finally did what I needed and nodded. I breathed a sigh of relief and kissed her forehead. She wasn’t angry with me. Though she had every right to. I was such a dick to bring those things up with Sarah, knowing it was a possibility that she could walk back in and hear. She wouldn’t have wanted to leave me to face the heat alone.

  “Thank you, baby.”

  She pressed her petite body against mine, and we held each other. The strong wind whipping up from the sea, stinging my skin. If I were cold, then she really would be. We’d have to go back soon.

  “I honestly didn’t think they would react like that. I knew they would be upset with us for keeping it from them, but I ever expected that. It’ll be okay. Your parents just need a little time.”

  Her body was rigid against mine. She didn’t move her head from my chest, so I had no idea what she was thinking or how she was feeling. It drove me to insanity. I was supposed to be the one who fixed things for her. How could I do that if I had no clue what was wrong?

  I need to lighten this up. Bright side: we’re alone for the night.

  “Hey, we’re at the coast together. Let’s forget it until tomorrow and go get something to eat.”

  She pulled away and smiled weakly. I would never forgive myself for arguing with Max and Sarah when she would hear, but what I’d said was true. Sarah didn’t see the same girl, and she did want to fix her.

  I wanted to help Oakley. However she wanted me to.

  We got some chips and sat on the bench that was facing the dull, fierce sea. Grey clouds covered the sky. It looked about ready to piss it down. Kind of matched my girl’s mood.

  “Whatever happens with the parents, you have to know how much I love you. I won’t ever give up on us,” I said, kissing the top of her head.

  She made a strangled noise that almost sounded like a sob and tucked her face into the crook of my neck.

  Let me in, Oakley. Tell me what happened.



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