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 part  #1 of  Silence Series



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  We drove in silence. Well, Cole and I did. Lizzie sang along with the radio. Her voice wasn’t the worst in the world, but it certainly wasn’t made for the higher notes. I wanted to bash my head against the window repeatedly.

  “We’re here,” Cole announced loudly, forcing her to stop singing.

  Thank you.

  “Here?” Lizzie scrunched her nose up as she looked at the quaint little diner style café. What did she expect? We were fifteen and seventeen and born without a silver spoon in our mouth. I didn’t work and Cole did the odd job with his dad. This was about all we could afford.

  I gritted my teeth and got out of the car. Lizzie followed behind, her heels clicking against the tiled floor.

  “Do they do low fat milkshakes?” She asked, briefly looking around in bewilderment at the quiet café.

  “You could have strawberry or banana. Got fruit in ‘em and all,” Cole said sarcastically.

  “Oh, banana, please.”

  “I’ll go order,” he replied.

  “Erm, aren’t you going to ask Oakley.”

  He looked at her like she was a toddler. “Yeah, I know what she wants.”

  Cole walked over to the counter to order, and Lizzie didn’t waste any time in digging for information on him the second he was gone. “Is he seeing anyone?” She asked.

  Yes. Back off.

  I picked up a plastic coffee stirrer and debated whether I could get away with ramming it into her eye. If I nodded would she ask who? However, if I said no, she might try something on with him.

  Bloody hell. I couldn’t sit here and watch her flirt with him. I gave a quick nod, hoping that would make her stop looking at him as if she wanted to eat him. “Ugh, course he is,” she grumbled and slumped back in her chair.

  Surely Cole wasn’t nearly rich enough for her. Cole reappeared, holding a tray with our milkshakes and ice creams. “So, Cole, what’s your girlfriend like?” Lizzie purred.

  He froze, looking like a dear caught in the headlights. “Girlfriend?”

  “Yeah, Oakley said you were seeing someone.”

  I watched as a knowing smile swept across his face. “Really?” He asked. “She did, huh?”

  “Yep. What’s she like?” Lizzie repeated the question, needing to know what was going on with everyone.

  “She’s alright,” Cole replied, lifting and dropping one shoulder in a casual shrug. “But I will say one thing, she’s incredible in bed,” he added.

  What! I choked on my drink and slapped my hand over my mouth. Why the hell would he joke about that? I wasn’t sure if I was burning in embarrassment, anger or need.

  “You okay, Oakley?” Cole asked innocently. I nodded and forced myself to smile at him when all I wanted to do was chuck my ice cream all over him.

  “Yeah? Really?” Lizzie asked, leaning her body towards him. “You’re good, too, then?”

  “Not had any complaints,” he said proudly.

  Okay, I wasn’t comfortable with the direction this was taking at all. Sex wasn’t something I could joke about or even have a light-hearted conversation about. It was a huge deal to me. Firstly, I never thought I’d ever want it. I had layers upon layers of issues surrounding sex. I didn’t want anyone knowing any details about my intimate relationship with Cole.

  I concentrated on my ice cream, swirling the spoon around to soften it up.

  He thinks you were a virgin.

  Maybe you were ‘good’ because weren’t.

  I drop my spoon and it clinks loudly into the bowl and take even breaths.

  “Whoa, careful, Oakley,” Cole jokes.

  If I was at home I’d take a shower. Shame I couldn’t scrub my brain clean. I give him a fleeting smile and pick the spoon back up.

  That’s not why Cole thinks it’s good. It’s because we’re together. We are good.

  I take a mouthful of ice cream and almost choke as my throat rejects it. Can in not even bloody eat properly now!

  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Julian and two of his friends walk past the window. Please don’t come in here, please.

  They did. Of course. As soon as they spotted us, they strode up to our table. Cole’s body tensed when he saw who was coming. He looked ready to defend my honour again. I loved him for it, but I didn’t want him getting in another fight.

  Not wanting him to cause a scene, I pressed my leg against his to tell him to stay calm. He got the message and relaxed his shoulders a fraction.

  Julian and his friends ordered and sat at a table next to ours, even though the café was practically empty. Predictable.

  “Hi, Oakley,” Julian said in a friendly manner. What’s his game?

  I smiled briefly and looked away just as Lizzie fluffed her hair seductively. Oh, no.

  “Hi, I’m Lizzie. Oakley’s cousin.”

  Julian smirked, his eyebrow rising slightly. “Really?”

  She nodded and turned around to face him. “Yeah. So are you going to her party on Saturday?”

  He looked straight at me and replied, “Yep.”

  “Well, make other plans. You’re not welcome!” Cole growled.

  “Actually, I am. Got an invitation to prove it,” he retorted smugly.

  Great, so Mum did invite him. That’s just bloody fantastic.

  “Julian. Fuck. Off,” Cole spat through gritted teeth.

  Lizzie watched them with wide eyes, head flitting back and forth like she was watching a tennis match. Perfect, now she’s going to be grilling me about this.

  I’d had enough and just wanted to get away, so I stood up and started walking out. I heard footsteps right behind me, and I knew it would be Cole. Then, I heard Lizzie’s heels clicking unevenly as she hurried after us.

  “See you Saturday,” Julian called. Cole turned around and gestured something, but I didn’t look to see what. I got in the car and slammed the door.

  “Don’t worry,” he said, stroking my hand. “We’ll stay away from him. I won’t let him come near you, I swear.”

  I looked up to the roof so the tears that were pooling in my eyes wouldn’t fall. The summer holidays were supposed to be a break from everyone at school. The thought of seeing them all again made me feel sick.

  “What was that all about?” Lizzie squealed so loud it made both Cole and me jump. She slammed the car door and huffed. “You were so mean to him, and he’s lovely! He called me back and asked me to be his date to your party. Can you believe that?” Yes. “I have no idea what to wear! Oh God, we have to go shopping.”

  I put my head to my knees in despair. Getting the message, Cole put the key in the ignition and sped home as quickly as was legally possible.



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