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 part  #1 of  Silence Series



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  The rest of the week passed too quickly, and it was soon time to go home. I stood in the airport feeling like shit and wanting to go back to the hotel. The holiday had been the best of my life, and every day me and Oakley grew closer.

  We’d decided to wait until after her birthday to tell everyone. She would be sixteen, and her parents were more likely to be chilled about it. Not that I thought they would hate us being together, but I didn’t want to risk anything.

  As our plane took off, I felt deflated, and once were able to leave our seats, Jasper was off chatting to some girl he met at the bloody gate. That was fine with me though, I had my girl to myself for a while.

  “This has been the best two weeks of my life,” I said, taking her hand. She nodded, biting her bottom lip. I’d come to know the look she was giving me right now. It was full of love and want. We’d slept together every night since our first time. I loved every second of being so close to her.

  “I love you,” I whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes like it was too much and snuggled into my side. I laid my head on hers and wondered if I would ever hear her say those three little words. Not that it really mattered, I knew she felt them, and that was more than enough for me.



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