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 part  #1 of  Silence Series



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  After eating dinner with our families, we walked along the mountain a little. It was so nice to just go out and do whatever we wanted to do. I loved it just being us.

  On holiday our parents gave us a lot more freedom. As long as we told them where we were going, stuck together and met them once a day for the evening meal we pretty much had free reign.

  It was getting pretty late and neither of us wanted to go into town for drinks with both our parents or clubbing with Mia and Jasper, so me and Cole decided to turn in. Our rooms were close together, but as I stopped at my door and turned to say goodnight, I met a nervous looking Cole.

  “Can I stay for a bit?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck. I nodded, not wanting him to leave, like, ever. “Sure? I don’t mind if you just want to go to sleep…”

  Unlocking the door, I pointed inside the room and raised my eyebrow.

  “Bossy,” he muttered, walking into my modest room.

  We kicked off our shoes and got on my bed. Lying next to him felt so right. There was nobody else in the world I would feel comfortable being this close to. Cole would never hurt me. I was certain of that.

  “You asleep?” he whispered. His low voice sent a shiver down my spine. I shook my head and rolled onto my side. He really was impossibly good-looking.

  I love you, I declared privately as my heart swelled double the size.

  “You think I could stay here tonight? I could sneak out early in the morning.”

  Biting my lip, I considered it. I wanted him to stay, but I was scared of getting caught. If we did though, we could easily lie our way out of it, say he fell asleep. I would love to spend the night with him.

  Making my decision, not that it was very hard to make, I nodded, and he smiled so wide I felt lightheaded.

  “Well, get ready for bed then!”

  I got off the bed, flipped my suitcase open and pulled my shorts and tank top pyjamas out. Was he looking forward to the normality of being a couple and going to bed together as much as I was? I mean, technically, we weren’t a couple but that didn’t matter. I went into the bathroom to change and brush my teeth.

  By the time I got back, Cole had taken his clothes off and was sitting in bed. Heat flooded my face. Was he naked? We had to work up to that. I’d only just got used to him shirtless. I stumbled the few steps to bed with shaking hands.

  Oh, bloody hell.

  I bit my tongue as I slipped into bed beside him. I was so nervous and more than a little scared. I couldn’t see if he was wearing boxers. I shuffled down and pulled the cover up to my chin, being careful not to touch him. After a minute, he did the same.

  “You look tired.”

  I nodded against the pillow.

  Seconds later, his breathing became heavier. The atmosphere between us was thick and heated. We weren’t even touching but I was on fire. He brought me, my body, to life in a way I thought had been robbed forever. I wanted to reach out and touch him.

  Groaning, he leant forwards and kissed me, taking me by surprise. Nothing mattered as our lips moved together. I didn’t care that I wasn’t good enough for him. I didn’t care that I shouldn’t want him. I loved him, and I wanted him.

  I was whole.

  He made a soft moaning sound and dug his fingers into my hair, holding my head in place. Suddenly, he rolled over and pinned me to the bed beneath him. I felt the initial panic start to rise, but it disappeared as quickly as it came. The panic was replaced with something else. Something good. Something I wanted more of.

  When he pulled away just as quickly after a long and passionate kiss, I sagged in disappointment at the loss of that feeling. Cole tucked me into his arms. I was worked up and needy, but I understood why he’d stopped us. When we went further, when we touched each other, it had to be when we were official. We couldn’t be friends with benefits.

  “Goodnight,” he murmured.

  Wrapping my arm over my chest, I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.



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