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  "You don't need to say anything," Mum said. "You deserve a life the same as me, my husband and children. It won't be easy, believe me it's a huge adjustment, but if you're willing to put in the work then we're willing to help you."

  Smiling, Noah replied, "Thank you. I'll do whatever it takes. I want a normal life like everyone else. I feel like I've lost eighteen years, my whole childhood was a lie. I want to be a better person, to deserve Scarlett."

  I wasn't even going to waste my breath commenting on that stupid remark.

  "It's okay. Your life starts now, and I promise it's going to be pretty great from now on," I said.

  "Not too great, though, Scar, yeah?" Jeremy said.

  My face caught on fire. I wasn't ashamed that I'd been with Noah, I loved him, but I sure didn't want my parents to know anything about it. Ever. "Ignore him," Noah said, fighting a smile.

  Twenty minutes later, Noah and I were left alone again while my family went to get something to eat. Well, sort of alone. A police officer was just outside the door. "Are you really okay?" I asked.

  He smiled from his bed. "Never better. I get the chance at a normal life with the girl I'm crazy about. That is if you'll have me?"

  I shrugged. "Suppose. You did take a knife for me and all."

  He laughed, content. "So, I get out of here in a couple days and we'll be living under the same roof." Same roof but not living together. Rules, rules, rules. I loved my parents so much. "You've got to finish school, and I have to do something to get some sort of qualification. Life is going to be good, Scarlett."

  I took his hand, not knowing how this would go down. "It is," I replied. Man, I could not wait to get out of hospital, go home to England and help Noah adjust to normal life.

  "When we get back what do you want to do first?" He asked, probably thinking I'd say a movie night. I had other plans.

  Licking my lips, I replied, "I have a sister out there, Noah, and I'm going to find her."

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  Natasha Preston, Awake

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