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“That was awesome! I loved the part where she was drowned in the bath!” Kerry exclaimed as we made our way out of the cinema.

  Oddly enough, that was not my favourite part.

  “So, where to now, guys?” she asked.

  Cole’s eyebrows pulled together in a frown. I could tell he didn’t want to do anything else as a group. Ben must have noticed his reluctance because he nodded once and turned to Kerry. “We’re goin’ back to mine,” he said. It was clear from the smirk that they were much further along in their relationship than me and Cole.

  “Later, guys,” Kerry said, giving us a wave as she practically pulled Ben by the collar. I don’t think I could ever be that forward.

  Cole let out a sigh of relief as we waved back. “I know they’re my friends, but I just want you,” he whined. “Ice cream now, Miss Farrell?” Grinning, I fell against his side and pushed him in the direction of his car. “Thought so!”

  It was too late for the café so we went to McDonalds and sat in his car eating McFlurries. Two each. Cole didn’t make conversation as we ate because it was warm out and we needed to eat before the ice cream melted, but the silence was comfortable. I was so confused with the atmosphere between us flipping and changing every few bloody minutes.

  “You okay? We can go somewhere else if you’re bored.”

  I shook my head, unable to recall one single moment when I was bored spending time with him. God, if he could read my thoughts he’d think I was a proper stalker.

  He suddenly laughed at something. His gorgeous blue eyes turned evil and I knew he was about to do something to me. Not kiss me either, it was something mean. He pulled a heaped spoonful of ice cream out of the tub. Ah, no. I watched his smile curl right around.

  My eyes widened and I held my hands up in surrender.

  I really didn’t want to be all sticky and gross on my first date with the guy I was utterly crazy about. Before I could blink, he flicked the spoon, sending the ice cream flying at me. It landed on my top with a soft thud and fell onto my lap. Gasping, I swung the car door open and hopped out of the car.

  Oh, you’re going down, Benson!

  Cole’s laughter blocked out the sound of a group of teens shouting and messing around outside McDonalds and the couple arguing in a car nearby. After brushing the remains of the freezing cold ice cream from my clothes, I scooped up some of mine and flicked it at him through the door.

  Surprisingly, despite my rubbish aim, it landed on his chest. He stopped laughing immediately and looked down at the ice cream and chocolate sauce that was running down his t-shirt. Ha!

  “You need to run,” he warned, slowly putting his ice cream down on the dashboard. With my heart flying in my chest, I sprinted off, desperate to get away before he got his revenge.

  Cole’s footsteps thudded behind me, getting louder by the second. He wouldn’t be too far behind now. Adrenaline pumped through my body. Faster! Pushing my legs harder, I managed to increase my speed. It wasn’t enough. I knew it wouldn’t be. Cole’s arm wound around my waist and we both stumbled over each other’s feet and fell to the ground.

  “Too slow!” He exclaimed, rolling me over and pinning me to the grass. I couldn’t move at all. I wanted to struggle and I didn’t. I kept my eyes on him, needing to know it was only him. He would never hurt you. It’s Cole. Breathe. He’s not them. Breathe!

  I sucked in a fast rush of air as my dizzy head spun.

  In and out. Count to ten. Breathe.

  My racing pulse showed no sign of slowing down and the more I looked into Cole’s eyes the better that racing felt. I was okay. I’d got through it. Now having Cole pinning me down wasn’t bringing back memories I tried to bury every second of every day I started to enjoy it.

  “What’re you gonna do now, huh?”

  Gulping, I tried to work that out for myself. I didn’t usually like being held down, but it was different with Cole. This was playful and it felt natural to mess around with him. But I felt like I shouldn’t want to be close to anyone ever again. I should, at least, not let Cole get close to me. For his sake.

  “You okay?” He let go of my wrists and sat up. Relief flooded my system as I was freed. It hadn’t felt wrong but it was definitely something would take a little time to get used to.

  Sitting up next to him, I smiled reassuringly. Technically, he hadn’t done anything wrong. He smiled and slowly lowered his head towards mine. His eyes danced with excitement before they closed as his lips sealed over mine.

  I was falling again.

  His fingers stroked along my jaw and cupped the back of my neck. He groaned and pressed his mouth to mine more firmly. I loved everything he did to me when we kissed. I felt healed. It wouldn’t last, but it didn’t need to, he gave me everything when he kissed me.

  I pulled away when I couldn’t take all my crazy hormones anymore. Things between us could easily get out of hand and I had to stay in control.

  As usual, time had gotten away from us and we had to get back.

  “Come on then,” he said, giving me one last flutter of a kiss.

  My God, I was falling for him at an alarming rate.

  We travelled back in silence. His hand never left mine.

  Dad was sitting in the lounge, watching television when I walked in. He’d been waiting up for me again, no doubt. I always wondered if he waited up because he was worried about me or worried that I’d told someone. He would need to get to me first.

  “Did you have a good time?” He switched the TV off with the remote, giving me his full attention. I folded my arms over my chest and nodded. “Glad to hear it. Come on, bedtime.”

  Though he’d turned to me and spoke to me he hadn’t actually looked me in the eye once. Something’s wrong. My stomach churned with worry. I wanted to turn around and run to Cole’s. Of course, I couldn’t, so I followed Dad upstairs.

  He stayed just one step behind me. I focused on the top, wrapped my arms around myself harder and held my breath. My skin prickled with goose bumps of the bad kind. What’s happening?

  At the top of the stairs, Dad cleared his throat. I turned to the side so he could see some of my face. I waited. “Night, love,” he said, kissing the top of my head before going into his room.

  As soon as his door was shut, I dashed into my room and took a deep breath. My nerves were fried. I ripped my clothes off and got into bed.

  Cole’s text arrived seconds later, momentarily taking my mind off Dad.

  Something is going on.

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