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Made to Switch

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Made to Switch

  Made to Switch

  N.M. Catalano

  Sequel to One Night With a Stranger, Book 2 in the Evolution series.

  Betrayal. Just like that everything I had built, my entire life, was falling apart. My world threatened to collapse beneath me, and it looked as if there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to stop it. But the worst part was I was going to lose Elizabeth. She loved being dominated, and she was beautiful in her submission, passionate under my control. But she found my secrets. My past fell open at her feet. I’d do whatever it took to keep her, even give up control.

  Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

  An adult contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave

  Made to Switch

  N.M. Catalano


  This one is for you, Mom. I think of you every day and wish I had taken the time to ask you all the questions I have now. You were an amazing woman; you touched so many hearts with your love and your strength and your compassion. When you loved, you truly loved unconditionally, extending our family to include so many. You were a bad ass and a saint. I just hope I can someday be half the woman you were. <3

  I have been waiting all my life to see the glory of your face.

  Now, I have found you.

  ~ Rumi

  Chapter One


  “Marco, thank you again for everything today.” I smile at the most seductive, beautiful, confident and delicious man I have ever seen sitting across the table with me.

  “Elizabeth, don’t thank me. I just wish I’d known sooner so we wouldn’t have gone through everything.”

  We’re sitting in The George, an upscale waterfront bistro-style restaurant, having a celebration dinner. I got divorced today.

  “You’re right. I know I should have told you sooner but our relationship didn’t start out in a way that we exchanged personal information, if I may remind you.” I look at him cocking an eyebrow, a smirk pulling at the corner of my mouth. I will never be able to think about that first night with Marco without my breath catching.

  The day I met Marco started out just like every other day had for the past three years. Just a link in the chain in this thing called my life. Wake up, punch the clock, perform, go home, go to bed and wake up to do it all over again day after day. I was existing and not really living. I suppose I needed that time initially to heal, to forgive, and to let go of the life I thought I had and the life I’d envisioned I would have. When we’re younger we have these fantasies of what life is going to be like when we grow up. I was recovering from a heartbreak of a life lost and a life I’d never have.

  That day I met Marco was already predetermined by destiny. It was the day she’d already planned for me to start living again. On that day I was brought to the world of the living, not the one we go through robotically every day, but the life our souls yearn for, the living we hunger for, a life lived with passion.

  “Ms. DiStefano, need I remind you that you didn’t want to give me your phone number, did you?” He leans in closer with that sexual masculinity of his wrapping around me, caressing me with just his presence.

  It’s obvious by looking at Marco that he is an extremely sexual being; it oozes from him like his strength, confidence and control. Marco has an aura that promises sheer ecstasy, luring you to him like the serpent enticing Eve to the apple, forbidden and tempting. A woman knows her soul will be lost to him but the rapture she will experience is worth the price. He takes a woman into him with unspoken promises of fulfillment, of fantasies, of things she hasn’t dared to imagine and she gives herself completely. Marco is a man who has perfected dominant sexual masculinity.

  I sit back in my chair, thinking about his question.

  “You’re actually really thinking about your answer, Elizabeth?” The shock is written all over his face. Not because he’s cocky or arrogant—I’m sure it could be argued that he is—but because of our intense attraction to one another right from that first look from across the room at the bar where we first saw each other.

  Marco followed me one night after a girl’s night out and caught me before I fell on my knees and sprawled face first on the sidewalk. He propositioned me before he and I even made any introductions. And I went with him, no names and no idea where he was going to take me. All he said to me was, “Let’s go, Elizabeth,” and I went. This was clearly an impulsive action. The moment I laid eyes on him I knew I wanted to get lost in him. I wanted to get high on him and drown in his glorious seduction. I wanted the ecstasy to burn everything from me and take me to a place where nothing existed but us. He watched me from afar at the bar as if he were stalking me, baiting me, waiting for the right opportunity to come in for his kill. And I died happily that night, over and over again (and this is proof that impulsiveness does make for good decisions). It was the most mind-blowing one-night stand I’d ever had. It turned into many and eventually my ex-husband showed up and tried to kill me.

  “Yes, Marco, I am thinking about it because I want it to be an honest answer, not only for you but for me too. You were with me these past couple of weeks and saw what happened when Santino found out about us.”

  He looks at me and I can see by his expression that he knows what I mean. “I understand, but all things considered, did you?”

  I knew the answer even before he asked the question. I knew it that night when I first laid eyes on him. “Yes, I did, no matter what.”

  I feel so much for this man right now, his kindness, his genuineness, his I-don’t-take-any-shit attitude, and his so-much-sexiness, and I know it’s all there in my eyes. He leans toward me and places a gentle kiss on my lips.

  As always Marco gets us the table in the corner against the wall, allowing us as much privacy as can be had in a restaurant. I think he also prefers tables with tablecloths, like this one.

  “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, Elizabeth,” he says quietly close to my ear, his breath whispering over my heated skin. His hand comes to rest on my thigh.

  “Open your legs, Elizabeth.”

  Every nerve in my body has just woken up and is sizzling in anticipation of his touch. I have no control over myself, his words are my command and I do whatever he asks me because I know his only intention is to bring me pleasure.


  My life was clear and uncomplicated until I met Elizabeth. She came stumbling into my life, quite literally, and I was more than happy to catch her. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her and enjoy all of the erotic delights I knew I would find there. But she was different and proved to be a challenge. And I never back down from a challenge, especially one as delicious as she is. Her body was an oasis waiting to be discovered and I indulged in all of the forbidden fruits she had waiting to be explored. But she went with me that first night complacent in her decision not to see me again and I was damned if anyone was going to stop me from having what I wanted. And that challenge fueled my desire to be with her again.

  I had no desire for a relationship, at least not one in the literal sense. It has been years since I was involved with a woman that way and the last one left me bitter and unable to trust women. To me they seemed to be conniving opportunists and I was not about to let myself get used again, except for sex. I love to make love to women. I love their bodies and how they respond to stimulation. That is what gives me the greatest satisfaction. Driving a woman’s passion until she is mindless, then bringing her to bliss. That’s the greatest turn-on, her mindlessness because of you. And it gets me off, having that control. It is the best fucking aphrodisiac. And I never let my emotions get in the way of getting me off. Control. Over everything. I was always in control with the woman I was wit
h in every way. With Elizabeth I lost control. It was frustrating but fucking hot as hell at the same time.

  Then I watched as her life was threatened right in front of me. I thought my brain was going to explode as I was forced to just stand by feeling helpless. I would never let myself or her be in that position ever again where I didn’t have control. That’s why I asked her to move in with me. But there was more to it that I wasn’t being completely honest with myself about. I want more than just her body. I want all of her. I want her to belong to me completely. Yes, I know she would do anything I wanted sexually. That’s not the question. But she’s holding back. She won’t give me her heart and her soul. And that is driving me even more fucking nuts. I don’t know why. I have not wanted a woman so completely in years. But Elizabeth is different. She belongs to me; she just hasn’t admitted it yet.

  Right now Elizabeth almost has me losing control of myself. Just that kiss and my dick is hard; she smiles and I get hard, and when she moans my name, I almost lose it. It’s a sick satisfaction I want all the time, over and over again. I don’t like to admit it but she’s got me by the balls and I love it.

  Those legs of hers uncross and I imagine them wrapping around my head and the image makes my cock jump and my mouth water remembering her taste on my tongue. Her pretty little ass shifts in her chair as she moves to open her legs for me and I almost groan out loud wanting to bury myself between them. My fingers slide up her silky flesh and brush against her panties, skimming the edge and pushing them aside.

  “I can’t wait until I get you home and put those clamps on your beautiful pink nipples, baby.”


  That turned into one of the longest meals I’ve ever had. With Marco’s hand stroking softly between my thighs, teasing me and keeping my arousal humming, and the thought of trying the clamps for the first time tonight, I thought I’d explode from waiting.

  “Get the nipple clamps, baby.” His voice is strained from his pent-up desire as well.

  We’ve just walked in the door of my apartment and we’re all hands and mouths and teeth and tongues leaving a trail of clothes from the front door to the bedroom. The box with the clamps Marco gave me as a present tonight are sitting on the nightstand beside my bed. I walk over and take them out of the pink box they came in and hand them to him, my hand almost shaking with excitement.

  He strokes the back of one finger across each tip of my breasts and the sensations shoot through me making my flesh bump up all over. A soft moan passes through my slightly parted lips and he lowers his mouth to mine catching the sound.

  “I’m going to put them on now, love. Let me know when they’re just right.”

  I look at him wide-eyed. “How will I know?” I ask.

  His smile broadens wickedly across his face “Oh, believe me, baby, you’ll know.”

  He takes one nipple and holds it while slipping the clamp over the hardened tip.

  My shoulders push forward and I grimace before I even say, “It hurts a bit.”

  There is a little gauge on the side of the clamp that he moves and…oooohh, that feels really good. He studies my face and smiles knowingly.

  “Like that, baby,” he says.

  “Yes, Marco, just like that.” It comes out low and raspy.

  He takes the other nipple and places the clamp on it, adjusting the gauge and my eyelids droop with the stimulation.

  “Lie on the bed, on your back, hands over your head, and hold the headboard.”

  I climb to the center of the bed, the chain swinging back and forth tugging lightly on my nipples and I groan with the feeling.

  Marco follows me onto the bed straddling me and his balls tickle my sex. I bite down on my lip. All of these stimulations are heightened because of the constant arousal of my nipples, and I lift up trying to rub myself against his hanging sac.

  My body is screaming for satisfaction, throbbing with need, and if he doesn’t do something about it soon, then I will.


  “You’re almost ready to come. Your heart is beating so hard, your breathing is heavy, your skin is flushed so pretty and pink, and your pussy is glistening it’s so wet.”

  Elizabeth’s eyes roll back and a low moan floats from her slightly parted pink lips. I haven’t even touched her yet and she’s on fire. This isn’t going to take long, for either one of us.

  I shift down between her legs and spread them wide, admiring the beautiful view. I hold her legs open, pressing down firmly on her thighs until I know that she won’t move them.

  “Keep your legs just like this for me, even when I’m inside you.” I force myself to stay focused and move slowly. This is about her pleasure now, not mine.

  I see the muscles tense throughout her body, even her inner walls. I know her pussy instinctively clenched at my words; I saw it, followed by a little extra of her juices flowing from her. I need to taste her. I lower my mouth forward while still holding firmly on to her legs and swipe my tongue from her ass all the way to her clit.

  “Oh God, Marco…” The words are more of a moan, sounding guttural and deep.

  “I know, baby.” The sound of my voice is raw, reflecting the rising need in me. “Just let go and enjoy me.”

  Her body reacts and it’s almost visible as she goes from being here to being in our erotic place of abandon. Her head rolls back, her mouth opens just a little and her body arches, jutting those beautiful breasts up with her nipples being bitten by the silver clamps. She has just told me without words, Take me, I am yours to do what you want, and I intend to do just that.

  I place my finger on her bare mound and trace the bone at the entrance of her sex, then slide down along the crease of her thighs. The whole lower portion of her body tenses as she holds on tight, fighting the urge to move into my touch. She is anticipating, begging for me to give her what she needs but I know it’s not time yet. I want her ready to explode until she can’t take it anymore. She wants that too; that’s why she gives me the control to give her what she needs. My finger lightly glides across her moist skin down over the cheek poking out from underneath her and comes up between the two cheeks. I circle around her opening and her lips and come down the other side, repeating the same thing there.

  “Please, Marco…” She’s here but she’s not. She’s getting lost in her place of oblivious pleasure.

  “Patience, baby.” I’m getting lost there as well, getting lost in her and the drug of her pleasure.

  Bringing two fingers to slide through her wet folds, one on each side, I bring them back up and take one to make circles around her hole imagining sliding into her, first just the tip, and it’s all I can do to keep up this slow pace. I place my other hand on her flat stomach below the chain linking the clamps so that all I have to do is lift my finger to clasp it. My finger mimics my musings of sliding the head of my cock into her, I insert it just enough so that I can continue the circles inside her. At the same time I lift a finger to tug on the chain slightly to pull on her nipples.

  “Aaaahhhhh!” Her back lifts off the bed as she grips tightly onto my finger inside her and pulls on the headboard she’s still clutching with her hands. I hold the chain and slide my finger all the way in, rubbing my thumb on her engorged clit as I do. Her legs and torso are rock solid straight, holding on for dear life.

  “I’m going to come, Marco, now!”

  “Come, Elizabeth, I want lick up your juices.”

  Still holding on to the chain with my finger buried in her pussy, I lay my tongue flat on her clit and rub it. She is spread open wide for me wanting more and more as her first orgasm ripples through her.

  “Oh, yes, Marco, please don’t stop…” She’s coming but she needs more.

  God I love this shit.

  I keep my finger inside of her stroking her walls, teasing that spot inside as I get her ready for the next one.

  “Baby, I’m going to take off the clamps now. It’s going to be a little painful but just hold on.”

” I can tell she’s not yet to the point of mindlessness, but she will be very soon.

  I gently unclip one clamp, then the other leaving my finger inside her, curving it and rubbing her there.

  “Ooooohhh.” Elizabeth inhales deeply as blood floods her nipples, and I can see the change in their color. I want to pull them into my mouth and suck on those little peaks but this is new to her so I let her feel everything.

  I lean over her luscious body and hold myself above her with one arm as I begin to fuck her with my finger.

  “I’m going to fuck you now, Elizabeth.”


  I am a tumultuous ball of sensations. My desire is off the charts, and even though I just came I’m horny as hell. My nipples are screaming in glorious agony, throbbing and shooting straight to my groin.

  “Yes, now, please,” I say but I want to growl instead.

  With just those words I feel the beginning waves of an orgasm I know will make me scream and I can’t wait. I feel like an animal. I want him to fuck me, raw, hard and primal. Marco is staring into my eyes, assessing me, I think, as his finger alternates between sliding in and out, and rubbing, curving, and circling while his thumb flicks my swollen clit. His mouth claims mine hungrily, rough and demanding. Marco sits back and removes his finger. Taking his hard-on he begins to slide it over my sex, teasing my clit, and rubbing the head against me.

  “Now, Marco, now…”

  “It’s going to be hard and deep, baby,” he grits out through clenched teeth.

  He places his hands on the tops of my thighs, his thumbs almost holding my lips open for him, keeping my legs open and in place. I can almost hear my pussy yelling, Yes, yes, yes, do it now! and gulping and gasping for him. My hands are pulling on the headboard and I’m mimicking the chant of my pussy in my head, Yes, yes, yes, now! His mouth consumes mine again as he slams into me, burying himself all the way to the top, his balls slapping against my ass. I let out a gasp in his mouth and he answers it with a growl. Everything in me, all of my focus exists only at that place where our bodies feed off each other. It seems like I’m devouring him, eating him, chewing him with each thrust and I can’t get enough. I growl back. His arms move to slide around my waist as they wrap all the way around me holding me to him.

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