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  By: Brittney N

  This book is dedicated to women who have pasts and learned to overcome the hard times in their life. I wrote this book to show the realness that goes on in a lot of women’s lives, behind the scenes. It’s ok to cry, laugh, be sensual, be in love, and even be alone. Learning to love yourself is most important before you love someone else. Never give up on you. And whatever trauma or bad has happened in your past, you can overcome it. You just have to embrace it, forgive yourself and whoever else, and move forward. You don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

  - Brittney N.


  This book is copyrighted by Brittney N.

  All rights are reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.


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  Chapter One

  Emma woke up and squinted at the sun shining in on her face. She yawned and sat up as she realized it was time to get up. “Great” she thought to herself. Somehow every day when the alarm went off she thought that she could somehow sleep a little later. She went to bed on time so she knew this exhaustion had to be from her overthinking. Her brown hair sat in her face as she combed her hands through her hair. “These knots have got to go” she thought. She fell back onto her pillow for just a few more seconds of plush heaven because soon it would be time for work and her job required her full attention. Without sparing anymore time she kicked off her sheets, jumped off her bed, looked at the clock just one more time wishing it went back just one more hour. After a few moments she felt like she was being childish and decided that since it wasn’t going to happen she needed to stop playing games and get ready for work before she was late.

  She took a shower and turned up the music so that she could wake herself up. She danced her way into the mirror and brushed her teeth while nodding her head along with the music and singing off key. After taking care of the rest of her morning routine, she sent off a text to her boyfriend Daniel as she normally did saying, “Good morning honey. I hope you enjoy your day and don’t forget our date later.” She added a winky face to remind him that it was their date night that they set up once every month just to make sure they always have time for each other. With their schedules it could probably be so hard to keep up with their relationship sometimes if they were other couples, but for them it was easy. When you loved a man as much as she did, it didn’t matter. Reminiscing, Emma thought about the day that she met Dan.

  It was the night of the big fashion event in New York and everyone was there. She was able to get a ticket because at the job plenty of lawyers work with big celebrities and businesses that hosted grand events like this. It made her job even more fun since she’s a female because most of the men would either give these tickets to her or the women in their lives. But there was always at least one of the lawyers who was in an argument at the times with their wives and decided to give Emma their tickets instead. Some told her it was a little bonus for her, or even a simple thank you. She was always grateful for their generosity and even though some people would decide not to take it, Emma didn’t care. She loved the night life of New York City and took any opportunity to take a look around and enjoy it. Walking into the event with her friend Carly by her side, she had to admit that they looked stunning. Photographers asked them to pose and shouted out questions about the designers of their dresses and asking who they were. They basked in the moment and after the show was done walked back into the room where all cocktails were being served.

  She knew the moment that Daniel Levy walked into the door. Emma heard the whispers of the other women. Carly turned to her and said “Isn’t that Daniel Levy? That’s one sexy specimen of a man who I would love to ANCHOR me, if you know what I mean” as she sighed and looked over in awe at Daniel. Emma couldn’t even lie, he was indeed beautiful. Standing at six foot one and with the most gorgeous hazel eyes she’d ever seen, she highly doubted most women watched the news for actual information. She could almost bet that it was just to see his delicious self every day.

  Their eyes met in that instant, it was almost as if he heard what she said in her head. Emma began blushing at that mere thought and quickly looked away. Daniel stopped speaking mid-sentence when their eyes had connected but her shyness seemed to quickly appeal to him. At five foot five Emma wasn’t short but she was wearing these five inch heels that caused her eyes to be found a lot easier to someone of his stature. “Oh my gosh. I think he’s looking at you right now Emma! Do something!” Carly whispered. Emma shook her head and avoided his piercing gaze looking everywhere else in the room but at Daniel. “The hell he is. I am not the girl for all of that. That? Right there? That is clearly some sort of god from the heavens. So I am not even going to get my hopes up.” The moment she said that, Daniel began moving towards her. “He’s coming over here! Get it together Emma! This is one of the sexiest men alive and if you screw this up I promise I will not let you live this down. Take one for the team!”, and with that being said Carly began walking over to the bar to get another drink. Daniel stopped right in front of her and she could’ve sworn she stopped breathing. His smile alone did it for her. Since then, she knew she was a goner. That was the very second she fell in love with Daniel Levy.

  She smiled as she thought about her relationship and put her coffee in her cup. She then zipped up the back of her skirt and looked at herself in the mirror and thought “Damn I look good” then took a picture of herself so she could post it on her social network.

  Every day she went to work, she knew she had something to prove. Being one of the only female mediators at one of the most prestigious law firms in the state made her want to look even more chic and professional. She had to impress her bosses and give those other women who envied her and her relationship something to talk about. At one point she didn’t even care what she looked like when she came to work, but since she started dating Daniel, she knew she had to keep up with him and his status.

  Though she made six figures and could handle everything that came her way, Daniel was a well-known ex-bachelor and one of the biggest news stations anchors. “He is so sexy” she thought as she bit her lip. Sometimes she wondered how she even was able to catch such a beautiful man as him, but she stopped questioning that because she didn’t want to wake up and realize it was just a dream. But she knew she would do just about anything to make sure her man was happy; even if that meant sacrificing her own happiness. Yes, she understood that to others she may sound ridiculous, but love was about compromise. Emma Sanget had no issue with compromising when it came to the ones that she loved. She also had secrets she had no problem keeping as well.

  Chapter Two

  When Emma got to work she was ex
cited. It was a Monday but it didn’t matter because Monday’s meant nobody wanted to do any work and she was just fine with that. She wasn’t in the mood to sit around and talk anyways. Once the apprentices got the coffee around to the floor it would be a different story. Emma had a better plan though. She wanted to take this quiet time to look up potential honeymoon destinations. “Maybe I’m going overboard, Danny didn’t even ask me to marry him yet”, Emma thought as she sighed. But she quickly reneged on the idea and remembered that all girls in love like to plan their weddings. She just knew he would ask to marry her soon. He had to! Everything was a routine with them. She sent him his texts in the morning because of his busy schedule just so he knew she was thinking about him as she woke up. The only problem with that was the fact that recently she never received a text back until later on in the day and it was a simple “thank you”. At first it irked her, but she became used to it and decided that this was just how he expresses his love.

  “The hardest part of the relationship is communication”, she thought. Then she oohed and aah’d at the engagement rings and private beaches that popped up in her Google search engine. She found that the more she thought about getting married, the happier she became. “Dan could be the one”, she softly said out loud. She closed her eyes and imagined, herself walking down the aisle with her dad holding her arm and her wedding dress flowing in the wind on the beach. She could envision all of their family and friends together, tearing up as she looked at the end of the aisle and saw Danny standing there smiling back at her. All she could do was hold back the tears and look into his eyes. “This is forever”, Emma thought. She couldn’t wait to call him her husband. As her father got her down the aisle, the music started to fade away as she touched Danny’s hand. She knew this had to be a dream because…

  There was a knock on the door that jolted Emma’s daydream. “Come in”, Emma said immediately.

  “Good morning Miss Sanget, would you like some coffee or any breakfast?”, the young blond haired apprentice asked.

  “Yes Jimmy. Actually I would like a Caramel Frappuccino if you wouldn’t mind. Please just bring a couple of sugars on the side for me if that’s possible.”

  She reached into her pocket book and pulled out a bill and handed it to Jimmy. He quickly scurried off to the next customer he had on the floor. She always liked to keep her orders simple because she knew the poor kid had enough on his plate. Dealing with demanding lawyers and even possibly getting their orders wrong? She cringed at the thought and sent up a silent prayer for Jimmy. She knew what it felt like to be looked at as inferior, but with his potential and humility, she already knew he’d make it far. She stopped daydreaming about her future plans with Danny and decided to send him a quick “I just wanted to say I love you” text. She had no idea why, but for some reason she couldn’t stop thinking about him this morning.

  Before Jimmy got back she wanted to check with her secretary to see if she had any scheduled meetings. She wanted to get her work done as soon as possible so that she could go back home and set up at Jimmy’s place for their romantic evening. She had so many plans. She picked up the phone and dialed her secretary’s office number. “Hey Samantha, what do I have today?” she asked as soon as the young lady answered the phone. She had no time for small talk. “Good morning Miss Sanget” Samantha replied. “Today you have 3 mediations at 12, 3, and 5 and you have a meeting with the big guys upstairs for a quick go over of the new policy.” Emma sighed, it sounded like a mentally exhausting day. “Okay, thank you Sam. Who are my mediations with?” she asked through her hands. “The first one is with Tiny’s Construction and Rough Work Scrap Metal. The next one is with McGiver Steel and Lillian Crawford. Your final meeting of today is with the pending divorcees, Mr. and Mrs. Finn” Sam told her. “Oh God, please don’t tell me I have the Finn’s at 5” Emma urged. Sam hesitated and said, “I’m sorry Miss Sanget. Indeed you do. Is there anything else that I can get for you?” Emma just shook her head no and said, “No. Jimmy took my order for breakfast already. Thank you. I’ll call you if I need anything else.” She quickly hung up and got back to her computer. She loved how sweet and easy going Samantha was. No matter how hectic her day got she was still so calm and collected. Those were traits that Emma admired and wished she was capable of being. She had to stop daydreaming and start writing out some good tips if she wanted this day to end well.

  Samantha hung up the phone with Emma and got back to looking on her Facebook and Twitter to see how people’s lives were going. She knew it was against company policy but she was bored. She had nothing better to do because it was Monday and it was slow in the morning. She slid her hand under her desk to hide the fact that she was checking her phone. She just wanted to make sure that she and her lover are still on for their vacation coming up this weekend. Samantha already informed Emma that she’d be taking a week off for vacation and Emma seemed fine with it.

  Samantha became so antsy and excited whenever she thought about seeing him. It was like a forbidden love but those are always the best it seemed. She knew she probably should reconsider doing this but she couldn’t help it. This was the weekend they would make it official. She hated being in the background but she couldn’t help it. It was so exciting, so exhilarating, to be wanted, to be craved even when someone else is touching them. She had to fan herself at the thoughts that popped up in her mind and then she remembered they recorded themselves a couple of times in her phone. When she got home she was going to make sure that she looked at them so she could remind herself just why she didn’t mind being in the background this long.

  Emma looked at the clock and realized that it was just about time for her second mediation. She was happy that the first mediation was simple and was over within an hour. She was even given bonuses from both sides. They told her, “This is a little something just to say thank you for saving us a hell of a lot of money. This would’ve been a train wreck on both ends.” Both sides shook hands and parted ways and promised to recommend her services to those that were in need of a solid mediator. At a quarter to three Emma walked downstairs to the mediation room to set up. Most of the time her clients were there already, but there were times when some decided to be fashionably late. She never saw the classiness in lateness and always takes pride in being punctual. The moment she got downstairs and already felt the tension between both parties she knew it would be a long mediation that probably wouldn’t be resolved all today. Thankfully they only asked Emma for an hour of her time and anything over that she would be paid for by every fifteen minutes. She was good at what she did but she also knew when things would be settled.

  4 hours later…

  Emma walked out of the mediation room exhausted. She had gone back to back with her mediations because the Finn’s arrived exactly at five. Both Mr. and Mrs. Finn showed no mercy for one another and even brought their lawyers along with them even though they were told not to. The lawyers sat outside and waited for almost two hours as the Finns’ went back and forth at each other. Sometimes Emma could swear she was a psychologist rather than a mediator. That actually played a large role in her job. She had to make sure she was able to give logical advice behind every reason she came up with. She knew she had to play devil’s advocate as well and that’s when it would get the most critical.

  Glancing down at her watch Emma saw the time. “Dammit! I’m late”, she cursed at herself and ran back up to her office. Getting her things together she knew she had to rush over to Danny’s house before his 7 pm segment was over. He lived about twenty minutes from her job and 10 minutes away from her. She forgot her bag with all the decorations at home so she decided she had to stop there first before anything else. She threw everything in her bag and ran downstairs to the garages to get her car. She got in her car and sped off while sending a quick smile and wave to the guard in the booth.

  Chapter Three

  Emma got to Daniel’s condo as quick as she could. She blasted her music and slowed down every time she saw a potent
ial cop around her. Those little spots behind the bushes? The area between the dividers? Yup. Emma knew these cops and their hiding spots. But on her way to his house she couldn’t help but wonder just how she was going to do this. She was shy when it came to dressing up or doing something sexy for Danny. She showed her ID to security and drove through the gated community up to his condo. His condo looked grand with its three floors high columns that stood outside of its tan stucco on the exterior of the building. The shutters were white with a Roman design and the beautiful palm trees that stood outside of his home made it look even more exotic than it already is. She parked on the street and inhaled while turning her radio down. “This is going to be interesting”, she thought as she got out of the car and walked to the front of the double doors of the entryway. Danny had given her a key on their second anniversary and told her to sneak in whenever she wanted to. She had only used the key a couple of times when she was too tired and needed a nap before driving, otherwise he was usually home and she still knocked on the door. Tonight would be the first night that she used the key as an actual surprise. She couldn’t wait to finally try and do something special for him on one of their date nights.

  As she opened the door and walked in she allowed herself to take a deep breath. His whole condo smelled just like him. She loved how masculine he smelled whenever he kissed her. It was as if it was a primal thing. It made her feel like such a woman. The only thing that truly bothered her was that he was such a neat freak. Sometimes she felt like a pack rat compared to him. The only time that she would allow him over was when she had a maid quickly come over and do a spot check for her. Otherwise, she would ask if she could come to his place instead. He never seemed to have a problem with it and she loved how he wouldn’t question her about why rarely went to her place. She couldn’t tell him the truth. If he went to her house right now he’d see that she’d left out some clothes on her bed and probably had a couple pairs of shoes scattered around in her closet. He’d freak out and she didn’t have time for that.

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