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If I Was Your Woman 2: A BBW Camden Love Story

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If I Was Your Woman 2: A BBW Camden Love Story

  If I Was Your Woman 2

  A BBW Camden Love Story

  By: Mz. Toni

  Copyright © 2015 Mz. Toni

  Published by Write House Publishing under TIECE Presents

  All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior written consent of the publisher, excepting brief quotes used in reviews.

  This is a work of fiction. Any references or similarities to actual events, real people, living or dead, or to the real locals are intended to give the novel a sense of reality. Any similarity in other names, characters, places, and incidents are entirely coincidental.

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  Chapter One


  “You ride with my daughter while I handle this shit,” Carlos said hugging me. That shit was weird as hell hearing him call Shante his daughter. As I climbed into the ambulance, I could hear Carlos snapping. I knew he had every intention on painting the city red until we found out who was behind this shit, I was with him a hundred percent and that was a promise. Once we arrived at the hospital she was quickly taken to the back and they refused to let me go with her, which I wasn't feeling at all.

  “Fuck you mean I gotta wait out here, that's my fucking girl!” I screamed at the staff. I knew they were just doing their job but fuck that, she needed me. Before I knew what was happening, I was being restrained by three police officers.

  “Get the fuck off me, y'all muthafuckas harassing me instead of finding out who did this shit to my girl!” I screamed, pissed. I don't like cops, don't trust cops, and I damn sure ain't got shit to say to these cops.

  “Yo chill out before I have to arrest you, what good will you be to your girl if you locked up?” a Hispanic cop asked me.

  “You're right now tell these fucking pigs to let me go!” I said forcing myself out of their grip.

  “We have to ask you a few questions about what occurred,” the officer said.

  “I don't know shit, ain't seen shit, can't testify to shit, are we done?”

  “A twenty-one year old woman was shot and we want to find out who did it. You say you love her, if so, help us do our jobs.”

  “Man go head ask ya fucking questions!”

  “Do you know anyone that would want to hurt her?”

  “No I don't.”

  “What about the man’s house you guys were at?”


  “Who is that man to her?”

  “That's her father; we were over there for lunch.”

  “And what about you?”

  “What about me?”

  “Is there anyone that would want to hurt you?”

  “No, now can I go?”

  “One more question, did you see anything?”

  “Nope!” I snapped and walked away. After the pigs let me go, I sat down and prepared myself to make these phone calls to the people closest to her. I dialed Shana first and waited for her to answer.

  “Hey brother-in-law, to what do I owe the phone call?”

  “What up Shana?”

  “What's wrong Kasan, why you sound like that?”

  “Some shit popped off and I need you to come to Kennedy Hospital, I’ll text you the address.”

  “What happened, is my sister hurt?”

  “Just get here, I don't want to say too much over the phone,” I said hanging up on her. I wasn't trying to be rude but I still had other people to call. Going through my phone book, I called Mark.

  “Yo bro!” Mark answered.

  “Some shit popped off and Shante got caught in it. I need you to let Cam know to come to Kennedy,” I said.

  “Damn bro is sis aight?”

  “I'm still waiting, but it didn't look good,” I said as a tear rolled down my eye.

  “We on our way!” he replied hanging up. It seemed like time stood still, I was in a trance pacing the waiting room, before I knew it Mark, Camille, Shana, my mother and Carlos were walking through the door.

  “What happened to my sister?” Shana said once she spotted me. I didn't feel like telling the story more than once so I waited for everyone to come over and I told the story from the beginning.

  “This is all your fucking fault that's why I didn't want my fucking best friend with you, now she in there fighting for her life!” Camille screamed in my face while Mark tried to hold her back. Before he could grab her completely, she had already reached her hand back and slapped my ass across the face. Part of me wanted to beat the shit out of her for putting her hands on me but in my heart, I knew that this shit was my fault so I took it.

  “Don't you put your fucking hands on my son bitch, he loves that girl and you know it,” my mom said racing over to Camille. She must not know how my mom roll, she was gon learn today.

  “Y’all cut this shit out, my baby girl in there fighting for her life and y’all out here acting a fucking fool!” Carlos bellowed causing the women to jump.

  “Fuck you!” Shana screamed. I turned around because she hadn't said two words since finding out what happened to Shante, I guess she blamed me too.

  “Shana you know how much I love your sister, if I could have taken those bullets I would have,” I said really needing for her to understand.

  “I know you love her Kasan, I'm talking to this dead beat pimp,” she said pointing to Carlos.

  “You watch your fucking mouth when you talking to me!” Carlos replied with authority.

  “Oh nigga what you think I’m scared of you?” Shana asked stepping in his face.

  “Everybody chill the fuck out!” I screamed. This shit was getting ridiculous and we were in fucking public. We definitely didn't need unnecessary attention being brought our way.

  “Family of Shante Adams?”

  “Right here!” we all said jumping up.

  “Ms. Adams was shot three times, twice in the chest, once in the arm, upon her entry we noticed both lungs had collapsed. We immediately took her down to surgery to remove the bullets and repair her lungs. During the procedure we were able to repair her lungs but I'm sorry to inform you that the baby wasn't strong enough to survive her injuries.”

  “Wait, what baby?” I asked shocked.

  “I’m sorry I thought you knew Ms. Adams was twelve weeks pregnant,” the doctor said causing me to break down.

  “So will she make it?” Carlos asked the doctor.

  “Honestly sir, I can't answer that question because it's up to her, Things are touch and go for right now. We have her on a ventilator because she isn't capable of breathing on her own. Give her body some time, she seems to be a strong woman so think positive,” the doctor said with sympathy.

  “Can we see her?” Camille asked.

  “Yes, I will allow three family members back.”

  “You guys can go, Imma head out for a while,” I said.

  “Thank you Kasan,” Shana said hugging me. With that, me, Carlos and Mark walked away with murder on our minds. Hopping into Carlos’ truck, we pulled off to our meeting spot; everyone was supposed to be waiting for me there. When we pulled up, I was pleased with the amount of cars out front because we need our whole team for this shit.

  “What the fuck happened?” Carlos screamed getting straight to the point.

  “Boss I’m not sure, it’s like they came outta nowhere,” his guard tried to explain.

  “Bullshit y’all supposed to be my eyes and ears, nigga you supposed to see everything!”

  “I know I fucked up but I won't rest until I find out who did this shit!”

  “Naw ya services are no longer needed,” Carlos said pulling ou
t his gun and shooting the guard in the head.

  “Now I want to make this shit clear to you motherfuckers, my daughter is in the hospital fighting for her fucking life right now and somebody needs to pay!” Carlos screamed at my men. They all looked around, Carlos was so used to being in charge he must've forgotten that these were my soldiers and they only took orders from me.

  “Yo this my connect and Shante’s father,” I said explaining. I never treated my men with anything less than respect as long as they respected me. I was the boss and that would never change, but these nigga were my family.

  “Oh shit they shot Tae!” my friend Chris said.

  “Yeah bro and I need the nigga responsible found.”

  “No doubt!” he said jumping up to leave. That's why I loved my niggas; they played no games and were always down to ride.

  After everyone was gone, I just wanted to go home and take back a couple bottles. I can't believe she was pregnant with my child and somebody took that from us. It fucked me up to know that on top of being shot, she has to mourn the death of a child. My head was all fucked up and every time I thought about her, I felt my chest tighten, but Shante ain't get with no weak nigga and I knew I had to be strong for her. So instead of wallowing away in my worry, guilt and pain; I wasted no time getting back over to the hospital to be with my girl. When I got to the hospital there was a familiar looking woman standing at her bedside. I wasn't playing any games, hospital or not, I pulled out my shit and made my presence known.

  “Who the fuck are you?” I asked ready to kill this bitch if she was here to harm my girl.

  “Boy put that shit away, I'm her damn mother!” she said turning to face me and sure enough, it was.

  “My bad, better safe than sorry,” I shrugged tucking my gun. Walking up to her bedside, I felt my tears building up. She looked so fragile with all those tubes and shit coming from her body. I couldn't believe she was in this situation and possibly because of me. I had no niggas gunning for me that I knew of, hell nobody even knew I was the boss so I was beyond confused as to who would want to hurt me or my girl.

  “What happened to her?”

  “Man I don't know shit happened so fast,” I explained.

  “Well we didn't have the perfect relationship and I wasn't always the best mother but I know if she wasn't to make it she would want me to have all of her possessions,” she said serious as a heart attack. I couldn't do or say shit because I had no words for this bitch. I was still processing what she had just said.

  “Are you fucking serious right now?” I asked, completely confused and shocked. What kind of fucking mother is she?

  “Dead ass serious, I had to deal with her ass for eighteen years, feed her big ass, and clothe her that's the least she could do.”

  “Fuck is wrong with you, what them drugs fried ya fucking brain? Cuz you must be out ya rabbit ass mind if you think you getting anything that belongs to my girl!” I snapped.

  “Yeah aight, well you got a lil something I can hold?” she asked while fidgeting. I know she doesn't think Imma give her ass some drugs, I ain't no fucking corner boy, she got me fucked up.

  “Yo Imma say this shit once, I ain't no fucking drug dealing corner boy, don't ever step to me asking to hold shit, not even a dollar you slimy as shit for what you doing to Shante and you lucky we in the hospital cuz you wouldn't be living right now!” I snapped through clenched teeth.

  “You know what, you in ya feelings so Imma leave, but I’ll be back believe that shit,” she said with a smirk as she walked out the door. This shit right here was unbelievable, and to think I tried to encourage Shante to forgive her mother and here she was not worried about her child just what she could get from her. Sitting beside my girl, I really needed her to make it through this shit.

  “Tae baby, you gotta be strong and beat this shit,” I said kissing her lips.

  “Oh hi. I thought she was in here alone,” a young nurse said turning to walk back out.

  “Naw you good, I'm staying the night so you might as well do what you need to.”

  “Ok I just wanted to check her vitals,” she said walking to Shante’s bedside.

  “Has anything changed?” I asked.

  “Well it hasn't been twenty-four hours yet so we still have time to see if she makes any progression,” she said walking out. I felt so lost without my girl. This shit was crazy, she never wanted to fuck with a street nigga and I made her believe I was different, talked her into giving me a chance and now she could possibly lose her life. As I held and kissed her hand I couldn't do anything but pray to God that she made it through because I don't know what I would do if I lost her.

  “How is she?” Shana said from behind me with tears falling from her eyes.

  “She’s the same, the nurse said give it twenty-four hours,” I said kissing Shante’s forehead.

  “She has to pull through, I haven't even told the kids about this because I don't know what to say to them,” she said while wiping her eyes.

  “She’s gonna make it Shana, she’s strong,” I said trying to convince myself and Shana.

  “Well why don't you go try and get some rest, I’ll stay here.”

  “I can't rest until I know she’s good.”

  “Well how about you go get some of her things.”

  “Aight, don't leave my baby here alone.”

  “Boy don't say no stupid shit like that, go head I got her,” she said. With that, I headed out the hospital.

  Chapter Two


  It's been over a month and Shante is still in a coma. I had no choice but to tell my children about it since the doctors say she isn't making any progress. I don't believe it though, she squeezed my hand on more than one occasion and the doctor brushed it off saying that it's normal. I think she’s just tired and getting all the rest she can before having to wake up and face this cold world again. Me and Camille have gotten very close since the shooting; I understand why my sister loves her so much. I don't like the fact that she blames Kasan for what happened to Shante, I swear I know it seems crazy, but I know in my heart of hearts that Carlos ass is to blame.

  “Are you going to the hospital to see auntie?” my son R.J. asked. He really took the news the hardest, he and Shante are really close and he feels like he just got her and now he lost her.

  “Yup, why you want to go?” I asked already knowing the answer.

  “Yeah I do!”

  “Aight just let me call your father to come get the twins,” I said. Pulling out my phone, I called Raymond, of course he answered on the first ring. He’s been very helpful since all this has happened between work and visiting Shante, I’ve really been needing help with the kids and he and his mother have definitely been stepping in. I couldn't respect him though because I knew he wasn't doing this shit out of the kindness of his heart, he was just trying to get back in good with me, but I’m still filing for divorce. I haven't spoken to Angel since the phone call, I don't know what's going on with her and I could give zero fucks, the way I’m feeling I done planned her murder and how I would get away with it dozens of times. Every day I pray for patience and the strength to forgive, but I'm still so angry. I like to believe that I'm a God fearing woman, no I don't attend church every day, but I know my God and I know that the hate and anger I have in my heart is ungodly. The things I think about doing to her and my ex-husband are a sin and as of right now, Lord forgive me but I don't care, I'm broken and hurt.

  “Did you call their dad?” my oldest son asked, interrupting me from my thoughts.

  “Come on now R.J. I asked you to stop doing that. He hurt me, not you guys.”

  “He hurt us when he hurt you ma and I ain't ever forgiving that nigga!”

  “Boy you better watch ya mouth!” I said ready to slap his ass. He knew I hated for them to say that damn word.

  “My bad ma,” he said putting his head down.

  “I know this is a lot for you right now but I don't want you to hate him because I do,” I

  “It's hard not to hate him and Aunt Angel for how they did you!”

  “Come here R.J.”

  “I need for you to try harder, ok?”

  “Yeah I got you ma,” he said kissing my forehead.

  “Good, now go get the twins and tell them they going to their dad’s house.”


  “Boy I will beat ya ass. I could have done that my damn self!”

  “I know, I know,” he said while laughing. While he was upstairs, I decided I would call Raymond’s ass.

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