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Illegal Fantasies (Anthology ~ Behind Closed Doors)

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Illegal Fantasies (Anthology ~ Behind Closed Doors)

  Illegal Fantasies~

  Behind Closed Doors

  By Morgan Kelley

  © Copyright 2014 by Morgan Kelley LLC All rights reserved. No parts of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording, or in an information storage or retrieval system without written consent from the author. All characters are fictional and any similarity to real life or individuals is coincidental.

  © Copyright 2014 Property of Morgan Kelley LLC Cover Art by Whispering Words Graphics.

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  ~~~~ About the Author ~~~~

  Morgan Kelley lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with her husband and two children. After attending college at Penn State University and studying Criminal Justice, Morgan knew here only true passion in life would be murder and books. She put them both together and began her career as a writer. Other than books and writing, you can find Morgan hanging out in her garden and digging in the dirt.

  Her other works include: The Junction, Serial Sins, The Blood Betrayal, The Killing Times (1), Sacred Burial Grounds (2), True Love Lost (3), Deep Dark Mire (4), Fire Burns Hot (5), Darkness of Truth (6), Devil Hath Come (7), Consumed by Wrath (8), Blood Red Rage (1), Lost & Broken (2), Celestia is Falling (1), Vegas is Dying (2) Christmas is Killing (3), Love is Bleeding (4), Sinner Repent (1), Illegal Fantasies (anthology 1)

  Please feel free to visit Morgan at her website:, or visit her blog at


  To all my fans who wanted a little more amped up sex.

  Your wish is my command.


  Dear Reader,

  Often I get asked about the different sexual situations my characters get into. Whether it be Elizabeth, Ethan and Callen, or Emma and Greyson. Sometimes, when I tell a story, there are sex scenes that just seem a little too ‘over the top’ to make it into a book. So, I’ve saved them all up for a rainy day.

  It looks like today is it!

  Who doesn’t like a little peek into someone else’s bedroom now and again?

  So how do I, as the author, find a happy medium in the quantity of sex?

  I create an anthology of sex scenes. This way, if you’re curious by nature, or just love the idea of cozying up to some hot and heavy Native sex, this will be the perfect companion to the full length novels.

  Has Morgan lost her mind?

  Probably, but sometimes you don’t want a full five hundred pages of sex, mystery and murder. You just need a quick read to get you through the day.

  In this anthology, you’ll find out what fantasies each character had, and how their partner(s) met them.

  From Elizabeth always threatening to abduct her two Native men, to Emma Croft getting the upper hand with her Caveman husband, this will answer all your questions.

  If you’re not familiar with my books (man, are you missing the fun!), maybe this will pique your interest. If you love sex, murder, and mayhem, then I’m your gal.

  Let me warn you now, if you’re offended by fornication, threesomes, or anything else along those lines, stop here. I think my books are pretty much tame, but what’s past this letter is anything but that.

  Now, let the fun begin.

  Enjoy your journey behind the closed doors of my world.

  And don’t say I didn't warn you…




  Chapter One-

  Elizabeth, Ethan, & Callen

  Native Dalliance

  Chapter Two-

  Emma & Greyson

  Lost in the Stacks

  Chapter Three-

  Callista & Quinn

  Ride ‘em Cowboy

  Chapter Four-

  Jolie, Flynn & Jacques

  Mardi Gras Mayhem

  Chapter Five-

  Tori & Julian

  Undercover Lover

  Chapter Six-

  Elizabeth & Callen

  Rah Rah Rah!

  Chapter Seven-

  Tessa & Paris

  In the Field

  Chapter Eight-

  Jolie & Jacques

  The Countess’s Lover

  Chapter Nine-

  Elizabeth & Ethan

  Interrogating Miss Kitty

  Chapter Ten-

  Cyra & Christopher

  The Dead Tell No Tales

  Chapter Eleven-

  Christina & Kane

  Girls Gone wild

  Chapter One:

  Native Dalliance

  ~~ Elizabeth, Ethan &Callen ~~

  The FBI Gods were not smiling upon her.

  At all.

  It had been one of the longest days of her life. While working, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. It was as if FBI West was falling in around her. Then, add in the personal mêlée that was happening on top of it all. It all started with Callen calling from the field to tell her that he was going to be held up a couple more days, which wouldn’t be so bad, except tonight was their celebration.

  Strike one.

  Then, as if fate had wanted to play even more of a cruel sick joke, Ethan called to tell her that his flight back from Quantico was held up. He was going to be incredibly late, missing their date. Once more, she was screwed from the get go.

  Strike two.


  What the hell kind of anniversary celebration was she going to have if both men were missing? With much planning, she had been able to get Wyler out of the house. Instead of being under foot for the festivities, he and the kids were going to be playing campout on the Rez. Now, they wouldn’t be getting ‘Fort Blackhawk/Whitefox’ to themselves, and she was going to be sitting her ass home alone.

  Yeah, perfect.

  Nothing screamed pathetic quite like this.

  Tonight was supposed to be a romantic evening for three. She’d planned it all, from the sexy lingerie to the well-orchestrated after dinner festivities, and now it was falling apart.

  Why did this surprise her?

  Elizabeth should have known better.

  Of course the FBI was going to throw a monkey wrench into her plans, and as always, she didn't see it coming.

  After all, she wasn’t the control freak in the family, and this proved it. Had Elizabeth been better at micromanaging, she would have accounted for these setbacks and worked up a contingency plan.

  What the hell kind of director was she?

  Well, maybe she could call Wyler and ask if he’d head home with the kids. If she couldn’t be with her men on their anniversary, it seemed only
right to be with their children. In all actuality, Elizabeth didn't want to be alone. While she liked a little personal time, lumbering around their home by herself was daunting.

  She needed her family.

  Calling Wyler, she strummed her fingers impatiently on the desk. In the florescent lights of her office, Elizabeth’s wedding bands flashed with fire. It only reminded her of the fun that they were all going to miss. How could she be in an anniversary mood, when the other two parts of the equation were missing?

  Damn it!

  When Wyler didn't pick up the phone, her heart sank further. It wasn’t like she expected him to rush to her beck and call. After all, he was with three kids and alone at Timothy’s old cabin. Super granddad had enough on his hands. Her melancholy was the least of his problems.

  Strike three…

  Elizabeth figured it was time to head home and face the silence, before some other disaster landed in her lap. As she dumped her gun in her purse, she began gathering all her things. Maybe she’d sit on the couch and video conference the men in her life. In combination with some dirty texting, she might be able to salvage part of the night. Besides, flustering Ethan at the airport with dirty whisperings was always a good time.

  She did have a drawer full of sexy things, and she could service her own needs…

  Holy hell!

  It was a sad testament to her mental state if that was even an option bouncing around in her brain.

  How could that even compare to rolling around with two sexified Native men?

  “Goodnight, Director!” chimed Ginny from behind her desk, pulling her from her daydream. “Have a safe trip home!”

  Elizabeth mumbled something under her breath, grateful that no one could hear her. No one deserved to be the target for her shit-tastic mood.

  Riding down in the elevator, she struggled to balance the files, her messenger bag, and purse in her arms. When the doors opened, she scanned the parking garage for her vehicle before heading there. As she approached, one of the files, which she had precariously balanced on top of the pile, began to slide, spilling its contents all over the ground.

  “Shit!” she muttered.

  How could this day get any worse?

  What was next? A freaking typhoon?

  Bending down, she reached for the skewed papers to begin cleaning up the mess. Before her fingers even made contact, that cop tingle began to shoot down her spine.

  Her heart surged.

  She wasn’t alone!

  Someone was behind her!

  Standing to defend herself, Elizabeth was grabbed roughly, only to have something slapped over her mouth. To add to the insult, a sack of sorts was then tugged over her head. Before she could fight, Elizabeth was overpowered. Her hands were restrained behind her back with her own handcuffs.

  Oh God!

  Someone was taking her!

  She was being abducted again. Fight or flight kicked in, and she began struggling violently to escape the hands holding her.

  Suddenly, there was a reassuring cooing in her ear. The words were so low that she nearly missed them, as she was lifted up and placed gently in the back of a vehicle. The strong arms didn't release her as she rested on someone’s lap.

  “Angel,” whispered the voice.

  Could it be?

  It sounded like Callen. But he was three states away…

  “Relax, angel. I have you,” he murmured, his warm breath on her neck.

  It wasn’t until she could distinguish his scent, that she knew she was indeed safe. Immediately, she relaxed in his arms, giving up the need to fight. Without hesitation, Callen’s gentle fingers stroked her flesh, offering her reassurance that everything was indeed fine. As his hand slid beneath her shirt, resting on her goose bump covered skin, no one spoke.

  Elizabeth didn't know what was happening, but she didn't think he was alone. If Callen was holding her, restrained against his frame, someone had to be driving. The vehicle was distinctly moving as it headed out of the garage.

  God! She wanted to ask him what was going on. If he didn't have a damn good reason, she was going to hand him his fine Native ass as soon as she was free. They were well aware that she didn't like being scared, and this had been terrifying–at first.

  When his fingers began unbuttoning her shirt, her blood pressure shot up. Against the tape, plastered to her mouth, she fought to speak.

  “Happy anniversary, my love.”

  The words relaxed her, even as his fingers drove her crazy. They were now running silkily over her breasts, housed in the skimpy bra which she had chosen that morning.

  “It makes me want to be wild, every time I see what you wear under your clothes when we’re not home. Are you dressing for us or yourself, Lyzee?”

  When his hands cupped her supple breasts, thumb stroking across her nipple, she gasped at the sensation. His masculine laughter filled her ear as his hot breath caressed her flesh.

  She couldn’t tell how long they’d been driving. At that moment, her focus was elsewhere and maybe that was his plan. All Elizabeth knew was that he was boiling her blood with growing lust. Already, his fingers had dipped below the line of her panties, and he was gently teasing and tempting her to the edge.

  “I love when you shave and I get to discover you’re bare, angel. It’s so erotic and dirty,” he murmured, even as his fingers plundered and sought to shove her off the edge.

  Her helpless moans were barely audible through the tape covering her mouth. With each one, Callen worked his fingers faster and harder across the most sensitive part of her body.

  When she shook, he whispered in her ear through the hood. “Fall for me, Lyzee. Give me this gift of knowing I make you want to surrender. Tonight, there’s so much more planned. Tonight, I’ll give you so much pleasure.”

  Despite wanting to be mad at him, and likely his partner in this wife abducting scheme, Elizabeth couldn’t be. The pleasure was shooting through her, sending her closer and closer to the edge. When he buried his fingers in her wetness, she had no choice but to tumble. As her body arched against his, Callen held her in his arms as she rode out the storm.

  “That’s my girl,” he whispered, as she shook around his now very wet fingers. Already, his erection was pressing tightly against his jeans. Callen couldn’t wait to get his woman inside the cabin and naked. Tonight was going to be epic.

  Well, if they had anything to say about it.

  Suddenly, as she surfaced from his little ‘gift’, Elizabeth could feel the vehicle come to a stop. Without warning, she was lifted and tossed over someone’s shoulders.

  It didn't take long to distinguish who her new abductor was. His cologne tickled her nose, offering yet more reassurance.

  She had been right.

  Ethan was home too.

  Somehow, she wasn’t surprised. Neither man would ever skip out on their special day. It just mattered way too much to all of them. This was the anniversary, not of their meeting or wedding, but of their coming together as a couple. This was the anniversary of their first interlude as a threesome. There would have to be a natural disaster to keep them apart. Love meant far too much to each of them.

  As Ethan carried her, Elizabeth could feel his hand running up and down her leg to her derrière. It soothed, offering promise of what was to come, especially when he gave one cheek a squeeze.

  Obviously, the men went through a lot of work to ‘abduct’ her right out of FBI West’s parking garage. That had to take bribing security, covering their bases, and making sure the security cameras were off. In fact, Ginny seemed a little too enthusiastic about her leaving for the night.

  Then, realization dawned.

  Elizabeth had been set up.

  Oh, they were sneaky.

  Before she knew it, Ethan was walking up stairs and there was a creak of a door. It sounded familiar. Somehow, she knew she had been there before.

  But where was here?

  Gently, she could feel her body being lowered down onto something
soft, possibly a mattress.

  Okay, so she was on a bed somewhere.


  Maybe their anniversary wasn’t a lost cause after all. To say that this didn't pique her interest, would be a lie. Curious by nature, Elizabeth was dying to see how this all would unfold. Already, the wetness between her legs was growing, and she couldn’t wait to be with the men she loved. Certainly, if they had put this much time into it, the main event was going to be spectacular.

  There was a rustling around her. Like things being set up and unpacked. When she struggled against the handcuffs behind her back, a body pressed against hers as soft words were whispered in her ear.

  “Soon, baby. It’s all going to happen very soon. I need you to lie still, and if you do, I promise you’ll never forget tonight.”

  Okay, it was definitely her husband. His fingers stroked the fullness of her breast and teased a nipple through the material of her bra. When he leaned down and ran the tip of his tongue across the pebbled peak, she shuddered.

  “That’s our Lyzee.”

  Now that she knew who the perpetrators of this wife abduction were, she could relax into it and stop fighting.

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