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  She wouldn’t rush to saying they could have forever with each other, but she surely did hope they could.

  She survived Friday night's Jukido class with her head held high. She navigated Saturday's party with Kyle by her side and rocked the concert in the park on Wednesday. Then on Thursday she received the news that the band had a deal, but only as a three member team. "Nick's the weak link," the executives had said. "Lose him."

  "Look, Nick I swear we're not taking the deal;" Australia cautiously approached him. "We all talked about it after you stormed out and we all voted no. There are other labels."

  He threw a book across the room and suddenly she was aware, very much aware, of her need to get him out of her home.

  Kyle had just gone down to the store; he would be back soon, but she didn't want to wait.

  "They won't want me just like you didn't."

  "What are you talking about?"

  "I watched you every day, practicing. I watched you until the sunset and that's when I saw you with him."

  "It was you." She felt her anger rising. Tony had neither denied, nor confirmed his guilt for the tape. For some reason she allowed herself to believe it was him and things were over now that he was in jail, for what she found out to be, his third strike with the criminal justice system. No bail was allowed so he was stuck in that cell until the trial wrapped. Now, she knew he wasn't the one who had taped her.

  "After Mike D I thought you'd see me. You belong to me, no one else." He jerked his belt free of his pants.

  "Stay back," she put up her defenses.

  "I know karate too," he lunged at her. She evaded his assault, swiftly turned and did a jump kick, knocking him though the newly fixed, glass French doors. The alarm blared once again.

  It didn't take long for the police to arrive. Even less time for Kyle to get past them and into the house. He pulled her into his arms.

  "He was the one who taped us," she pulled back. "It wasn't Tony."

  He didn't look surprised. "You didn't think it was Tony."

  "No. I thought it was Mike."

  She shrugged. They were both wrong. "I just fixed that door," she shook her head.

  "The door's not important."

  "That's a four thousand dollar door. It's important."

  "You're safe. That's more important."

  "Oh yeah. I did that evasive move you taught me yesterday. It came in handy." She wrapped her arms around him again. "Thank you for helping me save my life."

  Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. The band signed with the record company. Kyle had supported her fully, even promising to be her groupie. She had laughed at his words. She couldn't picture Kyle as a groupie.

  "How about you forego the groupie for being the love of my life?"

  He grinned one of those sexy bedroom grins he was good at and said, "That I can do."

  She would never regret taking the Jukido lessons. If she hadn’t taken them then she would have never met Kyle. She would have never fallen in love. They would have never connected and while she wouldn’t have known what she was missing, knowing what she knew now she couldn’t imagine her life without him in it. Kyle Donovan was the love of her life. She never thought it would happen, but it had and now that she knew what that felt like she was holding on with love and never letting go.

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  Capri Montgomery is the bestselling author of books including Ride A Cowboy, Across the Lake, The Thirteenth Floor, 1965, The Admiral’s Daughter, and The Geneva Project. She enjoys nature—unless the insects are biting her, traveling, old movies, art, photography and music.

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