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Mad Passion

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Mad Passion

  Mad Passion

  By M. L. Mitchell

  Text copyright © 2015 M L Mitchell

  All rights reserved

  To my family and friends who has constantly encouraged me to write. Thank you for your support and love.

  Table of Content

  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter Four

  Chapter Five

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter Nine

  Chapter Ten

  Chapter Eleven

  Chapter Twelve

  Chapter Thirteen

  Chapter Fourteen

  Chapter Fifteen

  Chapter Sixteen

  Chapter One

  24-year-old Tyree Michaels, R&B’s newest voice, is every woman’s dream. This California hunk is six feet, three inches of muscular dark chocolate perfection. His shoulder-length dreadlocks add a rugged look to his boyish face…

  Tyree flung the article he was reading onto the bedside table. It was a description of his appearance, talent, and all the other nonsense he have been seeing in these media gossip rags. He was in no mood for any of the so called hype. He was too busy trying to finish his second album. After working on it for over two months, he felt like it was no closer to being released than when he started. Feeling like a heavy weight was sitting on his shoulders, he decided to stay in bed and let the world past him by for a day.

  When the bedside phone started to ring, Tyree just stared at it, debating whether to answer it or let the machine get it. Before he could make a decision, the machine came on. “Hey Ty. I know you’re at home. If you—”

  Tyree snatched up the handset, “Hey Mad.” It was Madison (Mad) McKinsey-Black, his best friend for the past fourteen years.

  “Ty, you there?” Madison asked with concern in her voice.

  “Yeah,” He tried to put some cheer in his voice. “what’s up?”

  “I should be asking you the same question.”

  He sat up straighter in bed. “I’m cool. Why you ask?”

  Madison sounded exasperated when she replied, “You are not cool. You layin’ in bed at two in the afternoon. What’s really going on with you?”

  Damn, he hated that she knew him so well sometimes. “How did you know I was still in the bed?”

  She laughed, “I have known far too long not to know you. Half the time I know you better than you know yourself.”

  Tyree rolled his eyes. “Okay then, what are you doing today?”

  “I’m coming over to get you out of bed.”

  “You don’t have to come over. I’ll get up soon.”

  Madison wasn’t fooled. “I’ll be over in about an hour.”

  He was about to argue, but the phone went dead on the other end. Man, he hated when she did that. Tyree got out of bed and headed for his bathroom to shower. Under the spray of water, he started thinking about Mad and their strange beginning. He was in fifth grade and she was in the third. The first time he saw her, she was walking down the school hallway, looking like a scrawny little scarecrow. He remember picking on her about her braces, calling her names. Instead of crying or running to tattle, she stood her ground and called him an ink spot, thanks to his dark complexion. She earned his respect that day and they have been inseparable since.

  At least, until she married Ronald Black last year. Ron was a first rate ass. He tried his hardest to come between him and Madison for two years, but Mad wasn’t having it. But after her marriage, Mad became a little distant. He wasn’t happy about it, but there was nothing he could do about it…yet.

  An hour later, Madison was using the key Tyree gave her to enter his house. Placing her key on the foyer table and resetting the alarm, she headed toward the kitchen. She knew Tyree was cooking, the smells were heavenly. “I hope you didn’t cook any for me,” she stated as she took a seat at the breakfast bar.”

  “I did,” Tyree looked up from his task at the stove, “and you gonna eat all of it.”

  “You know I—I’m trying to watch my weight,” she stammered.

  Tyree looked at her and marveled at how beautiful she was. He didn’t understand why she thought she needed to watch her weight. Her caramel complexion was unblemished, her hazelnut colored hair stopped midway down her back, and her curves were in all the right places. Pulling his thoughts together, he teased, “Don’t you mean, Ron don’t want you to get big?”

  Madison automatically jumped on the defensive, “It has nothing to do with Ron. I don’t want to get big.” She knew those two would never be friends. It was something she excepted when she married Ron, but she thought that they would at least be cordial to each other. No such luck.

  “All right, Mad. Don’t get upset with me. I was just teasing.” He set a plate in front of her loaded with steak, eggs, and toast. “Eat every bite or I’ll shove it down your throat.”

  Madison watched him as he sat next to her with a plate twice as full as hers. She didn’t know how he could eat so much and stay so fit. She did know that he was well muscled and had rock hard abs. He was a very sexy man. Damn, where did that thought come from? She crammed some eggs into her mouth trying to gain control over her thoughts.

  Finishing the last of her food, Madison stood up to clean the kitchen. “Thanks for a late brunch, Ty.”

  He looked up from his plate, “You’re welcome.” He got up to follow her to the sink, “I’ll help you.”

  She thought about declining, but figured it would go faster. They had some work to do, and needed to get started soon. They worked side-by-side for half an hour in silence, neither feeling the need to fill the quiet.

  Once the kitchen was back in order, she grabbed some paper and a pencil off of the counter by the telephone. “It’s time to start writing.” When Tyree just stared at her, she specified, “You need to get this album finished soon. I’ll help you with some ideas if you want.” She headed into the TV room before he could say a word.

  Tyree had no choice but to follow. He situated himself next to Madison on the floor at the coffee table. Snatching the pencil out of her hand, he began brainstorming on a new song. Madison happily gave her input when he asked.

  Two hours later, they saw progress on Tyree’s new song. He was about to suggest a break, when the doorbell rang. Looking at Madison, he said, “I wonder who that could be.” Getting up off the floor, he stretched the kinks out of his shoulders and headed to the front door.

  After deactivating the alarm, he unlocked the door and pulled it open. He wasn’t surprised to see Ron standing there. The man couldn’t stand when Mad came to his house, but Tyree knew he would never turn her visits down.

  “Where’s my wife?” Ron asked in a hostile tone.

  Tyree hesitated for a minute just to piss him off. “She’s here. What do you want?”

  Oh man, was Ron pissed. Tyree could see his jaw tighten as he gnashed his teeth together. Swallowing hard, he asked through his teeth, “Can you go and get her?”

  Tyree closed the door in Ron’s face, and went to get her. Returning to the door with her in tow, Tyree stepped back and let her open it. “Hey Ron, what’s up?” she asked trying to sound as if her every nerve wasn’t jumping.

  “What the hell do you mean? what’s up?” He grabbed her upper right arm and pulled her out the door. “I’m getting tired of your—”

  “Yo man, you need to let go of her arm,” Tyree spoke in a deadly tone as he followed them out the door.

  Ron turned his attention toward him, “This ain’t got nothing to do with you. This is between me and my wife.” He yanked her closer to him, “Just go on back in your fancy house and stay the hell out of my business.”

  Tyree wasn’t about to acc
ommodate him. “It’s my business when a man puts his hand on a woman. Let her go before I have to teach you about being a real man.” Ron dropped her arm and stepped closer to Tyree.

  Madison stood silently by as they argued back and forth. Although Ron was taller than her, he was still four inches shorter than Tyree and about half of his mass. She didn’t want them to get physical because she doubted Ron would be straightforward fighter.

  “It’s alright, Ty. I have to get going anyway.” She knew he could tell that she wasn’t too happy about leaving, but Ron was her husband. “I’ll call you later.”

  Tyree stood there as Madison walked away with Ron. After watching them drive off, he returned to the TV room to work on his song. Although he was feeling better about the song, he couldn’t shake the feeling that Mad was in some trouble. Everything was not what it seemed with her marriage, but until she confided in him, he was powerless to help her. He just hope she would come to him before her situation worsens.

  When Madison and Ron got home, she went straight into the bedroom. She thought that she could use it as a safe haven, but Ron followed closely behind. Once in the room, he shoved her back against the wall, making her bump her head. “Who told you you could leave this house?” he demanded.

  She lift her chin and looked him in his eyes, “I don’t need your permission to go out. This is not a prison and I can come and go as I please.” She knew it was the wrong thing to say because before her eyes, his face became even darker.

  The slap came quickly, so quickly that she didn’t have time to protect her face. So hard was it, she crashed to the floor. Ron stood over her, “You listen well, bitch. I don’t want you hanging around that nigga ever again. No going to his house, no phone calls, and no bullshit about you not needing my permission about anything.”

  Holding her swelling face in her hand, she stood up. Through her tears, she said, “There’s nothing wrong with me hanging out with Tyree.”

  “It ain’t right that a married woman is hanging with a man not her husband.” He stepped closer bringing his face a breath away from hers. “You heed my word or there will be hell to pay.”

  “We have been friends for many years—I won’t stop associating with him,” she muttered defiantly.

  In response to her show of rebellion, Ron puncher her in the stomach, causing her to topple over in pain. When he realized what he had done, he grew angrier. “See what you made me do? If you would just—” Instead of finishing his sentence, Ron stormed from the room, and then the house.

  Madison waited until she heard him pull out of the driveway before she got up off the floor for the second time. Staggering into the bathroom, she checked her appearance in the mirror. Examining her face gently, she thought back to her earlier relationship with Ron. She found it hard to believe that he is the same person who use to bring her flowers and smile loving into her eyes. The Ron she have been living with for the past eight months, is a completely different man, a violent man. If she was to have any chance at being happy, she needed to get away from him. She just needed to be patient and wait for a time to present itself.

  Chapter Two

  Tyree was on his way out of town for a publicity tour, but he wasn’t sure if he should go. Mad hadn’t answered any of his calls or texts in the past two weeks. He was worried sick about her. Hell, he even went to her house, but didn’t get anyone to the door. It was making him crazy, not being able to talk to her. He was hoping she would contact him soon or he fear he was going to do something stupid.

  His cell phone buzzed, and he automatically answered it. He was disappointed that it was Justin Blake, his manager. Justin was 32, good looking and smart. He has been Tyree’s manager for three years and has always looked out for his career.

  “Are you ready?” Justin asked.

  “Yeah, I’m ready.”

  “I’ll be there in about five minutes to pick you up.” Justin assured him. Setting his alarm and locking the door behind him, Tyree stood on the porch with his bags watching Justin pull into the driveway. “Let’s get going.” Justin stated as he got out to help with Tyree’s bags. “The plane leaves in about an hour.”

  As they drove away, Tyree’s mind wandered back to Mad and how desperately he missed her. Making a promise to himself to straighten things out with them when he returned, he put it to the back of his mind so he could focus on the tour.

  Madison got to Tyree’s house a few hours after he had left. Since it was around seven in the evening, she figured he was already on tour. She chose this time so she didn’t have to explain her appearance to him. She knew she looked like she had been in a professional boxing ring and there was no way to hide it. She knew Tyree will be furious, but she wasn’t ready to go down that road with him just yet. She just needed some time to sort through her mess of a life before she confided in him about her marriage. After letting herself in, she locked the door, set the alarm and headed upstairs to claim one of the three spare bedrooms.

  The room she picked was directly across from Tyree’s so she could be closer to his master bath. She went to work putting up her meager belongings. Not wanting to have a confrontation with Ron, she just threw a few things into her overnight bag and fled. She even left her cell phone, not wanting him to be able to reach her. There was never any telling when he would come home just to see if she left the house. Shaking those thoughts away, she sat on the bed trying to relax. It has been a trying time and her body was starting to feel it, so she stretched out for a nap.

  The bedside phone rung, startling Madison out of her sleep. Feeling a little disoriented from sleep, she looked at the phone as it rung again. Her nerves were on edge imagining Ron on the other end. What’s wrong with me? I’m sure he doesn’t even know I’m gone yet. Telling herself this, ignored the phone and she got up heading into Tyree’s bathroom for a much needed soak.

  After her bath, she wrapped herself in one of Tyree’s huge bath towels and went to get dressed. As she entered the guest room, she realized that when she unpacked her bag she didn’t have anything to sleep in. Retracing her steps back to Tyree’s bedroom, she searched out his pajamas. Finding what she needed, a blue silk set, she went back to her room to dress.

  Lying across the bed, Madison thoughts returned to Ron and what the last two weeks have been like. Ron had turned more violent with increasing frequency. He became rough during sex, for it was not making love anymore. It often involved biting and slapping her anywhere on her body and only worried about his needs. She had learned not to say no whenever he wanted to have sex, the night he brought her home from Tyree’s. When Ron had entered their bedroom at three in the morning, he woke her up by ripping her nightgown from her body. When she tried to stop him, he became enraged and brutally raped her. It was such a terrifying experience, that she knew it was time for her to leave him. Within the past two weeks, he has abused her body almost every night no matter how willing she was. Thinking back on those times, she realized that he must have saw her revulsion for him in her eyes or whenever she tensed up when he touched her. She could never seem to stop herself from flinching.

  It has taking last night for her to decide that she’s had enough. Ron had been sitting in the living room watching television, but when he realized she was in the shower, he decided to torment her there. After entering the shower and hitting her in the face repeatedly, he’d raped her. As her face was pressed up against the shower wall, she knew her time with him needed to end sooner rather than later. She waited for him to go to work this afternoon, before she had left. If and when he found her, it was going to be a shit storm. Hopefully she would have some kind of plan in motion to keep her safe.

  The house phone started to ring again, and Madison looked at the bedside clock, nine-thirty. Well, the machine can answer it, she thought to herself. No one knew she was here and she didn’t want to chance being found out. So instead of answering the phone, she headed to the kitchen for a snack. Maybe eating something would help me relax enough to really sleep. It wa
s worth a try, therefore she made the journey downstairs.

  By the time, she finished eating a ham and cheese sandwich, she decided that she was tired enough to try to sleep again. Once she was snuggly tucked into bed, the phone rang again. Deciding that she would answer it, she lift the handset up. "Hello?"

  "Mad, is that you?" It was Tyree.

  "Yeah," she replied sighing frustratingly. Just what she needed, to be grilled.

  "Where the hell have you been?" And so it began. Tyree was obviously upset and was not going to be put off. "Mad, answer me," he said after he received no response to his question.

  "Ty, I've just been busy at home. I needed to organize some things."

  "You've never gone two weeks ignoring me. I was worried sick about you."

  Hearing the concern in his voice, she decided to come clean about part of her situation. "Ron was being difficult about our friendship and I just wanted to keep the peace—at least until he calmed down."

  "What exactly has been happening with you. He hasn't been puttin' his hands on you have he?"

  She knew if she told him the full truth, he would react senselessly. She didn't want him to get into any kind of difficulties, so she lied, "Of course not."

  Tyree could hear the lie in her voice, but decided to wait until he could look her in the eyes to confront her. "I'll take your word for it at the moment," he paused for a brief moment, "but this discussion is far from over."

  "Thanks a lot," she sarcastically replied. "Your faith in me is astounding."

  "Don't get upset with me for caring. You are important to me and I don't want to see anything bad happen to you."

  She smiled, "I know. Thanks for caring."

  "You are more than welcome." He paused and took a deep breath, "Now tell me why you're at the house and not at home with your husband," he spat the word out as if he would choke on it.

  She inhaled as much air and she could, then slowly let it out. "I just needed a break from Ron's constant nagging. He can be very aggravating when he's gets like that."

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