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Bear in Mind (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 23)

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Bear in Mind (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 23)

  Bear in Mind

  Milly Taiden

  Latin Goddess Press, Inc.


  Bear in Mind

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  Bear in Mind

  Paranormal Dating Agency



  About the Book


  Private Investigator, Summer Delgado hopes Gerri can find her twin sister a man. If anyone needs a happily ever after, it's Winter. But not Summer. She’s got no time for romance. Even if it’s wrapped in smoking-hot shifter muscles. She's got to focus on the break-in at Gerri Wilder's apartment. Who needs a sexy, grumpy bear stomping around? Not Summer. Nope. Gerri has other plans, of course.

  As the alpha of his den, Quinn Teddy isn't interested in finding a mate. He's got other things to worry about. Like getting Gerri Wilder's recipes and helping his ailing father. He’s also got a missing mother and twin brother to find. When he collides into Summer, his bear reacts. Both man and animal want to bask in her sunny presence. But Teddy knows he shouldn't have time for the sassy beauty. Even if she does have curves in all the right places. But he can't stay away.

  Thankfully, Summer’s a gifted private investigator and agrees to help Quinn. Together, they‘ll follow a new trail of clues to recover the missing Teddy family members. The quest will test their budding relationship and put Summer's life on the line. Quinn has already lost so much. He'll do anything to keep her safe from the dangers of his past.

  This book is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are fictitious or have been used fictitiously, and are not to be construed as real in any way. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales, or organizations is entirely coincidental.

  Published By

  Latin Goddess Press

  Winter Springs, FL 32708

  Bear in Mind

  Copyright © 2019 by Milly Taiden

  Edited by: Tina Winograd

  Cover: Jacqueline Sweet

  All Rights Are Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews.

  Property of Milly Taiden

  October 2019

  Created with Vellum

  —For my PDA lovers

  I hope you love Gerri’s newest match!

  Chapter One

  A knock at the door and a peek through the peephole had Gerri Wilder smiling. It had been too long since she’d seen her old friend and a surprise visit was just what she needed today. She swung the door open and laughed. “I can’t believe you’re here and didn’t tell me you were coming! Come inside. I just made a fresh batch of scones.”

  “Thank you, dear. It’s been too long since we got to talk face to face. Tristan had some local business, so I tagged along.” Barbara Wolfe stretched out her arms.

  Gerri chuckled and leaned in to hug her one of her most trusted confidants. “I’ve missed you. I’m excited you came today. I actually have a meeting with a young woman who wants her twin sister set up on a date.” She stepped into the living room, waving her hand over her shoulder. “I know you love matchmaking as much as I do. This should be fun, don’t you think?”

  Barbara shut the front door and followed behind Gerri. “Yes, I think this could be quite fun. But before we get into the details of the match…I heard about the break-in. Have you found out who is behind it? Any news about what’s really going on?”

  Gerri sat on her couch and picked up the plate of scones. “Scone, dear?”

  Barbara settled next to her with a small smirk. “I would love one and stop trying to distract me.” Barbara bit into the scone and moaned lightly. “I’m not sure it’s possible but your baking has gotten even better.” Barbara glanced at the plate of scones and Gerri laughed.

  “Don’t worry, I have more in the kitchen. I’m sure Tristan would love a little treat on your way back to Blue Creek.” Barbara didn’t reply but lifted an eyebrow. Gerri sighed. “Fine, my sources haven’t found out who was behind the break-in yet. Everything is at a standstill while we wait for something else to happen. I’m not really worried, though. He was human after all. Now tell me what brings you to my town?” Gerri picked up the freshly made pot of tea and filled both their cups.

  “Nothing important, really. Tristan has a lunch meeting with some old acquaintances. I tagged along to see you, and maybe…meddle in someone’s love life. You get to match far more people than I do.” Barbara added sugar and cream to her drink and sat back with a smile.

  “You arrived right on time then. My next appointment should be here any second now.” Gerri glanced at her watch to confirm the hour.

  “Right, the twin who wants her sister matched. I assume you’re planning on matching both sisters. Am I right?” Barbara’s eyes twinkled over the top of the teacup as she sipped.

  A knock at the door came before Gerri had a chance to reply. “Oh, right on time. I can’t wait to meet this young lady.”

  Gerri shook her head at Barbara’s excitement as she answered the front door.

  She opened it to see a woman in her mid-twenties. “Welcome, I’m Gerri Wilder. Please, come inside.”

  The young woman smiled and walked into the apartment. “Hello, Mrs. Wilder. I’m Summer Delgado. I contacted you about my sister, Winter.”

  Gerri shut the door and gestured to the living room. “Please come in and have a seat. This is my old friend Barbara Wolfe. I hope you don’t mind if she joins us for our chat today. We don’t get to see each other often and she is in town for the day.”

  Gerri took a seat on the couch next to Barbara and offered a chair across from them for Summer to sit.

  “Hello, Summer. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for allowing me to intrude on your visit today.” Barbara reached out to shake hands with Summer and glanced at Gerri.

  “Hi, thank you for meeting me so quickly, Mrs. Wilder. I wasn’t expecting a fast response, but I do appreciate it.” Summer ran her hands down her thighs and glanced around the room.

  “Shall we jump right in? Tell us about your sister, Winter, please. Lovely names you
have, by the way.”

  Summer smiled and chuckled lightly. “Our parents were always a bit out there. Free spirits, if you will. They were obsessed with the changing of the seasons and when we were born… Well, when you meet my sister you can see how fitting our names are.”

  Barbara let out a loud laugh. “You were named Summer because of your darker complexion and brown hair?”

  Summer chuckled. “They said I smiled like the summer sun shining on them.”

  Gerri said, “Not to pry, dear, but your parents are…”

  Summer glanced at Barbara then Gerri. “My mom is Latina and my dad is Caucasian. My sister and I are fraternal twins. When I was born, I had red hair and a natural tan. My mom swears genetics had a field day with me. As I got older, my hair mellowed into this shade of brown.

  “My sister, though, I call her Snow. Not just because her name is Winter, but she has midnight black hair, blue eyes, and the palest skin. No one ever believes we are twins.” She smiled and leaned back in her chair.

  “She sounds lovely. Tell me about you. If you don’t mind.” Barbara nodded eagerly at Gerri’s question.

  “Me? But I’m here for my sister. Don’t you want to know about her?” Summer glanced back and forth between Barbara and Gerri, a look of confusion on her face.

  Gerri leaned forward and patted her hand. “You’re twins, so getting to know you helps us know her, too.”

  “Exactly right. Now, are you single?” Barbara asked a little too enthusiastically, and Summer jumped up from her chair.

  Chapter Two

  “Oh no, you don’t. I’m not here to be matched, just my sister! I’ll tell you all about her, but don’t even think about setting me up. I’m too busy with work and I don’t want to deal with a man. Even a sexy shifter is not in the cards for me. Please, just concentrate on Winter.” Summer paced the living room, her hands clenching and unclenching.

  Gerri stood and stepped into her path. “Okay, tell us about your sister and we’ll come up with the best way for her to meet her mate. Would you be willing to help out if needed?”

  Summer walked back to her chair and plopped down in it. “Help how?”

  Barbara leaned forward on the couch and smiled at Summer. “For instance, accompanying her to an event. Maybe a double date so she isn’t aware that you are involved. Depending on how we go about this, we may need your help getting her to agree. That’s all Gerri meant.”

  Gerri smiled from behind Summer. Barbara was a crafty wolf and hid the real reasoning behind the logic. It was plausible, but it was not why they wanted Summer’s help. It worked well enough, though.

  Summer glanced at Gerri over her shoulder and then back to Barbara. “Of course, I’ll help in any way I can.”

  Gerri moved back to her seat on the couch. “Tell us about Winter, please.”

  “Winter is my polar opposite. She is shy, quiet, and a bookworm. She is an event planner and a type-A personality when it comes to organization. She can be a total badass and stand up for what she believes in. When it comes to dating and her social life, well, she is a homebody.

  “She gets bashful and nervous and sometimes won’t even make eye contact.” Summer tapped her fingers on the arm of the chair. “I don’t know what her type of guy is, but she needs someone who will understand her. Someone who will cater to both sides of her personality.”

  “Why are you nervous? You paced my living room and now you can’t keep still in your chair. What makes you so uncomfortable?” Gerri picked up her teacup. “I apologize for my bad manners. Would you like a cup of tea?”

  Barbara stood. “I’ll grab you a cup from the kitchen. You must try one of her scones. They are to die for.”

  Summer sat in her chair gawking at Barbara as she rushed into the kitchen. “I guess tea would be good.” She turned back to Gerri. “I’m sorry, ma’am. I wasn’t sure what to expect today and your questions about me threw me off.”

  Gerri waved her words away. “Don’t worry, dear. It sounds to me like you need a good man in your bed to take away your stress. I’m a big fan of stress relief through orgasms.”

  Barbara returned with a teacup and saucer. “I’m in total agreement with Gerri. Sex with the right man can blow your mind, and when you add in the right’s perfect. That’s what Gerri does and what I dabble in at home.”

  Summer’s mouth hung open. “Um. What?”

  Gerri laughed. “They all have the same response to that, Barbara. They think we get old and can’t or don’t enjoy sex anymore. Sad, isn’t it?”

  Barbara sat on the couch. “You should see the residents of Blue Creek when they see me come down the street. Some actually cross to get away from me! It’s crazy. I only want what’s best for them.”

  “No, it’s not that,” Summer replied. “I guess I’m not used to women being so frank about orgasms and sex. And my sex life is not up for discussion. I’m here about my sister.” Summer’s voice rose at the end of her statement.

  “Okay, Winter is an event planner, hmm? Gerri, I think a Christmas party might be in order. You could hire Winter to plan it.” Barbara grinned at Gerri.

  “Yes, I’ve been thinking it’s time for another party. On that note, I can hire Finn Blackburn to do security for the event.” Gerri scooted back in her chair, quite pleased with this new angle.

  “Mrs. Wilder, if I may ask, why do you need security? Is this a standard thing for your events or am I missing something?” Summer chewed on her bottom lip.

  Gerri wasn’t sure if Summer knew she was doing that, but she could guess why she was anxious. “There’s nothing to endanger your sister. The person I’m thinking to set her up with is the man who owns the security firm. They would have to work together to plan and set up logistics. She won’t even have to know you had a hand in this.”

  “I wasn’t worried about Winter. She doesn’t have any enemies, but I thought you might have some issues that you need help with. I didn’t mention it before, but I’m a private investigator.” Summer shifted in her chair and pulled out her cell phone from her pocket. “Let me help you in exchange for setting up my sister. I was told you don’t normally take money. I’ll barter with my own services.”

  Gerri glanced at Barbara and then back to Summer. “A few weeks ago, my apartment was broken into. It was a human, but I haven’t been able to get any other information. I don’t know what he was after, but he was in my office. What do you have in mind to help me?”

  “Let me do some digging and get back to you. But I need to go. I have a lunch date with Winter. I’ll mention we met and you are looking for an event planner. Is it okay to have her call you?” Summer stood and took a few steps toward the door.

  “I’d rather she stop by. I would like to talk face to face and get a better idea of who is right for her.” Gerri walked her to the door. “Thank you for coming. We’ll be in touch soon, I assume?”

  Summer nodded and waved bye to Barbara before walking out. As soon as the door shut, Barbara broke into loud laughter. “You are the most devious woman I’ve ever met. But that young lady does need a good orgasm. So, who do you have in mind?”

  “I think this is one case I won’t have to do much meddling. If my senses are correct, she should be meeting her mate at the elevator right about now. My job will be to keep pushing them together and make sure the stubborn girl doesn’t send him away.”

  Chapter Three

  Summer walked to the elevator, going over everything she just learned from Gerri and Barbara, making notes on her phone. She was excited to tell Winter about the new job. This would be a big event. Gerri Wilder was known for throwing extravagant parties and everyone wanted to attend. This could really give her sister’s business a boost!

  A chime signaled the elevator’s arrival. Summer stepped inside, not watching where she went, and bumped into someone. “Oh, excuse me. I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” She glanced up and paused as the doors closed.

  Just her lu
ck to bump into one of the most handsome men she had ever seen. A few inches taller than her own 5’6,” his gorgeous brown eyes mesmerized her. “You should really take notice where you’re going, ma’am. Try taking your eyes off your phone for two-seconds and you wouldn’t have this issue.”

  Summer quickly stepped back and stared at the rude man. “I just left a meeting, if you must know, and was jotting down a few notes.”

  “If that’s how you conduct business, then I hope we never have to work together. Have you ever heard of taking notes while in the meeting?” The man leaned against the elevator wall and glared at her.

  “Wow. Miserable much? Who are you, anyway?” Summer couldn’t believe this man gave her shit over a simple bump. Who the hell was he to lecture anyone?

  “A successful business owner.” He smirked at her then turned to face the doors as they opened. “After you.” He gestured for her to exit before him.

  She walked out of the elevator and spun around. “Who are you?” She glared as he strolled out of the elevator and turned. “Where are you going? I want to know who you are.”

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