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Unexpected Consequences

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Unexpected Consequences

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  Unexpected Consequences

  ISBN # 978-1-78184-483-0

  ©Copyright Mia Catherine 2013

  Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright September 2013

  Edited by Sue Meadows

  Total-E-Bound Publishing

  This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.

  All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form, whether by printing, photocopying, scanning or otherwise without the written permission of the publisher, Total-E-Bound Publishing.

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  The author and illustrator have asserted their respective rights under the Copyright Designs and Patents Acts 1988 (as amended) to be identified as the author of this book and illustrator of the artwork.

  Published in 2013 by Total-E-Bound Publishing, Think Tank, Ruston Way, Lincoln, LN6 7FL, United Kingdom.


  This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has a heat rating of Total-e-burning and a sexometer of 2.

  This story contains 269 pages, additionally there is also a free excerpt at the end of the book containing 11 pages.



  Mia Catherine

  Book one in the Consequences series

  While working to recruit his former best friend to join sides with a notorious mob boss, Nick Jensen unknowingly falls in love with his best friend’s sister.

  Kelsey Braden has lived her life obeying the rules, but now that she’s back in her hometown of Brookfield after accepting her dream job, she wants more. Stuck in her protective shell and desperately wanting a way out, she finally decides to be spontaneous and acts on impulse.

  Nick Jensen has lived a life full of challenges and pain. An intimidating loner, his history of mistakes and bad choices has alienated those once close to him. Now he finds himself working for the wrong people, and struggling with his current assignment—betraying his former best friend.

  When Kelsey finds out not only that the hot stranger she’s fallen for is working for a well-known gangster, but also that his target is her brother, she vows to cut him from her life. Unfortunately, the powerful men Nick is involved with have discovered the connection Kelsey has with both Nick and her brother, and decide to use her as an insurance policy. Nick has to find a way to save his new love, protect her brother, and prevent Kelsey from hating him, all while battling demons of his own.


  To the wonderful folks at RTM (you know who you are), my home away from home. You've been there through good times and bad, and were by my side through the first steps of my journey. Thank you for your support, your encouragement, and your friendship. RTM Rocks!

  Trademarks Acknowledgement

  The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of the following wordmarks mentioned in this work of fiction:

  Harley: Harley-Davidson, Inc.

  Swiss Army Knife: Victorinox

  Chapter One

  “I expect you to stay in touch, Jensen. I don’t give a fuck if you did get to town a day early. Don’t get distracted by whatever whore you’ve got in your bed,” the person with the gravelly voice ordered, over the phone.

  “Oh, yeah?” Nick snapped. “Well, I got news for you, asshole. I’m on my time, not yours. The clock starts at noon tomorrow. Until then, lay off.”

  A reply of curse words followed, but he couldn’t have cared less. Nick disconnected the call and climbed off his Harley. It was time to relax.

  Loud music, the clack of pool balls, and the smell of stale cigarette smoke greeted him when the door squealed open. Having been unexpectedly dragged back to Brookfield, Nick desperately needed to release some of his pent-up energy. The Rusty Spoke was the perfect place to hustle some pool and throw back a few beers. It was just as he remembered it from the old days—sticky floors, broken mirrors and burned out neon. Short of spending the night with a hot woman, it was exactly what he needed.

  He set his coins on the pool table, indicating his challenge to the winner of the current game. He’d barely had a chance to hang up his jacket and order a beer before his turn arrived. As his opponent sized him up, Nick gave a terse grin. Candy from a baby, dude. Bring it.

  Even at six foot one, Nick wasn’t what many would consider a physically intimidating man. Genetics assured his body remained lean, despite his efforts to bulk up, but his dedication in the gym kept his shoulders broad and his muscles well defined. He had learnt early on that respect was to be gained from fear, and he enjoyed putting that fear into any man who dared cross him. It was a trait that came in handy when dealing with a sore loser.

  * * * *

  An unwavering pool shark, he handily beat his first challenger and a couple more before he even had a chance to order another beer. He wasn’t sure if it was his skill at the game, or the way he managed to unnerve his opponent that made him unbeatable, but he was cocky enough to think that, regardless, no one here could best him.

  “Wanna take me on?” a pretty blonde asked, tilting her head to the side and giving him a sexy smile.

  “Well, that depends,” Nick replied as he drank in the sight of her. She was much too classy to be a hooker, at least compared to the hookers he’d known. If anything, she seemed too innocent to be in a shitty place like this. Still, if she was selling, he might have to reconsider his rule of never paying for sex. A fine young thing like her didn’t cross his path on a regular basis.

  He took his time as he looked her over. Her tits were full, yet pert, and he could only imagine how sweet she’d taste,
if given the opportunity. Her skin was flawless, her cheeks had just the right hint of pink, and her perfectly plump lips rounded in the most enticing little pout. She was beautiful, and sexy as hell, but what caught his attention most was the incredible depth in her clear blue eyes. They sparkled, even in the dimly lit bar. She could’ve had her pick of anyone in the joint, not that she even belonged there in the first place, but here she was, hitting on him.

  “On what?”

  “On what you mean by take you on.”

  “Well, how about we start with a game of pool? You up for it?” She walked past him, closer than necessary, and reached for a pool cue from the rack on the wall. The faint fragrance of lilacs trailed behind her. He couldn’t tell if it was her perfume or shampoo, but as soon as it dissipated, he wanted to close in to figure it out.

  He watched the way her skirt hugged her curves. Her ass was every man’s dream. “Baby, I’m up for whatever you’re offering. What are the stakes?”

  “How about loser buys dinner?”

  “Works for me.” He was tempted to throw the game if it meant taking her somewhere private and getting to know her better, but he had to keep his cool. “Wanna break?”

  “Winner’s table. She’s all yours.”

  He did his best to concentrate on his task as he chalked up his cue. His ultimate goal was getting her somewhere alone, or, better yet, in his bed, but his pride was at stake. He couldn’t allow himself to look like a fool by losing to her. With one fast swipe of his cue, the smack of the pool balls rang through the bar.

  Nick sank two more balls in quick succession, trying his best to balance skill with brevity. When he circled the table for his next shot, he caught sight of what was happening on the other side of the table, and his hopes for the evening began to fade.

  A young dark-haired man was now sitting beside his beautiful opponent, showing obvious interest. He was exactly the all-American type he’d expect a beauty like her to go for. Well, so much for that.

  Trying to keep his attention on the game, he rounded the corner for his next shot. The distraction caused him to miss, but he could now hear what the two were saying.

  “Can I buy you a drink?” the intruder asked her.

  “No thanks, I’m fine,” she curtly responded.

  “Oh, come on. Give a guy a chance. I know how to please a woman.” He gave her a smile he’d no doubt perfected on many unsuspecting girls.

  “Then please leave me alone.” Although talking to the young man, her attention never veered from Nick, and his hopes for the evening renewed.

  The intruder continued, clearly not giving up. “I think you want me.”

  She turned and looked him dead in the eye. “Oh, you’re so right. I want you to leave!”

  Nick admired her feistiness and waited for the young punk to walk away with his tail between his legs. When it was clear that wasn’t going to happen, he intervened.

  “Is there a problem here?” Nick asked the intruder.

  “No, no problem, buddy. I was just talking to the lady.”

  Nick’s gaze left the punk and moved to her. “It’s your shot.”

  “Oh, great, it’s time to earn my dinner!” She smiled at Nick and walked towards the table.

  Nick turned back to the punk. “Looks like the lady isn’t interested in anything you have to say.” He then leaned closer and, with his practised grizzly voice and gritted teeth, snarled, “Buddy.”

  He chuckled when he saw the intruder lean back and avert his gaze. It was a sign of fear Nick had come to enjoy in unsuspecting assholes such as him. Without another word, the punk slunk away. “Smart boy,” he muttered to himself.

  Nick returned his attention to the pool table, where he found the beauty lining up her shot. The vision made blood rush towards his growing erection and he had to adjust his stance to allow room in his jeans. Damn, but she’s sexy.

  She stood on the opposite side of the table, bent over from the waist. Her left hand was straight along the cue, guiding it over the green surface, and her right hand was bent on its back, rocking it back and forth. He couldn’t help but picture her doing the same thing to his cock. Fuck.

  Her crystal blue eyes glistened under the bar’s light, and her full red lips were in a seductive pucker. Nick’s focus ultimately rested on her cleavage. Her simple, button-down blouse dropped just enough for him to see her lacy pink bra. He was instantly lost in his thoughts. What would it be like to kiss those lips, caress that body, taste between those legs…?

  “Damn.” She snapped him back to reality when she missed her shot. “I guess you’re up.”

  “You have no idea, baby,” he mumbled to himself as he approached the table.

  Within minutes, the game was over. “Well, I guess dinner is on me, huh?” she asked with a smile.

  Nick gulped his reaction as he scanned her curvy figure. “Sounds good to me. I’ll take whatever you can dish out.”

  “Let’s go.” She grabbed her purse and headed for the door.

  He followed closely behind, throwing a bill on the bar to pay his tab. “What’s your name, Bright Eyes?”

  She shrugged her shoulders. “I kind of like Bright Eyes.”

  “Ah, not going to tell me? Okay, baby. I’ll play along—for now. Over here.” He tugged her arm to direct her to where he was parked.

  “Oh, she’s a beauty.” She ran her hand along the soft leather seat. “I’ve always loved motorcycles, especially Harleys.”

  The look in her eye was driving him wild. It had been a long time since a woman had hit on him, and never a woman this stunning. He threw his leg over the side of the bike and pushed himself forward. “Hop on, beautiful.”

  She lifted her skirt enough to snake her leg over the bike and, although there was plenty of room, slid her body close to his. “All set,” she whispered in his ear as she wrapped her arms firmly around his waist.

  He felt her breasts pushing against his back even through his thick leather jacket, which he wore despite the warm days of summer. He closed his eyes, relishing the feel of her clinging to him as he turned his head towards her. “Where to, Bright Eyes?”

  “Let’s just ride. I’m not really hungry yet. Well, at least not for food, that is,” she whispered with a sultry voice.

  He revved the engine, mostly to hide the reflexive growl that came from his gut at her statement. They took off in a flash, barrelling down the road at speeds that bordered on dangerous.

  The air was warm, and the first of the night’s stars had just begun to twinkle. The Harley’s roar blended perfectly with the whipping sound of the wind, and the concrete below them rode as if it were silk. The lights from the houses they passed blurred into darkness until finally only the beam of the headlight mixed with the bright shining moon lit their path on a journey he hadn’t expected to take.

  He relished the feel of her arms braced around him as they drove. When he was forced to slow his speed on the curvy country roads, she began to explore. She slid her hands slowly across his stomach, to his sides, and down to his legs. He inhaled sharply as he felt her slide them to his upper thighs, where she gradually began to massage.

  When she started her journey towards his cock, he’d had enough. He pulled the bike into a clearing and turned off the engine. Planting both feet on the ground, he turned his shoulders, slid his arm behind her and pulled her to straddle his lap. Without giving her time to react, he wrapped his hand behind her neck and covered her mouth with his.

  At first contact, he felt his insides melt. She tasted of honey, mixed with the remnants of the wine she’d sipped while in the bar. Her plump lips were softer than he had dreamt they would be, and the cooing of her sighs urged him to continue.

  Before he knew it, she’d tugged her skirt up to her waist, embraced him with her legs and slid her tongue deep into his mouth. He wasn’t sure when he lost it, but he was no longer in control when she lifted her hands to his jacket collar and pulled it down from his shoulders. As it dropped to the groun
d, she trailed kisses down his neck, and hurriedly opened each button of his shirt. When she fumbled, she ripped the shirt apart and off his body. Apparently, he wasn’t the only one losing control.

  As he repeatedly kissed her, her moans were captured by his mouth. He wasn’t sure if the fire she lit inside him had ever burned as hot, and his sole purpose in life became getting her naked as fast as he could. He worked steadily at the buttons of her blouse and with each opening he saw more and more of her beautiful smooth skin.

  He slid the silky garment down her arms, but before he had the chance, she reached around and removed her bra, and unceremoniously tossed it onto the growing pile of discarded clothes. Her eagerness only added to his desire, and he forced himself to pull back. At this rate, it would be over before it started, and he wanted to enjoy this impromptu rendezvous for as long as possible.

  Nick braced her arms in his hands and took his first look at her. Her eyes were heavy, her hair mussed, and her lipstick was smeared from their kisses. She was easily the sexiest woman he’d ever seen. A breath later, he cupped her breast in his hand. Nothing had ever felt so perfect.

  “You’re so damn beautiful.”

  “Don’t talk,” she said, quickly reclaiming his mouth with hers.

  “Baby,” he mumbled against her as she impatiently kissed him. “Baby, slow down.” He again grabbed her arms and pulled her away. “What’s the rush? I’m not going anywhere. Slow down and enjoy.”

  “I just can’t help myself with you, uh…”

  “Nick. My name is Nick, baby.”

  She wrapped her arms around his neck and began nibbling his ear. “I can’t control myself around you, Nick. I’ve wanted this from the first moment I saw you.”

  He groaned at the sound of his name being whispered seductively by the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered. He moved his hands to massage her tits, revelling in her approving moans as he continued.

  Her breathing quickened, and her movements became more frantic when she dipped her hands down to the bulge he’d been sporting from the moment he’d seen her bend over the pool table. She snapped his jeans open with a pop, lowered the zipper with one hand then slipped the other inside to find his cock, erect and waiting.

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