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Undercover Billionaire Boss: A BWWM Contemporary Romance

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  “Guys, I have something very, very, very important to ask all of you.” Christian addressed each of the children in turn with the utmost seriousness.

  Chantal returned his serious expression. “What is it?”

  “I would like to ask your permission for your Aunt Raina to marry me.” He watched them closely, trying to gauge their reaction. “What do you say? Would that be okay? Could I be your uncle for real?”

  Before he even had the chance to get the words out completely, he had been tackled in a massive group hug as the children ran to him, shouting their approval.

  Raina laughed. “I take it they think it’s okay.”

  “Is it true, Aunty?” Crystal cried out.

  Raina nodded, her face creased into a smile that warmed Christian’s heart.

  “Will you move in here with us Uncle Chris?” Jeremiah said.

  Christian looked at Raina, unsure what to say. She merely smiled back at him.

  “We haven’t worked out all the details.” Her voice was thick with emotion and Christian could see her trying not to tear up once more. “But whatever we decide, we’ll do it together. As a family.”

  Christian held out his hand to her and she took it gratefully. He nodded in agreement. “As a family.”

  In that moment their eyes met over the heads of the children, and Christian counted himself as the richest man on earth. And it wasn’t because of his bank balance.


  “The manager of the Del Mar called, I told him you’d call him back,” her assistant said, ending his list of messages.

  Kelly nodded. “Thanks, Gregory, I appreciate it.”

  He left, shutting the door behind him. Kelly sat back in her chair which dwarfed her frame and grinned. Sometimes she had to pinch herself to believe that it was all happening to her. She was now the Regional Director of the South East division and she had her own assistant. Two assistants in fact.

  It was amazing how things had worked out.

  The best part was that Roger was finally behind bars where he belonged.

  Kelly hoped that Pervy Rog would rot in there. She felt no sympathy for him, not after what he had put Raina and herself through. Her grin faded at the memory of testifying against Roger in court. It had been brutal, describing his actions and what he had done to her. His lawyers had tried to discredit her, but they had failed. Her videotaped evidence had come in quite handy.

  Raina had not testified and Kelly had completely understood. There were the children to think of. Had Raina testified, the tabloids would have a field day bringing up their parents’ accident and the horrid details. One of the downfalls to becoming engaged to a billionaire that the tabloids loved to speculate about, was that Raina had become tabloid fodder herself.

  It had been a good decision for Raina not to testify, and besides, Kelly’s testimony, along with that of twenty-three other current and former Del Mar employees, had been enough.

  Between the sexual harassment, and the evidence uncovered over his fraud, Roger was going to be behind doors for a very long time. By the time he left prison, he would probably be carried out in a casket. But what gave Kelly the most satisfaction was the knowledge that he would never harass another helpless woman ever again.

  Christian had been marvelous.

  He had promoted her to regional director and she was loving her new job. With Raina’s encouragement, Kelly had applied for a master’s degree at Paramount University and she was due to start in a few months. Who would have thought that little Kelly, the former head housekeeper at the Del Mar Hotel Palm Beach would end up being a regional director?

  She enjoyed the travel that her new job afforded her and the fact that she got to meet so many interesting people.

  Raina teased her often about her new fast paced life and they often laughed together. Kelly knew that Raina was proud of her as well. She shook her head and reveled in all the good things that had happened to her and Raina.

  Raina was super busy planning her wedding and setting up Christian’s seven different homes to be ready for the children to invade. She had laughed when he’d taken her to his penthouse full of glass breakables and priceless art. “No way,” she had said when he’d asked when she and the kids could move in.

  She had wanted to decorate the homes and make them kid-friendly herself, and now she was almost done.

  Raina walked around the massive living room—one of three in the home they had recently purchased together near Palm Beach, noting that everything was in its rightful place. It was a huge room with just as large bay windows looking out into a garden, and further out to the ocean, that would have been the envy of her former self.

  She couldn’t believe that she and the children now called a palace like this home.

  Satisfied, she walked out to what was meant to be a backyard when in reality was acres of perfectly manicured green grass stretching for miles. Christian had insisted on having a miniature soccer field made for Jeremiah where they often played matches together. She walked down the steps and when Christian saw her, he whispered to Jeremiah and he jogged over to her.

  “So is it ready, can we officially move in?” he said, gathering her into his arms and planting a kiss on her lips.

  “I think we can. The girls are upstairs inspecting their rooms. Christian, I think you were too much with the kids’ rooms. The gold and diamond chandeliers were a bit much. And ponies? They did not need ponies. And a stable. And a private riding master. And servants to help take care of the ponies.” Her tone was scolding.

  “They deserve it,” he said, throwing his head back and laughing. “They’re good kids and they’ve had a great moral foundation. I’m not worried it will change them. I want to spoil the four of you.”

  “You’ve done more than enough,” Raina said her mind on the weekend trip to Disneyland—a weekend where sections of the park had been shut down just for them—and many other excursions around the world using Christian’s private jet.

  Still, she had to admit that it did make life easier using the jet.

  As much as she had never admired people just for their money, she now understood that wealth could open many doors, especially for the children. They would be exposed to different experiences which would only be good for them. But the one thing that Raina was determined to do was to keep the kids well grounded.

  She had no intention of raising spoiled kids. The girls came running out, exclaiming wildly.

  “I love my room!” Crystal yelled.

  “I love mine too,” Chantal called. She looked animated and Raina was happy to see her niece dropping the solemn expression she usually wore, as though she carried the weight of the world on her shoulders.

  She squeezed Christian’s hand and he squeezed hers back.

  “So, are we all set for Saturday?” Christian said. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, pulling her close and planting a kiss on her forehead.

  “I think we are,” Raina said, her heart beating at the thought of their wedding in a couple of days. She looked up at him and smiled.

  She couldn’t wait to exchange vows with Christian. She knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was the man for her.

  The only person she would ever want in all of her life.

  He was kind, and fair, and just wonderful company. They spoke for ages and never seemed to tire of each other. She looked at him now and linked her arm with his.

  The next two days were crazy for Raina. She had to see to the flowers, try on her dress again as well as double check the maid of honor’s dress and clothes for Jeremiah and girls. At the same time, they were also moving into the new house, and Raina was still overseeing the running of the B&B, much to Christian’s amusement.

  Raina had finally taken Kelly’s advice and hired more staff. Christian had convinced her that she could afford it.… Raina laughed at that conversation, when he had explained to her just how wealthy he actually was. It was hard to fathom.

  She still worked at the B&B, though sh
e now donated her profits to a scholarship fund instead of needing the money to survive.

  At the moment she was so busy with everything, that she only went in for three days a week, but the staff was managing beautifully and Raina felt happy to leave it into their capable hands. They were all invited to the big day and for two days the B&B would be closed.

  “I still can’t believe that you’re getting married,” Kelly said, pulling the white and gold dress over her head, and helping Raina arrange the delicate folds of silk and lace. “Christian’s a great man.”

  “Isn’t he?” Raina said, stepping forward to give Kelly a hand.

  “Like how he just took the kids for ice cream to get them out of our hair yesterday. I hope that one day I’ll get a guy to spoil me like that.”

  Raina looked at Kelly wryly. “You mean the way he bought Jeremiah the ice cream shop because Jeremiah convinced him it would be a good idea?”

  “Well … yeah, just like that.” Kelly grinned widely. “Oh, Raina. I’m so happy at how everything has worked out for you!”

  “Thank you. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.” They hugged.

  Kelly’s pinched look of worry had disappeared and she seemed to glow. Raina added, “You’ll find Mr. Right—but right now, you need to immerse your pretty head in books.”

  “I know but that doesn’t mean I can’t look. Hell, I might even get myself a professor at the college.”

  Raina laughed. “You’re incorrigible, Kelly!”

  “So what was the big news that needed a backdrop of a romantic dinner?” Kelly said.

  Raina knew that Kelly was referring to her and Christian’s date a day ago. He had been mysterious about it but he had finally told her after their sumptuous dinner.

  “You’re going to fall over when I tell you,” Raina warned, enjoying the impatient look on her friend.

  “Don’t tease Raina, tell me.”

  “Ok, here goes. Christian gave me a forty percent stake in the company. Would you believe that? I tried to tell him how unnecessary that was but he wouldn’t listen. The papers came in this morning.”

  Kelly shook her head. “Why do such great billionaires happen to such clueless people?”

  They laughed together picturing the bright futures ahead of them both.

  It was a beautiful day for the wedding, Raina thought as she strolled down the makeshift aisle bordered by beautifully colored flowers.

  Everyone she loved stood a few steps from her.

  There were the twins in their matching gold and white dresses, and Jeremiah, looking sweet in his tiny suit and tie the same color as the groom’s.

  There were friends from the Del Mar, and friends from her childhood.

  Christian had been able to bring some of her elderly and ailing relatives to witness the wedding, flying them in privately with their nurses and health aides so they could enjoy the day.

  Then there was Kelly, who had risked so much for Raina’s happiness.

  And then Christian.

  Her heartbeat stopped when his eyes met hers through the veil. There were only a handful of people at the ceremony, but that was the way she and Christian wanted it. She never tired of looking at his eyes, so blue and so intense and when he trained them on her, she felt so special and loved—like she was the only person in the world who mattered.

  She reached the front and Christian took her hands into his.

  The rest of the ceremony passed by in a blur of emotions for Raina. She cried sometimes and laughed during others. When the preacher announced that they were now man and wife, the moment held such significance for Raina.

  This was the real thing.

  She and Christian were now joined together in marriage. It was a scary and an exciting thought. Afterwards, they left the gardens of Del Mar Hotel and proceeded to the terrace area, where the reception would be. It was closed off for the day, despite Raina’s protests when Christian had told her, her managerial instincts kicking in as she thought about the lost revenue for the hotel.

  Christian had only laughed and pointed out that they didn’t need the money.

  That night, she and Christian were on his private jet headed to a private island whose name she could not pronounce (which, she found out shortly afterward, was an island they now owned) for a five-day honeymoon.

  She sat on his lap throughout the trip, feeling like a teenager making out with her boyfriend in the back of a borrowed car. Except that the seat in this case was white leather and the car was a jet that was miles off the ground.

  “Are you happy, Mrs. Del Mar?” Christian asked her, touching her chin and then kissing her neck.

  “Very happy, Mr. Del Mar,” Raina said. “Aren’t you now glad that we didn’t bring the kids?”

  “I don’t know about that. Soccer would have been fun,” he teased.

  Raina took a pillow and hit him gently on the head with it. Christian wrestled it from her and they found themselves on the floor, his body covering hers. Raina looked up at her husband’s blues eyes shining with desire, knowing that her own brown eyes reflected the same feelings.

  “Well,” she said a bit shyly, “I was going to wait until later to tell you but …”

  “But what,” he asked curiously.

  “But we did bring the kids. Or, at least, we brought one kid … I think …”

  His eyes displayed confusion until she took his hand and brought it to her belly, placing it gently over the slight bump that was only starting to grow.

  She grinned at his overjoyed expression and the loud “whoop” of excitement he could not contain. He swept her into his arms once more and buried his face in her neck.

  “Mrs. Del Mar,” he whispered to her, “This is the best wedding present you could ever have given me.”

  “That’s good,” Raina teased back. “Because I wasn’t sure what to get the man who has everything.”

  “You. You, Raina. You are my everything.”

  And again, his lips descended on hers, and Raina let herself be carried away with the happiness he had brought to her life.


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