Magics promise vlhm 2, p.36

Magic's Promise v(lhm-2, page 36

 part  #2 of  Valdemar (02): Last Herald Mage Series


Magic's Promise v(lhm-2

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  "Good," Vanyel said, and meant it.

  "You know," Jervis raised one eyebrow, "your father still don't half believe but what you were after Tashir's tail the whole time. Aye, and Medren, too."

  Vanyel snorted.

  "In fact," Jervis continued, "to hear him in his cups, you've had half the boys in Valdemar."

  Vanyel put his mug down. "If that's a question," he replied acidly, "you can tell him from me that it's been so damned long that both you and those damned sheep in Long Meadow are starting to look good!"

  Jervis gave him a long, thoughtful look, and Vanyel wondered if he'd said too much, too freely. He tried to ready an apology-when Jervis gave him a long, slow grin.

  "Stick to the sheep," the armsmaster advised impudently. "They don't snore.”

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  Mercedes Lackey, Magic's Promise v(lhm-2



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