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Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf)

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  “Ahh, your cock is so big!” Tom leaned back, grabbing her hips with both hands, pulling her into him and slowly sliding out. He could feel her sweet snatch responding to the teasing pace, getting tighter around him. Looking down he could see her sticky juices sliding from her slit, covering his cock each time he pulled back.

  "Cum for me." He squeezed her hips, his fingers leaving bright red prints on her soft white skin. "That's right, mmm, just like that.” Maggie couldn't hold back anymore. Her slit was pulling tight around his young throbbing cock, so tight it was as if she could feel every vein pulsing for her.

  The wet sucking of her pussy filled the room as her whole body tensed until finally she was thrust over the edge. The tight ripples of her pussy squeezed Tom’s cock so hard he gasped and his whole body went stiff.

  The two of them lingered for more than a moment as the pleasure of their orgasms took them in to another world.

  Maggie gasped without making a sound as she felt every drop of his thick cum jet inside her.

  Another pump of his cock and another spurt of pearly white cum coated her walls. Maggie let out a loud sigh as Tom’s body went limp against her back.

  “Mmmm, well that was something a little different wasn't it?” Tom slid his cock from inside her and lifted his weak body up on to the sofa. Maggie sat up beside him and they both looked at each other, exhausted.

  “Oh no! Cum on the sofa!” Maggie remembered Victor’s early cumshot across her back, but it was too late, it was already smeared across the back of the sofa. The three of them laughed.

  “Oh well, from now on we can always say have we have well-loved furniture!” They all laughed at the cheesy line, laughing more from their horny exhaustion than from the joke.

  “What time is it?” Tom looked to Victor who was the only one wearing a watch.

  “Eleven fifteen.” Victor sat back down on the opposite sofa, his half stiff cock still hanging from his pants. “Why?”

  “Well, I was thinking…I mean…Lizzy is working a double shift and it seems like this was just an introduction. Perhaps a few drinks, maybe a little something to eat and we might try a something else?” Maggie smiled. Her eyes gleamed as she looked over at Victor.

  “Victor, I like this one!” She looked back to Tom, “you understand though, that this…all this is our secret, just between the three of us. So long as it stays between the three of us it can happen any time you like. Anytime you feel like coming to visit.” Maggie reached over, her fingers running over the length of his young cum covered cock.

  “I am certainly not telling Lizzy if that is what you mean!” Tom sounded astounded. “I'm not sure it's the type of thing that girlfriends understand…you know, when you fuck their mom and their dad watches…”

  “Hmmm, no, I suppose not.” Victor sounded serious in his response and Tom wasn’t quite sure what to say next so was thankful when Victor kept talking. “This ‘something else’ you want to try after a few drinks…what did you have in mind?” Maggie flashed him a look letting him know that he was stepping out of his place.

  “Yes, Tom. I would very much like to know what you are thinking about…” Maggie said as she snatched back control of the conversation. She looked back over to her younger playmate.

  "Well first, perhaps a little something to drink to loosen you up…” He paused. Maggie waited with bated breath for whatever was coming next. “And then I thought perhaps I could get you oiled up and, if you were willing, I thought you could teach me a thing of two about anal sex.”

  Maggie’s eyes were as large as dish plates when she heard the word ‘anal,’ it was by far her favorite. There was nothing she loved more than feeling that incredible tightness as a guy tried to squeeze the head of his cock in to such a tight hole. Then finally when it slips inside and he gets the freedom to move, when he gets that rhythm, she never lasted long with a dick in her ass but it was always worth it.

  “And I thought maybe…if it was okay with Victor…and you of course…maybe you could suck his cock while I did it.”

  “Mmmmmm” Maggie smiled and Victor looked at her hopefully, finally having a chance to have his cock teased by someone other than himself.

  “It sounds like you have thought about this quite a lot, Tom. Have you thought about this a lot?” He smiled nervously.

  “Maybe just a little bit.” Maggie licked her lips.

  “When do you think about it Tom?”

  “When I jerk off. I imagine it when I squeeze my cock real tight, I imagine it's your ass and I watch porn and think of you sucking me while I'm fucking you.” Maggie could feel herself getting wet all over again knowing that she was fantasy material for this young stud.

  “Mmm, and then what happens Tom?”

  “And then I cum so hard it's amazing.” Maggie glanced over at Tom’s cock which was starting to spring to life again at the very reminder of his fantasies.

  “Hmm…well, I'm not sure that we need to take much of a break or wait until later on…unless Victor can't keep up with us.” Maggie winked at Tom. “I think what we do need is a nice big pitcher of water and a trip upstairs because this time, I'm going to make sure that both of you last until it hurts so bad your balls ache and only then can you…” She looked at Tom, “cum in this ass,” she teasingly grabbed her ass cheeks, “and you,” she looked at Victor, “get a blow job.”

  With that Maggie headed for the kitchen to slip a few ice cubes in to a pitcher of water, just to make sure that she got the most out of her night with her men.

  Cuckolded by the Milf

  “What about him?” Rick kept his voice low not wanting to draw attention to them as they walked the walkway of the mall.

  “Definitely, he definitely has a bigger cock than you.” Wendy made no effort to keep her voice down and the twenty-something in question turned his head with a grin, Wendy winked and smiled and kept on walking. Rick didn't look downtrodden or hurt by Wendy’s exclamation, he just continued to scan the other shoppers.

  “Him?” Wendy didn't even look this time.

  “Yup.” They made their way to the food court which was surprisingly empty for a Saturday afternoon.

  “What do you feel like eating?” Wendy looked at each of the vendors. The server at the sandwich shop caught her eye.


  The server didn't look a day over nineteen, a fact he confirmed with a scarlet blush when Wendy asked him his age.

  "Well…” she eyed his name badge, “Tim, you are very handsome. I was just telling my husband how much I’d like to teach you a lesson or two!” Tim bowed his head in embarrassment and laughed quietly not knowing what to say next. He couldn't begin to look at Rick and while he thought Wendy was hot as hell for older woman, he had no idea what to do in a situation like this.

  “Umm…thank you?” He spread lettuce across her ham sandwich. “Cucumber and what else?” Wendy smirked.

  “Absolutely anything you like Tim…” Tim placed the cucumber slices on the sandwich and closed the bread for slicing. Under the counter he could feel his boner rubbing against the countertop bottom with every move he made and he knew that as soon as Wendy and Rick had their sandwiches he would have to take a quick bathroom break to take care of business. He had to admit, it was quite embarrassing how easily he could get a hard on. Just a few flirtatious advances from a woman old enough to be his mother made his dick twitch hard.

  Rick didn't have a say what he got on his sandwich, Wendy made it for him and as a result he got the exact same sandwich she did. The two of them walked to their table in the food court and settled down. Wendy kept her eagle eye on Tim knowing exactly what he would do next.

  She knew her men, she knew how to wind them up so tightly that they had no choice but to desperately need release, so she wasn't surprised at all when she saw Tim head for the bathroom.

  “I’ll be back.” Wendy said, standing up from her chair. Tim knew where she was going, it was all part of the plan—part of her plan to make him w
atch as she showed him just how much another guy’s cock turned her on.

  Wendy walked in to the men’s bathroom. There were three men standing at the urinals, none of them were Tim, but thank God only one of the stall doors was closed. The men at the urinals looked at her with confusion as if wondering for just a moment whether they had made the wrong bathroom choice.

  One of the three grunted in disgust, zipped himself up and flushed before walking away without washing his hands. Wendy wanted to remind him that not washing hands far outweighed walking in to a bathroom on the scale of how gross things were, but she was more intent on getting what she came for.

  The other two men stood at their urinal stations watching as events unfolded. Wendy flashed them each a smile before walking in to the empty stall beside Tim’s, shutting the door and then standing on the toilet and peering in to his stall. Tim was none the wiser as he stood facing the toilet with his chubby young dick in his hand.

  Wendy laid her arm on the partition and rested her chin down to watch him. She watched his hand slide quickly down the length of his shaft and back again, pausing briefly on the head of his cock to tease around in twisting motions. She already knew her pussy was dripping wet just from the thrill of chasing her young prey. Now that she was watching him manhandle his thick cock she was soaking through her panties.

  She listened as he let out his breath slowly in controlled breaths, watching him pump his cock and almost without knowing it now she slid her fingers of her free hand inside her panties. Slowly, she played up and down her wet slit as she watched Tim gently thrust his cock in and out of his clenched fist.

  Wendy felt the soft wetness of her pussy welcome her fingers as she slipped two inside and began to pump them quickly. She didn't have time for a slow tease, but if she was honest that wasn't what she wanted either. Her eyes focused on the glistening tip of Tim’s pink cock as he rubbed himself faster, his breath now coming hard in rhythmic bursts and already she felt her pussy closing tighter around her fingers.

  Wendy bit down on her plump bottom lip, afraid she might cry out and distract her sandwich boy, she wanted him to know she was there but not just yet, not until he had spilled his sticky seed all over himself and the wall. She pumped her fingers hard, her breath coming fast and letting the palm of her hand rub against her sensitive pink clit.

  That was all it took to throw her to the edge, her fingers now covered in her own pussy juices as her hips gyrated against her hand. She looked down as she approached that pleasure peak, watching Tim focusing now on the very tip of his cock with his other hand cupped underneath. She rubbed hard, feeling the rhythmic pulses taking over her, throwing her in to the most perfect orgasm ever as she watched Tim milk every drop of cum in to his palm.

  Her eyes focused on the milky pool as he worked every drop out of his engorged cock tip. Wendy slowed her fingers, finally unable to take the sensitivity that had taken over her clit.

  “Mmmm…” She let a quiet moan slip from her lips and a startled Tim looked up, his hand still full of cum and his other still holding his throbbing cock with a tight grip. He looked shocked and angry, but he said nothing. After a moment of looking straight at her, he quickly cleaned himself up and then looked back up at her.

  Wendy slid her fingers in to her mouth, hoping he would somehow know where those fingers had been. He watched as she ran her tongue up and down each finger and then slipped each one in to her mouth, watching him with a smirk as she did. Wendy could see from the look on his face that he wanted more, he wanted to taste her too and she slipped her fingers from her mouth nodding sideways toward the door.

  “We have a visitor joining us for dinner tonight.” Wendy sat down at the table and began unwrapping her sandwich. “I'm starving!” Rick watched her as she began to devour her sandwich, he knew that it was going to be one of those nights where he could barely keep up.


  Rick had barely dressed after his shower when the doorbell rang. Wendy had put his outfit on the bed for him and while he knew that it would make her happy he wasn't all that thrilled about meeting her newest fling for the second time while dressed like a bondage slave.

  She got off on making him look like a fool, he knew that, and she got off on making him watch, making him wait until he just couldn't take it anymore and had to take matters in to his own hands. The thing was though, that Rick couldn't help but watch every time another man fucked his wife because it made him horny beyond words.

  He just wished that he was getting some of the action as well. Once in a while she’d let him play with her tits while the other guy fucked her, but Rick always held out hope that just once he would be the first guy to sink his dick in to his wife’s pussy and not have to dive in to sloppy seconds.

  The likelihood of that was slim though because Wendy loved the power she held over her husband more than anything else. She loved to watch him squirm with sexual frustration, to watch his fingers tease his cock as he patiently waited for his turn to fuck her already used pussy. She got off knowing that she controlled when he came. More than that, she got wetter than ever knowing that she made him wait for another total stranger to cum first.

  “Rick, are you coming down here?” Wendy shouted up the stairs and Rick took a deep breath as he prepared to humiliate himself in front of someone half his age.

  “Yes, I'm coming now!” He hated himself for liking it so much.

  “There you are, Tim, you remember my husband, Rick.” Rick nodded as he tried to pretend there was absolutely nothing abnormal about the outfit he was wearing. Tim smirked.

  “Umm…yeah…” Tim looked at Wendy. “I don't have to wear that stuff right?” Wendy laughed and shook her head.

  “No, no that’s only for him. Besides, I'd much rather have you completely naked so I can get a good look at that nice juicy young cock of yours.” Wendy ran her hand over the crotch of Tim’s pants. His mouth fell open slightly as his forehead wrinkled.

  “Ahh…I…um…I can live with that.” Wendy looked over to Rick.

  “You can kneel next to the armchair, I want to make sure that you get a nice close look.” She pointed to a spot on the floor right beside the armchair. As he usually did, Rick obeyed her command and knelt down. He placed his hands on his knees and his semi-flaccid cock rested in the gap between his thighs as he waited for the show to begin.

  “And where should I kneel?” Tim spoke between the small kisses Wendy planted on his lips.

  “Oh, you don't kneel,” she pushed him backwards, forcing him in to the armchair, “you sit right there and let me do all the work.” She stood between his open legs, looking down on him with her big round tits heaving, fighting their way out of the deep v-neck of her shirt. She was all woman, something that wasn’t used to.

  As she leaned down and popped open the button on his jeans, Tim could almost see her pale pink nipples. She slid down his zipper slowly and stood up again.

  “I want you to take those off for me…take everything off for me…” Rick knelt beside the chair watching, he could see the excitement in his wife’s eyes, she was like a cougar ready to pounce on her next meal. He could see her nipples poking through the thin cotton of her shirt and he knew that by now her pussy would be so slick he could slide three fingers inside her with ease.

  Wendy slipped her shirt up over her head, revealing her plump breasts nestled tightly in her leopard print bra. The lace cups barely covered her breasts and now that her nipples were budding they slipped freely from their lingerie prison. Rick wanted nothing more than to stand up and slip one of them between his lips, tease her and make her wetter even if he wasn't going to be the one enjoying the fruits of his labor.

  She reached back and unhooked her bra and her tits nearly bounced free. Tim licked his lips and Rick couldn't help but admire how hard his wife had made Tim’s cock. Tim sat with an iron rod in his hand, his fingers barely wrapped around his girth and Rick knew that his cock wouldn't begin to match up after Tim had filled his wife with pleasur

  Rick felt his own dick throb, Wendy was sliding down her panties now. Her pussy was perfectly trimmed, always a perfect landing strip, always the perfect map for where she wanted Rick to slide his tongue after she had had her pussy pounded and filled by another guy.

  Her panties pooled on the floor and she kicked them in Rick’s direction with a wink. “I’ll give you a sniff of what he’s getting.”

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