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Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf)

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  Opening his eyes he saw Sharon had her head thrown back and was palming one of her tits while Chris played with the other. He wanted to knock the other man’s hand away but knew he hadn’t earned that right yet.

  Now, the most important thing was to make his wife come. Thinking back to what he saw Chris do, he sucked her little nub into his mouth and suckled on it, swirling his tongue around it at the same time. She started bucking her hips, and he had to hold her down to keep up what he was doing.

  Seemingly out of nowhere she came, screaming his name. It was like music to his ears, and his smile stretched from ear to ear while he kept licking her until her orgasm was over.

  When he looked up at her again, she was smiling at him.

  “Okay, Jonathan. We’ll try again.”

  Cuckolded at the Reunion

  Holly was never exactly the popular girl in high school, but when the chance came to go to her high school reunion and show off just how much she had changed she couldn't resist. It wasn't that she had exactly created a Cinderella story for herself, but she had certainly gone from the nerdy girl in the corner to the busty babe in the red dress and five inch heels. To say the least, she was a late bloomer. She could have any man she wanted and that was exactly what she was going to do.

  “Honey, are you almost ready? We have to get going.” Holly rolled her eyes as she straightened out her dress.

  “Yes, yes, I'm coming.” She spritzed her perfume and walked in to a small cloud of it on her way down the stairs. Dale stood at the bottom of the stairs watching her navigate in her five inch heels. Despite being married for six years he still marveled at her ability to walk in them. She got to the bottom of the stairs and twirled in a circle.

  “Good?” She asked. Dale smiled and kissed her forehead so as not to smudge her lipstick.

  “Perfect.” Holly smiled and picked a piece of thread from his collar.

  “Then let’s go.”

  It was still quite warm outside for September, but Holly grabbed a wrap on the way out and draped it over her arm just in case the evening grew colder.

  “Do you know if a lot of people are going to be there?” Dale opened the passenger door and Holly slipped inside and after walking around the car he got in to the driver’s seat.

  “I don't really know who will be there. Supposedly Stephanie Henkel organized the whole thing through Facebook and made an RSVP list, but you know how people are with those things.” Dale wasn't a fan of crowds, despite having been a professional ball player for two years until he blew out his knee.

  “It’ll be fine, really. We won't stay long anyway, I just had to show up, you know, show my face.” Dale smirked, he knew exactly why Holly had to show her face. He couldn't blame her for it. He just planned on finding the alcohol and stand in the darkest corner of the room with a drink until it was time to leave, a plan that generally worked for just about any event they attended on Holly’s behalf.

  The high school itself wasn't more than a fifteen minute drive from the house, not long enough for Dale to prepare himself. Holly didn’t seem to care about his apprehension as she pulled him through the front doors of Washington High.

  The familiar smell of high school hit them both in the face as they walked in. For a brief moment Holly joined Dale in his discomfort as she recalled the years of high school.

  “Welcome to the Washington High…” Stephanie didn't get a chance to finish her overly rehearsed introduction, Holly smiled quickly and looked down at the table.

  “Holly Allen.” Holly said matter-of-factly as she snatched up her name tag from the table and looked back up at Stephanie who was looking Holly up and down in amazement.

  “Holly?” She acted as if she didn’t recognize Holly’s name from their high school years. The person Holly had become was just too unfamiliar for Stephanie to believe.

  “It’s Holly Shaw now, this is my husband Dale.” Holly slid her arm around Dale’s, pulling him close to her and smiling back at Stephanie who was now writing out a generic ‘Hello My Name Is-‘ sticker that Dale had no intention of wearing.

  “Holly, remind me again, what activities did you do in high school?” The way she spoke was enough to irritate Holly beyond belief.

  “You know, I'd love to, Stephanie, but Dale and I are in a bit of a rush, we actually have another event this evening too. You know what it's like! Always on the go!” Holly reached down and snatched the still wet name tag from under Stephanie’s pen and, tugging Dale alongside her, she followed the barrage of balloons and cheap poster-board signs.

  “What a bitch!”

  “I'm not wearing that…” Dale nodded at the name tag, ignoring Holly’s aggravation with Stephanie.

  “Fine, just stick it in your pocket or something or someone is bound to keep trying to write you new ones all night.” Holly stopped walking briefly to cram the sticker in his breast pocket. Dale had turned pale.

  “What’s wrong with you?” Holly asked.

  “We aren't staying all night are we? I mean you said we weren't staying all night…”

  Holly took hold of the lapels of his jacket and pulled him down to her, kissing his lips lightly.

  “We can leave whenever you need to, okay?” Dale smiled against her kiss.


  The high school gym had been decked out with more balloons and signs but there was no amount of decoration that could camouflage the fact that it was still a high school gym. At least they had arrived fashionably late enough that the place was already quite full and no one seemed to notice as they slipped inside. Dale thanked God for this as he pulled Holly straight for the bar.

  “Tickets?” Holly fished a couple of Kraft paper raffle tickets from her purse that apparently designated their ability to be able to drink.

  “I’ll take a beer, she’ll take a white wine.” Dale went as generic as possible to save any confusion and the plan seemed to work as two cheap plastic cups were exchanged for their paper tickets.

  "Hey man, are you Dale Shaw?” Someone tapped Dale on the arm and he turned around to find a fat little man looking at him with a cheeky large smile on his face.

  "Yeah, that's me…” Holly couldn't help but smile, Dale was always comfortable talking about football and now that he’d found someone to keep him busy she’d have plenty of time to walk around the floor and mingle.

  “Excuse me, honey, I'm just going to walk around a little and leave you guys here to talk about your football.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek and waved politely to the stranger who, it seemed, had also ditched his temporary name tag.

  The room was filled with plenty of bodies pinned with their own 'this is who I used to be’ name tag, but Holly couldn't seem to pick anyone in particular out of the crowd and it was beginning to drive her insane.

  She wanted just one person to notice her, to pick her out and shout-‘oh my god is it really you? Look how much you’ve changed! Look how amazing you look!’

  But the more she looked around, the more she noticed the same groups of people as they were in high school sticking together and sharing their life stories which had, incidentally, all turned out pretty much the same.

  “Some things don't change do they?” A man’s voice came from behind her and Holly turned around to find him standing with a plastic cup of white wine in his hand as well. “I have this theory that some people never grow out of having to be in the ‘in crowd.’” Holly smiled, he had no idea.

  “Sorry, how rude of me, my name is Benedict. I am, quite unfortunately married to one of the in crowd members, but where she is at the moment I really couldn't tell you.” Holly laughed at his unfiltered revelation.

  “Benedict, have you perhaps had a little too much wine this evening?” He looked down at his cup and in his buttery English accent he replied.

  “Sadly, no. While my wife insisted that we be here a good four hours before the reunion actually began so that she could ‘prepare,’ i.e.: hang up balloons and banners. I was forbid
den to touch a drop of alcohol.” He leaned in closer, his breath tickling Holly’s ear, “but now that she's handing out your nifty little badges,” he wrapped his fingers around Holly’s badge, gently brushing her breast as he did, “I am free to sneak a glass or too. Just don't let on.”

  “Ahh, I'm quite good at keeping secrets, Benedict, don't you worry.” Particularly, thought Holly, when the one she was keeping a secret from was Stephanie Henkel.

  “So how long have you and Stephanie been married?” Benedict looked stunned as if the most elaborate code had just been cracked. “It's okay, we aren't friends or anything like that.” He looked relieved.

  “Oh. We began seeing each other four years ago, but things were on and off for a while, then we got married two years ago and now…” He leaned closer again, “now I want to blow my bloody head off, it's a nightmare.”

  “I can imagine.” Holly took a long swig of her wine.

  “How about you? Do you have an old ball and chain?” Holly nodded, setting her cup down on one of the small nearby tables.

  "Yeah, six years, we make things work.” Benedict looked intrigued.

  “How exactly do you do that? I was always under the impression that things either worked or they didn't.” Holly smirked, unsure as to whether she should share the secret of her successful marriage with Dale. “It's a little unconventional, I'm not exactly sure that it would be right for a couple like you and Stephanie.” She thought for a moment. “You perhaps…I could definitely…Mmm…but not so much for Stephanie.” Benedict licked his lower lip slowly before leaning in to whisper softly in to Holly’s ear.

  “Well what if you show me and then decide if it’s something that might work for us…if not—we wouldn't have to tell Stephanie. We could just say it was a much needed ‘self-help’ therapy session.” Even when he had finished speaking he lingered for a moment, his breath moving strands of Holly’s hair and sending ripples of excitement through her body.

  "Mmm…that is a thought…” Holley said. Benedict leaned in closer and this time he slipped the bottom of her ear between his lips, sucking gently before whispering.

  “A very good thought, I hope?”

  Holly had a firm grip on Benedict’s hand, he had long fingers and soft skin, so unlike Dale’s hands. As the two of them walked past Dale, Holly stopped briefly and cupped her hand to his ear, he nodded quickly and returned to his conversation with the fat man who had been keeping him occupied since their arrival. Holly smiled and continued towards the gym exit, Benedict’s hand still clutched in hers.

  “Come on, we have to be quick past here so she doesn’t see us!” She pulled him quickly as they ran across the hallway to the boy’s locker room and pushed against the door, it gave and in seconds they were surrounded by unmistakable locker room stench.

  "Oh now this brings back memories!" Benedict laughed as he looked at the benches and lockers that ran in rows in front of him. “So the secret to your relationship is the boy’s locker room? Interesting!” He chuckled in a way that sent more ripples of anticipation through Holly’s entire body.

  “No…” She stepped behind him and, wrapping her hands around his waist, she started unbuckling his belt. “Allow me to teach you a thing or two about indulgence.” As his belt buckle fell open, Holly reached for the button of his jeans and popped it open.

  She could hear his breath beginning to stifle as she reached for his zipper, her fingers now sliding inside his pants, reaching for his cock. As her fingers touched the smooth skin of his cock Holly couldn't help but let out a quiet moan. “Mmmm.” She felt him start to twitch stiff under her touch, she felt him hardening and hungered for him so much that she could already feel her tight pussy wetting in anticipation of him inside her.

  “So far, I like the concept of indulgence…” Benedict’s voice was no more than a whisper now as he leaned back his head. Holly wrapped her fingers around his cock sliding his shaft out from his clothing.

  “You haven't seen anything yet.” Holly let go of his cock for a moment, sliding around in front of him and kneeling on the floor. His erect cock was now perfect height with her pouty lips and Holly was only just getting started.

  She drew small circles with the tip of her tongue around the head of his cock, teasing him, working every sensitive nerve he had with flicks of warm wet sensations before gently sliding his cock head between her lips. Little by little her mouth down until he hit the back of her throat and made her eyes watered.

  “Ahhhh!” Benedict cried out, his fingers sliding into her long brown hair, gently grasping handfuls as she fucked his cock with her mouth. Without warning the door to the locker room opened but as much as Benedict wanted to stop Holly, he couldn't. Her lips sealed around his cock felt too good, he was frozen in place, his rock hard dick buried in the mouth of another man’s wife in a high school locker room.

  “Oh…” Dale stood watching as Holly slipped Benedict’s thick throbbing cock from her mouth.

  “We started without you, you took too long. Find a seat and get a good look at how a real man takes a blow job, but if I see you touch your dick one time before I tell you to there’s no pussy for a week…my new friend here gets it all.”

  Holly turned back to Benedict and licked the length of his cock, smiling mischievously around her tongue. “But just for fun my dearest husband, I want you to take your cock out to show him just how little you pro-athletes have to work with.”

  Benedict watched in curious amazement as Dale did exactly as Holly instructed while she turned her attention back to his cock. Sliding her tongue up and down the length of his cock shaft, stopping to slip the head of his dick between her lips like a thick Popsicle. His hips jerked forward slightly, slipping an extra inch of his cock in her mouth with a stuttered breath.

  There was something so twisted about it and yet something so hot that Benedict couldn't stop himself from pushing his hips further forward, sliding his cock farther in to her mouth, watching as she guzzled him down with so much hunger in her eyes looking up at him.

  With every tiny roll of her tongue he imagined what her tight pussy squeezing his cock feel like. He watched as Dale sat with his cock out, seeing another man getting pleasured by his own wife. All of it made Benedict’s cock throb like nothing he had seen before.

  Holly had been soaking wet from the moment Benedict had whispered in her ear and with every second of her locker room fun she was soaking through her panties and she knew it.

  As she kept an eye on both men, both of their cocks now hard as rocks, hoping for a chance to fill her with their sticky seed. Holly grabbed the hem of her dress and slipped it over her head. Without a bra underneath, her full tits popped right out and teasingly bounced, their sweet pink nipples aching to be sucked as Holly stood in nothing but her high heels and her skimpy red panties.

  Looking down she could see a small wet patch on seat of her underwear. Winking at Benedict, she walked over to Dale who sat on one of the locker room benches. She stepped up one of her heels on the bench next to him, the crotch of her panties directly in front of his face. Dale clutched at his pants and the bench as he smelt her sweet musky scent. It took everything in him not to touch her.

  “Lick my panties, Dale. I want you to taste how wet my new friend has made me.” Dale leaned down and with his tongue sticking out, slid it over the wet patch on her panties. Holly watched his chubby cock twitch again and she smiled.

  “Mmm…” Stepping down from the bench she slipped off her panties and handed them to Dale. “I want you to lick them clean and when you are done I want you to use them to jerk off your cock.” She looked him in the eyes and he nodded. “And remember, he gets the pussy because he has the bigger cock. You want the pussy, you find a way to make me cum harder than his big dick.”

  Dale nodded and Holly walked away toward Benedict who now had his cock in his hand, slowly jerking it as he watched the most bizarre marriage he had ever seen.

  “Why don't you sit down, Benedict?” Benedict first s
lipped from his pants and shoes and then sat on the center bench in the same row as Dale. Holly parted his thighs to her liking, turned around with a seductive twist of her hips, and then with her ass facing him slowly lowered her dripping pussy on to his rock hard dick.

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