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Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf)

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  Chris gave her hair a tug so she’d go back to what she had been doing. While Jonathan watched, she lapped at him with her eager tongue and then started moving her mouth up and down again in wet gulping slurps. Johnathan was dumbfounded at her attitude like she wasn’t doing anything wrong. Her suggestion to him was absolutely ludicrous. She actually expected him to get some sort of enjoyment from watching her suck another man’s dick?

  “Your turn, sweetheart,” Chris said. “Come lie down up here.”

  She shuffled to where he indicated and laid on her back. Chris went to the foot of the bed and then took her legs and spread them apart before moving up. With a curious look on his face, he tilted his head to where Jonathan sat like a morose lump of pudding.

  “He ever do this for you?”

  “No,” Sharon answered, resentment clear in her voice.

  He looked at Jonathan with eyebrows raised. “You an idiot or something?”

  “Yep, he’s an idiot.” Sharon answered for her husband.

  Giving her a grin, Chris bent down to her pussy, using his hands to spread her lips. He started softly licking her exposed, sensitive flesh. Sharon immediately groaned out loud and grabbed the bed sheets in her fists, pushing toward Chris with her pelvis.

  Next he burrowed his tongue into her pussy, licking all around the most sensitive area surrounding her entrance. From there, he moved up to her clit, sucking it into his mouth and circling it with his tongue. Sharon struggled to keep her body still as her legs jolted on either side of his face. It was like nothing she’d felt before and she felt a renewed anger at her husband for never doing this for her.

  Chris raised his face to grin at her and licked her wetness off his lips. Giving his tongue a break, he slipped two fingers inside her soaked entrance, curling them to stroke her sensitive spot. She squeaked, her head shaking from side to side on the pillow like she was possessed.

  Then, turning to Jonathan, he commented casually while still finger fucking his wife, “You’re never going to get away with not going down on her now if you expect to hold on to her.”

  Jonathan said nothing in reply. He was completely defeated, sitting slumped in the chair like he had no backbone at all.

  Out of curiosity, Chris asked him, “This doesn’t turn you on at all? I mean, she’s pretty fucking hot.”

  Bitterly, Jonathan replied, “Would it turn you on if she were your wife?”

  “Well, I’m not a fucking idiot. If I were married I would never let my wife be so dissatisfied she had to go somewhere else to get pleasure. But I’ve watched other guys fuck my girlfriends before. It’s hot. You should try to learn something. Maybe you can fix things.” He shrugged and then went back to Sharon’s pussy, lapping at her lips like a horny dog and thrusting his fingers in and out.

  Jonathan watched dully. Whatever joy Chris got from seeing other men with his women was completely lost on him. He wanted to be the one giving Sharon all that pleasure she was getting. He wanted it to be his name she was moaning over and over while she clutched the bedding for dear life.

  “Sharon,” he suddenly started to plead. “I can do better. Please let me try. Send this guy home and I’ll show you.”

  Chris looked up at Sharon with interest to see how she would answer.

  She didn’t even look at her husband when she said, “No. Fucking. Way.”

  She started groaning again when Chris went back to using his tongue on her after he knew he wasn’t going to get kicked out.

  While he pleasured her with his mouth, he reached up and grabbed her tits in his hands, kneading them like they were delicate dough and grasping the nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

  “Ugh, yeah, my tits. Play with my tits,” she said in a low, guttural voice, still gyrating her hips against his mouth.

  Jonathan was completely shocked to hear her talk that way. She was always silent and passive while they were together. Despite being incredibly depressed, he was starting to get turned on watching his beautiful wife wither under the pleasures of another man. He felt his cock stir to life and wondered if he could actually take it out and start stroking it while she was being fucked by someone else. It seemed completely implausible, but then so did the entire situation.

  Chris continued to lap at her pussy with his darting tongue. She never wanted it to end and tried to keep her climax at bay, afraid he’d stop once she had come. But with the way he was sucking on her clit and pumping his fingers in and out of her, she knew she wasn’t going to last much longer.

  Jonathan never made her come either before or during sex. She was always forced to quietly finish herself off after in the bathroom, for fear of hurting his feelings. It was incredible now to do this right in front of him.

  “You close?” Chris asked, nibbling on a soft pussy lips while he waited for her answer.

  “Mmm,” she whined.

  He laughed, “Don’t be greedy now. I’ll make you come again while I fuck you. Don’t worry.”

  With that he increased the pressure on her clit. She didn’t stand a chance, and Jonathan could see the exact moment she started to come. Her thighs clamped shut on Chris’s head and started shaking. Her stomach muscles clenched up tight and her entire torso lifted off the bed. She screamed and grabbed Chris’s hair, desperate to hold him where he was until her climax was over.

  When she finally stopped shaking and was left feeling limp and satisfied, Chris rose up onto his knees.

  “Go ahead and flip over, darling. I want you on your hands and knees in front of me,” he told Sharon.

  She was still completely shattered. It was hard to comply, but she finally managed to sit up. He was holding his cock while he waited for her, and it looked huge and purple in his hand while he lightly stroked it with a smile.

  Her mouth watered and she almost asked him if she could suck it some more, but she also couldn’t wait to feel it inside her. Completely rejuvenated just by seeing him, she got into the position he wanted. She bent down a little and jutted her ass up, presenting her pussy to a man that wasn’t her husband.

  Chris grabbed her hips and scooted her back toward him. Teasing her, he swiped at her slit with the head of his cock while he went back to talking to Jonathan.

  “I can’t believe you’re still sitting there watching this. I mean, how pathetic can you get? I’m about to stick my cock into her pussy. You realize that, don’t you?”

  Jonathan nodded.

  “She’s gonna love it too. I’m going to make her come at least a couple more times. It’s going to be a tough act for you to follow. You think you’re up for it?”

  Sharon’s defeated husband said nothing to that. He had no idea if he could pleasure her like Chris. But he knew he had gotten rock hard by now and he wanted to take his dick out of his pants and masturbate while he watched her getting fucked.

  His face red, and his hands nearly shaking with nerves, he undid his zipper and took his cock out. While it wasn’t as big as Chris’s, it wasn’t completely without size or girth. Chris gave him an encouraging nod.

  “There you go. At least get off while she does, even if it’s another man making her come.”

  Sharon looked over at Jonathan curiously. Her eyes went wide when she saw he had started jacking off. She had to admit, it turned her on even more. Shifting her weight onto one hand, she grabbed one of her tits and squeezed hard, moaning and arching her back.

  “You think you can do this to me?” she asked him. “Can you get me this hot and ready to be fucked?”

  Jonathan didn’t answer, but his eyes darkened at her dirty talk, and she saw a glimpse of the man he’d been back when they were dating so very long ago. He used to have the power to make her wet at a glance. What she wouldn’t give to get that back. If this is what it took, she’d bring home guys from the grocery store every day.

  Chris took aim with his cock and finally started to slide it into her eager pussy. He watched himself enter the woman, loving the sight of his dick disappearing inside of her.
When he was all the way in, he reached between them and tickled her clit while rotating his hips. She groaned, still with her breast in hand.

  Sharon was a curvy women with generous breasts and a mouthwatering ass. He took a handful of each cheek and squeezed. When he let go and his hips smacked against her, her ass bounced in a way that made his cock jump inside her. He did it again and again, leaving red marks on her skin from the pressure of his fingers. She seemed to love it if her moaning and groaning was anything to go by.

  “Damn, she’s got a fine ass, doesn’t she?” Chris asked Jonathan.

  Her husband was looking at her ass like he’d never seen it before, his hand pumping up and down his cock which had reached new lengths of hardness.

  “Do I really?” Sharon asked, uncertainly. She’d always thought it too fat and suspected Jonathan hated it.

  “Fuck yeah,” Chris said, grabbing the round curves tight.

  Under Jonathan’s watchful eyes, he started to pump in and out of her nice, tight pussy. He could tell she hadn’t been seeing much action lately, and she felt amazing around his shaft. Using her ass like a handle, he pulled her back to meet him when each thrust into her, their bodies making a satisfying smacking sound.

  Jonathan watched the other man’s cock slip into his wife and he watched the expression of bliss on her face. Tugging on his own dick, he imagined he was the one who made her feel that good. He pictured himself gripping her rear tight enough to leave marks, reaching forward to hold one of her swinging breasts, and pounding into her hard enough to make the bed thwack hard against the wall.

  Losing her balance on her hands, Sharon fell forward onto her forearms. Her new position changed the angle of Chris’s cock in her body and she was suddenly rocketing toward climax. She tightened her muscles around his dick and started meeting his hard thrusts with a push back of her ass. Angling herself into the bed, she was able to reach between her legs and find her clit, mashing it around in circles.

  “You gonna come?” Chris asked her, making sure to keep his pace steady.

  She gave a high pitched moan for an answer. He gave Jonathan a triumphant grin. When she started to come he could feel it all over his cock. He held her tight against him while she rode it out and slid his hands down the backs of her thighs to feel them quiver.

  When her orgasm had ebbed, he slid his cock out.

  “Get on your back again.”

  She flipped over quickly. Grabbing her legs, he held her thighs and pushed them toward her chest. Then he levered himself over her and slid his dick back into her. It was a tough position for her since flexibility wasn’t one of her traits, but the position jabbed his cock inside her in the perfect spot.

  It was worth a little muscle stretching. Other than holding onto his arms, there was nothing else she could do in this position. She was completely pinned while he fucked her hard, but every time he slammed into her, he hit her clit in addition to all the wonderful things his cock did to her insides.

  Jonathan would have never thought to put his wife in that position. They always did missionary. Doggy style was something he’d thought of, but he hadn’t thought she’d let him. This, whatever it was called, was beyond his dreams. It was incredibly erotic, the way her body was bent and the way he fucked her as if she wasn’t folded in two. But by the look on her face and the white knuckle grip she had on his arms, she was loving every moment of it.

  Chris stopped, his cock buried in Sharon’s pussy. He shifted her legs over to one side and grabbed one of her tits. Leaning all the way forward, he sucked her nipple into his mouth and bit down lightly.

  “Oh, fuck! Yes, more. More!” She had never been so loud and vocal during sex, but Chris was fucking her like she’d never been fucked before.

  After savoring her breast for a moment, he maneuvered himself until he laid on the bed next to her. He grabbed one of her legs and draped it over his and then began thrusting into her again. Like this, he could easily reach her pussy with one hand and her tits with the other. He took full advantage, playing with her clit and pinching a nipple. She was completely lost in this strange man, fucked from every angle.

  Sharon no longer made comprehensible words, but her moaning was louder than ever in little high pitched squeaks. The combination of everything Chris was doing to her had her mind melting quicker than ice on a fire. Chris could tell she would be coming again real soon and picked up the pace, feeling the pressure in his balls building with his own imminent orgasm.

  “I’m gonna come soon,” he warned her.

  Her pussy clamped tight around his cock while he rubbed her clit in circles. A second later, she was coming for the third time, her mind nearly going blank.

  As soon as he felt her lose it, he let himself go, pumping his load inside her with a deep grunt. He pushed into her and stilled while his cock jetted his seed inside her. Sharon’s body was warm and soft. While in the throes of his orgasm, he held her tight, crushing her against his muscular chest.

  Jonathan joined them, cum shooting from his cock all over his clothes because he’d been too enthralled in watching his wife get fucked by another man to think ahead and grab something to come into.

  The incident had changed from being horribly depressing and awful to being the most erotic thing he’d ever experienced. It barely made sense to him since he wasn’t even the one in the bed.

  When Chris was done, he slowly disentangled himself from Sharon’s flushed body and flopped over on the bed, his spent cock lying against his pelvis with a sticky cum covered tip. He gave Jonathan a sleepy grin while he softly toyed with one of Sharon’s breasts as she breathed heavy.

  “You are damn lucky I’m a very determined bachelor or I might just keep her for myself,” he said.

  Sharon clutched Chris’s arm. “You did say you have girlfriends,” she reminded him.

  He chuckled. “Only in the very loosest sense of the word. If you want a real relationship, I’m not the guy for you. If you think there’s any chance of saving things with this guy here, you certainly don’t want to get involved with me.”

  Chris curled himself around Sharon, spooning against her. They were both facing Jonathan as he watched them intently. He could tell Sharon was deep in thought while she eyed her husband.

  Running a hand up and down her body, Chris watched Jonathan, curious what the guy would do. He wasn’t in any hurry to leave Sharon’s warm body and comfortable bed. The night was still young and he had no problem waiting around until he could take her again.

  “Sharon?” Jonathan said quietly. “I know I haven’t given you want you need. I can do better though. I’ll treat you like you deserve. I promise.”

  Her eyes narrowed while she tried to weigh his possible sincerity. He’d disappointed her so many times, but seeing her with another man had seemed to be the wakeup call he needed. It had been a long time since he’d looked at her like she was something precious to him.

  While she was thinking, Chris slid a hand between her thighs and lifted up one of her legs. “You want to test him? Make him use his mouth on you. If he can do that while you’re filled with another guy’s cum, he’s ready to make it work.”

  Jonathan’s eyebrows rose halfway up his forehead. From where he was sitting he could see the other man’s cum oozing out of his wife’s pussy. He wouldn’t even kiss Sharon after she’d given him head and now he was going to have to get someone else’s cum in his mouth?

  Sharon didn’t say anything, only watched her husband to see what his reaction would be. She thought this was an excellent test of his devotion and willingness to turn things around.

  Gulping, Jonathan stood and took off his cum stained clothes before walking to the foot of the bed and climbing on. Chris leaned back, pulling Sharon with him so she was half laying on top of him, half on the bed. He draped one of her legs over his leaving her wide open for her husband. Not only was Jonathan going to have to eat her out while she was filled with another man’s cum, he was going to have to be right next to Ch

  Reminding himself of how wonderful things had been in the beginning of their relationship, and how much in love they’d been, he closed his eyes. Steeling himself, he put his tongue to her wet pussy. Tentatively he tasted her in different spots. Where Chris’s cum was, the taste was very salty and sour. But up at her clit, it was more Sharon’s own feminine musk. He could hear her moaning and hoped it was from what he was doing and nothing to do with Chris.

  Jonathan lapped at her clit, trying to avoid the worst of Chris’s pearly white juices. When she started to groan louder, he got emboldened and licked her all around, even delving back inside tight hole.

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