Make him watch box set 8.., p.13

Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf), page 13


Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf)

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  He pulled back, my muscles tensed from the anticipation of the hit. I was physically scared. I wanted to tell him not to do it. I wanted to run away, but I was bound to the bench in a room with nobody and completely at his mercy.


  The hard wood paddle knocked me forward. Instantly a sharp pain ripped through my whole body. It hurt like hell. I clenched my eyes shut and grit my teeth as my bare ass flared red. I had never been spanked before but there were something oddly naughty about it.

  Just as the pain started to recede he reached forward and pulled my thong down my legs. A slight flutter of pain attacked my sensitive skin as the strap of my panties passed over my smacked ass…..

  .…He rubbed the wet tip of his dick along my ass cheek. I could feel the wetness of his precum smear along my sensitive and bruised skin.

  Finally I felt the thick head of his cock rub down the crack in my ass and press slightly into the entrance of my pussy.

  My slick juices allowed him to ease past my folds. I clawed at the red cushion as I felt his cock penetrate and separate my wet lips. The feeling of his swollen head gliding past my walls sent my world spinning in pleasure.

  It was perfect until he moved closer his body just brushed against my bruised ass.

  “Ouch, be careful.” I cried.

  “You’re going to have to get used to that.” …

  "We should get started.”

  Cali's new job with the mysterious family friend and billionaire Mr. Marks is nothing like she would have expected. With perfect tailor cut grey suit, crystal blue eyes, and a devilish smile, she would have never thought such a darker side would exist to the infamous Mr. Marks. But after her unconventional job interview, all her previous thoughts are proven wrong...


  …When he finally turned to face her, Cali was in awe of the size of his cock. He was already rock solid, every thick vein standing out like a three dimensional sculpture and throbbing at the sight of her strapped down to his table. His tongue traced across his lips as he walked towards her.

  Cali felt a familiar warmth filling her veins, a tingle traveling over every inch of her skin as her sweet pussy drenched the table underneath her. His huge cock teasingly bouncing hard with every step that he took until he stood so close to her that, had her hands been free, she could have touched him.

  “I know how much you want my cock and if you're a good girl you can have it, but you have to follow all of my instructions, Cali.” He smiled down at her…



  Megan West, Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf)



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