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Make Him Watch Box Set (8 Stories of Cuckold Erotica, Hotwife Sharing, Milf)

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  “Yes, sir. Well, I sure do intend to be, that is if I could just get a chance!” The man nodded. Teddy pulled up a chair in the corner of the room and sat down.

  "Well, toots, you sure got the look but what do you got that the other girls don’t? I see a million girls like you come through these doors every time we have an audition like this one.” Roxy looked defeated for a moment and turned around to look at Teddy before leaning forward.

  “Sir, when I say that I’d do anything…I really mean that I'd do anything. I'd take any role you have and I'd do anything you ask me to.” The man grinned.

  “Well…that is something I like to hear.” He slid his shoes off the table and planted his feet on the floor, he looked over at Teddy and then back to Roxy who shook her head.

  “Oh no, he won't pay no mind, he knows a girl has to pay her dues if she wants to make it in this business. Besides…” Roxy stood up and walked over to the man behind the desk, draping her arms around his neck and leaning over his shoulder, “a girl like me? I get to play on all the rides darling.” The man lifted his eyes up to look at Teddy who was trying not to notice the two of them.

  “Is that right?” Roxy smiled against his cheek and slid her fingers down to the zipper of his pants. He shivered slightly as her fingers brushed against his bulge.

  “Yes, darling, that is right.” She danced her fingertips along his shaft and felt him growing harder as she teased. He leaned his head back and let out a satisfied sigh. Teddy watched as his girl fingered another man’s cock through his trousers. He awkwardly readjusted his own growing cock in his pants and wished he was the one being teased.

  “How about you take it out for a spin, doll?” The man didn't mince words and he didn't seem particularly intent on providing foreplay either but Roxy knew why she was there and she wasn't about to mess up her chances at making it on the big stage. Her slender fingers carefully popped the button through the buttonhole and slid down the zipper.

  She could feel warmth radiating out from his pants, his white cotton underwear already straining against his growing cock. Roxy looked up at Teddy who was green with envy as he watched her fingers nimbly trying to wrestle the man’s thick cock out of those tight cotton underpants. She smiled over at him and licked her lips, teasing him with a tongue he wasn't permitted to taste, not now, not yet.

  The man’s thick cock was putting up a struggle but Roxy wasn't going to give in, she wasn't going to pass up any opportunity to get ahead in this game and slowly she eased his erect shaft from its enclosure. Her heart pounded faster as she wrapped her dainty hands around his monster of a cock, her pussy was aching at the sight of it. It was almost twice the size of Teddy’s smaller dick. The very thought if this huge rod stretching her wide open made her ache, but she knew what this man expected first.

  “Now Teddy, watch how your girl earns her stripes!”

  Roxy flashed a cheeky smile and slipped around to the front of the man in the chair and got down on her knees, being careful not to catch her stockings. As she knelt directly in front, his thick erect cock nearly blocked her view of the man’s face. She could hardly think how she was going to fit the entire thing in her mouth, it was larger than anything she had seen before.

  But she had no choice. Leaning forward, she parted her mouth ever so slowly. Beginning with a lick, Roxy slid her tongue around the very tip of his rock solid member before pressing the pink gleaming head between her sealed lips.

  “Mmmm…” She hummed against the sweet drop of dew that spilled on to her tongue as she forced more of the fat cock’s length in to her mouth, her cheeks bulging. Her big blue eyes looking up at the man, she could see the excitement dancing across his face as she struggled to take more of his length. With each hum against his smooth cock, she felt him twitch and bounce on her tongue. She took a deep breathe through her nose before drawing him in deeper inside her mouth and gliding her tongue rhythmically over the underside of his dick. His cock head briefly poked the back of her mouth as his hips lurched up off the chair in excitement. She steadied herself as she fought the urge to cough, eyes watering.

  “Come on toots, you can handle it.” He smirked as he brushed a blonde curl behind her ear.

  From the corner of the room, Teddy’s own cock pressed firmly against the smooth cotton fabric of his pants until it was just too much to bear. It was more than any man could stand, to watch his wife taking on another man, especially one with a cock so big it stretched her mouth wide open. All Teddy could think of was just how wide her legs would have to be spread when he threw her down on top of the desk and fucked her.

  "Ahhh, that’s right doll, just like that!” The man reached down and ran his fingers down Roxy’s reddened cheek, a cheeky grin spread over his face as he lifted his hips slightly to help with the constant motion, to drive his cock deeper. Roxy could feel her jaw stiffening. She had never sucked a cock so huge before and if she was being honest, the size of this one seemed to be a little more than she could handle.

  “Now bend over the desk.” For a moment, Roxy wasn't sure that she had heard him correctly.

  She had been sure that he was going to blow his load deep down her throat but now it dawned on her that his idea of fun consisted of driving his monster cock deep inside her. Still this was her big break, and famous actresses, she was sure, had done far worse things to get on top before. Besides, she never had been with a man so large before. She would be lying if she never wondered what it would be like to be with a man so much bigger than Teddy.

  Roxy lifted her eyes to Teddy as she stood up and leaned over the desk. Teddy was still sitting in the corner of the room watching the two of them, only now he was sitting with his erect cock in his hand. Roxy watched mesmerized as he stroked his hand slowly up and down his thick shaft, watching her lay on the desk with her bare ass up and expose to the biggest cock either of them had ever seen.

  Teddy wanted a better view. He wanted to stand behind them or beside them so he could watch as the man slid every inch of his thickness deep inside her. The man stood, he pushed Roxy’s skirt up over her ass. He grabbed her hips and slid her a bit closer. With each hand he stretched her ass cheeks, begging access to her perfect pink pussy.

  "Mmm," he leaned back and admired her wet pussy while shaking his head slightly, the way southern gentlemen do when they spot something they really want. Roxy was getting horny, she could feel him watching her, her wet slit ached for him inside her and the longer she waited the more her anticipation grew.

  Roxy fixed her eyes on Teddy as his hand slowly slid up and down his own cook, slowly working himself up and down with a twisting hand. Roxy couldn't help herself, her breathing came faster and just when she was sure she was going to pass out completely she felt the man lean down on top of her.

  He let out a breathy moan as the very tip of his thick cock pressed against her opening. She struggled a bit under the weight of his body pinning her to the desk. Her pussy was so wet he slipped inside with ease. She clutched at the edge of the desk as her pussy lips sealed around his cock head. For a moment her stretched pussy hurt as he rolled his hips and pushed further inside. She felt the opening of her pussy stretch wider than ever and while it hurt, it felt more incredible than anything she had ever experienced.

  “Oh, yes!” She whimpered and grasped the edge of the table, whitening her knuckles. She could feel him pushing hard from behind, his cock sliding in deeper with every slow push, every sliding fraction of an inch taking her through a pleasure she had never known.

  Roxy couldn't help but beg for more until the man had every inch of his juicy dick sunk inside, she could feel his balls slapping against her skin as he thrust forward, she could feel him constantly stretching her wider. The desk loudly scrapped forward as he bucked his hips against her.

  Never had she been so thoroughly fucked and used and just when she thought she couldn't take any more she lifted her eyes back up to Teddy who was now standing in front of her eagerly stroking himself towards her mouth.

  She stuck out her tongue as her whole body lurched forward from another slap of the man’s hips. He quivered when she touched his tip and Roxy knew he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off the massive cock sinking deep in to her tight pussy.

  “Harder, please, harder!” She couldn't stop herself from wanting more, from wanting it harder. She could feel the man rubbing against every nerve inside of her, she could feel her pussy tightening around him. Just when she was sure she couldn't take anymore she felt the man press his wet thumb against her asshole. In just a few seconds, the man had slipped his thick thumb inside her puckered hole. Her mouth locked open in a silent scream as the new sensation rocked her body. Teddy quickly pressed his cock inside her opened mouth. He begged her mouth to make him cum. It was all far too much for Roxy.

  Her pussy gripped the man’s massive cock shaft hard, sucking so deep that she wasn't convinced that she wouldn’t be permanently attached to her new friend’s big dick. He grunted and pushed deeper making Roxy gasp. Every muscle in her began to stiffen.

  Her mouth fell open as Teddy’s cock began to throb and jerk at her body’s reaction. She knew she was about to get a mouth full of Teddy’s sticky cum, she could feel him bouncing off her tongue with excitement. Roxy swallowed hard, preparing herself for his sweet and salty taste. Her pussy clamped down hard and clenched desperately around the man’s cock.

  "Mmmm, that's it doll, do it for me…nice and tight, just like that…”

  Hot tingles exploded up her back and rolled in waves down her legs. Her chest flushed red as the heat radiating throughout her body gave way to light tremors. Teddy threw his head back as the first rope of sticky hot cum pumped from his cock and landed on her tongue. She gulped breathlessly at his juices as she tried to steady herself.

  Her breath was so quick the bubbling cum was catching in her throat as Teddy pulled out and fell back in to his chair again. He sat back, content and satisfied. Roxy looked over at him and smiled as she swallowed his juices. She could still taste his sweetness in her mouth, but the silence didn't last long.

  She watched Teddy, her fingers gripping tightly at the edges of the desk, her tight wet pussy sucking hard at the man’s thick cock. Each ripple of pleasure drew the man’s cock further inside until he collapsed on top of her, his heavy body heaving and shuddering. As he cried out, each jerk of his cock sent a thick warm flood of cum deep inside her.

  “Ah, ah, ah…” His voice grunted in Roxy’s ear as his cum flooded her sweet tight pussy until he fell silent. His cock still jerked with small movements inside her as he rested on top of her. She winced in pain a bit as her hips dug into the edge of the desk from the weight of his body.

  Roxy let out a deep sigh as he lifted himself off her. Teddy watched from his corner of the room, he imagined the man’s sticky cum running from inside his girl’s pussy as she leaned up. The man stood, stuffing himself back in to his trousers with a grin. He winked at Roxy who smiled politely back as she pulled herself together, trying to resemble the proper actress she was moments before. She had only one thought on her mind, when was she going to find out which part she would play. She fussed with her hair and fanned her face with her hand.

  “So, when do I find out?”

  The man sat back in his chair and made a grab for his clipboard.

  "Hmm?" He muttered as he perused the clipboard.

  Roxy raised her eyebrows expectantly.

  “Teddy, be a dear and fetch me a drink would you? I'm sure our new friend here might enjoy a beverage as well.” Teddy stood up. There was no questioning—when Roxy made a request, he nodded obediently and did what he was told. He quickly slipped out the door.

  Roxy hooked her finger under the man’s chin, forcing him to look up at her. “Now listen here, I put an awful lot of faith in you keeping your end of the deal. I don't know who you are or even what your name is, but I'm going to tell you this: you got exactly what you wanted and now I am going to get exactly what I want. If I don't I am going to run screaming from this room. Not only will I make sure that you never get work in this town again, Mister, but I will make damn sure that you never walk again either. Now, I'm a big girl, I prefer to do things my own way but if you push me far enough I'm not afraid to go crying to my daddy and toots, believe me when I tell you—you really don’t want that to happen. So, whatever scam you were thinking about pulling, whatever game you thought you could get away with? Save it for the next dumb broad because I wasn't kidding when I said Roxy was making it big.” She smiled sweetly and the man nervously set the clipboard down on the corner of the desk.

  “I…umm…” He wanted to say that he had no authority in casting. That he could pull no strings and this whole thing had been a joke, but as the reality of it sunk in he felt the color drain from his face.

  He wasn't entirely sure how, but he was going to have to find a way to get Roxy cast in the show and in a major role at that. He might have been young, but he sure as hell wasn't stupid…well he hadn't thought he was up until then. “Which part did you say you were auditioning for today?” He knew her answer before she even spoke.

  “The lead.” Roxy bounced her golden curls with her hand again. The door to the room opened and Teddy pushed his way in with three soda bottles and an apologetic look on his face.

  “Sorry doll, it’s all they had.” Roxy shrugged with a smile and grabbed two bottles from him, setting one on the table in front of the man and then turning back to watch Teddy close the door.

  Teddy walked up behind her, taking a drink from his bottle. “Everything straightened out here?” Roxy looked over at the man who seemed a little flustered all of a sudden but nodded quite sheepishly.

  "Yes, darling. This man here was just saying how very fortunate it was that you found him and that we could come to such a beneficial arrangement.” Roxy looked at him expectantly and the man nodded slowly.

  “Oh, yes, yes.”

  “And how he’s going to fix it so that the lead is mine, can you believe it darling?” She spun around and batted her eyes at Teddy while holding her hand under her chin. “Me! The lead! My first big break darling and I owe it to you!”

  She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him on the cheek. Teddy smiled at her but he couldn't help but notice the look of deed on the face of the man at the desk, he seemed to be worried about something and Teddy couldn't for the life of him think what it could be. It seemed to Teddy that the man had quite an eventful afternoon with nothing in particular to complain about. After all, he had been pleasured by the next big star hit the stage and he had found the next lead in the show without having to endure anymore hideous auditions. It seemed to Teddy that it had been a pretty successful afternoon actually.

  “Come on dear, we should leave this man to his troubles, I'm sure he has far more to worry about now that he has filled the part of his leading lady.” Teddy wrapped his arm around Roxy’s waist and nodded his head toward the man behind the desk. Roxy flashed a half smile at the man behind the desk. She finished the smile with a wink as a ‘friendly’ reminder of the man’s duties.

  “You can find me at the Allen estate, I'm sure you know where that is and if you don't then somebody else will.” The man at the desk nodded stiffly as if trying to remember without the indignity of writing down what she deemed to be common knowledge.

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  Her hands feathered through his hair as his tongue traced up her wet lips, circling around her clit and making her hips lurch.

  “You like that?” He said as he brought his head up just enough to speak, his hot breath teasing her wetness.

  “Yes,” She panted.

  “You know what you’d like even
more than this?” He asked before trailing his tongue back up her wet lips.

  “What?” She asked, clawing at the top of his head and grinding her pussy against his exploring mouth. He forced his head back against her hands, making enough room to talk.

  “Signing up for Megan West’s newsletter.”

  “Huh?” She asked confused.

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  “Good, now keep going.” She said, forcing his face back between her legs with a devilish smile.

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