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Maple's Strong Alpha

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  “I can’t wait till tonight. So be sure you’re quiet,” Raymand whispered as he shoved down his pants. Her skirt lifted, and he tore her panties away. “I won’t be gentle.” Her tummy fluttered with excitement. In one swift thrust, he entered her wet core. She wrapped her hand over her mouth to stifle the moan leaving her lips. Her daydreams of the alpha had nothing on the realness of Raymand. Her wolf panted in her mind at the sheer pleasure rolling up her body. She itched to claim him even if it happened when someone, anyone could walk in.

  The front door opened and closed. Maple bit her lower lip trying not to make a sound. His grip tightened on her hips and pumped himself into her body. She tilted her head back with her lip between her teeth. Pleasure rolled under her skin as he picked up his pace.

  “I’m glad you’re open again.” A customer called out. The excitement of possibly getting caught spiked through Maple. Such sweet perfection rolled around her soul, she felt like one lucky woman to get a strong alpha at her side for the rest of her life.

  Raymand nipped at her neck and groaned against her flesh. She grabbed his face and kissed him, letting his mouth capture her moan. His grip tightened on one side while he wrapped his hand over her boob, the fabric blocked his access but the sensation still brought her freaking hot pleasure.

  The door opened and closed again. Maple’s orgasm built quickly while desire pooled in her thighs. Any second she would fall into her bliss and bind herself to the alpha. Her wolf wagged her tail, ready to be free of the worry of being lost forever. One more slam into her core and her body tightened around his cock. Pleasure surged through her soul like fire running over gasoline. She whimpered with his lips covering hers. His cock swelled inside her core then he spilled his seed as he reached his own climax. Her core wrung him dry and the second electric shock rolled under her skin. They were officially one and mates for life. Her body tensed again while her pussy tightened on his cock once more. The aftershock sent hints of pleasure up her body.

  They stood there for a few moments catching their breaths. A small laugh rang out through the front of the store making Maple blush. They were finally bound together. The only thing standing in their way was convincing Raymand to keep Cora with them.

  “I like this look on you.” Raymand kissed her lips quickly.

  “What look?” Maple raised her eyebrow. He leaned in and kissed her ear.

  “Freshly fucked and blushing,” Raymand whispered into her ear. Her core clenched around his softening cock. “You better behave, or I will have to take you again.”

  “You’re the one who tore my panties away.” Maple slowly climbed off the counter.

  “I couldn’t resist.” He winked and pulled up his pants. “Tonight, I will bring home pizza and we can discuss the situation with Cora.”

  Maple weighted her options and decided to let it go till tonight. “I want your word we will talk and no distracting activities.”

  “I give you my word as your mate we will talk.” He kissed her before leaving her in the backroom. She sighed and pushed back her hair. With her panties gone she felt a bit exposed as she walked back into the main part of the store. Beads of moisture rolled down her inner thigh and she clenched. Melissa’s honey eyes sparkled with delight as she worked in the kids’ area.

  Maple’s blush returned and she rushed out to the truck and grabbed her bag of clothes. When her finger wrapped around the extra pair of undies, she shoved them into her pocket and dashed for the bathroom. She would have to be on her best behavior tonight to keep her alpha focused.



  Raymand shoved a hand through his hair and glanced around the meeting room. After four more couples, he didn’t find a place for Cora to live. The next couple wouldn’t arrive for another ten minutes leaving him time to think. Two more would come after them.

  He closed his eyes and the memories of the night before flitted into his mind. Cora had jumped around on the chair while waiting for the pork chops to cook. Her bright smile had warmed his heart and part of him enjoyed the idea of having her in his home. Yet giving in now would seem like a weakness, right? His wolf shook his head and rested his head on his paws. The little pup had been growing on him, but if she stayed he had no idea if Maple would be willing to expand the family or not. He didn’t want to ruin the good mood by talking to Maple after dinner. Cora woke up crying which only sent agitation rolling through his body. Even when he came back to the shop he couldn’t bring himself to spoil her day by telling her he still wanted Cora out of his house.

  After the short time, Cora had scratched her way into his heart a little at a time. If she didn’t leave soon, he might cave and want to keep her there. It would solve some of the problems. His wolf added.

  “Excuse me? Are you the alpha?” A small voice came through his thoughts.

  “Yes.” Raymand nodded at the couple weaved into the room. The male stood an inch shorter than the woman when they were standing. “Have a seat.” He waved to the two chairs across from him.

  “Thank you.”

  “Tell me about yourself.” Raymand tried to listen to the woman’s introductions then jumped right into her problems when it came to having children and how she would be happy to take Cora into their home. Before Raymand opened his mouth, the male leaned in and hissed he wasn’t ready for children which sent up a red flag right there.

  “I’m sorry my mate is being stubborn. Of course, we want children.” She elbowed him in the side, but the male only glared at his mate.

  “I don’t know if it would work out. I’m sure you’ve heard Cora might still be under the hunter’s radar. I couldn’t put her in your protection and home if both of you aren’t one hundred percent certain.” Raymand glared at the male. The woman seemed all ready to give it a shot, but the male seemed less than happy about the meeting. The couple reminded him of his relationship with Maple.

  Cora needed a strong male to keep her safe and this skinny guy didn’t appear to have enough muscle to lift his mate. His wolf rolled his eyes at the comment.

  “Come on, I need to get back to work and you have to study for the exam you have tomorrow.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the door leaving Raymand alone with his thoughts again. He scratched off their names on the list and didn’t feel bad about it. The guy wouldn’t be able to fight off a single hunter on his own. He had one more couple, one more chance to be free of the little pup in his life.

  He closed his eyes and pictured his mate. Her scent had changed slightly from last night. In two to three days she would be in heat giving them an opportunity to start their family. Images of her belly swelling up made his wolf happy. Then the image changed to Maple holding Cora with her swollen belly. His eyes snapped open and he took in a breath.

  Am I really willing to let Cora freaking stay? He ground his teeth together. Ever since she came into his house with tears down her face, he would have jumped at the chance to get her out. Now she had bonded with his new mate, a stubborn woman hell-bent on keeping Cora in his home.

  “Hello, alpha.” A male bounced in with his blonde mate close behind. He had more muscle than the last guy which gave him a bit of hope. His wolf growled low at the idea of Cora leaving his home.

  “Please have a seat.” Raymand waved a hand toward the chairs.

  “Thank you.” He pulled out her seat for her to sit first. She kept her gaze on the table or her mate. The acrid scent of panic filled his nose making him wince.

  “Please tell me about yourself.” Raymand found it different that only the male spoke, and the woman just leaned forward to whisper in his ear. He rubbed his mate’s arm with a gentle smile. The woman seemed way too timid to be able to fight off a hunter if one attacked.

  Raymand carefully scented the air and glanced at the woman.

  “Are you a new wolf?” Raymand asked.

  “Yes, alpha. He changed me last week. Why?” She adjusted her hair behind her ear while looking at Raymand’s chest. The guy
seemed strong enough to fight but the female would probably end up dying if a hunter attacked them trying to get to Cora. He didn’t want to put them in danger and double Cora’s odds of being taken. His wolf reminded him another couple could die if they take Cora in.

  “I don’t think you will have problems having children.” Raymand scrunched up his nose.

  “What do you mean?” She looked at her mate. He leaned closer and sniffed the air around her.

  “Wait, her scent is changing.” He grabbed her hand and half dragged her out of the room. Raymand scratched his head and crossed out the next set of names. Well, fuck me sideways. He resisted the urge to throw the papers into the air.

  “You okay, Raymand?” Drake asked from the door. With every single couple so far falling through, he wanted to shift and run for a few miles to get all the excess anger out of his system.

  “Peachy.” Raymand glared at his second in command.

  “Well I’m about to make it worse.” Drake scratched the back of his head, he didn’t quite meet his gaze.

  “And how could you?” His wolf lifted his head ready for the news.

  “Your next couple called to cancel.” Drake nodded toward Anne heading toward the door with another female.

  “Why?” Raymand growled. Anne grabbed the woman’s arm and turned them around to bolted the other way.

  “They heard about the hunters.” Drake slipped in and closed the door. “I know it’s not my place but are you sure you want to give Cora up?” He studied Raymand like he had some insight into Raymand’s fucking mind. His wolf liked the idea of having Cora at the house and he paused way too long to be a firm no.

  “I don’t fucking know anymore. If you asked me before Maple I would have said hell yes.” Raymand wanted to make his mate happy but was this the right way. Plus the unknown of her wanting more kids scared him but he wouldn’t say those words to his second or anyone else alive.

  “And now?” Drake raised an eyebrow.

  “Maple has bonded with Cora, they are freaking inseparable.” Raymand shook his head. Deep down he knew Cora needed stability, but his house wasn’t a calm place.

  “Are you considering this because it will make Maple happy? Because having kids is a big responsibility.” Drake folded his arms. His second may be a few years old but he didn’t know everything about being responsible.

  “Like being the fucking alpha isn’t a big responsibility?” Raymand growled.

  “Hey, don’t shoot the messenger but they’re a whole other game. Kids give any wolf a run for their money and sanity.” Drake shook his head.

  “If I do keep Cora at my house it will because I want her there.” Raymand closed the last file and sighed.

  “So that’s the ultimate question then isn’t it?” Drake leaned back and stared toward the window. Tonight, he would listen to Maple’s side about keeping Cora and come to his own decision.

  “I’ll see you later.” Raymand left the files with Drake and headed to finish the last of his duties before he had to grab food. If he would be honest with himself, he didn’t know which might be better, to keep Cora or give her another home.



  When Maple picked up Cora an odd sensation rolled under her skin. She tried to push it down as she turned into the neighborhood. Cora wiggled in her booster seat in the back row which put Maple more on edge. Melissa had agreed to close tonight so Maple could grab Cora from school.

  “How was your day?” Maple glanced in her rear-view mirror and she looked too long.

  “It was…” Red flashed from the car in front of her. Maple slammed on the breaks sending her water flying and Cora’s book from her hand. The truck lurched and narrowly stopped in time.

  “Shit,” Maple muttered. “Are you okay?” Maple glanced at Cora who nodded. The car behind her barely stopped as well. The man shook his head and pressed on the guy in the passenger seat.

  Maple rubbed Cora’s leg and gave her the book she dropped. When she turned toward the alpha’s house, her eyes were on the car behind her. They kept driving but the disgusted look in their eyes before they passed the road made her wolf pace inside. She rolled her shoulders and focused on parking. Raymand’s truck wasn’t in the driveway but she didn’t expect him to be home for a while.

  She grabbed Cora and hurried into the house, locking up the place. After double checking all the locks, she walked into the living room. She tossed her bag onto the couch and sighed.

  “So, how did school go? I know we were a little interrupted earlier.” Maple smiled.

  “Okay, I guess. The other wolves are bein’ a little more friendly.”

  “Are they still ignoring you?” Maple didn’t like how the other kids made her into an outsider only because a hunter picked her house to attack. She wondered if the hunters were specifically picking the children, but she couldn’t be sure. Tomorrow she would try and find a pattern.

  “They only talk to me when they need to.” Cora grabbed an apple from the kitchen.

  “Do you want me to talk to the school or their parents? I can do it.” Maple didn’t want to overstep but Cora deserved better.

  “No, I think I’ll be okay after a few days. Once the hunter news is old or they’re caught.” Cora pulled out her notebook and colored with her pencils.

  “Do you have homework tonight?” Maple asked as she grabbed a glass of water.

  “Nope. I finished it at school.” Cora smiled then took a bite of her apple. Maple dragged out her phone and sat on the couch with to check her emails. The quiet house set her wolf on edge, but she pushed down the unease.

  She deleted a few emails then looked at Cora. The pup’s tongue stuck out a tiny bit as she colored with vigor. Tonight, she needed to convince Raymand to keep the little girl with medium-brown hair. Maple tried to picture her life with Raymand but not with Cora, it felt empty even in her own mind.

  With her heat coming soon, they would start having their own kids. No more children. Her wolf added. Yes, they could have plenty of their own children, but Maple considered Cora as her own. As she stared at Cora it warmed her heart. The pup put a pink pencil in her mouth while her right hand used a blue pencil to fill in the eyes on her page.

  No, Maple wanted to be Cora’s other mother. She knew deep down she would never be able to replace Cora’s birth mother. But if Raymand agreed she would do everything in her power to help fill the void created by the fucking hunters. Cora deserved at least that much. The pup paused and turned toward Maple, her eyes held a curious tone to them.

  “Maple, do you think Raymand will let me live here?” She set down her pencil and fully stared at Maple.

  “I don’t know but tonight I’m going to do my very best to convince him you make a great addition here.” Maple smiled.

  “But you’re about to go into heat. He wants his own children.” Sadness filled her small eyes which made her wolf whimper.

  “Yes, but if we keep you here, then you would be my oldest if it’s okay with you.” Maple stood and kneeled next to her.

  “But I’m not yours.” Cora nibbled on her lower lip. Maple pushed Cora’s medium-brown hair back behind her ear.

  “Do you want to be mine?” Maple heard a crash in the garage. Her wolf lurched forward ready to fight. Maple picked her up and put her between the couch and the wall. “Hide here until I check this out.”

  Cora nodded while fear filled her eyes. Maple inched toward the noise. Before she reached the door, it opened, and two hunters lurched right for her. Shit! They were the same males who had almost rear-ended her. Their eyes held the same disgust as before. The guys moved with more speed and determination than the last guy who attacked her.

  Their blades glinted in the low light, one of them swung toward her. Maple barely managed to dodge the attack.

  “Don’t kill her,” one guy yelled.

  “I know the fucking plan.” The brunette boomed toward the older guy.

  Maple wanted to tell Cora to run b
ut wanted to keep her hidden for a little while longer. She dodged the second blade attack. A growl vibrated from her lips as she swung her fist, but she missed the man attacking her. The second guy raced to Maple’s side, she tried to stop him, but it didn’t work.

  The younger one lurched forward and Maple’s arm burned. Specks of silver stayed in her flesh after the blade left. Another cut zipped across her face and she stumbled back.

  Cora screamed. Maple turned to run toward the pup.

  “Let me go!” Cora cried out, but the man’s grip tightened on her arm. A collar wrapped around her neck. Anger flared through Maple’s system at the sight. Pain seared down her back making her drop to her knees.

  “Shift and this will kill you,” he grunted in Cora’s ear. Fear rolled off Cora in waves. Maple tried to get up but the searing pain from the silver made it impossible for her to shift. The first guy shoved Maple into the floor as they carried Cora away.

  Every scream from Cora sent pain right into her heart. Maple reached out to try and push her body away from the ground but black inked into the side of her vision.

  “No…” Maple whimpered. The door closed leaving Maple alone with open wounds which couldn’t heal with the silver. Her eyes fluttered closed as the squeal of tires zipped out of the driveway.

  The sensation of falling into a pit of blackness consumed her. A dream of Cora being dragged away haunted her as it played on a loop. Maple tried to run or even move. She wanted to keep Cora safe, but she had failed.



  The scent of silver and blood assaulted Raymand’s senses when he shuffled through the front door with two large pizza boxes in his hands. He dropped the pizzas and bolted to Maple. He wrapped his hand around her arm and the searing burn of silver zipped up his hand.

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