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Maple's Strong Alpha

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  Raymand’s phone buzzed with a text from Drake. ‘Maple needs help with her store.’ Thankfully he was already heading over to see Maple. He rolled his shoulders before opening the door. Raymand had planned on talking to her about Cora but now he would have to deal with something. The scent of two human guys filled his lungs, his wolf roared then paced inside, waiting to strike any male down. Before he could calm down he stormed into the store ready to fight to keep Maple safe. He turned to find a blonde shying away from Raymand and a man in a suit holding a packet in front of his chest.

  “Gentlemen, meet the alpha, Raymand.” Maple glared at them before meeting his gaze, his wolf paced at the edge of his mind ready to hurt someone.

  “I need a word with my mate,” Raymand growled. Cora popped her head out from the left corner before disappearing.

  “I’ll be right back.” Maple walked toward the back of the store and Raymand followed close behind her. The sound of shuffling papers met his ears before a hand slapped against the table.

  “You better get her by the end of the week or there will be consequences.”

  “It’s being handled.” The lawyer insisted. “And shut it, he might hear.”

  “The alpha’s ears aren’t that good.” He snickered and Raymand turned to glare at them but Maple grabbed his arm. She shook her head and pulled him the last few steps. The need to be close washed over his body. The door closed behind them and he lifted her up, his lips slammed into hers. Heat zipped down his spine and his balls tightened. Her tense body relaxed in his hands and the need to complete the bond raced through his body. He wanted to spend hours devouring her sweet body but he pulled away.

  “Too bad we aren’t home alone.,” she said almost breathless. His wolf pushed images of completing the bond in the back of the store with others listening into his mind. No, I want our first time be private. He shoved his wolf down.

  “I don’t want to take my hands off you.” He grinned for a moment before a chair moved out in the other room. “What are they doing here?” Raymand growled.

  “The blonde fucker is trying to terminate the contract.” Maple’s shoulders fell. Raymand glanced around the back room with boxes and books laying around.

  “Do you want to keep the store?” Raymand didn’t know how much this place meant to her.

  “Yes. This morning I spent all of my savings on it. I want it running for my aunt. It’s the only thing I’ve done that didn’t have my father fucking it up for me.” Maple wiggled out of his grip and peaked through the window. “If they can terminate the contract I’m screwed.” Maple growled. The fear and anger filling his mate’s eyes made his wolf angry again.

  “Then I will get them to back off.” Raymand puffed out his chest a little. Her eyes met his with uncertainty.

  “They aren’t afraid of me possibly being the alpha female.” Maple lifted her hand then dropped it quickly. He lifted his brow stole a quick kiss, he barely resisted the urge to lock the back door and complete the bond while they listened.

  “You need more practice.” He winked and grabbed her hand before leading them back to the men. Weed rolled off the blonde putting his wolf on edge.

  “This isn’t a pack problem. You don’t need to be here.” The lawyer jumped in, his black jacket fell open revealing a concealed handgun. His wolf lurched forward ready again.

  “First off, this woman is my mate. Her problems are mine. Second, if your hand so much as twitches toward your side I will rip off your arm and shove it down your throat.” Raymand’s body vibrated from the growl leaving his lungs. The lawyer scooted back into his seat trying to be as far from Raymand as possible.

  “You said you imprinted with the alpha not that you were his mate.” The blonde’s eyes widened when he looked at Maple.

  “And what do you think the imprint signifies dip shit? How stupid are you?” Maple shook her head. Raymand wanted to give Maple a small smile but resisted. He liked hearing her already calling him mate even without completing the bond and his wolf wagged his tail at the thought. “So what clause are you trying to pull to terminate the contract?” She turned her sights on the lawyer.

  “Um…” He shuffled in through his papers not looking up as a few pieces fell to the floor. “This one.” His shaking hand made the paper vibrate as he extended his hand to Maple. Raymand took the sheet and looked it over.

  “You don’t have probable cause to say she is a danger to your profits here. Try again.” Raymand tossed the paper at the lawyer.

  “If she opens the store tomorrow I will lose business on the whole strip,” the blonde retorted.

  “And if you don’t let her open tomorrow, I will make it my mission to have no werewolf shops at any establishments connected to you.” Raymand glared at the man threatening his mate’s store.

  “You wouldn’t.” His eyes widened.

  “This is a big town and you own five strips like this. It wouldn’t bother me one bit to place a pack ban on all of them.” Raymand lifted one hand and made the money motion for a few seconds. The man visibly gulped but never met his gaze.

  “Is it really worth the three stores you have here versus all of your stores?” Maple added.

  “I…” He licked his lips and leaned into toward the lawyer. “Do you think he will follow through?” he whispered the question. Maple laughed, it had been the first time he heard it and wanted it to happen more often.

  “I may not have known him very long, but he is a man of his word. He doesn’t make threats like me. He makes promises.” Maple glared at the blonde again. Memories of their first interaction filled his mind and he resisted a laugh. The lawyer visibly swallowed again while fear consumed his gaze.

  “This isn’t over.” He jumped out of his chair and scrambled out of the store. The lawyer left the papers and sprinted away with his briefcase at his side. After a few minutes, Drake rushed into the door, his hair disheveled. He glanced around the store before meeting Raymand’s gaze for a moment.

  “They are gone but you need to work on a better contract for her.” Raymand turned toward Maple and hugged her quickly.

  “I told you he could help.” Drake clapped a few times before sitting down where the lawyer had been. “Fuck, it smells over there.” His nose wrinkled up as his eyes glanced where the two fuckers were just sitting.

  “He did help but only a bandage.” Maple looked at the papers the lawyer left. “Why on earth would Aunt Penny sign such a fucking contract?” Maple shook her head.

  “I told her not to do it myself, but she wanted to get werewolves a place to get books in a mostly human area.” Drake shrugged. Raymand remembered when she had come to him to let him know of her plans.

  “But why?” Maple moved around the papers.

  “To prove humans and werewolves were more alike than not.” Raymand’s head filled with Penny’s long speech when she opened the store. Even a few local newspapers had covered it.

  “Typical. She always fought my dad about him never doing things for his pack.” Maple sighed and walked away with the papers in her hands.

  “About earlier-” Drake started but Raymand shook his head.

  “Later.” Raymand caught movement from Cora again then she vanished once more. Drake nodded.

  “I’m going home then. If you need me just holler.” Drake waved at Maple and Cora before leaving. Raymand leaned against the counter and Cora drifted to her side.

  “Are you okay?” Cora rubbed Maple’s arm who put the papers down.

  Raymand wondered what Maple would be like when they had pups of their own. If she would be the same as with Cora or even more protective. His wolf shrugged before relaxing in his mind. He showed him what his family might look like with Cora being the oldest. It didn’t bug him as much as when she first shuffled into his life.

  “Oh, nothing you need to worry about, sweetheart.” Maple kissed Cora’s head. “Are you getting hungry?”

  “Yes!” Cora grabbed her stomach then turned toward Ra
ymand. “What’s for dinner?” His wolf liked hearing Cora happy, but his human side still felt this need to get her out of his house. He didn’t want to start this mating bond with Maple with a ton of extra problems. Raymand worried if they kept Cora, Maple might not want children of her own. Even if the pup grew on him, he still wanted his own children.

  “Pork chops are in the fridge.” Raymand liked the smile growing on Cora’s face. His wolf wagged his tail like a pup getting praise. No, she is only a pup who will have a new home soon. Don’t get attached too. He reminded his wolf who rolled his eyes.

  “Well then let’s lock up. Tomorrow won’t be a great opening, but it will have to do.” Maple smiled and put the papers away before following Cora and Raymand out of the store. He needed to talk to his mate more about Cora but would wait till they were home. The idea of finally completing the bond with her raced through his mind like wildfire.

  He kept his senses open and focused on getting them home. When he pulled up to the house, Cora bounced out of the truck and ran inside. Maple helped the pup with something in her room giving Raymand a chance to focus on cooking dinner. His mind kept wandering back to Maple’s soft lips and round ass. His cock twitched and his wolf happily pushed images of what tonight might bring into his mind.

  Raymand clenched his jaw and tried to breathe through his nose. Not yet, we still have another two hours before we can put Cora to bed. He rolled his shoulders slammed the meat into the pan. It sizzled and popped sending a nice aroma to his nose.

  “How’s it going?” Maple leaned against the counter and images of putting her on the stone rolled through his thoughts.

  “Good. If you can set the table, it would be helpful.”

  “Sure.” She smiled and worked around him. At one point her tits pressed up against his arm and he barely resisted moving away from the stove. Once they sat down and started eating, he tried to think of something other than completing the mating bond with her. She glanced at him over her glass while drinking it a few times, his cock twitched making it almost painful to sit.

  “Will I be there for the opening?” Cora leaned forward and bounced in her chair.

  “We’ll both be there for the opening tomorrow but that means you need to wash up for bed.” Raymand picked up his plate and headed toward the kitchen. He needed a little space from his mate or he might do something stupid.

  “But I’m not tired yet,” Cora whined. Raymand stepped toward the other room but stopped when Maple started talking.

  “We ate dinner a bit late tonight. How about you wash up and I’ll get a movie on in your room?” she said. He liked the way she handled it.

  “Deal.” She sped up the stairs while Raymand put a pan in the sink. Soon he would complete the bond and sedate his fucking wolf. Maple strolled into the kitchen.

  “Is everything okay?” she asked as she placed the plates in the sink. In a flash he lifted her up and set her on the counter, his lips pressing into hers. He couldn’t keep to himself any longer but he still had to fight down the urge not to fuck her in the kitchen. She held onto his shoulders while his hands gripped the top of her ass. He swallowed her soft moan.

  “I need you, now.” He groaned and pulled off her shirt. His resolve slipping off the edge.

  “She’ll be out of the shower soon. Once she’s in bed then I’ll be all yours.” She kissed his neck then nipped at his ear. When she leaned back he ripped her bra in half and her boobs fell out.

  “So perky.” His lips wrapped around her left nipple while he palmed the other. She arched her back to give him better access. He loved the taste of her soft flesh and moved to the other side. Her whimpers had his control hanging on by a fucking thread. He looped his fingers into her pants ready to rip them off her warm body.

  “Maple!” Cora yelled making her jump.

  “I’m on my way.” She yelled back and kissed him.

  “Why do people even want kids?” He groaned and let go of her pants.

  “Soon, Mr. Alpha.” She winked and he let her walk away after grabbing his shirt off the ground.



  Maple flipped on the open sign with Cora standing next to her. Raymand’s smile vanished after a few seconds but she took what she could get. Last night had been another bust when Cora woke up after five minutes crying for her mother and father. It broke her heart as Maple rested with her. Raymand seemed more frustrated than the night before. Today would be the third day since they imprinted, and her wolf grew more aggravated and panicked at the idea of being lost forever. She gave herself a mental shake.

  No, today Maple stayed determined to have a good day and hoped for at least a few customers. Tonight, she would put a movie on for her and take Raymand to his room while she had her distraction. Her plan seemed flawless. Her wolf bounced around and wouldn’t stop. If all else fails, then tonight we’ll have someone come over to sleep near Cora. She supplied to her wolf but it didn’t relax her one bit.

  “You, my dear, have school.” Maple kissed Cora’s head before putting her down.

  “I know.” She rubbed her hands together before running to the back to grab her backpack leaving Maple alone with Raymand. She nibbled on her lower lip, the need to finally complete the bond pulsed through her body.

  “Will you please consider keeping her with us? I have no problem with having her stay.” Maple didn’t have a chance to talk to him with Cora taking over the dinner conversation about school stuff. Then her waking up the moment she had slipped into the bedroom. She almost cried when she had to leave him naked on the sheets to go help Cora get back to sleep.

  “She needs a home.” Raymand’s face didn’t show any emotion, and Maple’s heart tightened.

  “We can be her home,” Maple pleaded. She already considered the sexy alpha to be her mate, now she needed to convince him this was the right thing to do.

  “You would be willing to be her mother?” Raymand raised her eyebrow. After a few days of caring for Cora, Maple wanted to take a leap if Raymand would accept it. Maple glanced toward the back where Cora had disappeared.

  “I would. But I can’t do it without you. You’re my mate after all.” Maple studied his face, but he didn’t give anything away. Cora shuffled in with her pack, she hugged Maple before moseyed out to the truck. “Have a good day. I’ll be picking you up.”

  “I’ll be back to talk more after I take her to school.” He seemed like he held back a question before he pushed some of her hair away from her face and gave her a quick kiss. She wondered if he would do more if he didn’t have to take Cora to school. Each touch drove her completely crazy with need. More! I want actual sex! Her wolf whimpered in agreement.

  “Fine.” Maple walked away from Raymand, she wanted to change his mind, to show him having Cora in his life would be worth it. A woman with gray hair strolled in with a smile after Raymand left the shop.

  “Oh, you look just like your aunt.” She smirked.

  “Are you Melissa?” Maple liked the older woman’s caring eyes.

  “Yes. I worked for your aunt for years.”

  “Are you wanting to get your job back?” Maple smiled, the familiar scent from the back of the store let Maple relax. Her wolf still paced, not happy about being vag blocked two nights in a row. Soon, we’ll get our time with the alpha. She reminded her beast but she just shook her head and kept up her slow stride.

  “I’m guessing no one has shown up yet.” Melissa walked to the back with a little waddle of an older woman. “I can’t work Sundays and Mondays but there had been a part-time college student who helped Friday through Monday.” Melissa waved Maple back and she quickly followed.

  “I see you’ve cleaned up and changed a few things.” Melissa smiled. Maple glanced at the larger kid section and the new tables and chairs up front.

  “Yes. Those bags were gross.” Maple shivered.

  “Well, I will get a new one. There’s a kiddo with autism who comes in on Thursday to read books.” Melissa’s
honey brown eyes lit up.

  “We can bring it out only for him, so it doesn’t start to smell so quickly.” Maple added.

  “Oh, good plan.” Melissa smiled and wiggled around. “Would you want me to resume the manager role as well.”

  “Why don’t you sit down with me and we can work out the details?” Maple gave her the chair next to the register and hopped up on the counter. She kept glancing at the door wondering when Raymand would be back. She didn’t want to fight with him, but Cora would be worth the argument. What if we fight too much and lose our wolf in the process? Her beast growled low and Maple pushed the thought away. No, tonight they would complete the bond and nothing should block them. Maple mentally nodded at herself and a smile lifted her lips at the thought of her alpha hovering over her body, his face filled with passion. She pushed back a groan.

  When everything settled down Maple hugged the older woman before she worked on sorting books. A sniffing sound met Maple’s ears, she turned around to find Melissa eyeing her.

  “Oh, my dear, you’re almost in heat.” Melissa smiled and Maple blinked a few times trying to process the news. Heat! Shit! Maple did a mental count back to the last time she had her heat and check the calendar. Melissa had it right, crap. She walked toward the front as Raymand glided into the store. “Good morning, alpha.”

  “Morning, Melissa. Would you help me out by holding down the fort while I talk to Maple?” Raymand’s gaze locked on her for a few seconds before she looked back at Melissa. Heat zipped down her body but she tried to focus on the task at hand, getting him on board to keeping Cora.

  “Of course. She’s your mate after all. Be careful though, soon you’ll have little ones running around.” Melissa winked before strolling away. Raymand grabbed Maple’s hand and dragged her to the back room.

  “Listen-” Maple started but Raymand kissed her rough enough to silence her. He lifted her up and placed her on the counter, books pressed into her back, but she didn’t care. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Heat raced through her body straight to her core. She tried to hold back the moan building in her throat. After so much waiting, her wolf howled with excitement. She never expected this would be the place they completed the bond.

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