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Underwater: A Novel

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  Elise Robins and Stacy Wise, my loyal SHC, this book is what it is because of you. Thank you for being there through every up, down, and freak-out (I know I have a lot of them). Straight-up fist bump to both of you. And to my beta readers, Lisa Pak, Dave Carpenter, Heidi Swan, and the genius writer/#1 funny, Mariano Svidler, thank you for asking all the right questions.

  To my early readers, Carli, Jill, Jenny F., Louisa, Katie, Jenny M., and Missy. You all read Underwater because you love books. I’m so glad you loved my book.

  To Robynne, thank you for being kind enough to help me with Morgan’s therapy and being there to answer questions before, during, and after writing. And to my cousin, Johnny Boy Matherne, thank you for sharing details of your US Army experience with me. Your expertise goes beyond measure and any mistakes contained in these pages are mine and mine alone.

  To my best friend since high school, Julie Laing, thank you for letting me write stories on your computer and for supporting everything I’ve written since tenth grade. I love you more. And to my other best friend and amazing writer, Brooke Hodess, thank you for giving me a second chance even after I gave you my BRF on the USC tram. I love you (and Hedwig) always.

  To my HB cheering section: Dina, Geri, Jane, Michelle, Molly, Brooke B., Carol, Elizabeth, and Kelly. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Additional cheering from Ken Baker, Gus Mastrapa, and Patrick Sauer is very much appreciated. And to my aunt, Dr. Beverly Matherne, thank you for making me feel like a real writer since high school.

  To Shannon Parker, I have such mad respect for you and your writing talent. Thank you for your love, your friendship, your amazing critique notes, and an immediate response to any crisis. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

  A shout out to my loyal Young Adultish blog fans, thank you for always making me feel extraordinary.

  To The Sweet Sixteens team, especially my fellow administrators, I’m so honored to take this journey with you. And to the Sixteen to Read crew, thank you for being so supportive and clever.

  Last but not least, thank you to the people who didn’t roll their eyes when I said I was writing a book. And didn’t roll their eyes again when I said I was writing another one. And didn’t roll their eyes again when I said I was writing another one. The road to publication is about perseverance and you were the first people to say, “We knew you could do it!” when it finally happened. You have no idea how much that unwavering support kept me going.

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  About the Author


  Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers

  175 Fifth Avenue, New York 10010

  Text copyright © 2016 Marisa Reichardt

  All rights reserved

  First hardcover edition, 2016

  eBook edition, January 2016

  The Library of Congress has cataloged the print edition as follows:

  Reichardt, Marisa, author.

  Underwater / Marisa Reichardt. — First edition.

  pages cm

  Summary: Ever since the mass shooting at her California high school, junior Morgan Grant has become increasingly agoraphobic until even the idea of stepping outside her door can bring on a panic attack, a situation not made any easier by the fact that her parents are divorced—but when Evan moves in next door she finds herself attracted to him and begins to find herself longing for the life she has been missing.

  ISBN 978-0-374-36886-9 (hardcover)

  ISBN 978-0-374-36887-6 (e-book)

  1. Agoraphobia—Juvenile fiction. 2. Panic disorders—Juvenile fiction. 3. School shootings—California—Juvenile fiction. 4. Massacre survivors—Juvenile fiction. 5. Families—Juvenile fiction. 6. California—Juvenile fiction. [1. Fear—Fiction. 2. Panic attacks—Fiction. 3. School shootings—Fiction. 4. Massacre survivors—Fiction. 5. Family life—California—Fiction. 6. California—Fiction.] I. Title.

  PZ7.1.R45Un 2016




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  eISBN 9780374368876



  Marisa Reichardt, Underwater: A Novel



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