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  Like the evening before, the timid mouse had been replaced by the demanding tigress. Dana rubbed her body against his harder one as she sighed into his mouth. Knowing what she wanted, Mahes shifted one of his legs so it came between Dana's. She pressed down on his hard thigh, as she rubbed her pussy up and down it. He let go of her waist and snaked his hands up the front of the t-shirt Dana had worn to bed. She didn't have a bra on to hinder his progress. Gently he cupped her breasts in the palm of his hands. Her breasts weren't large, but they were a perfect handful.

  He needed to see more of her. Mahes grabbed the bottom of Dana's shirt and pulled it over her head. Bending to her neck, he nibbled a trail of kisses down its smooth column. Continuing his downward path, he cupped her breast once more. Her rosy nipples were hard, just begging for him to taste them. Lifting one breast, he swirled his tongue around its turgid peak. Dana pressed against his hand as she bit back a moan. With his teeth, he tugged gently on her nipple before sucking it deep inside his mouth. Dana ground herself on his leg as her hands fisted in his hair, holding him to her.

  His fully engorged cock pressed against the zipper of his jeans, which now seemed too tight. Shifting once again, he lifted Dana and positioned her so he was in contact with the opening to her body. Moving to her other nipple, he pumped his hips into her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and ground down on the hard length of his cock. She felt too good.

  Releasing her nipple, Mahes stared down at Dana. Her face was flushed and her lips were swollen from his kisses. She had her eyes closed, but they slowly drifted open under his regard. As he looked down at her, he gave her one last chance to stop what they had started. Answering his silent question, she brought his head down and kissed him thoroughly.

  His hands slid down to the twin globes of her bottom. He picked Dana up and quickly headed for her bedroom. Still holding her to him, he placed her on the center of the bed, and then came down on top of her. Dana pushed on his shoulder until she had him positioned beneath her. Sitting straddled across his thighs, she took hold of his shirt and pulled it up his body. Once he was free of it, she bent down to place small kisses across his hard chest. Mahes kept his hands at his sides, allowing Dana to have complete control. He sucked in his breath as she ran her tongue across each of his flat male nipples.

  Sitting up, Dana trailed her fingers down his stomach until they came to rest on the top of his jeans. With nimble fingers, she popped open the button and unzipped his pants. Pushing at his jeans, she moved them down past his hips until they were as far down as she could get them. Mahes kicked them off the rest of the way. Dana licked her lips as she stared down at his hard cock that jutted out from his body. With her index finger, she rubbed the bead of liquid that sat on the very tip into his skin. Mahes fisted his hands in the sheets beneath him.

  With the same finger, Dana ran it down his full length. His cock jumped at her touch. Fully engrossed in what she was doing, Dana wrapped her fingers around the base of his shaft and squeezed. Releasing some of the pressure, she slid her hand up and down his full length. In response, Mahes pumped himself into her hand. At the rate things were going, he knew he wasn't going to last long. It was only a matter of time before his body demanded he bury himself deep inside her welcoming heat.

  Just as aroused as he was, Dana made short work of removing her pajama bottoms. Now naked, she straddled his hips so his hard cock was nestled between the lips of her pussy. Rubbing her core up and down his shaft, she coated him with her juices. Mahes closed his eyes for a second, savoring the feel of her against him. When he thought he had reached his limit, Dana took her bottom lip between her teeth and slid up his body until the tip of his shaft pressed against the opening to her body. Lifting her hips, she pushed down, sheathing him to the hilt. They both groaned.

  Sitting up once again, Dana slowly rode him. Mahes relaxed his grip on the sheets and reached up so he could cup her breasts, tugging on her nipples. Dana increased the pace as she arched her back, causing his shaft to rub her clit with each downward stroke. He was in so deep her inner walls were squeezed around his entire length.

  His climax was building. Wanting Dana to come first, he reached down to where their bodies were joined and stroked her clit. Dana moaned as she rode him faster. The feel of her inner walls clamping down around him, milking him, as her climax rose up to claim her, sent him tumbling over the edge. With a loud groan, Mahes arched his hips, almost lifting Dana off the bed and emptied his body deep inside her. Breathing hard, Dana collapsed onto his chest. Kissing the top of her head, Mahes wrapped his arms tightly around her. Only with Dana had sex ever been this satisfying. Pulling the covers over them both, his eyes drifted shut.

  * * * *

  Dana tried to slide off of Mahes, but he kept his arm firmly around her waist. His cock was still buried deep inside her. Small tremors continued to rock her body. Making love to Mahes had blown her one and only boyfriend's bed play out of the water. Not that that relationship had lasted long, but she had thought the sex had not been half bad. Obviously she had been totally in the wrong with that assumption.

  Ducking her head under Mahes’ chin, Dana's face flushed as she remembered how aggressive she had been. Mahes hadn't acted as if he had minded, but with her limited experience when it came to sex, she wasn't sure. When his lips had touched hers, something had come over her, something that had wanted to claim him as hers. Thinking of how she had acted, Dana started to feel a little self-conscious.

  Mahes must have sensed the change in her, because he put a hand under her chin and forced her to look up at him. “Are you okay?"

  She nodded. “Yeah. I'm sorry."

  "For what?"

  "For sort of taking control and not giving it back. I don't know what came over me."

  Holding Dana to him, Mahes rolled her beneath him. Propping himself up on his elbows on either side of her head, he kissed the tip of her nose. “Don't you dare say sorry. I liked it. If anything, I should be apologizing to you for going too fast."

  "You're not just saying that?"

  "No, I'm not. You can have your way with me any time you like just so long as I get to have my way with you in return."

  "It's a deal."

  Smiling up at Mahes, Dana wrapped her arms around his neck. She was having a hard time fathoming that this gorgeous man was in her bed and actually wanted her. And if she wasn't mistaken, he still wanted her. His cock hardened inside her. “Already?"

  "I guess I can't get enough of you. If I don't watch it, I won't want to leave you when I have to return home."

  Dana didn't want to think about Mahes having to go back home to Egypt. When he left, she knew she would miss him a great deal. Even though they had only just met, she couldn't help feeling she knew him on a deeper level. And it wasn't because they had made love either. She had always been attracted to tall, dark and handsome men. That Mahes was Egyptian as well only made him that much more attractive. Maybe it was her Egyptian heritage calling out to his. She only knew she wasn't ready to think about him leaving.

  Brushing her hair off her forehead, Mahes placed a tender kiss there. In no hurry, he kissed her temples, her eyes and the corners of her mouth. Dana resisted the urge to take control and forced herself to lay there and enjoy what he was doing to her. His gentle kisses were arousing, making her want him to possess her again.

  Turning her head to the side, Dana gave him better access to her neck. He kissed his way down to the throbbing vein in the side of her neck. He nipped her there before dragging his tongue across it. Moving a little higher, he swirled his tongue inside the shell of her ear. Dana shivered as her body broke out in goose bumps. He tugged on her earlobe with his teeth before he moved back up to claim her mouth.

  He swept his tongue inside as he slowly pulled back until he was almost free of her body. With equal slowness, he slid back into her. Dana's eyes fell shut and she moaned. Mahes was hard, stretching her body to accommodate his thick shaft. With her feet flat on the mattress, Dana li
fted her hips, matching his agonizingly slow strokes. He was in so deep the tip of his cock hit her womb as he sheathed himself to the hilt.

  Clutching at his back, she tried to urge him to increase the pace. She needed him to go faster, harder. She groaned in frustration and dug her nails into his well muscled butt. Lifting up so he could lean on his hands, Mahes positioned himself higher up on her body. Pumping his hips faster, his shaft stroked her clit, pushing her ever higher. Wrapping her legs around his waist, Dana matched his strokes as she squeezed her inner muscles around him. She panted and held onto him as her orgasm surged through her. As her body continued to clutch at Mahes’ shaft, he threw back his head and groaned. Dana felt a rush of warmth as he emptied himself inside her.

  Rolling to his back, Mahes pulled Dana up against his side. “I think you've worn me out. A nap is looking pretty good right about now."

  Dana giggled as she placed a kiss on his muscled chest. “I could do with one as well, though I must say my day is looking good so far."

  "And I will try and make it an even better day after I recoup my strength."

  "I'll hold you to that."

  Snuggling closer, Dana listened to the sound of Mahes’ heart thumping under her ear. Soon his breathing evened out as sleep claimed him. Dana looked up at him. She had planned on taking him to find a hotel, but that was not something she wanted anymore. If she was only going to have a short time with Mahes, she wanted to make the most of it. He could stay there with her until he had to leave. As for clothes, a quick trip to the mall could easily solve that problem. With that settled in her mind, Dana closed her eyes. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

  * * * *

  After a quick nap, Dana suggested they each take a shower and then head out to Oak Park Mall. When Mahes had in turn suggested they shower together, she had quickly shot that idea down. She knew very well washing would be the farthest thing from their minds. Dana wanted to use the shopping trip to bring up the idea of Mahes’ staying at her place. She was pretty sure he would accept her offer, but until he said yes, she wasn't going to count on it a hundred percent.

  It wasn't until she had finished her shower that Dana remembered she had filled the kettle earlier to make a pot of tea. Wrapping the towel she wore around her body tighter, she took a quick peek into the kitchen. The kettle was cool to the touch. She had to be thankful she had bought a kettle that automatically shut off when it reached boiling point. Who knows what kind of state she would have found her kitchen in without that little feature.

  Returning to the bedroom, she found Mahes still lying on the bed. When she entered the room, he flipped back the sheets in invitation. “I've kept the bed warm for you."

  Dana chuckled. “A very tempting offer, but I must decline. Go take your shower. I think I saved some hot water for you."

  "Having a cold shower may not be such a bad thing."

  Slipping out from under the covers, Mahes crossed to where Dana stood. She could see he was semi-aroused. Seeing where her eyes had strayed to, Mahes added, “We can still go for round three."

  "No. Round three will have to wait until later.” Dana reluctantly pulled her eyes away from his manhood.

  "Something to look forward to then."

  On his way out the door, Mahes claimed Dana's lips in a searing kiss, leaving her breathless. Dana watched him walk away. The man seriously had one of the nicest asses she had seen. There was nothing like a nice toned ass on a man. Dana gave herself a shake before her thoughts could go any further down the gutter than they already had. She quickly donned a matching bra and panties. Thinking of what the night held in store for her, she had chosen the sheer, lacy set she had treated herself to a few months back. Over those she pulled on her favorite low-rise jeans and a black t-shirt that had a golden eye of Ra across the chest done in glitter.

  After combing out her hair, she picked up Mahes’ clothes, which were scattered all over the floor. She couldn't resist smelling his t-shirt before she placed it on the bed with his jeans. There was something about his scent that she found irresistible. It smelled like man and something that was Mahes’ own.

  Mahes returned to the bedroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had slicked back his wet hair. “Do you think I could borrow your comb?"

  "Here you go.” Dana retrieved her comb off the dresser and handed it to him. “While you're dressing I'll go make some tea."

  "Sounds good.” Looking down at her chest, Mahes cocked a brow at her. “Nice shirt."

  Dana smiled. “Thanks. Anything that has to do with ancient Egypt, I love. My great grandmother was Egyptian. That's part of the reason why I got into the field I did."

  "Hmm, I'm Egyptian. Does that mean you love me too?"

  Dana felt her face rush with blood. “I said ancient Egyptian, and you are nowhere near that old. As for loving you, time will tell.” Mahes’ deep sounding laughter followed Dana out of the room.

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  Chapter Five

  The Oak Park Mall was one of Dana's favorite places to shop. It was Kansas City's largest indoor shopping center. With close to two hundred stores to choose from, you could find practically anything you wanted in one place. She especially liked shopping at Banana Republic, but there was more than one major department store to be found there.

  Mahes turned out to be a bigger window shopper than she was. He held her hand, with their fingers linked together, as he pulled her from one store front to another. Dana was thoroughly enjoying herself except for one small thing. She was finding herself hard pressed not to notice all the looks the women who passed them shot Mahes’ way. It wasn't only one or two either. It was more like all the women they encountered, young or old. Dana, not normally a jealous person, would have felt like ripping out the other women's eyes if Mahes paid them the least bit of attention, which he didn't. He seemed to only have eyes for her.

  At one of the bigger department stores, Dana led Mahes to the menswear section. He quickly started browsing the racks of clothes. When he found something he liked, he passed it to Dana to hold onto while he continued looking. She soon found herself loaded down with six pair of jeans and twice as many shirts, ranging from long to short sleeved. After Mahes placed yet another shirt across her arm, Dana spoke up.

  "Ah, Mahes. Don't you think you have enough clothes already? And I don't think they'll let you take all this into the fitting rooms."

  Looking down at the pile of clothes Dana held in her arms, Mahes seemed a little surprised to see how weighed down she was. “I guess that should be enough. I'm a bit of a clothes horse, or so my sister-in-law, Kendra, tells me. I just like to look good."

  Heading in the direction of the fitting rooms, Dana asked, “You have a brother who's married? Is he older or younger than you?"

  "He's older and, yes, he's married. Kendra and he have been married just a little over a year. They have baby daughter as well."

  "Do they live in Egypt?"

  "No. Actually, they live in Memphis, Tennessee."

  "Aren't you going to go visit them while you're here in the States?” Dana realized it was a bit rude on her part to be asking that particular question. She really didn't know Mahes all that well to be questioning him about his family. “Sorry, I shouldn't have asked you that."

  Now at the fitting rooms, Mahes smiled and lightly brushed his lips across hers as he took the mound of clothes he had chosen. “I don't mind that you asked, Dana. I do have plans to go visit my brother at some point. I haven't really picked a set day yet when I would make the trip to Memphis. But now that you've brought it up, how would you like to come with me?"

  "You want to take me to meet your brother and his family?"


  Dana mulled it over in her mind. Getting the time off work wouldn't be a problem. Sally, her boss, had been nagging her for months to take a vacation. Dana hadn't taken a full week off from work for over a year. There really hadn't been any reason to use up her vacation time. It wa
sn't as if she had anyone waiting at home for her. “I've never been back to Memphis since I left university. Sure, why not? I'd love to go with you."

  "Great. Let me try this stuff on and then we can go back to your place and plan when to make the trip."

  Mahes ended up not taking very long to try on all the clothes he had picked out. He was in and out of the fitting room in a matter of minutes. Helping him carry the items he decided to keep to the cashier, Dana dumped her load on the counter next to Mahes'. Much to her dismay, the girl spent more time sending Mahes flirtatious looks than ringing up his purchase. Dana tried her best to ignore the sickening display. That they were all one-sided did do her heart good. Mahes passed the cashier his credit card once all the items were rung up. The girl let her fingers brush up against his hand when she gave him the receipt to sign. Dana looked away and absently watched as Mahes scrawled his signature across it. She was a little surprised to see his last name was Miller. She had thought it would have been more Egyptian sounding, but maybe he was only half Egyptian. It would explain his Anglicized last name.

  Splitting the bags of newly purchased clothes between them, Dana suggested they go to a coffee shop in the mall. With coffees in hand, they sat down at one of the small tables inside the shop.

  Picking up the carton of cream that sat on the table, Dana poured some into her coffee. Mahes pushed his cup closer so she could add some to his as well. Over the rim of her cup, she watched him take a cautious sip. She had to bite the inside of her cheek to stop herself from laughing as he just about gagged.

  "What's the matter, Mahes? Is there something wrong with your coffee?"

  "Is coffee supposed to taste this horrid? I can't understand how mor ... people can drink something this bitter.” Mahes scowled as he stared at the contents of his cup.

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