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  Atwood, Margaret, 1939-

  Maddaddam / Margaret Atwood.

  Final book in the trilogy including Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood.

  eISBN: 978-0-77100897-9

  I. Title.

  PS8501.T86M33 2013 C813'.54 C2013-900684-2

  This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

  Earlier versions of some chapters in this book have appeared in ARC Magazine (U.K.) and in a very limited edition called Bearlift, produced for fund-raising purposes.

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  For my family

  and for Larry Gaynor (1939-2010)



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  A Note On the Author

  The MaddAddam Trilogy: The Story So Far

  The first two books in the MaddAddam trilogy are Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood. MaddAddam is the third book.

  1. Oryx and Crake

  As the story begins, Snowman is living in a tree by the seashore. He believes he is the last true human being left alive after a lethal pandemic has swept the planet. Nearby live the Children of Crake, a gentle humanoid species bioengineered by the brilliant Crake, Snowman's one-time best friend and rival for his beloved, the beautiful and enigmatic Oryx.

  The Crakers are free from sexual jealousy, greed, clothing, and the need for insect repellent and animal protein - all the factors Crake believed had caused not only the misery of the human race but also the degradation of the planet. The Crakers mate seasonally, when parts of them turn blue. Crake tried to rid them of symbolic thinking and music, but they have an eerie singing style all their own and have developed a religion, with Crake as their creator, Oryx as mistress of the animals, and Snowman as their reluc
tant prophet. It is he who has led them out of the high-tech Paradice dome where they were made to their present home beside the ocean.

  In his pre-plague life, Snowman was Jimmy. His world was divided into the Compounds - fortified Corporations containing the technocrat elite that controlled society through their collective security arm, the CorpSeCorps - and the pleeblands outside Compound walls, where the rest of society lived, shopped, and scammed, in their slums, their suburbs, and their malls.

  Jimmy's early childhood was spent at OrganInc Farms, where his father was working on the pigoons - transgenic pigs with human material designed for transplants, including kidneys and brain tissue. Later, his father was transferred to HelthWyzer, a health-and-wellness Corp. It was at the HelthWyzer high school that adolescent Jimmy first met Crake, then known as Glenn. They bonded over internet porn and complex online games. Among these was Extinctathon, run by the cryptic identity MaddAddam: Adam named the living animals, MaddAddam names the dead ones. They learned to access MaddAddam via a chatroom accessible only to trusted Grandmasters of the game.

  Crake and Jimmy lost touch when Crake was accepted at the well-funded Watson-Crick Institute, while word-guy Jimmy had to make do with the run-down Martha Graham liberal arts academy. Oddly, both Crake's mother and stepfather died of a mysterious illness that caused them to dissolve. Then a bioterrorist group with the codename MaddAddam began using genetically engineered animals and microbes to attack the CorpSeCorps and the ruling infrastructure.

  When Jimmy and Crake reconnected years later, Crake was in charge of the Paradice dome, where he was gene-splicing the Crakers. At the same time, he was developing the BlyssPluss pill, which promised sexual ecstasy, birth control, and prolonged youth. Jimmy was surprised to discover that the names of the scientists at Paradice were identical to the user names in the Extinctathon game. In fact, they were the MaddAddamite bioterrorists, traced by Crake via the chatroom, then promised immunity in exchange for their input at Paradice. But the BlyssPluss pill contained a hidden ingredient, and its launch coincided with the onset of the pandemic that erased humanity. In the chaos that resulted, Oryx and Crake both perished, leaving Jimmy alone with the Crakers.

  Now, haunted by his memories of dead Oryx and of treacherous Crake, and despairing of his own prospects for survival, an ailing and guilt-ridden Snowman hikes to the Paradice dome in search of the weapons and supplies he knows are there. En route, he's stalked by escaped gen-mod animals, among them the vicious wolvogs and the giant pigoons, made crafty by their human brain tissue.

  Oryx and Crake ends with Snowman's discovery of three others who have survived the plague. Should he join them, abandoning the Crakers? Or, knowing the destructive tendencies of his own species, should he kill them? Oryx and Crake ends while Snowman is deciding.

  2. The Year of the Flood

  The Year of the Flood takes place during the same years as Oryx and Crake, but is set in the pleeblands outside Compound walls. The story follows the God's Gardeners, a green religion founded by Adam One. Its leaders, the Adams and the Eves, teach the convergence of Nature and Scripture, the love of all creatures, the dangers of technology, the wickedness of the Corps, the avoidance of violence, and the tending of vegetables and bees on pleebland slum rooftops.

  The story begins in the present, in Gardener Year Twenty-five - the year of the Waterless Flood, as the Gardeners call the plague. Toby, armed with an archaic rifle, is holed up in the AnooYoo Spa, watching for other survivors - especially Zeb, the streetwise ex-Gardener whom she secretly loves. Violating Gardener codes, she shoots one of the pigoons that have been attacking her kitchen garden. One day she sees a procession of naked people in the distance, headed by a ragged, bearded man. Knowing nothing about Snowman and the Crakers, she believes she is hallucinating.

  Meanwhile, young Ren is locked inside the quarantine room of Scales and Tails, the strip club where she's been working. Just before the plague, the club was wrecked by Painballers - dehumanized prisoners of the Corps who have ruthlessly eliminated the other combatants in the Painball arena. Ren knows she will starve to death unless her childhood friend, Amanda, can arrive to unlock the door.

  Long before, Toby had been rescued from the abusive Painballer, Blanco, her boss at the unpleasant SecretBurgers stand, by the God's Gardeners. She became an Eve, specializing in mushrooms, bees, and potions. Her teacher, old Pilar - who, like many Gardeners, is a bioscience refugee from the Corps - is secretly still in touch with informants there, including the adolescent Crake.

  Ren was one of Toby's Gardener pupils, along with Amanda, a tough but charismatic pleebrat. Ren's mother, Lucerne, had run away from the HelthWyzer Compound with Zeb, but angered by his failure to commit, she fled the Gardeners and returned to HelthWyzer when Ren was thirteen. Teenaged Jimmy seduced Ren but then discarded her. Eventually she chose to earn her living by dancing at Scales and Tails, the best option available to her.

  Disagreeing about tactics, Zeb and his supporters split from Adam One's pacifist Gardeners to engage in active bioterrorist opposition to the Corps, using the MaddAddam chatroom as a rendezvous. The remaining Gardeners, forced into hiding by the CorpSeCorps, continued to prepare for the Waterless Flood.

  In the present - Year Twenty-five - Amanda reaches Scales and manages to free Ren. As they celebrate, three of their Gardener friends - Shackleton, Crozier, and Oates - arrive, pursued by Blanco and two other Painballers. The five young people flee, but along the way Ren and Amanda are raped, Amanda is kidnapped, and Oates is murdered.

  Ren struggles to the AnooYoo Spa, where Toby nurses her back to health. Then they set out to recover Amanda. After dodging feral pigoons and dealing with vicious Blanco, they find a group of survivors living in a parkette cobb house. Zeb is there, with his group of MaddAddamites; so are a few former Gardeners. They all believe that Adam One must have survived, and are searching for him.

  Toby and Ren leave on a risky mission to recover Amanda from her Painballer captors. At the seashore they stumble upon an encampment of strange, partly blue people who have seen two human men and a woman. Guessing these must be Amanda and her Painball kidnappers, Toby and Ren discover them just as Snowman - infected and hallucinating - is about to shoot them with his Paradice spraygun.

  The Year of the Flood ends with the Painballers tied to a tree while Ren tends to the battered Amanda and the feverish Snowman. As Toby observes the Gardener forgiveness feast of Saint Julian by serving soup to everyone, the blue-hued Children of Crake approach along the shore, singing their eerie music.


  The Story of the Egg, and of Oryx and Crake, and how they made People and Animals; and of the Chaos; and of Snowman-the-Jimmy; and of the Smelly Bone and the coming of the Two Bad Men

  In the beginning, you lived inside the Egg. That is where Crake made you.

  Yes, good, kind Crake. Please stop singing or I can't go on with the story.

  The Egg was big and round and white, like half a bubble, and there were trees inside it with leaves and grass and berries. All the things you like to eat.

  Yes, it rained inside the Egg.

  No, there was not any thunder.

  Because Crake did not want any thunder inside the Egg.

  And all around the Egg was the chaos, with many, many people who were not like you.

  Because they had an extra skin. That skin is called clothes. Yes, like mine.

  And many of them were bad people who did cruel and hurtful things to one another, and also to the animals. Such as ... We don't need to talk about those things right now.

  And Oryx was very sad about that, because the animals were her Children. And Crake was sad because Oryx was sad.

  And the chaos was everywhere outside the Egg. But inside the Egg there was no chaos. It was peaceful there.

  And Oryx came every day to teach you. She taught you what to eat, she taught you to make fire, she taught you about the animals, her Children. She taught you to purr if a person is hurt. And Crake watched over y

  Yes, good, kind Crake. Please stop singing. You don't have to sing every time. I'm sure Crake likes it, but he also likes this story and he wants to hear the rest.

  Then one day Crake got rid of the chaos and the hurtful people, to make Oryx happy, and to clear a safe place for you to live in.

  Yes, that did make things smell very bad for a while.

  And then Crake went to his own place, up in the sky, and Oryx went with him.

  I don't know why they went. It must have been a good reason. And they left Snowman-the-Jimmy to take care of you, and he brought you to the seashore. And on Fish Days you caught a fish for him, and he ate it.

  I know you would never eat a fish, but Snowman-the-Jimmy is different.

  Because he has to eat a fish or he would get very sick.

  Because that is the way he is made.

  Then one day Snowman-the-Jimmy went to see Crake. And when he came back, there was a hurt on his foot. And you purred on it, but it did not get better.

  And then the two bad men came. They were left over from the chaos.

  I don't know why Crake didn't clear them away. Maybe they were hiding under a bush, so he didn't see them. But they'd caught Amanda, and they were doing cruel and hurtful things to her.

  We don't need to talk about those things right now.

  And Snowman-the-Jimmy tried to stop them. And then I came, and Ren, and we caught the two bad men and tied them to a tree with a rope. Then we sat around the fire and ate soup. Snowman-the-Jimmy ate the soup, and Ren, and Amanda. Even the two bad men ate the soup.

  Yes, there was a bone in the soup. Yes, it was a smelly bone.

  I know you do not eat a smelly bone. But many of the Children of Oryx like to eat such bones. Bobkittens eat them, and rakunks, and pigoons, and liobams. They all eat smelly bones. And bears eat them.

  I will tell you what a bear is later.

  We don't need to talk any more about smelly bones right now.

  And as they were all eating the soup, you came with your torches, because you wanted to help Snowman-the-Jimmy, because of his hurt foot. And because you could tell there were some women who were blue, so you wanted to mate with them.

  You didn't understand about the bad men, and about why they had a rope on them. It is not your fault they ran away into the forest. Don't cry.

  Yes, Crake must be very angry with the bad men. Perhaps he will send some thunder.

  Yes, good, kind Crake.

  Please stop singing.



  About the events of that evening - the events that set human malice loose in the world again - Toby later made two stories. The first story was the one she told out loud, to the Children of Crake; it had a happy outcome, or as happy as she could manage. The second, for herself alone, was not so cheerful. It was partly about her own idiocy, her failure to pay attention, but also it was about speed. Everything had happened so quickly.

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