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Vnor (Aliens Of Xeion)

  Table of Contents

  Vnor-Aliens Of Xeion

  Cylo-Dragons Of Kelon

  Evlon-Zenkian Warriors

  Zaine-Verian Mates

  Kecha-Raither Warriors

  Jex-Weredragons Of Tivoso

  Savage Alien(Preview)

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  Table of Contents

  Vnor-Aliens Of Xeion


  Cylo-Dragons Of Kelon

  Evlon-Zenkian Warriors

  Zaine-Verian Mates

  Kecha-Raither Warriors

  Jex-Weredragons Of Tivoso

  Savage Alien(Preview)

  About The Author

  Your Exclusive Prequel Bonus

  Vnor-Aliens Of Xeion

  (Aliens Of Xeion)

  By Maia Starr


  (Aliens Of Xeion.)

  By Maia Starr

  Chapter 1

  Bridget Thomas

  I woke up feeling the hard ground underneath me. My eyes opened; there was a glare of an orange glow. I tried to focus, feeling underneath my hands that the ground I was on was made of fine sand. What had happened? Where was I? I slowly pulled my belly off of the sand and sat down. My eyes fully focused and I looked around. There were bits and pieces of the spaceship around me: the wreckage.

  “Oh my God,” I said to myself.

  Then I remembered: I was abducted by tall blue aliens, along with my yoga retreat group. The last thing I remembered was being tossed around inside the spaceship. We must have crashed, I thought. I stood up to my feet and looked at my body. I wasn't injured, thank God. I looked around.

  “Hello?” I said. There was no answer. I said it again walking around in a circle. No response. I walked from one piece of wreckage to another. I found the seat that I had been buckled into. I guess I had fallen out of it on impact. I was lucky to be alive, that was for sure.

  “What the hell is going on?” I said to myself dusting the orange dirt off my jeans. It looked like I was in the desert, but this definitely was not Earth. I knew that we were not on the planet that we were destined to go to with the blue aliens because they had not informed us of arrival. This was an unscheduled stop. Not good. The landscape was stark with high, Rocky Mountain walls in the distance. The ground was a fine orange sand, making the sun's reflection off of it give off an orange glow to everything. I felt like I was in a dream, but it was real.

  To my left, I saw a ridge of sand, like a sand dune. I decided to climb it. I needed to get a better view; maybe other survivors were nearby, I hoped. I climbed, and my feet sunk into the warm sand. It was hard to walk in, especially in the state I was in.

  “Vicki!” I shouted desperately. I hoped that she was nearby. We had been in the same room on the spaceship, so she should be close. I hoped that she was okay. This was all my fault; we wouldn't be in this if I had not forced her to go with me. I had forced her to take a break from her busy Hollywood agent life to come with me to a yoga and meditation all-female retreat in the desert in California. The truth was I needed a break as well from my science lab life. I did nothing but research all the time and going to the yoga retreat two months before had really put me in a better place. So I forced Vicki to go along with me this time.

  “Finally,” I said, out of breath as I reached the top of the sand dune. I looked around; I hoped that I could see something, anything. I did not want to be alone. There was nothing more horrifying than being alone on an alien planet.

  Then I saw a large piece of metal; it was about the size of a car. It was on the other side of the sand dune.

  “Vicki,” I shouted. There was no answer. I started to run down the side of the sand dune, but I was sliding most of the way. It was hard to stay on my feet; I did everything I could to stop from rolling, and before I knew it, I was practically sliding down it on my butt.

  I got to the bottom and ran around to the side. It was open; there was someone inside.

  “Hello?” I said trying to look inside. As I got closer, I saw the familiar blue skin. It was one of those aliens that had abducted us. I took a step back. What should I do? I should be trying to get away from these damn aliens; they took us against our will. I hated them. But as I looked around, I didn't see anything else; I knew this alien could be the only thing keeping me from being alone on an alien planet. Damn it.

  I stepped inside the piece of wreckage. “Hello? Are you alright?” I asked.

  I heard a slight groan and moved next to him. He rolled over onto his back. He had beautiful long blonde hair. His body was perfect, like a toned and sculpted statue. It was long as it laid out before me. These aliens did not wear shirts, only trousers and boots. A heavy tool belt hung around his waist with a gun and other compartments and contraptions. There were also bulky compartments on his boots. But the top of his body was completely naked, allowing me to look at his two-toned blue skin and ripped body.

  “Who is it?” he whispered as his eyes fluttered open. They were a stark blue color, almost startling and too beautiful to be human.

  “It's one of the humans you unlawfully took from Earth,” I said with anger.

  He turned his head and looked at me. Then he turned back and looked at the sky.

  “Where are the others? Where is the crew?” he asked.

  “I don't know. I don't know anything. I only just woke up myself and found you. Are you hurt?”

  “I don't think so,” he said sitting up. He stretched out. He made grunting and groaning sounds as he took off the crash. Finally, he got to his feet and crawled out of the wreckage. I followed him. He stood up straight and loomed tall over me. I would think he was attractive if I didn't hate his guts.

  “We must have crashed. The others must be close by,” he said.

  “Oh, you think so, genius? Great observation,” I said. He just turned and looked at me. I guessed sarcasm didn't translate to alien.

  He looked away from me scanning the horizon. He was focused. Then he grabbed his shoulder and groaned. He turned it in a circle.

  “You are hurt,” I said looking at him.

  “It is just a strain. Nothing to worry about,” he said taking a step. “We need to move.”

  “And go where? This is a desert,” I said.

  “I will know when I see it. But we don't want to stay here. We need water, food, and shelter. We have better luck of finding the others if we move,” he said.

  “Why should I listen to you? I should be going in the other direction away from you. I am pissed that you took me from my planet. I would not be here if it wasn't for you and your stupid alien friends. You had no right to take us, and look... Look where we ended up,” I said getting in his face.

  He looked down at me from his tall height. “I was doing my mission. You can hate me all you want. You don't have to like me. In fact, I prefer it if you don't. You can stay here arguing, but I am going to go find the others or a village. There must be something on this barren rock. I'm going with or without you.”

  I hated that he was right. What was I going to do alone? I couldn't take care of myself out here. I didn't even know how to go camping on Earth. Then he turned his back to me and began to walk. I couldn't believe it. He was really going to leave me here?

  “So let me get th
is straight. You took me from Earth, and now you don't want me? Why take me at all?”

  “It was my mission. That is all that you need to know,” he said angrily. Why the hell was he angry? I was the one that should be angry here, not him.

  “I think I am entitled to know more than that,” I said running and catching up to him. I was walking very quickly at his side. His legs took long strides. I struggled to keep up with him.

  “If you are coming with me, then you need to quiet down. We don't know what is out here. You could be pulling danger to us right now with your loud annoying voice,” he said.

  I gasped. “Loud? Annoying? Are you serious? You are absolutely frustrating. If I am loud, it is because I am angry, and it is all your fault.”

  He stopped quickly. He put his hand over my mouth. My eyes grew wide. He looked down at me with a serious look. His startling blue eyes were staring into mine. A flicker of fear came across me. But he was so close to me, his hand on my mouth was oddly arousing. What the hell is wrong with me?

  “I said quiet. Now I am going to remove my hand, and you are going to lower your voice. Do you understand me? I am quite serious about the danger here. I am only one Kynon; I cannot protect both of us if you call an army of the enemy,” he said.

  I nodded my head yes. He slowly pulled his hand from my mouth. I didn't say anything but I was fuming with anger. How dare he put his hand over my mouth to silence me. He was treating me like a child. Then he looked around and chose a direction. He started walking. I followed behind him, not wanting to stand at his side. Clearly, he was a very dominant rude alien. He was frustrating and brash, and I was not used to that kind of behavior. There was no point in speaking to him logically; nothing would get through to him. The only choice I had was to stay close to him so that he could protect me. He obviously thought there was something out on this planet that could harm us, and him being a skilled intergalactic traveler, I believed him. I had no choice. I had to bite my tongue and stay with this arrogant alien jerk. This was going to be very frustrating. All I could think was: Vicki, where are you? I hope that you are safe.

  Chapter 2

  Lieutenant Vnor Gin

  I didn't want to be here. It was my mission. But I had to leave my home planet of Xeion; I couldn't stay there. There were too many memories of what had happened. So I found myself on a mission with Captain Alicron Qinov. I respected Captain Alicron Qinov; he was like a brother to me. He had always led the missions that I had been on since I was just a soldier, but now I was a lieutenant. I had gone on the mission expecting it to go smoothly; now I found myself stranded on a planet that I did not know the name of. I wasn't even sure what galaxy we were in. Things had gone wrong, and quickly, and now I had to find the others.

  To be honest, I could not have cared less about the humans. I went because I wanted to go on a dangerous mission to Earth. It was exactly what I had needed after everything that I had been through on Xeion. I wanted danger, and now it had found me.

  I walked along through the desert-like landscape of this planet. There was orange sand beneath my boots. The sun was beating down on my blue skin, and to make matters worse, the most frustrating human female had found me. Now I had to take care of her; it was my responsibility. But she wasn't grateful for my protection. I had offered her the chance to leave, even though I knew that I wouldn't let her go. Rounding up the human females that survived on this planet would be part of the mission, after I found the others. We couldn't go back to Xeion without them. They held the key to our very lives.

  “So, what is your name?” she asked trailing behind me.

  “That is not important. What is important is that you keep up. Hurry up,” I said. Not only was she loud, something that could alert anything stalking us to our presence, but she demanded a lot of answers. I didn't mind her looks: brown hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She was petite, but then again, all humans were to us. But she was nothing like the female Kynon, that was where my heart truly lied. It would never budge.

  “I can't even know your name?” she said a little louder. I gave her a stern look. She closed her mouth knowing that I wouldn't hesitate to cover that mouth again if she was too loud. Then she whispered, “What if I need to know your name? What if I need to call out to you? Don't you think it's important that I know your name? I will tell you my name,” she said.

  “You can call me Lieutenant. That is good enough; as for your name, I don't care what it is. I will call you human female, that is what you are,” I said walking and scanning the environment. She was a distraction from my work. I had to look for clues, and I could not miss any small thing that could lead me to Ambassador Jion Lek, Elonu Fiul, and Captain Alicron Qinov. I had to concentrate.

  “Bridget. My name is Bridget Thomas,” she said.

  “That is good for you, human female,” I said as something caught my attention off in the distance to the left.

  “Ugh! Are you serious? Has anyone ever told you that you are a big blue jerk?” she said.

  I was already walking off to what caught my attention, only half paying attention to the human female. There was something in the distance, and I knew what it was before I got there, but what did it belong to?

  “Where are we going?” she asked.

  “Quiet,” I said. I got closer to the line in the sand that I was seeing from a distance. It was a familiar sight.

  “Oh, what is that?” she asked.

  “Do you ever just be quiet,” I whispered to her giving her a stern look.

  She did not respond, finally. I made it to the line in the sand and looked around. These were obviously tracks of some kind going off in the distance.

  “Those are boot prints. We are not alone,” she said.

  “Exactly why I want you to keep your voice low,” I said to her. I squatted down next to them. They were strange; they were definitely not the boots of a Kynon. Plus, there were a lot of them; it was like a marching army.

  “What is it?” she asked in a whisper. At least she was learning some caution.

  “I don't know. But it seems to be a band or an army, at least a hundred of them if not more depending on how they are marching. This could be dangerous for us,” I said.

  “Well, at least we know that this planet is not deserted. That is a good sign. A band or army that size would need resources,” she said.

  “That is true. But now I have to make a decision. Either we follow in the direction of the tracks to see if there is a village or city, or we go in the opposite direction away from possible danger,” I said to myself thinking out loud.

  “Well, I think…”

  “I did not ask what you think. This is my decision, not yours,” I said to her. “I am in charge here not you.”

  “Ugh. I will have you know that I am a scientist. That was my job on Earth. I am smarter than you are giving me credit for. I think we should follow the tracks at a distance. Keep them to our right as we walk in the direction they are heading. It is better than continuing to walk into nothing. We can either follow the direction that they are going, or where they came from. But I don't think we should run away from them completely,” she said.

  She had a point. It was better than walking into nothing; there was nothing for miles around as far as I could see. It was better to follow the tracks, but which direction? Following in the direction they were going meant that we would meet up with this group whoever they were, following where they came from meant they would not be there.

  “We will follow the tracks in the direction from whence they came,” I said standing up and following the tracks from their point of origin.

  “Yeah, good call, Lieutenant. Great idea you have,” she said.

  “We need to find water,” I said ignoring her sassy tone.

  “Any ideas for that?” she asked.

  I was quiet. I really didn't have any ideas.

  “Well, since you are not going to say anything, if this planet is anything like Earth, then we might find water near thes
e giant rock walls that we are seeing in the distance. Water could be coming out of cracks. If water freezes overnight on top of the walls, the sun will have it pouring out filtered and pure,” she said.

  I looked at her. I was impressed. “Scientist? What does this mean?” I asked her.

  She had a smug smile on her face. “It means someone that is incredibly smart and studies and researches answers to problems among many other things. I guess I could sum it all up by saying that I know what I'm talking about. I am intelligent.”

  “Well, Scientist. Let's follow these tracks; if a rock wall is nearby we will stop to investigate to see if your water story is true,” I said.

  “Sounds good to me, Lieutenant,” she said following me. We followed the tracks walking right on top of them in the direction of their origin. I hoped that it would lead us to a village or some sort of civilization. Only continuing to walk would tell.

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