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Vicious Love (Barrington Heights #1)

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  “What’s in it for me?” Mr. Tyler asked.

  “Well, I won’t kill you for starters.” I laughed, but I don’t think he found that funny. “Or I could just kill you and use the information you’ve given me to find out who this person is by myself. It’s your choice.” This time, I believed I finally got through to him. What was with threats being the only thing that worked? What happened to straightforward honesty?

  “Okay, okay.” He sighed. “I don’t know exactly who he is—”

  “Then I have no use for you. Boone!”

  Boone stepped up again and put the gun against Mr. Tyler’s temple.

  “But! But I can find out! I already know that he goes by the alias ‘C,’ and since I’m already on the inside, I could try harder to find out exactly who he is.”

  I knew that I’d heard that alias before, so I was intrigued. Skeptical, but intrigued.

  “Have they actually seen your face?” I asked, and he looked surprised.

  “No,” he answered. “How did you know?”

  “You’re one of their hackers, Mr. Tyler. They don’t need to see you in person, but let’s just go with calling it a lucky guess mixed with sound logic.” He still looked surprised. “Okay, so this is what’ll happen. My friend here will take you to a safe house, where you will continue your work as if nothing ever happened. Of course, I will have someone—or two someones—watching you at all times, so don’t try anything stupid. Once everything is back on track for you, you will ask for a meeting face to face. I will send in one of my guys to impersonate you and that will be that.” I smiled.

  “Okay,” he said. “Where is this safe house?”

  “Right this way.” I pointed to the door and laughed as Boone hit him upside the head, knocking him out. “Fucking idiot. I’m not going to actually tell you where it’s at. That defeats the point of it being a ‘safe house.’” I turned to Boone, who was struggling to get Mr. Tyler untied from the chair we had been interrogating him in. “Boone, could you please tell Drake to take care of Mr. Tyler’s family?”

  “Absolutely,” he said as he picked out his phone from his pocket.

  “Oh, not the killing type of ‘take care of them,’ but, like, actually take care of them. Send them some money for Mr. Tyler’s work and some flowers or something.” I was at the door but turned back to Boone. “Maybe a card? Is that socially acceptable? Sending a ‘sorry for kidnapping your husband/father and vigorously torturing him. Here’s some money’ card.”

  Boone just shrugged and dialed Drake’s number. I didn’t hear their conversation, but I was sure Boone would get the message across. I was already outside and texting Audrey, telling her that I’d be a little late to the party I was supposed to be at a couple of hours ago. She responded with, “No shit. It started two hours ago.”

  Audrey and I had been invited to Heather Marks’s party, and we’d both decided that it might be a good idea for me to have fun for a little while. I’ll admit it—I’d been working too much. I also might have been hurting people a little too much as well, but that’s irrelevant. I was pretty sure that Audrey didn’t know about that. The point was that I was stressed, and a party should undo at least some of that. And if not, at least I was going to get laid, and I’d been able to torture someone today.

  “Finally,” came a voice from behind me as I stepped out of my car. I turned around to see a female figure standing by the doorway to Heather’s house, but I couldn’t make out her face. “It’s about time you showed up. Now the cops won’t bust the party, and this ‘party’ can actually start.”

  “Hello, Heather. Miss me?” I still couldn’t see her face as I slowly approached the house. But I was very sure it was Heather.

  “I wouldn’t say miss, but you have definitely been on my mind, Charmer Boy,” she said with a flirtatious tone resembling that of Marilyn Monroe. Now I was one hundred percent sure it was Heather. She was the only one who called me ‘Charmer Boy.’

  “Hmmm. Too bad. I’ve definitely missed you.” At this point, I was right in front of her gorgeous face, and her blond hair was slowly waving in the late-night breeze. “But not enough to make me do anything stupid again,” I said as I walked past her into the house.

  For a second, I thought she might turn around and say something witty—she always did—but there was nothing. I turned around and she was gone, probably tending to her party, which was well enough. I didn’t want her to have feelings for me because all I did was ruin things.

  My thoughts were interrupted by an abrupt and surprising blow to my side, which resembled being tackled but lacked any proper form.

  “Chris!” came a sound from the body trying to knock me over. “You finally made it, you bastard!” And it was Audrey.

  I let out a quick laugh and said, “Yeah, hi, Audrey. Sorry I’m late, but we’ve been over this at least a hundred times. You’re not going to be able to knock me down.” My hands had finally grabbed hold of her skinny and delicate sides, and I pulled up, picking her petite frame off the ground until she finally let go of me.

  “Fine,” she said with a pout on her face. “Maybe I’ll have Devin do it.” Now, Devin could definitely knock me over, the brute. “Devin!” Audrey yelled into the crowd of people. “Chris is here!” I could see bodies being forced out of the way as my best friend—other than Audrey, but that’s complicated—hurried through the crowd.

  “Move over, bacon. Something meatier is coming through,” he said as he pushed past Audrey and came up to give me a bear hug. “Hey, buddy!” he said as he squeezed me tighter and tighter. “It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever!” He let go of me and set me back on the ground as I let out a sigh of relief. He was crushing me.

  “Hey, man,” I managed to choke out through the crushing of my lungs.

  “Where have you been?” he asked in his normal, playful manner.

  “Just busy. I’ve been really stressed, so let’s get to the party.”

  Audrey shot me a concerned look. I rolled my eyes and tried to tackle Devin, but I failed. Devin was a huge kid, standing at least two inches taller than I do and easily twenty pounds heavier. He was all muscle, too, since he was the starting middle linebacker for our school’s football team. We’d basically been friends since birth, and we’re practically brothers.

  “Fuck yeah!” He let out a roaring shout. “Let’s do this shit!”

  I laughed as the three of us walked fully into the house, now past the foyer. I stood back as Devin went to grab shots, and Audrey went to find some weed. I inspected the area and noticed how everyone was so fixated on the event. Heather’s parties were so different from the normal high school party since everyone was interacting and having fun. There was no one in the corner alone, there were actually people dancing on the dance floor, and everyone was drinking and having a good time. There were no worries in the world here, and everyone knew it. I had to give it to Heather. She definitely knew how to organize a party.

  “Hey, fuckstick!” Devin called out while holding a tray of shots. “I found tequila!” His face was priceless. Like a small child in a candy shop or a teenage boy seeing boob for the first time. Absolutely priceless. “Where’s Audrey?” he asked while looking around.

  “Right here.” She was walking a couple paces behind him, and Devin hadn’t even noticed.

  He wasn’t stupid. He was actually a 3.8 GPA student. He just wasn’t very aware of his surroundings, which was ironic since he was getting a scholarship to play middle linebacker for the Georgia Bulldogs. Devin turned around and gave her a shot before he turned to me and I grabbed two.

  “To a great night,” I said while holding up one of my shots for a toast. Everyone clinked glasses and took one back other than me—I took both of mine back to back. “Now, where’s the pot?” I asked Audrey while choking back my excessive intake of tequila. All while grabbing another one and drinking it, mind you.

  “Right here,” she proclaimed whilst holding up a bag full of joints. There had to be at lea
st twenty in there, and I was determined to smoke all of them. She pulled one out, lit it, took a hit, and passed it to me. Devin didn’t smoke since he could get drug tested. Well, at least during the school year, he didn’t.

  An hour passed and everything was starting to become blurry. I had an incredibly high tolerance, but I was worried that I might have overdone it with the two joints and five shots. Either way, I was having an amazing time. I was now on the dance floor with two girls I shared a class with. Not really sure which one or who they were, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered right now was the pulsing beat of the music, the contact of dancing with these two, and the feeling of pure euphoria from the mixture of drugs I had taken. I might have popped a couple Adderalls to stay focused, and I was loving it.

  The two girls in front of me were practically fighting for my attention, groping each other, fondling me. Everything in this moment was perfect. But as I was savoring it, something unexpected popped into my mind: Jennet. Her fiery-red hair, her piercing, green eyes, the perfect curves of her lips—it all flooded into me, crashing into my mind like Poseidon’s fury. I began feeling something strange and unfamiliar. Something distant. Something I hadn’t felt since I’d been with Audrey my freshman year. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was, but it was there.

  It was there, lingering in the back of my mind, boring into my dormant conscience. Penetrating my heart and waking up my soul. It was awful. God-awful. But I couldn’t shake it. I couldn’t get rid of this feeling that was battling everything in my head. All of the things I forced shut. All of the feelings I let die out of fear. All of the emotions I let go of. There they were again. Being reinvigorated by some strange and foreign feeling that had somehow managed to slip by all of my defenses.

  I stepped back from the two girls, and they let out cries of protest, but I didn’t listen. I was already walking away, crossing through the crowd at the speed of a highly intoxicated turtle. I took a seat and tried to look around, but my vision was blurry and my body was numb. There, while sitting down and trying to regain my composure, the thought of Jennet crept back up on me. It scared me and calmed me all at the same time.

  This was odd to me, but I was sure that someone else had experienced this before. It was only a matter of time until I found evidence and reasoning to use to beat down these thoughts and feelings. Then, after that, all would return to normal. I especially couldn’t be having these feelings for someone whose fiancé was working with my enemies. I might have to kill him, and that wouldn’t help with Jennet and me. I already had to kill my principal. Now, I might have to kill my teacher’s fiancé, too. Everything was just so damn complicated lately.

  As the party raged on, so did I. Somehow, I managed to brutally push back my thought of Jennet into the darkest depths of my mind, hoping that they would never resurface again. I’d been there, at Heather’s party, for a couple of hours now and I had consumed far too many drugs for my body, but, as usual, I didn’t O.D. Nor did I puke of alcohol poison. The rush of popping pills, drinking tequila, and hitting a bong had kept me going through some of the darker days of my life, but tonight, for it was only 11:45, was not one of those night. Or days. Whatever. I just didn’t give a shit right now and I was having a blast.

  Once I rejoined the crowd, Audrey found me and took me away from the crowd. Even though I was completely trashed and could hardly see in front of me, I could clearly see Audrey. She rushed me upstairs, and my heart began to race.

  “Wheat argh we doog?” I asked, but I realized that wasn’t English—or any other language. I shook my head, took a breath, and tried again. “What are we doing?” Success!

  “There’s a better and more private party upstairs,” she whispered in my ear as she held my hand and brought me upstairs. Audrey didn’t seem to be drunk, shitfaced—hell, not even inebriated! I was thoroughly confused, and I didn’t know what thoroughly meant at that moment. Fuck, I’m gone, I thought to myself.

  “What type of a party?” I tried to clear my head by shaking it back and forth while walking up the stairs. Now I could speak normally. Who knew that would work? Certainly not me.

  “A better party.”

  “But what type of a better party?”

  “Shut up.”


  Somehow, we hadn’t made it up the stairs yet, and I noticed I wasn’t moving and Audrey was literally trying to pull me up the stairs.

  “Oh, sorry. Here,” I said as I began to walk with her. I stepped slowly at first, but as I regained my confidence, my strides grew in length. I was walking like a big boy now.

  “Thank you, fucktard.” She laughed as we finally made it up the stairs.

  “Now what?” I asked.

  “Simple. Follow me.” She took my hand again and led me through the upstairs hallways and into Heather’s private sauna. She opened the door, and lying there, naked, was Heather. Her incredible body was covered in tiny beads of sweat from the pulsating heat of the sauna. I think I began to drool. I turned to Audrey, who looked at me and said, “Strip.”

  Immediately, I took off my shirt, revealing my rippling abs, which I had worked very hard on, and Audrey placed her hands all over me. She then proceeded to push me into the sauna, closing the door behind her. Next thing I knew, my back was right against the bench where Heather was lying. Heather grabbed my face from behind and brought my lips to hers as Audrey tore off her clothing and dropped to her knees. Heather’s tongue began to explore my mouth as Audrey slowly unzipped my pants.

  I managed to glance over to the closed door and found that it was locked. There also wasn’t a window on it. Audrey pulled down my pants, exposing my fully erect, pulsing cock. Audrey had seen it many times, but this time, she took a second to examine it. Then she took my dick into her mouth as Heather began to slowly kiss her way down my neck before she got off the bench and joined Audrey on her knees.

  The two kissed, alternately exploring each other’s mouths and my cock. Audrey took command and pinched one of Heather’s nipples between her index finger and thumb, brutally twisting and pulling it. Heather began to let out whimpers as Audrey claimed her breasts. Heather kept slowly stroking my cock, making it ooze with pre-cum. And Audrey never let the head of my dick leave her mouth. They might have been fighting for dominance over each other, but they both knew that I was really in control. That I was the one who had true power over them, dominating them, controlling them. Making these two gorgeous girls bend to my will and obey my every command. However, I hadn’t needed to enforce my reign over them so far. They were keeping me thoroughly entertained.

  Once the two settled the fact that Audrey was in control of Heather, they refocused all of their attention back to me. Audrey grabbed Heather by the back of her curly, blond hair and forced her mouth to completely take my cock, shoving it down her throat and making her gag. While controlling Heather’s head, Audrey spread her own legs and began to play with her clit, making quick circles and applying more and more pressure, getting off at the sight of Heather gagging on my cock and having only herself controlling her.

  Heather, though, was completely allowing this to happen, not fighting back at all. Heather’s hand also crept between her thighs and she pleasured herself, too. Once Audrey finally noticed what Heather was doing, she slapped Heather’s hand away and, in turn, forced Heather’s hand between her legs. Heather’s mouth had my hard, thick cock in it and her right hand was fingers-deep into Audrey. Audrey began moaning with pleasure as Heather hit her G-spot. Audrey, realizing that she wasn’t in control anymore, pushed Heather’s head off my dick and nudged her onto the ground. Audrey then jumped on Heather’s face, forcing her to eat her out, and I moved myself into position so that Audrey could blow me.

  I honestly couldn’t believe what was happening. I’d been in a couple of three-ways before, but nothing this intense.

  Audrey and Heather were now leaning over the bench, facing the wall and in a lip lock, shooting their tongues deep into the other’s mouth. They were the
re, bent over and literally begging for me to fuck them. So I did.

  I thrust my cock deep into Heather’s pussy and slammed three fingers into Audrey’s. My left hand was pumping into Audrey, searching for her G-spot, as my cock drove deeper and deeper into Heather. Both were letting out screams now, screams of pure pleasure. Luckily, it ended up that the sauna was completely soundproof, so no one else knew what was going on upstairs.

  As they were screaming, I found Audrey’s G-spot and brutally, without mercy, crushed my fingers into it. Rubbing harder than anything else in the world, forcing Audrey to continuously slam her head into the wall and stand straight up. Heather, on the other hand, was ramming herself onto me and whispering something under her breath. I leaned in close, trying to hear her, but it became incomprehensible. In response, I pulled out of Heather and pushed her to the floor. Then I grabbed Audrey with my other hand and lifted her petite body into the air as I fell next to Heather. Picking her up with one hand deep in her pussy made Audrey let out shrieks of pleasure-pain before she collapsed on top of me.

  Not wanting to waste any time, I shoved her to my waist and then had her sit on my dick. She started to ride me when Heather sat on my face, facing the same way as Audrey, so Heather’s ass was completely open to Audrey. Audrey clapped her two hands onto Heather’s ass and used it both for stability and as leverage while fucking me. She pushed herself up and down using Heather’s ass, which shoved Heather’s pussy harder onto my face. Soon, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pushed Heather off and quickly laid Audrey onto her back, never letting my penis leave her. Heather then sat on her face, and we resumed.

  I ferociously pumped my hard cock into Audrey, using her body as a release for all of the pent-up anger I had inside. The frustration was just melting away when it happened—an image. Once again, Jennet popped into my mind. As I looked down at Audrey, I imagined that she was Jennet, and the entire aspect of the situation changed. I became nauseated, and everything around me began to spin. I stood up and fell back, leaning against the door.

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