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Heartburn (Love By Design Book 3)

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  “I want you too.” My finger slid down the front of her body cupping her mons lightly. She’s wet from the pool and slick from her own lubrication. I played until she writhed in the water begging me for it. My bottoms get kicked down over my ass and I pressed myself between her folds slipping until I popped between her lips and cant my hips. I locked my dick deep inside her where I’m met with little resistance beyond the initial push of my head between her folds stretching around me. It’s heaven, the cross eyed, I could die here happy kind of feeling.

  “Feels so good.” She moaned biting her lip leaning back exposing her breasts. I pumped my hips rising her body up in the water to splash over the side.

  “Better each time.” I fucked her in the water, her back wedged against the edge of the pool. My hands spread wide to cover her back and prevent scratches from marring her gorgeous skin from the lip of concrete behind us. I doubted she would have cared, but I didn’t want her to be sore or have to explain bruises on her backside. Her purple hair was a knotted wet mess from my hands gripping it. Everyone would know we did the deed out here when I bring her back looking completely fucked, bedraggled like a wet cat, and all smiles. I loved every minute of it.

  As Lia comes closer to her orgasm I wrapped my arm around her neck and cupped my hand over her mouth lightly. Our eyes drowned in each other as inhuman sounds shrieked in the empty pool lounge. She finished a limp wreck as I pulled her from the water in my arms emerging victorious with my moon goddess.

  Afterward we lounged on a double reclining chair in the dark. We’re wrapped in hotel towels enjoying the quiet of the closed pool.

  “Do you think they’ll miss us?”

  I chuckled.

  “Miss us or have a new reason to taunt us, I’m not sure.” I tucked her in under my arm securing a dry towel around her.

  “I guess either isn’t so bad. You’re friends are pretty cool.”

  “Hey, I think my girlfriend is pretty cool.”

  A commotion from the entrance followed familiar voices. We sat up knowing our hiding spot has been found.

  “Dude there better not be any extra charges on my card for this, Damien.” Chase slammed the door.

  Lia and I glanced at each other snickering in the dark.

  Damien said exasperated, “Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Chase.”

  “No cigars, no smoking in the room, no extra missing towels, or ransacked mini-bars.”

  “You live to suck the fun out of everything.” Damien grumbled.

  “I mean it Damien. I’ll be a fun killer if I have to. I am not paying for broken shit and tigers on parade.” I didn’t feel like the quiet the grumpy old man listening to Chase’s tirade.

  Damien grunt. “Oh come on, it’s Hunter’s bachelor party. Don’t act like sex isn’t going to happen somewhere, somehow for somebody.”

  “Look you can jizz on shit, they don’t charge for that, but there’s a two-fifty charge for smoking, ok?” Chase looked close to tapping his foot on the floor before he started in with his hulk smash routine.

  “Yeah, alright Doc. Gotcha. Jizzfest is cool, smoking is not.”

  The door banged and they both leave arguing in the hallway loudly. I hoped they didn’t have another fight. I hated having to break them up, but I wasn’t about to let them ruin Hunter’s bachelor party or upset the bride to be. Lia guffawed and the sound was infectious making me join her hysterics.

  “And they say I’m the baby in the group. Oh my god!” She nearly rolled off the lounger enjoying the Damien and Chase show.

  “I know, right?” We laughed together until I turned her over and started kissing her all over again. There’s nothing baby like about Amelia from her curvy body to her witty mouth. My girlfriend just schooled the grown-ups. I couldn’t wait to get her home and have my way with her in my bed behind closed doors.



  “Amelia, what the hell is going on?” I looked around to see the apartment in disarray. Two boxes of pizza were on the coffee table along with margarita glasses and mix spilled on the floor in gooey spots that smelled like cheap tequila. We’d been home from Vegas for two weeks and I had yet to have her in my bed. Lia had exams and a paper to make up and I was working double duty in the park. Life seemed to be on course for keeping us apart despite my wants.

  “We’re demystifying the apartment!” Lia glanced over at her roommate who seemed to be counting the couch threads while lying on the floor. Both girls were wearing tank tops and underwear. The window was open and it was freezing in here. Where the hell was a pair of shorts or sweatpants when you needed them? The site alone screwed with my head and my cock wanted to come out and inspect the fun he was missing. I adjusted my jeans discretely and sniffed the air smelling a curious odor I knew from working in the parks. A bowl on the table held a burning wad of–shit was that pot?

  Anger simmered while my eyes darted between the hard nipples you couldn’t miss if you tried.

  “Are you smoking pot?” Storming to the table both girls developed lightening reflexes in seconds blocking me better than a wide receiver from the football team. Both of them dissolved into a fit of giggles sinking to the floor clutching my legs like spider-monkeys. I looked heavenward for patience.

  ‘Don’t touch the sage!” Lia cried followed by Dinah mumbling some gibberish about ducks eating Doritos. As Damien would say, women be weird.

  “Are you high?” I asked a direct question not sure what kind of answer I was going to get from either of them with their glazed eyes and sweated hair glued to their necks.

  Lia cackled a horrific sound falling into my arms hanging off of me smelling like she was high. Definitely high. I asked the question again softer this time hoping for a different answer, “Amelia Rae, are you high, honey?” I would have held her back to check out her pupils for dilation, but she hung on my shoulders like a monkey.

  She sighed and snuggled against me like I was a soft pillow bracing her fall. “I’m high on you, baby.”

  My anger took over not wanting to believe this shit, not wanting to have to acknowledge some fundamental differences here, right here in the room right now such as age and life priorities when I felt too much for this girl.

  “Where did you get this shit?” I reached around them and grabbed the bowl bringing it to the sink to stick under the faucet.

  They both eyed me with vacant expressions swaying on their feet. “Jesus sit down both of you before you fall on your faces.”

  “Lia, your boyfriend is a real stick in the mud.” Dinah rolled over on the couch leaning into Lia. That girl annoyed me, and more than that, she was dangerous to my girlfriend if I thought through the potential consequences of getting caught.

  “Do they even say that anymore?” I asked tossing my hands up in the air.

  “Damien called Chase one.” My girl wheezed a giggle. I closed my eyes hoping this was a bad dream. I opened them. Nope. Still happening.

  “Whit, you’re being an old farty-face.” Lia pouted and tried to drink the remnants of the margarita with her tongue hanging out.

  “Drinking too.” I grumbled. “No way, give me that.” I snatched it from her hands watching her frown.

  “Booo! Hisss!” She called out pointing at me. She was a terrible drunk so far, moody and demanding.

  I pointed out the obvious, “And you’re drunk.”

  “Am not, okay maybe a little.” She sunk into the couch waving her hand at me with pinched fingers showing me. She’s definitely drunk.

  Of course I couldn’t let it go and pointed out the second most obvious fact, “And stoned like an irresponsible kid.”

  “A what?” She gave me side eye and I didn’t know if I wanted to spank her to discipline her or fuck her into next week.

  My hands clenched and I rubbed one against the back of my neck to keep myself from grabbing her and shaking her until the stupidity I felt left the apartment. “You never answered my original question. Where did this shit come from?”

/>   “Ummm?” She pursed her lips and tapped them with her fingertip.

  “Is that your final answer?” I pressed.

  Her eyes blankly scanned toward the window and she shrugged non-committal, “We went to the grocery store in Kingston. That organic market with the really cool outdoor booths.”

  Well, there was no telling what that place had with hippies traveling back and forth from Vermont and Canada selling their wares at the weekend market. Sketchy place really, unless you were buying oranges and even then they were the weird ones not from Florida that tasted like cherries. I learned that shit after a few dates with the organic girl.

  I huffed out a breath, “You girls know you bought pot, right?”

  “Whoa? Pot? For real forest ranger?” Dinah said before dissolving into giggles and rolling off the couch to the floor. She probably knew it was pot from the beginning. Lia I wasn’t too sure about, but what college student reached the age of twenty having never been exposed to it at one time or another. I wasn’t born yesterday.

  Lia swung down, “Are you hurt Dinah-saurus?”

  “Nope, Beadle-bug!” Dinah snorted.

  “Damn it.” I growled watching them both.

  “This is pot?” Lia said looking increasingly green.

  “Yes, babe. What did you think it was?”

  “I thought it was sage. We wanted to get rid of the bad juju now that Ryder dumped Dinah.” Lia crumpled leaning into the couch. Her skin took on a green pallor that worried me. Last thing I wanted to do was take her to the emergency department unless it was absolutely necessary but God only knew if the crap had been laced with something.

  I kneeled down to her level on the floor. “Are you going to be sick? You look sick?”

  Before I can move to help her she rolled crawling toward the bathroom shutting the door loudly. I knocked on the door. All I can hear on the other side are a combination of pants and dry heaving that didn’t sound healthy.

  I knocked again tentatively, “Babe? Amelia, you okay in there?”

  The retching commenced and then nothing else but silence. I glanced back to Dinah who was throwing popcorn kernels up into the air from her spot on the floor. She’s attempting to catch them with her mouth and muttered about butterflies being made of butter.

  “Fuck.” I murmured to myself.

  Dinah leaned up on her elbows staring at me licking her lips. Crumples of popcorn fall out of her mouth onto her top which needed more covering it. I wasn’t into her, she did nothing for me, it felt completely inappropriate to be out here while my girl was in another room throwing up.

  “What?” I asked.

  She shrugged letting the strap of her tank top slide off her shoulder. I turned around looking for a place to be, anywhere but here. “Can you put sweatshirt on?” I insisted.

  Dinah moaned and I glanced back at her, “I’m kind of horny.”

  Of course she was and I had zero plans of entertaining this level of bullshit. “So eat pizza and pass out.” I told her going into Lia’s bedroom slamming the door shut. Great. Now I would have to avoid her inappropriate roommate while I waited for Lia to stop throwing up. This wasn’t exactly turning out to be the day I thought it would be. I texted Evan to pass the time and solicited a little legal and moral advice before I proceeded further.

  Whit: Hey, question…

  Robocop: Shoot bro.

  Whit: How long does pot stay in your system?

  I watched the grey dots flutter on the screen. I wasn’t worried about Evan coming over here with sirens blazing, but he was the best at keeping me level headed. God only knew what Hunter or even Damien would say.

  Robocop: Do I want to know?

  Whit: No. Lia and her roommate bought “sage”

  Robocop: Is that what the kids are calling it now? “Sage?”

  Whit: Was there another word I should have used?

  Robocop: I can’t confirm this phone is a secure line.

  Whit: Seriously, asshole?

  Robocop: Well, when you use commas like that, no.

  Whit: FYI, I really am talking about sage, as in the herb you cook with.

  Robocop: I must be out of practice with the college age lingo.

  Whit: Believe me, I was equally surprised.

  Robocop: Well… how are they?

  Whit: Both fucking high as a kite.

  More grey dots that eventually become grey dots for real.

  Robocop: ….

  Whit: Yup. Farmer’s market in Kingston.

  Robocop: Should have gone to the Wholefoods in Poughkeepsie.

  Whit: Tell me about it.

  Robocop: She should be fine in a couple hours. Make her eat and stay hydrated. Don’t let her drive anywhere or leave the house. I’m off in a few hours if you want me to check on her.

  Whit: And do what with her? Her roommate is a man-eater.

  Robocop: Maybe just take her to your place where you can keep an eye on her.

  Whit: Thanks. I probably got second hand shit from walking into the apartment.

  Robocop: Should I bring food over?

  Whit: No thanks, the girls ordered enough pizza for an apocalypse.

  Robocop: What kind of pizza?

  Whit: Pepperoni and a veggie white pie.

  Robocop: They can’t be that high then. Meat-lovers would have been a dead giveaway.

  Whit: Thanks?

  Robocop: The more you know, bro.

  Whit: I’d rather not.

  Robocop: Save me a slice?

  Whit: Fuck you very much.

  Robocop: My pleasure.

  I laid back on the bed listening to the water running in the bathroom. If she’s not out soon I’ll have to send out a search party for one in the water closet. A few minutes later Lia shuffled into the room shutting the door. She plopped herself down on the end of the bed looking ragged and drenched. I wondered if she took a bird bath in the sink or actually got into the shower with her clothes on.

  “Did you even towel off the water?” I sat up in her bed that was not big enough for the both of us as she crawled over me laying on my legs. I should take her to my place, but I didn’t want to rile the beast. I was already annoyed and pretty sure I’d say a few things I didn’t mean right now.

  Mostly it started with: What the fuck, Lia. What. The. Fuck.

  “Huh? Oh.” She lifted up a lock of wet purple hair giggling. I rolled my eyes. My god, I hadn’t recalled what getting high was like for at least a decade and it pissed me off that I had to relive it vicariously with her despite the circumstances.

  “You feel better?” Frowning I leaned over pulling her down with me. She still looked green and her skin felt clammy. I reached for her trashcan and put it by the side of the bed for just in case.

  “I feel stupid if that helps.” She inclined against me, her limbs loose like a doll and I kissed her forehead.

  “Well, here’s Mr. Bucket if you need it.”

  She chuckled groaning, “Oh Mr. Bucket, my buddy.” A sigh and she’s melancholy all over again.

  “This is why I worry about you. Dinah is always pulling shit like this.” I’d be shocked if the girl didn’t have a shoplifting charge in her past somewhere or some other juvenile offence she got a slap on the wrist for. Dinah was the kind of girl who could weasel her way out of anything, but my Amelia would be the one to get caught every time which worried me to no end. I wanted to protect her from shit like this. My head hurt just thinking about it.

  “Whit, I bought the sage so stop it.” She moaned weakly rolling over. “I really thought it was sage.” Her cheeks flushed and I didn’t want to belabor this fact any more than necessary but facts were facts and even I had a hard time reconciling that she actually didn’t know the smell of illicit drugs.

  “It smells nothing like sage.”

  “Well, I know that now. Too bad you weren’t with us then. Do you want to start yelling at people in your yard next?”


  “You. Old Yeller.” She poked me
in the chest clearly not sober or coherent to have this conversation. “You wanna sit on your porch with a shotgun and yell at people. Bang! Bang!” She waved her hands around and I pulled them down securing her closer against me.

  I wished I had been with her too, if anything to protect her and avoid this whole mess. Though how does one know their girlfriend is going to leave the house and procure drugs accidentally? She’s my very own free spirited Phoebe. I must be Ross, and as uptight as ever.

  I sighed pulling her against me tight. “Sleep it off, Cheech.” I’m positive she has no idea what I’m referencing and it doesn’t take long for her soft snore to vibrate against my neck. Her muffled sounds lulled me down with her. It’s peaceful in her arms despite the afternoon drama and I spend the next hour developing a crick in my back from her too small bed wondering if this is worth the aggravation.



  Whit slammed the door to his jeep and I watched him walk over to the other side tossing my bag in the back before getting in. He sat in the vehicle a full minute before starting up and driving toward his house. He’s pissed, but can I really blame him. Shame permeated my pores and I waited for him to launch into a discussion about being an adult and how drugs are bad. I knew this.

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