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Iain and Kelsey [Captive Illusions Book 1]


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  Copyright ©2005 by Lynn Crain

  First published in eXtasy Books, 2005


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  Captive Illusions: Iain and Kelsey

  Copyright ã

  2005 Lynn Crain

  ISBN: 1-55410-557-9

  Cover art and design by Martine Jardin

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  To all my critique partners both past and present … most of you know who you are … a special thanks to my current critique partners, Barbara “Chainsaw” Karmazin, Rita Sable and the girls at RC-Romantica whose encouragement has been priceless.

  To my sis … now it’s your turn … so get your butt in gear.

  To my mentor, Jolie Kramer … thanks for all the extra time spent with me … I think it paid off!

  To my boys, Kyle and Tom, you are always a source wonder and enlightenment.

  Finally, Gordon, you take care of me so damned good … I couldn’t do any of it without you … you are my soulmate in so many ways … I love you.


  She couldn’t hear anything, and that made the silence deafening to her ears.

  Kelsey wondered where she was and just how she had gotten into this mess. Being a good person, she felt these things didn’t happen to good people … she was sure of it.

  She allowed her mind to drift. Just how long had she been here, anyway? And where was he? Kelsey hadn’t heard a sound from him since his last command of not to move.

  Her heart pounded in her chest as she took assessment of her predicament … bound by hand and foot to a large bed. Kelsey could see it in her mind’s eye … it was huge, with four posters … as huge as she imagined the man who brought her here to be. She tugged on her restraints slightly. The man sure knew what he was doing … the restraints were loose enough that they didn’t hurt, but strong enough that they held her in the spread-eagle position she now found herself in.

  And if that wasn’t bad enough, she was facedown on this huge bed. Kelsey didn’t know what the material was, but it was the softest thing that she had ever felt, and it was cool against her hot cheeks. She was blindfolded. The only piece of her clothing that remained was her blue, lacy silk thong … she couldn’t wiggle too much or it would inch up her crack, making her even more conscious of her lack of other clothing.

  I will not cry, she told herself fiercely. She had heard once if you allowed your captor to know just how scared you were, things would get worse. Kelsey allowed her mind to drift over the evening that had resulted in her being here.

  Slowly the door opened and she could tell that she was being watched again.

  “My, my … now that I have you here, whatever am I going to do to you?” The voice—rich, full, sinful and definitely male—held just a hint of brogue.

  Oh, God, she thought feverishly, I’m in trouble now.

  Kelsey began to struggle in earnest.

  Chapter One

  Kelsey looked around the crowded room. She felt so lucky that she had a lot of rich friends, especially since she was just a poor college girl. She had never had a dull Friday night that she could remember, and tonight wouldn’t prove any different.

  She looked across the room and her eyes meet with Iain’s. Her heart skipped a beat … what she wouldn’t do to get that man in her pants. Tonight, she felt more drawn to him than usual. Kelsey wanted to take the man home and tonight, she would make it happen. Well, at least in her fantasies. While the man was sin incarnate, something remained a little too scary about him. She just couldn’t put her finger on exactly what made him that way.

  The one thing she did know was that he was an enigma. He just showed up one day at a gathering similar to this … her friend Patrick had brought him and explained that he had met him on campus. Tall, dark and handsome … just the kind that one might see in a gothic romance … but something about him made him just out of reach. Or at least he wanted it to seem that way.

  Tall with a muscular build, he reminded her of a panther with his easy stride. Long, lithe and lean with just the right amount of muscle. Kelsey let her gaze slide down his body … and rest briefly on the bulge that she saw at the top of his legs. If she had been paying attention, she would have realized that he was coming her way.

  Iain took one look at Kelsey and knew he wanted her … wanted her in a way that was indescribable. And for him that said something. He’d had centuries of women, and none of them stirred his blood like she did. She wasn’t his type at all, and it made him wonder just what his type might be anymore. Her honey-colored hair hung in rich curls down her slender back and her eyes were the color of the sea. Her legs were the longest that he had ever seen on a woman and he wondered how it would feel to have them wrapped around his waist in wanton pleasure.

  But for tonight … he just wanted to talk to her … even though he knew that she had just been looking at his crotch. Iain had to work her up to his kind of sex, if anyone could work up to that type of thing. And he wasn’t about to use his powers to get it. He learned long ago that power couldn’t bring you everything.

  “Hello, Kelsey,” he nodded. “How are you this evening?”

  The rich timbre of his voice slid across her skin like a fine piece of silk.

  “Iain,” she acknowledged. “I’m fine … how about you?”

  Kelsey watched him start to answer, when their friend Patrick came up beside them.

  “The man is just fine, Kelsey, and richer than hell. Have you told them all yet?”

  Kelsey watched both men, intrigued. “Told us what?” She turned to look at Iain’s handsome face. “What is he talking about?”

  “Our friend has somehow managed to take over one of the biggest casino conglomerates in the country!”

  “Really?” Kelsey turned to stare. Why in the world would this very ‘rich’ man want to spend his time with a bunch of college students and young professionals?

  Apparently, Patrick should just keep his mouth shut … if the look on Iain’s face was any indication. Kelsey observed his handsome face as Iain narrowed his eyes to look even closer at the younger man. If she didn’t know better, she would have thought the two had a much longer history than what Patrick had told her.

  “Patrick … we can discuss
this some other time,” he stated firmly.

  “Whatever you say. But what else are you going to talk about?” Patrick questioned.

  “I can think of a few things,” Kelsey murmured to no one in particular. When she caught Iain gazing thoughtfully at her, she blushed brilliant red. God! She couldn’t believe that she said that aloud. What on earth had ever possessed her?

  Glancing up, she caught a sly smirk on Iain’s face. It was as if he had caught her doing something she shouldn’t do … like let down her guard. Breathing in deeply, she was sure that he wished Patrick would disappear into the woodwork and leave them alone but just how she didn’t know.

  Patrick slapped his buddy on the back. “I get it, you don’t want any of the women to know.”

  The man was obviously drunk. “Patrick … let’s discuss this later.”

  Patrick looked at Iain once again with a frustrated expression. “All right, buddy, but I do want to discuss this later. I need to know just how you did it.” He sauntered off toward a leggy brunette.

  “So … is what Patrick said true?” she asked without looking at him.

  She could tell he was looking at her again … her skin felt all prickly as if he were actually touching her … and she knew that this wasn’t what he wanted to talk about now.

  “I’ll tell you if we can talk about … our fantasies.”

  Kelsey lifted her head and arched her eyebrow. “Fantasies … where did that come from?” They had gotten quite friendly in the last few months, but she didn’t know if she was ready for this.

  “You do remember our last conversation?”

  Kelsey frowned, trying to remember the last time that she had seen him. Queuing in on the specific moment, she closed her eyes and sighed. She had only done it because he said he would tell her about his life, if she promised to tell him about her fantasies the next time they saw each other. “I remember.”

  He smiled at her then, and she knew he wasn’t going to let her out of this. It had taken him weeks to maneuver her into this position. He wanted to know about her fantasies … her sexual fantasies … and he was going to push until he got what he wanted from her.

  “Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?” He placed his hand in the small of her back and led her outside to a table on the far side of the pool.

  Kelsey didn’t know whether he was bluffing or telling the truth. She had dressed simply tonight because it was a hot desert night. She had on a sage green sundress, sandals and no makeup. Underneath she was wearing a lacy thong, something her roommates had talked her into, and nothing else. She almost regretted wearing it, but the way it moved against her body when she walked made her glad she had taken the risk.

  As she looked at Iain from under her eyelashes, she wondered if that risk would also be worth it. If her thong made her wet and the brush of her cotton dress, combined with the cool night air, made her nipples stand up, what would happen when she started talking?

  While she was completely attracted to Iain, she wasn’t sure she quite liked the look he gave her. It was almost predatory in nature.

  “Do I need to get you a drink?” Iain smiled.

  “That might be good,” she murmured. She watched the object of her lust stride back into the house and felt her gut clench. What was she doing? She closed her eyes and told herself that she always kept her word, even if it was distasteful to her.

  When she had last talked to Iain, she had gladly given him her promise because she had finally gotten the man to open up about his life. A promise to tell him her sexual fantasies and darkest secrets. An exchange of sorts, was what she thought she had agreed to. She wanted the same information from him.

  Iain had talked about his life in Scotland and why he came to America. She loved sitting there, listening to him tell her about his life. His accent had come out then and she knew she wanted this man more than she had ever wanted anyone. His voice slid over her body and turned her on all on its own.

  Kelsey watched him come back and smiled, happy when she realized that he had brought her tequila. “How did you know?”

  “I know a lot of things.” Iain watched her over his glass as he brought his to his lips. “Well?”

  “Well … of course … I have fantasies. Lots of them. Doesn’t everyone?” Kelsey laughed and took another sip of her tequila, feeling pleasantly warm and relaxed. She sat so comfortable with this man … this man she hardly knew in so many ways.

  “Yes, I can imagine,” Iain smiled. “But I want to hear them…” He reached his hand over to cover hers. “All of them…”

  Her crotch tightened as if he had touched that little nub of desire nestled deep in her. “All of them?” she squeaked.

  “All of them. When you’re alone and want release … what do you fantasize about? Exactly what would it take to get you all hot and bothered?”

  Kelsey laughed nervously, running a finger along the rim of her glass. “Well, okay … I don’t know,” she confessed.

  “Look … a deal is a deal,” he said smoothly. Bringing his glass to his lips, he watched her quietly.

  Kelsey looked at him, tracing along the edge of her glass again. She saw his eyes narrow. Suddenly, it was crystal clear; she knew that he wished her fingers were around his cock and not rimming the glass he had brought her. There seemed to be an urgency around him that she hadn’t noticed before.

  “All right … all right,” Kelsey said, sighing and took her finger from the glass rim. “I guess one of the things that really turns me on would have to be forced sex … you know, where the guy ties the girl up and does unspeakable things to her.” There she had said it … it was over.

  But Iain wasn’t going to let her off so easy. “Is that all?”

  “Isn’t that enough?” Kelsey laughed.

  “No, it isn’t enough. I want to know everything.”

  Kelsey could feel the heat emanate from her pussy just thinking about the scenario she could see in her head. A tingling began deep within her body, and she wondered what it would feel like if Iain were that man … the one to make her fantasy come true. She looked at him and unconsciously licked her lips.

  “You want more?” she whispered, leaning in close to him, allowing him full access to look down her dress. She didn’t care. He had pushed her too far. “I think that a lot of women have thought about a man snatching her off the street or from her home, restraining her and using her for his pleasure.”

  “And what kind of sexual experience would that be, Kelsey?” He kept his voice as even as he could, though he seemed affected by her words.

  “You know … the down and dirty kind. Oral … anal … threesomes … you name it. I want something dark and almost sinister. Haven’t you ever dreamed about doing the forbidden?”

  “What do you mean ‘forbidden’?” he questioned, intent.

  “All those fantasies that are too fantastic to be real; vampires, elves, werewolves … Oh my.” She sat back and gauged his answer. Telling him that she wanted encounters with beings who really didn’t exist should make him think twice before asking what she desired. Kelsey knew no one could ever fulfill those dreams … they were impossible to fulfill.

  Iain’s pupils grew large with desire. “Have you ever done any of that?”

  She leaned back in her chair. “Who, me?” Kelsey looked at him and considered her answer. “No … I’m in total control of my life. Soon I’ll be finished with my Masters degree and the door of opportunity will be open. I love what I do and I’ve never taken the chances, the sexual chances … that a lot of women have taken. I would have to be very much in love with that person, or at the very least, very much in lust with them.”

  Iain chuckled then, a deep, resonating sound. “Have you done anything?”

  Kelsey waved her hand. “I don’t mean that I’m necessarily the standard, missionary position type person or anything. I supposed that I’m as interested in sex as the next woman. I’m just not all that adventurous in bed. I like sex to be safe and ple

  “Maybe no one has ever turned you on enough.” His dark eyes bored into her very soul. “Wouldn’t you rather have it hot and fantastic?”

  Chapter Two

  His question intrigued her … she had never really thought about it. She had always lived her life just this side of being a goody-two-shoes. She narrowed her eyes and wondered exactly what he sought to gain from this conversation. She sipped her tequila, wondering just where this was going to lead.

  “Now let me ask you a question,” Kelsey stated, sitting her glass down.

  “And what would that be…” Iain began. “Is it going to be sexual in nature?”

  “Maybe,” she whispered, splashing a little tequila on one of her fingers. Without thinking, she put the digit in her mouth, drawing it out slowly, savoring the taste of the expensive liquid. A sharp intake of breath made her realize exactly what she had done. “Sorry.”

  Again, she could feel his eyes hot on her and knew exactly where he wanted her lips. He wanted her that much was obvious in the hot, smoldering glances he sent her way.

  “What is your question?”

  “What are you looking for?”

  Surprise etched his face, making Kelsey wonder if this were the first time a woman had asked him what he wanted.

  “Why do you ask?”

  “Because I want to know.”

  “Are you wondering if you measure up?”

  “Maybe,” she answered, her eyes getting all dreamy and seductive before she pulled them away from his gaze.

  “I want a woman who will excite me for a lifetime or two,” he purred.

  Kelsey blinked. A lifetime or two? That wasn’t the answer she was expecting. “Wow.”

  He tapped a finger on the table and watched her. He spooked her in his unwavering need to know her every fantasy. He wanted so much more than most men had ever wanted from her. Kelsey almost shivered. It was if he wanted to explore the very depths of her soul. And she didn’t want him to know he possessed that kind of pull on her.

  “Let’s get back to you. So … you want the man to take the control so that he has the responsibility. You want him to force you to be the ‘bad girl’ … that little ‘whore’ you’ve always wanted to be … the one you’ve dreamed about. You want to bare your soul to him and have him be the one to twist it a little and put it back.” He took a breath. “And you want it with a forbidden type of lover.”

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