The orphans of raspay, p.15

The Orphans of Raspay, page 15

 part  #7 of  Penric and Desdemona (Chronological) Series


The Orphans of Raspay

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  “Penric’s Demon” (Penric & Desdemona)

  “Penric and the Shaman” (Penric & Desdemona)

  “Penric’s Fox” (Penric & Desdemona)

  “Penric’s Mission” (Penric & Desdemona)

  “Mira’s Last Dance” (Penric & Desdemona)

  “The Prisoner of Limnos” (Penric & Desdemona)

  “The Orphans of Raspay” (Penric & Desdemona)

  The Curse of Chalion

  Paladin of Souls

  The Sharing Knife Tetralogy

  Volume One: Beguilement

  Volume Two: Legacy

  Volume Three: Passage

  Volume Four: Horizon

  “Knife Children”

  Other Fantasy

  The Spirit Ring

  Short Stories

  Proto Zoa


  Sidelines: Talks and Essays

  Table of Contents

  Table of Contents

  Title Page


  The Orphans of Raspay


  Author’s Note

  About the Author

  Books by Lois McMaster Bujold



  Lois McMaster Bujold, The Orphans of Raspay



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